Medical Sovereign Chapter 331 - Zhuo Bufan

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Chapter 331 Zhuo Bufan

It wasn’t her fault that the ancestor of the Feng family was an even more protective man and particularly favored this granddaughter. Even the patriarch of the Feng family, her own father, did not dare to speak to her too harshly. Otherwise, the ancestor would certainly bring out the family punishment.

One dragon and one phoenix, it was a match made in heaven. Feng Ni’er also thought this and had considered herself as the Long family’s daughter-in-law since she was little. However, Long Xiaotian was not interested in her and was as afraid of her as snakes and scorpions. He wished he could hide as far away as possible from her. If there was still one person in the world who could control Long Xiaotian, it was definitely Feng Ni’er.

One by one, speedboats, yachts, fis.h.i.+ng s.h.i.+ps, and even cargo s.h.i.+ps surrounded the usually terrifying and deserted island tightly. Batch after batch of Ancient Warriors came ash.o.r.e endlessly. In a short amount of time, there were more than a hundred people.

When a heavily wrinkled old man wearing a purple Tao robe came onto the island, blood demon’s expression changed slightly. Silently, he retreated a few steps and hid behind Ice Demon.

“Who was it that killed my disciples?”

The old man in Tao robe immediately saw the bodies of the seven demons lying in a pool of blood and his expression immediately changed. The corners of his eyes twitched and a ruthless light flashed through his eyes. He clenched his fist tightly and roared angrily.

“Demon of Fire, your disciples were not anything good, so what if they’re dead? What’s with all the yelling?”

Ice Demon saw that the seventh demon’s body had become a mummy and knew that it was the work of Blood Demon. As they were from the same sect, naturally, he had to protect Blood Demon. So he picked at his ears and spoke impatiently.

“Ice Demon, don’t blabber on. If I killed your disciple, can you act as if nothing happened? Others may be afraid of you but I am not.”

Demon of Fire rolled his eyes and rebuked Ice Demon.

He practiced techniques of the fire series and had a fiery temperament. He had an innate dislike for Ice Demon who practiced ice-based techniques.

In the past, he had been wary of him but not long ago, he had entered the apex of the Earth Martial Arts Realm. He knew that even if he could not win against Ice Demon, he would not lose to him.

“Well, well, your cultivation has risen and so has your temper. I killed your d*mn ladyboy disciples. If you want revenge, come to me.”

Ice demon boldly stretched out his little finger and crooked at him to provoke him. Putting aside the fact that he had been immersed at the apex of the Earth Martial Arts Realm for many years, the frozen environment around them right now was very advantageous to techniques. It shouldn’t be difficult to defeat old fire.


Demon of Fire’s already red face turned black with anger. He did not object to fighting Ice Demon but he had come for the treasure. If he and Ice Demon were both heavily injured in battle, it would not be worth it.

Furthermore, his seven disciples were wanted criminals by the Bureau of Religions and more than half the people present were members of the Bureau of Religions. If he forcibly sought revenge for them, it might draw the ire of the crowd.

But now it was difficult to back down. Faced with Ice Demon’s provocation, if he did not have some reaction, others would think he was afraid of Ice Demon.

Just as he gritted his teeth and decided to go ahead and fight a few rounds with Ice Demon to go through the motions, Gui Sou’s sinister voice rang out. “Alright, so many people have already arrived but we have yet to find out where the treasure is. Deal with personal grievances later. Let’s first think of a way to find the treasure then we can fight for it based on each person’s own strength.”

Zhuo Bufan, standing in the crowd, felt helpless. As the deputy director of the Bureau of Religions, his responsibility, logically speaking, was to resolve the disagreements between Ancient Warriors and to prevent large-scale killings as to not cause negative effects.

But these ancient warriors were all on a deserted island and they were all here in search of treasure, so he could not stop them. After all, the cultivation of ancient martial arts not only needed talent, techniques, and resources, luck was also a very important component.

Obstructing someone from taking the treasure was the same as severing their cultivation. Even though he was the deputy director of the Bureau of Religions, no one would support him right now. The only thing he could do was do his best to ensure that this struggle did not involve normal people.

