Medical Sovereign Chapter 405 - Return Ding Ning’s Favor with a Favor

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Chapter 405 Return Ding Ning’s Favor with a Favor

“How can we kill people every day? After all, it is a society ruled by law. We kill only when we meet the guys who don’t know how to behave properly and irritate us. So, we kill only two or three people at most each year. Usually, we will just break their legs if we come across those who don’t know the rules.”

The man with tattoos despised Ding Ning secretly. But he still explained with patience for fear of scaring him.

“Oh, I suppose that you all have heard it.”

Ding Ning suddenly smiled, shouting at those people behind the man with tattoos. Their movements temporarily suspended the auction. The faces of those people at the scene became extremely weird.

The man with tattoos suddenly had a bad feeling in his heart. In a hurry, he looked back only to find that all his men held their hands high in the air and looked at him with horror. Behind each of them was an armed policeman. They pointed their guns at these men’s heads.

His corners of the eyes twitched twice, and the man with tattoo hurriedly forced a smile. With much bowing and nodding, he said to Xiao Nuo who wore a cold face. “Madam, I am just kidding.”

“Really? Who will make jokes with restricted knives and weapons? You said you guys kill merely two or three people at most every year, right? Oh, arrogant enough. Some people come here. Take him away.”

Xiao Nuo sneered, and her pretty face fell. The man with tattoos shouted with his mournful face. “I was bragging. Don’t take it seriously, officer.”

“Yesterday we happened to pick up a floating corpse from the river and initially confirmed that the ident.i.ty of the body was a rich second-generation. The fact actually can match up with what you have said. Maybe you can provide some useful clues for the police. Take him away!”

Xiao Nuo was untouched, muttering to herself. The face of the man with tattoos changed drastically. Hanging his head, he looked utterly wretched as if he had lost his parents. Two policemen walked forward and cuffed him. In fact, it was exactly him that dropped the rich second-generation to the river. Now he was in big trouble.

Casually, Ding Ning threw Qin Canghai whose face swelled as big as a pig’s head to the ground and said while smiling. “This is Brother Hai that they talked about. I suspect that he is the leader of an organized underworld gang. You can take him back for interrogation.”

“Officer, I report a case. This person beat me for no reason. Everyone present can testify. Look at my face.”

Qin Canghai suddenly found that he could move. Scratching and scrambling, he finally managed to stand up. But he who first offended Ding Ning complained Ding Ning instead.

“He beat you for no reason. Is that true? Hehe, do you think the police are fools?”

Xiao Nuo sneered. Earlier, a police officer took the surveillance video from the club’s guards. He played the video and restored the whole thing.

Qin Canghai’s eyes flickered, but he still argued, covering his face. “Even if someone hit him first and he fought back to defend, I didn’t join the fight. On what basis could he beat me?”

“On what basis? You are their boss. It was you who gathered people to make trouble in public. I have reasons to suspect that you are the head of an underworld’s criminal gang.”

Xiao Nuo looked down and glanced sideways at him. Impatiently, she said, “Bring him away for investigation, too.”

“Even if we had a conflict, he also involved. Why did you only arrest us but not him?”

Qin Canghai struggled hard, trying to drag Ding Ning into the mire.

“If you dare to resist again, I will shoot you dead on the spot in the name of resisting arrest.”

Xiao Nuo thundered coldly. Then several criminal police took out their pistols in unison. As the pitch-dark muzzles aimed at Qin Canghai, he was so frightened that he instantly stopped resisting. But since he was not willing to give up like this, he shouted, “You must have worked together with him for some evil purpose. I am going to sue you!”

“Some evil purpose? Keke, Brother Hai. Evil is a negative word. You should apologize to me.”

While smiling, Ding Ning walked over to him. He took out his certificate with a proud look. “See it clearly. I’m a police officer. Just now, you attacked me, which means that you attacked a policeman. Do you understand that? Brother Hai, you are in big trouble!”

“How can you be a policeman? How is that possible? It is no true. It is impossible. You must have faked the certificate…”

Qin Canghai’s eyes nearly popped out. In disbelief, he murmured to himself.

“Whether it is a fake one or not, I know it better than you. Qin Canghai, take a trip with us,” said Xiao Nuo.

Grumpily, Xiao Nuo rolled her eyes at Ding Ning whose face was brightened by success. With a straight face, she handcuffed Qin Canghai who was scared out of his wits.

After Qin Canghai and others were taken away, she leaned toward and coquettishly reproached him with a low voice. “You troublemaker, you finally found something to exhaust me. Are you happy now?”

“How could I become a troublemaker? They got me into trouble, didn’t they? Besides, as the criminal police team’s captain, this matter is within your responsibility range. Only because of our special relations.h.i.+p, I chose to inform you directly.”

With a look of innocence, Ding Ning blinked and explained, didn’t know whether to cry or to laugh.

“Humph, who has a special relations.h.i.+p with you? B*stard,” Xiao Nuo said.

She blushed, stomping her feet shyly. She turned around and walked outside. Then there came her light voice. “Invite me to dinner in two days.”

“Yes, madam!”

