Medical Sovereign Chapter 335 - Beating the Dog Before the Lion

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Chapter 335 Beating the Dog Before the Lion

A bird may die for foods while a human being may die for wealth. For Ancient Warriors, cultivation resources, such as spiritual treasures and elixirs and cultivation methods, were more attractive than money and beauties.

In a world where power was above all, one could survive only if being powerful. Thus, the warriors would fight for the treasure that was extremely precious and could strengthen their power at the risk of their lives.

Ding Ning looked sober as he saw the greedy eyes of those who were present. “Ice Demon was really shameless to conclude that treasures contributed to my level-skipping combating power. He wanted to turn those greedy ones my enemies,” Ding Ning thought to himself and felt bad being surrounded by “hungry wolves”.

This trick full of loopholes, an evil lie, however, worked out on those present, from which, one could tell how good Ice Demon was at demagogy.

Those warriors present did not believe or were unwilling to believe that Ding Ning could defeat Ice Demon on his own at such a young age, and by taking advantage of this, Ice Demon convinced them it was all because Ding Ning had treasures to help him and thus made them start to covet the treasure.

What was worse, Ding Ning could not explain to them that he defeated Ice Demon solely with his body strength because he had refined his body in Nine-Dragon Cauldron.

If he told them that, he believed even the warriors with Real Martial Arts would try to catch him and slice him into pieces and do research until they figure out the secret.

Given all this, Ding Ning had no choice but remain silent and swallow the bitterness.

However, this did not mean he would be a coward under the situation. Wu Tribe was powerful beyond his imagination. Just with the body of an immature warrior of the tribe, he beat down an expert with Earth Martial Arts. Ding Ning could not help but wonder how powerful he would be if he got the body of a grown warrior of the tribe, and he was itching to get one.

Back when he was at the bottom of the sea, he broke the limitations of spiritual strength and refined Fire of the Underworld, plus he had Flowing Light and Soul-severing Knife, he would not feel afraid even if those present besieged him.

He did not want to expose these skills and weapons for the time being, but if these warriors turned too avaricious, he did not mind killing them all even though he was not sure whether he could kill them all and keep it a secret.

Ding Ning did not realize that he had changed a lot after he refined his body and the Fire of the Underworld. He was no longer indecisive, timid, overcautious or in fear of the consequence of what he did as he used to be.

He now was bold and confident and knew how to solve the problem with his power, without any fear of being avenged. Whatever he might meet, he would just roll with the punches.

At Ice Demon’s aggressive provocation, Ding Ning did not explain and ignored him. He said to other warriors in a domineering way, “Who else wants to fight me? Fight me together.”

Before these warriors itching for a fight spoke, Ding Ning said again in an indifferent voice, “But before you launch your attack, you’d better weigh the pros and cons so as not to lose your lives for nothing.”

As his voice fell, Ding Ning disappeared from where he was and crashed Ice Demon’s head with a punch before most of the warriors present catch the sight of his shadow.

The moment he spotted the disappearance of Ding Ning, Ice Demon had a foreboding. Without hesitation, he tried to escape but found his body stuck where he was under an invisible power. He then felt everything go black, and his head was crashed like a broken watermelon, his brains splattered all around.

The powerful Ice Demon was killed in a cruel way before he could even let out a scream.

There was dead silence in the place. Ju Zhu’s foot that stepped forward froze in the air as he did not know whether he should go forward or backward. He looked very embarra.s.sed.

Gui Sou’s green eyes glittered like a ghost fire, his figure swaying like a ghost. He took several steps backward subconsciously, staying further from Ding Ning.

Long Xiaotian’s pupils shrank as he held his saber even more tightly. Nerve stood out on the back of his hand, and he was full of fighting intention.

The man clad in black looked serious, and one could hardly tell what he was thinking from his glittering eyes.

Night Lone Ranger frowned, her eyes showing that she was in deep thought. She possibly was the only one who had sensed the mysterious power from Ding Ning that trapped Ice Demon, but she had no idea what the power exactly was.

As for others, they were either in fear, resentment, excitement, or disgust…

Obviously, everyone was shocked, avoiding Ding Ning’s icy gaze and not daring to look into his eyes.

“Do you want to fight me?”

Ding Ning said in an emotionless tone, looking at Ju Zhu indifferently, as if he were asking him “how are you doing?”.

Ju Zhu took three steps backward as he felt a chill rise inside him. He look terrible and lowered his head, avoiding Ding Ning’s gaze.

He was frightened though he was unwilling to admit it. Both Ding Ning’s calm eyes and indifferent tone made him under pressure and tremble all over in a chill. The image of Ice Demon’s crashed head kept flas.h.i.+ng in his mind.

Ju Zhu felt as if he were facing the question from a dignified emperor rather than a young man about twenty.

Ju Zhu felt ashamed at his own reaction, and the chill deep in his bone kept him silent and standing still.

He never had such a feeling after he broke through the realm of Earth Martial Arts, and at him moment, he knew he was caught by terror, which caused him to tremble fiercely.

Ding Ning smiled thinly as he took in Ju Zhu’s expression. He stopped pressing him and turned to question Gui Sou, “Do you want a fight?”

Ding Ning knew it was impossible to let Ju Zhu give up just with several words as treasures were always tempting.

