Medical Sovereign Chapter 359 - Qin Canghai

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Chapter 359 Qin Canghai

Qin Canglan had a hard time recently. The fact that the black masked man had taken away the wolf kid in front of him and that he had a conflict with Seventh Lord’s Mansion made his family doubt his ability.

Qin Canghai’s return especially made him feel threatened.

Qin Canghai, who was at 30, was Qin Canglan’s elder cousin brother and was a cruel man whose power and methods should not be underestimated. He was most likely to be the inheritor of the Qin Family and had won support among the seniors of the family.

Because of the mistake he made three years ago, he was banished overseas by the family to take charge of the overseas business. Though it had not been stated clearly, everyone in the family knew that he was deprived of his right to inherit the family.

In fact, if Qin Canghai had not been so headstrong and arrogant back then, Seventh Lord’s Mansion could not have gained a foothold in Ninghai, let alone control half of the underworld in Ninghai and confronted the Qin Family.

Qin Canglan had not expected that his family would call Qin Canghai back at this point. What’s the meaning behind the action? Were the family trying to press him with Qin Canghai? Or they wanted to appoint Qin Canghai again?

Qin Canglan was full of worries. He did not like Qin Canghai, who, in his eyes, was an unscrupulous lunatic. Otherwise, Qin Canghai would not have been driven out of the country.

“During these years when I was overseas, I carefully observed the development patterns of the foreign underworld forces and gained some experiences. The development strategy of our family in the past was too limited. We shouldn’t confine ourselves to this small city. We need a much larger s.p.a.ce to expand our business. The main developing trend of our family should be endless expanding. Someone of you may want to ask me, won’t the government strike out family if we keep in a high key? Well, it’s a tough question. What I want to ask is, why the Maffia was able to develop in the past 150 years and is still existing. The answer is simple—because the members of the Maffia has penetrated all social, such as the government, the upper, and the lower However, we always define our family as a gang. How could the government not strike us?

“Having said all this, I just want to emphasize one thing.”

With the index finger of his right hand up, Qin Canghai continued in confidence, “We shouldn’t fuss over the loss of a city or a block of land if we want to grow strong. Instead, we should keep pace with the changing world and expand our territory in Shenzhou Country so as to become an influential organization like the Maffia and Yamaguchi Gang. The strategy made by our ancestors is good. It’s inevitable that we need to whitewash ourselves, but I think we haven’t put enough effort into it and should whitewash ourselves more thoroughly. Thus, I made a thirty-year development plan for our family. In the first decade of the plan, we should cultivate talents, and in the middle decade, we should use business circles as a base to insert these talents into political circles and military circles. In the last decade, we should support the children of our family to get high statuses in political circles and military circles with much effort. Think about it, by then…”

In the reception banquet, which was actually a work report seminar, Qin Canghai’s vehement speech made Qin Canglan, who had been observing others’ expressions all along, extremely upset.

As for the family elders who didn’t like Qin Canghai and disapproved him, their eyes were burning with ambition at the moment, and those radicals in the family were even more excited at the speech.

As the overlords of the underworld of Ninghai in the past, those elders wanted nothing more than surpa.s.sing their ancestors in achievement and becoming the supreme overlords of the underworld of Ninghai. However, given the current situation, they had to keep a low key and restrain themselves, and their ambition had long been consumed by reality; they were ground down and lived in a muddle.

Qin Canghai’s convincing words brought a bright future to them and set a higher goal for them, which was to make their gang become an international one. The goal aroused their desire for power.

Qin Canglan sighed to himself, and he had to admit that Qin Canghai’s plan appeared to be practical; otherwise, Qin Canghai could not have won support from so many people.

However, as a man who had been thinking about a future plan of the Qin Family, Qin Canglan knew Qin Canghai’s plan was, actually, not practical at all. In his eyes, Qin Canghai’s plan was just a beautiful imagination based on a perfect a.s.sumption.

Firstly, there was a problem with Qin Canghai’s plan that cultivating talents would cost a large amount of money, and even if the Qin Family was able to produce some talents, what kind of talents were those people? It should be noted that there were extremely gifted people, genius, and ordinary talents among all talented people.

Secondly, without a background, relations.h.i.+p, networking, or power, it was not as easy as Qin Canghai had said to gain a foothold in political circles and military circles…

What the Qins, who just sat idle and kept consuming the wealth acc.u.mulated by their ancestors, could expect to rely on to support those talents to a high status? In Qin Canglan’s eyes, Qin Canghai’s development plan was so childis.h.!.+

Last but not least, even if those talents made some achievements in political circles and military circles, who could guarantee that they would still be loyal to the Qin Family even after they became powerful?

After all, people’s desire would grow with the increase of their power. Qin Canglan believed that if the future of the talents cultivated by the Qin Family was in conflict with the family, those talents would certainly betray the family for their future.

As a saying goes, very man for himself, and the devil takes the hindmost. This was the truth that would never change. Moreover, now, people no longer valued kindness and loyalty more than everything like the ancient people.

In short, Qin Canglan only had one word to comment on Qin Canghai’s vehement speech—bulls.h.i.+t!

However, except for a few rational elders, most of the elders in the family were enthusiastic about the plan and full of ambition. They praised the plan greatly and forgot that it was Qin Canghai who had invited the wolf, Seventh Lord’s Mansion, into their house.

