Medical Sovereign Chapter 288 - Masters?

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Chapter 288 Masters?

Even Jason had to admit that Eisenver brothers’ ability to take fighting opportunities was far better than his.

The two brothers were not underworld boxers but killers. If it was the one-on-one fight, perhaps he could fight properly, but when the two brothers joined hands, their power was not as simple as one plus one being two. Even Michelson and he cooperated, they wouldn’t be equal rivals.

Eisenver’s brother was nicknamed Iron Fist in the killers’ realm. Anyone who was scratched by his iron fists would have broken bones and tendons. The Celestial Empire’s little guy was bound to die, and no one could save him.

Fortunately, Jason guessed the beginning, but did not guess the end.

Since Ding Ning dared to take the initiative to soar to the air, he was not so easy for others to handle. When he saw the sh.e.l.l-like attack of elder Eisenver, he only sneered dismissively.

“Barbarians are barbarians. They have only learned the basic skills of the Celestial Empire’s kung fu, but dare to treat them as trump cards. What a joke!

“This move of his Back-Bouncing Against the Wall is neither fish nor fowl. To be honest, he only relies on his weight and impact force, merely a savage collision.”

If an ordinary person was not careful, they would possibly succeed. Unfortunately, Second Master Zhao Fugui’s trump card was the savage collision. At seven, Ding Ning could collide with a 150-200 kg wild boar and send it off with his weak body.

Although elder Eisenver was tall and strong, he was but over 100 kg, incomparable to a wild boar.

So, Ding Ning didn’t fear him at all or changed any of his postures. With a “boom”, he b.u.mped into elder Eisenver.

Elder Eisenver felt that he seemed to have been b.u.mped by a madly running elephant, and all his internal organs felt the pain and he flew backward without any resistance.

If so, that wouldn’t be too terrible. The fatal condition was that at lightning speed, Ding Ning moved him slightly with his hands, and his backward-flying route then changed subtly, aiming directly at the ground where young Eisenver had guarded.

Seeing the scene, young Eisenver’s face turned purple, ready to take back his fist hurriedly, but the punch he pre-launched had been sent out with all his strength and could not be taken back due to inertia.

So, with a bone-breaking “crack”, young Eisenver’s punch hit the section between elder Eisenver’s chest and belly.

Elder Eisenver screamed, gushed blood out of his mouth, fell on the ground, and pa.s.sed out as his eyeb.a.l.l.s turned upward.

This punch had broken three of his ribs at least and also hurt his internal organs.

With blood-shot eyes and a roar, young Eisenver launched himself at Ding Ning with his iron fists and, looking ferocious, shouted, “I’ll kill you.”

“You’ll kill me? But you must have the ability.”

Ding Ning’s look turned cold, and he wouldn’t show his mercy to those who wanted to kill him.

As soon as he landed, he kicked the ground with the tip of his shoe, jumped up again as fast as a bullet, swung like a heavy pendulum in the air, and kicked hard at young Eisenver’s head with a whistling sound on his right foot.

If the kick fell on young Eisenver’s head, his head was bound to explode and he would perish.

More quickly than words could tell, Jason suddenly leaped up, kicked young Eisenver’s b.u.t.tocks, sent him out of Ding Ning’s attack range at the critical moment, and saved his life.

Raising the corner of his mouth a little, Ding Ning stretched his legs on one line in the air, with his left foot falling heavily on young Eisenver’s shoulder and his right foot on Jason’s shoulder.

Two “cracks” sounded.

Young Eisenver and Jason screamed at the same time, held their shoulders, and staggered to the ground, with their eyes full of shock and fear.

Ding Ning drifted down to the ground like a leaf and bent his fingers to sign to Gu Fangran who looked sullen. “Who else? Fight me together.”

“Arrogant little guy, do you think you are invincible in the world only after defeating a few”

Before Gu Fangran spoke anything, the middle-aged man in a Tang suit on his left stepped forward with his hands knotted behind his back, speaking dismissively.