However, he still played his new skill of spiritual strength after he refined Fire of the Underworld and sowed the seed of terror in Ju Zhu’s heart.

In the upcoming battle, the seed would help uncover his enemy’s weakness at a critical moment so that he would win without exposing his trump cards.

Among the warriors present, few could pose a threat to Ding Ning except for Ju Zhu, Long Xiaotian, and the man clad in black, while Gui Sou was the weakest one among them in Ding Ning’s eyes.

Nevertheless, in the others’ eyes, Gui Sou was the strongest one among them because the martial arts he practiced, which could help him summon spirits and ghost king, was extremely tough to deal with.


Without Fire of the Underworld and Pupil Technique, the buster of Gui Sou, Ding Ning would have felt a headache dealing with Gui Sou as well.

The one that unsettled Ding Ning the most was Ning Ye, a man Ding Ning failed to read. Ding Ning had paid most of his attention to this man despite who had not shown any hostility against him.

Having said that, Ding Ning still chose to take Ning Ye seriously since this man was the only one who posed a threat to him.

Things became interesting. Ju Zhu dared not to fight, Ning Ye appeared rea.s.suring while Long Xiaotian showed a strong desire to fight but seemed unwilling to join hands with others.

The man clad in black, looking more like a normal warrior rather than an Ancient Warrior, seemed indifferent to the fight. As for Gui Sou, he had not taken any action, yet he appeared itching for a fight.

Once these warriors joint hands, Ding Ning would be in a tough situation, and if he wanted to defeat them, he had to use his trump cards.

What worried him the most was those who remained wait-and-see. These warriors might be less powerful, but they were in a large number. As a saying goes, ants in numbers could swallow an elephant. Once these people joined hands to fight Ding Ning, Ding Ning possibly would suffer.

Under the situation, Ding Ning decisively made a plan that was best for him. He firstly killed Ice Demon to threaten others in an instant, and then, he sowed the seed of terror in Ju Zhu’s heart, which made Ju Zhu too frightened to take an action. The last part of Ding Ning’s plan was to kill Gui Sou with a quick blow so as to weaken his enemies and turn the table.

In the face of Ding Ning’s provocation, Ding Ning grinned, revealing his few jagged teeth and said with a weird smile, “Give me the treasure and I will spare your life.”

Gui Sou was confident about himself and not afraid of Ding Ning despite that he was a little shocked by the way Ding Ning killed Ice Demon.

“Well, take it from me if you’re capable enough!”

Just as Ding Ning said that, he dived out suddenly, making a perfect example of as quiet as a virgin and as quick as a rabbit. He was so fast that he left his shadows in the air as he aimed at between Gui Sou’s eyebrows with his finger.

“Kid, you’re too young to fight me, haha.”

Gui Sou laughed oddly. When Ding Ning was just five meters away from him, the Spirit-summoning Flag in his hand suddenly turned into black mist in the air and formed a huge ghost head, which snapped at Ding Ning with a big b.l.o.o.d.y mouth.

Under the sky covered by black mist, the shrill sounds like ghosts and wolves wailing made people feel unsettled and depressed. Images of countless ferocious ghosts demanding their lives flashed in their minds, and they all felt they would feel better only if they spat out of mouthful of blood.

The onlookers’ expressions all changed, and they looked at each other with shock. The attacks Gui Sou launched were indeed extremely weird. Even the onlookers felt so uncomfortable, let alone the target of the attacks, who must be suffering from pain even more.

Not having expected Gui Sou’s attacks to be so strange, Ding Ning froze for a moment. Catching him unguarded, the huge head swallowed him.

Night Lone Ranger’s expression changed dramatically. It seemed he had not expected Ding Ning to be so careless to fall into Gui Sou’s trap.

The skill Gui Sou played was named Mind-bewildering Technique, which he was known for. The huge head that the Spirit-summoning Flag transformed could bewilder people’s minds with the sounds of ghost wailing, swallow people’s souls, and erode people’s flesh. Even if one could survive the attack, he would be a walking-dead under Gui Sou’s control.

From that Gui Sou used his most powerful skill to fight Ding Ning, one could tell he took this opponent very seriously, in contrast to the different looks he showed before.

Concerned about Ding Ning’s safety, Night Lone Ranger decided to save Ding Ning despite the risk of exposing her ident.i.ty. However, just as she was about to move, she spotted with the corner of her eyes that Luoxue watched the fight aside with ease.

This reminded Night Lone Ranger, who immediately stopped her movement. Luoxue’s expression showed that she did not worry about Ding Ning at all though he had once defended her and was her beloved brother.

Why was she so confident in Ding Ning’s power? Unless… She knew Ding Ning caused the situation deliberately.

Night Lone Ranger suddenly recalled that Ding Ning had devoured almost half of the pellet of the flood dragon and had strong spiritual strength, thus, he would not be bewildered so easily. Realizing that she overreacted, Night Lone Ranger blushed with embarra.s.sment.

She did not know that Luoxue’s spirit was connected with Ding Ning’s and that at the moment, Ding Ning’s spirit mark was bright in Luoxue’s mind, so, Luoxue was not worried at all.

Medical Sovereign Chapter 335 - Beating the Dog Before the Lion

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