Naturally, some people who didn’t like Qin Canghai rebuked him for the mistake he made about the mansion. However, obviously, Qin Canghai had been prepared to face this. He whitewashed himself as a wise man with foresight and argued that he had foreseen the current situation and that in order to avoid the government’s strike on them, he deliberately let Seventh Lord’s Mansion develop and let the mansion be the leading bird that would be shot. He also argued that if the Qin Family had absolute dominance, the government would distrust them, and that only when the power of the Qin Family and Seventh Lord’s Mansion was in balance would the government be less watchful to them.

If Qin Canglan had not seen through Qin Canghai’s ambition, he would have been convinced by him. In his eyes, Qin Canghai was just trying to get out of his disadvantaged situation with this statement and regain the right to inherit the Qin Family by putting forward this unrealistic plan.

To Qin Canglan’s disappointment, Qin Canghai’s trick worked out. Over two-thirds of the elders in the family voted for Qin Canghai’s qualification to be the inheritor of the family, and they even transferred half of the business under Qin Canglan’s charge to Qin Canghai.

Though Qin Canglan had seen through Qin Canghai’s trick, he could not argue with him on just grounds, and if he argued with him, those excited elders who had been brainwashed by Qin Canghai would think him a narrow-minded man and regard his behavior as an attempt to discredit Qin Canghai and his unwillingness to give out the power. As a result, Qin Canglan kept silent wisely and just smiled at Qin Canghai’s subtle provoking eyes. He could bear to lose everything except for his imposing manner. Moreover, it remained unknown to him who would win in the end.

The following day, without any hesitation, Qin Canglan gave out half of his property to Qin Canghai according to the decision made by the elders in the family.

After taking over the property smoothly, Qin Canghai was greatly surprised and smirked triumphantly. He had thought that it would take him some effort to achieve it and had not expected it to be so smooth.

This made Qin Canghai feel even more complacent. He made a comment in public that Qin Canglan was a lame duck and unqualified to be his compet.i.tor.

After knowing this, Qin Canglan showed a meaningful cold smile. Among the property that he handed over to Qin Canghai, there was a college town with mostly generous profits.

In this town, there existed a force, Green Cloud Gang, who even Qin Canglan dared not to covet. Qin Canglan was expectant to see what would happen between Qin Canghai and the gang.

With Qin Canghai’s return and the fierce compet.i.tion between him and Qin Canglan, the underworld of Ninghai would face a reshuffle. For the time being, turmoils and dark forced surged in the city.

However, Ding Ning knew nothing about this. Last night, he carved a piece of jade into the G.o.d of longevity and gave it to Xiahou, and early this morning, he handed the Rice Bean Oral Solution, a new type medicament he made lately, to Lu.

In great joy, Lu informed the Ministry of Public Health of the news, which caused a stir among the research bases in Yan Jing and Ninghai. Vice-minister Jiang went to Ninghai hurriedly overnight and escorted the Rice Bean Oral Solution to the capital for clinical test and medicine property test.

While what the scholars and experts in Yan Jing No. 1 Emergency Research and Development Base felt about the news remained unknown, the scholars and experts in Ninghai No. 2 base all looked toward Ding Ning with a complicated feeling.

Some of them felt jealous of Ding Ning, some doubted him, some envied him, some hated him, some felt happy about the news, some felt proud of him, while some ridiculed him…

It was hard to ill.u.s.trate all kinds of human nature, but human’s bad quality was fully shown in this matter. Some experts were not able to develop the medicament themselves, yet they did not want to see Ding Ning succeed.

After all, these senior experts and professors had not achieved any progress in their research, yet, Ding Ning, a young man, developed a new type of medicament on his own, which made these seniors very embarra.s.sed.

Only a few people, such as Mr. Hu, felt happy for and were proud of Ding Ning, while most people were jealous of Ding Ning and looked grave when they heard the news. Some evil ones even cursed Ding Ning hoping that the medicament Ding Ning developed would poison people.

Even worse, some professors who wanted to fish for fame found Ding Ning and tried to persuade Ding Ning either by emotion or reason and even tried to bribe him with a valuable check so as to add their names on the list of developers of the Rice Bean Oral Solution.

After Ding Ning refused them, these people turned to threaten him that if he did not satisfy them, they would unite together to kick him out of medical community.

Ding Ning felt annoyed by their disgusting behaviors. He ordered Xiahou to drive these people out coldly. If not for that he was afraid to cause some bad impact on the school, he would have broken their legs.

Upon hearing those professors’ rude curses outside, Ding Ning finally understood why netizens would call specialists and professors as “Speciousists and Profartssors” (note: speciousists and profartssors were the people who specialized in talking nonsense). Those shameless specialists and professors who fished for fame discredited all the scholars.

Though Ding Ning despised what these people had done, their words reminded him that he was too young and had no foundation in the medical community. The medication he developed would bring great changes to the medical community and throw Western medicine and antibiotic down from their monopoly position. Many people and big families would take a risk doing everything for the huge benefits behind it.

It was true that he was young without a foundation, but it did not mean anything. He was not a normal professor who could be bullied or threatened; he was a powerful warrior in the realm of Earth Martial Arts and had superpower.

Ding Ning smiled coldly. If it were in the past, he might compromise. However, since he refined his body as a weapon of the first level, his character had changed a little, and he became overbearing and confident. Besides, the Mermaid was asleep and needed much Value of Prestige to regain her power, so, Ding Ning would not come to terms with any person or force.

Medical Sovereign Chapter 359 - Qin Canghai

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