“Master Yu, thank you for fighting him yourself.”

Gu Fangran held a fist and palm salute to the middle-aged man with some respect, which was enough to show his great attention to this master.

“You pay us, and we remove your worries. As my master’s younger student, Yu Qian is among the top three masters in our Liu Family’s younger generation. Once he fights, a namelessly little boy will be subdued easily. By then, Boss Gu, you can deal with him in whatever ways you want, just feel at ease.”

The man in a Tang suit on Gu Fangran’s right spoke lightly as if Ding Ning were merely an ant in his eyes, not worthwhile for him to fight.

“Master Liu is extremely right. Everyone in the Liu Family from Beihe is a kung fu master. With Master Yu fighting, I feel at ease for sure.”

Gu Fangran flattered, feeling lucky silently that he paid them high salaries and honored them like his ancestors. At the critical moment, he could rely on them.

“G.o.d, it is the Liu Family in Beihe. That is a martial arts family, where everyone is a master.”

“I’ve also heard of the Liu Family from Beihe. It is said Old Master Liu is expected to reach the Master Realm, and he can be ranked among the top ten masters in Beihe Province.”

“If the two men are Old Master Liu’s students, the young man is in real danger.”

“It is said the Liu Family is the descendant of Bengquan Boxing. In his lifetime, Old Master Liu only has eight true disciples. The last disciple seems to have the surname Yu. Could he be this Master Yu?”

“I estimate it is him. Alas, if it is him, that young man may not avoid his doomsday anymore.”

“Alas, even if that young man can defeat Master Yu with a fluke, I am afraid he will have difficult days to face in the future.”

“Why say so?”

“In Beihe, everyone knows Old Master Liu cherishes reputation most and also s.h.i.+elds his young most. If anyone dares to bully his disciples, he is bound to fight for the reputation.”

Immediately, the onlookers chatted enjoyably. The Liu Family in Beihe was a martial arts family, and its ancestral Bengquan Boxing was quite renowned across the whole nation.

Ding Ning heard the chats of the crowd but raised a scornful arc at the corner of his mouth. Sharp-eyed, he knew the two men in Tang suits were all warriors. Although they were extremely arrogant and acted like they were invincible in the world, they had only reached the B-level at most.

Only the strong A-levels were masters, but the two men only reached the B-level, not a long time ago, but they called themselves masters. That was why they had thick skin.

Yet, he didn’t take Old Master Liu seriously, although he was about to reach the Master Realm. However excellent Old Master Liu was, he was not as excellent as bullets.

If that old guy was a fool and dared to trouble him, he would shoot his head with his Barrett.

Now, he bent his fingers to sign to the so-called master. “Come, let’s test the level of your Bengquan Boxing.”

“Arrogant little man, go to h.e.l.l!”

Yu Qian looked domineering, but when he fought, he also fought well. Taking one step forward, he sank his Qi into his Dantian and punched straight at Ding Ning.

As Ding Ning punched, Yu Qian snarled, with the muscles on his right arm suddenly bulging. He launched a punch abruptly, which had the faint sounds of wind and thunder.

Bengquan Boxing is a branch of the Straight Punch. In the process of power generation, the pract.i.tioner should store and conceal his strength, punches in a short range rapidly, doesn’t need to fully stretch his arm, generates his power from the end of his arm, mainly uses his wrist and forearm muscles to transmit power, moves suddenly, and launches an abrupt a.s.sault, which is fast and fierce with the power that can penetrate internal organs. It is a typical kind of power-penetrating boxing.

Ding Ning had never practiced Bengquan Boxing, but he had a well-learned Fu-tzu master. When he was seven, he had told him many kinds of traditional martial arts lore.

As for Bengquan Boxing, Ding Ning was still quite clear. It was a kind of fierce, short-range, power-increasing boxing which featured sudden power generation, but its shortcoming was that it consumed lots of strength, and the user could not fight long.