There was also a black-robed man wearing a silver mask with black markings among the crowd. As someone who should have drawn attention to himself, in this ground of colorfully and strangely dressed Ancient Warriors, he did not attract much attention.

After all, many people had hidden their faces when coming to fight for the treasure. Even though his dress was a little strange, no one paid any particular attention to him.

Only Ning Ye, standing silently beside Luoxue, had an imperceptible trace of coldness flash through his eyes when he looked at the black-robed man.

Demon of Fire listened to Gui Sou’s words and stared hard at Ice Demon. Looking for a way out and keep up appearances, he said, “Once this is over, we’ll come back to this.”

“I’ll be waiting!”

Ice Demon also didn’t want to fight him right now as to not impact the following treasure hunt. At this point, both parties had a path of retreat so naturally, he would not continue to quibble.

“Old Gui is correct, let’s find the treasure first. Who came first? Tell us about the situation.”

Seeing that Long Xiaotian had been caught by Feng Ni’er, Ju Zhu immediately recovered his spirits and asked sinisterly.

Who came first? Everyone looked at one another.

Only Yun Yi was happy and excited. He felt that this was an opportunity to show his face in front of many powerful people. He immediately leaped out and pointed at Luoxue. “I know, she was here first.”

Everyone’s gaze fell neatly on Luoxue. Having never experienced such a situation, Luoxue rubbed the corner of her clothes timidly. Her face was bright red and she could not speak.

Ning Ye frowned and glanced coldly at Yun Yi but he didn’t say anything. After all, he had arrived rather late and did not know what the situation was.

“Little girl, tell us, what was the light that came from here two days ago?”

Guo Sou moved silently like a spirit horizontally a dozen meters and stared at Luoxue sinisterly as he questioned her.

“I, I don’t know.”

Luoxue bit her lip. Although she did not have much cultivation, she had practiced Sutra of Cultivating Spirit and her spiritual strength was beyond that of normal people. So she could feel the great pressure Gui Sou was placing on her.

“B*tch, Gui Sou senior asked you a question, how dare you pretend to be stupid? Do you want to die?”

Eager to impress, Yun Yi hid behind Gui Sou’s power and scolded loudly. He walked forward, wanting to grab Luoxue’s hair and slap her.

Ning Ye’s face grew grim. Just as he was going to stop this, a shadow blocked out the sun and hid the sky as a powerful wind suddenly whipped up. An enormous golden eagle flapped its wings and descended from the sky. The wings sent Yun Yi flying back and he fell heavily against the ground.

“Air Force Wing!”

Luoxue hugged Air Force Wing No.1’s neck in surprise and Air Force Wing No.1 nuzzled its beak intimately against Luoxue’s arm.

“What a large golden eagle, how intimidating.”

“Ah, surely the little girl didn’t raise this golden eagle, it’s so spirited and powerful.”

“I wondered how this little girl came to this deserted island. This golden eagle is definitely big enough to carry people.”

“If only I had such a golden eagle.”

Everyone was stunned by Air Force Wing No.1’s large size and immediately broke out in whispers, traces of admiration appeared in their eyes.

However, the black-robed silver-masked man’s eyes constricted tightly as he stared intently at Luoxue. Was she the beast-girl that the organization had been searching everywhere for?

Her appearance was not correct but her figure and height matched exactly. She must have altered her appearance. If he could capture the beast-girl, he would have accomplished a great deed. With that, the position of Hall Chief of the Asian region could very well be his.

Hahaha, he had not expected to reap such a harvest out of a whim to see how good the Ancient Warriors in Shengzhou were. This was great.

The silver-masked black-robed man’s eyes flashed with excitement and his mind spun quickly. How could he take Luoxue away in front of so many Ancient Warriors?

Similarly, greed appeared in the eyes of many of the Ancient Warriors in the group. There was only one treasure. With Ju Zhu, Gui Sou, Long Xiaotian and other such powerful warriors present, the others had very little chance of obtaining the treasure.

But if they could capture the girl and force her to tell them the way to tame a golden eagle, the gains of that were not beneath that of obtaining the treasure.

Blood demon was very sly and reacted very quickly. He immediately charged forward and said in a righteous tone, “You flat-haired beast, how dare you injure my disciple? Surrender obediently.”

Although his words were targeted at the golden eagle, when he dissolved into a red thread of light, he headed straight for Luoxue. He had to capture Luoxue at the first instant and leave the deserted island.

As long as he gave up on fighting for the treasure, the warriors in the apex of the Earth Martial Arts Realm who had to obtain the treasure would not stop him. Relying on his cultivation in the advanced stage of the Earth Martial Arts Realm, he was confident he could escape.

Furthermore, he and Ice Demon were from the same sect. If he could obtain the girl’s technique to taming beasts, it would greatly benefit the development of their sect. Ice demon would certainly a.s.sist him.

“Stop, as an Ancient Warrior, how you can attack an ordinary person.”

Zhuo Bufan could no longer ignore the situation. Of all the people present, only Luoxue was a normal person. He could ignore whatever fights the Ancient Warriors got involved in but once they attacked an ordinary person, he could no longer sit and do nothing.

With a crash, fist met palm. Zhuo Bufan forcibly pushed back Blood Demon but he also did not come away unscathed. His blood roiled and an unnatural flush rose on his face. It was a while before he regained his strength.

“Director Zhuo, this is a deserted island and we are here in search of treasure. No matter how much the Bureau of Religions control, they can’t control us looking for treasure.”

Seeing it was Zhuo Bufan, Blood Demon’s heart immediately sank. His mind spun and he immediately directed the conversation to the treasure to incite the present Ancient Warriors’ dissatisfaction with the Bureau of Religions.

It must be known that Ancient Warriors were not normal people. Once they withdrew from worldly affairs and went to travel, they had to report to the Bureau of Religions and accept regulation. Many Ancient Warriors had long become dissatisfied with this.

He used the excuse of fighting for the treasure to incite everyone’s emotions against a common enemy. Even if they didn’t dare to do anything to Zhuo Bufan, he had at least made sure that he would not interfere lightly.

As for Ding Luoxue, he had to have her. He could only take advantage of the situation by triggering everyone’s feelings of dissatisfaction and kidnap her in the confusion.

Compared to obtaining the technique to tame wild beasts, it was worth it to offend the Bureau of Religions.

“Yeah, doesn’t the Bureau of Religions control too much?”

“We can accept the Bureau of Religions usual regulations but when a treasure is born, those who fate have destined will obtain it. Even you have no power to question it.”

“Humph, the Bureau of Religions depends on the alliances signed with the major powers of the ancient martial world to regulate us but now it wants to interfere with us seeking treasure. Isn’t the Bureau of Religion over-extending itself?”

“G.o.dd*mn, if the Bureau of Religions dares to interfere, don’t blame the ancient martial world for destroying the alliance and going back on our promises.”

“Zhuo Bufan, get lost. Don’t overestimate your authority. If you don’t know what is good for you, I’ll kill you right now.”

Blood Demon’s confusing words immediately triggered the crowd’s anger and provoked the Ancient Warriors to rage against Zhuo Bufan.

Zhuo Bufan’s face was ashen. “Ouyang Tang, don’t think I don’t know what you’re trying to do. I don’t care about your fight for the treasure but you can’t attack an ordinary person. This girl is not an Ancient Warrior, don’t you even think about taking her!”

“Director Zhuo, have you misunderstood something? My disciple was tricked by this beast, so I was just teaching the beast a lesson on his behalf.”

Blood Demon said with a face of innocence. His realistic expression fooled most people as he stared without good intention at Zhuo Bufan.

“Humph, clearly it was your disciple who first attacked the girl. Him being pushed aside by the golden eagle is his just desserts. As an Ancient Warrior, are you not ashamed to be attacking a normal person?”

Zhuo Bufan said without arrogance or obsequiousness. His gaze was like a sharp sword and he stared intently at Blood Demon.

Medical Sovereign Chapter 331 - Zhuo Bufan

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