Now, the most suitable way was to avoid his fierce power and move-fight to consume his strength and endurance. After his strength decreased rapidly, he could defeat him easily.

But Ding Ning had been lacking rivals to practice with him. Now, in high spirit, he stubbornly wanted to compete with him on sheer strength.

“Bang!” As the two fists collided, its terrifying power turned to formless sound waves, spreading to the surroundings.

Yu Qian backed three steps with three thuds and, looking blue and red, stared at Ding Ning with shock and suspicion. “You can also use Bengquan Boxing?”

No one noticed that his fist was trembling slightly, and the muscles on his arm were twitching constantly.

Ding Ning also backed three steps and shot a surprising look at him. He never thought Bengquan Boxing was also a little excellent. Since his bones changed, he had only felt the pain when he collided with Violent Dragon fist for fist.

He didn’t expect Bengquan Boxing could also bring him some pain. This was a little interesting.

Instantly, he raised his fist and said in high spirit, “A little interesting, let’s fight again.”


Yu Qian bore the pain hard, wanting to win more time. “You can also use Bengquan Boxing?”

“What’s the matter if I can or can’t?” Ding Ning frowned and asked with a little confusion.

Even until now, Yu Qian still didn’t drop his master style and said arrogantly, “In the world, all kinds of Bengquan Boxing come from our Liu Family in Beihe. If you also use Bengquan, you can also be counted as our fellow. Although you are young, you have reached a high level. As long as you kowtow to Boss Gu and apologize, I can let you go.”

Gu Fangran frowned and looked at Master Liu suspiciously, “What does Master Yu mean?”

Master Liu knew his arrogant fellow brother quite well. Since he talked this way, it meant he must have suffered silently just now. In this way, he admitted he was weak.

Since this was related to their sect’s reputation, he didn’t disclose it. Instantly, he waved his hands and said, “Boss Gu, don’t be anxious. You are not a warrior, so you don’t know the rules of fighting. When warriors fight, they need an imposing manner. Brother Yu is talking to disturb his mentality and weaken his fighting will. As the saying goes: The first attempt is vigorous, the second slack, the third spiritless. As long as the little guy’s fighting will decline, he is to lose for sure.”

Gu Fangran took a look at him suspiciously, but when he thought Master Liu was the son of Old Master Liu and more excellent than Master Yu in martial arts, his anxiety disappeared.

But he still felt something was wrong. “Did you say if Master Yu fought, he would defeat this little guy easily? Why does he need talks to disturb his mentality? This means Master Yu cannot guarantee he can subdue this little guy.”

Thinking about this, Gu Fangran looked unhappy. “Master Liu, could you fight him yourself? Master Yu can defeat that little guy, but if he spends too much time, it will affect your Beihe Liu Family’s reputation.”

Liu Zhongyu heard these words and felt a little unhappy, saying, “Boss Gu, don’t be anxious, I know when I should fight.”

In fact, he was quite clear that since the little man could make his fellow brother suffer, he was not weak and was a little more excellent than his fellow brother, although not that much. So, he would never fight now.

If Yu Qian could win, that was the best; if not, he would also consume so much of that little man’s strength. By then, he could win this fight quite easily, laying a foundation of the best one in the younger generation of the Liu Family for himself.

“Yes, yes, you are right. Master Liu, I am too anxious, don’t take what I said seriously.”

Gu Fangran apologized repet.i.tively, but his eyes were with shame and annoyance. “You guys are but paid bodyguards, but you don’t listen to my orders, why do I need you?”

“Kneel to kowtow and apologize?” “It is more suitable for you to kowtow and apologize to me. Hehe, are you ashamed to say to let me go? Aren’t you afraid to break your tongue by talking nonsense? I have never practiced the b*lls.h.i.+t Bengquan Boxing and won’t be your fellow, come and die!”

Ding Ning spoke impatiently and took the initiative to punch ferociously.

Medical Sovereign Chapter 288 - Masters?

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