Ding Ning replied loud, smiling broadly. Xiao Nuo felt so shy that she staggered and nearly fell to the ground. With shame and annoyance, she gave him a shy stare and walked away quickly.

Through his creased eyes, Ding Ning leered at her wiggling booties. “This chick, she looks so cute when she feels shy. What an increasingly charming woman! She makes my heart itch.”

“Well, stop staring at her. She has long gone.”

Ding Qianlie’s slightly sour voice sounded in Ding Ning’s ear. Embarra.s.sed by her words, Ding Ning scratched his head. “Sister, the auction here is quite boring anyway. Let’s go back first.”

“Nope. Since we have been here, we should attend the auction and donate some money. Otherwise, what is the point of this charity auction party?”

Although Ding Qianlie didn’t want to stay either, she thought that they should do something as they were already here. Or those so-called people from the upper cla.s.s would despise them a lot.

Only then did Ding Ning remember that it was a charity auction party. Any person who came here should offer something to show their love. If some people with ill intentions spread the news that they contributed nothing, it would affect their group’s reputation.

“OK then. Tell me if you want anything. I will buy it for you,” said Ding Ning.

Ding Ning pulled her sister to sit in the last row. To their surprise, Halidan and Prince Hengli who dressed up as their attendants had already leaned toward them with a cheap smile.

“Fourth Brother, well done,” Hengli said.

He grinned in a strange manner, patting Ding Ning’s shoulder.

A little annoyed, Ding Ning pushed his hand away and said, “Let me introduce my sister, Ding Qianlie.”

“h.e.l.lo, sister!”

Hengli and Halidan greeted Ding Qianlie in a very polite manner.

“Forget it. She is my sister, not yours. How old are you two? Don’t pretend to be young here and try to take advantage of me,” Ding Ning said.

Ding Ning rolled his eyes and amused the two people whose arms were around his shoulders.

“Who are they?” Ding Qianlie asked.

She looked at Ding Ning, a little puzzled.

Ding Ning smiled mysteriously and whispered to introduce. “This is Hengli, the prince of the Yingjili Royal Family. And this is Halidan, the Crown Prince of Dibai. Both of them are my sworn brothers.”

Greatly shocked, Ding Qianlie trembled all over, and her mouth became a large letter O. When she was abroad, she had experienced lots of big scenes. Also, many young n.o.blemen in Ouzhou had pursued her, but she was still deeply shocked once she knew the two persons’ ident.i.ties. She felt incredible when she saw them romping with Ding Ning as if they were friends of many years.

Anyway, she had seen the big scenes, so she calmed down soon. Neither to humble herself nor to show disrespect, she said h.e.l.lo to them in fluent English and Arabic respectively, which greatly surprised Ding Ning. He didn’t expect her sister to speak Arabic.

Ding Ning had nothing to hide from his sister. After he got Halidan’s approval, he briefly told her how they got acquainted with each other. But he only used a few words to vaguely describe the thing that Halidan got the Gu.

Only then did Ding Qianlie remove the doubts in her heart. After all, that the Yingjili Royal Family which had nothing to do with her brother strongly supported her brother all of a sudden seemed to be quite a strange thing to her. But it turned out that they had such a history.

“Right, Chairwoman Ding, I secretly came to Shenzhou mainly to seek medical treatment. But after all, since I came with a nominal trade mission, I should achieve something here. You have a company group under your name. Can you provide me a packet of your company’s information? I want to make Dibai one of your company’s controlling shareholders. Of course, since I am only a crown prince, I only have the right to make suggestions, but I have no power to make decisions. Whether we can collaborate on some projects depends on the Longteng Group’s prospect and strength.”

Halidan gave another extremely valuable gift.

“Then, thank you, Prince Halidan. I will ask someone to pa.s.s the company’s information right now!” Ding Qianlie said with excitement.

Ding Qianlie’s beautiful eyes sparkled with excitement. The Longteng Group was an up-and-coming star of Ninghai’s business circle. It had developed rapidly in the past two years and had basically gained a foothold in Ninghai’s business circle. But there was still a great distance for it to become a commercial giant and Zhongdong investigation group’s key investment target. Therefore, this gift from Halidan was generous enough.

She knew that all of this was because of Ding Ning, otherwise those tyc.o.o.ns from Dibai would not pay any attention to the Longteng Group.

Ding Ning certainly understood that Halidan was returning his favor with this favor, but he still accepted this gift with ease. In his eyes, Halidan’s life was definitely worth the price.

The benefits of making Dibai as its controlling shareholder and obtaining a cooperative trading partners.h.i.+p with Dibai were obvious. Not to mention other advantages, once this good news of the Longteng Group got out, the stock prices of the four subsidiaries within the Longteng Group would go up. Then it would add tens of billions yuan to the market value of the Longteng Group.

Ding Qianlie and Halidan discussed the areas that they could cooperate. Aside, Hengli gave advice to them.

Ding Ning had to admit that although Hengli was just an idle prince of the Yingjili Royal Family, he had his valuable views in business. As a person who had received the elite education, Hengli was evidently out of the ordinary.

Unlike him, Ding Ning knew nothing about business. Their conversation made him dozy on one side, so he simply closed his eyes and began to meditate.

He abruptly opened his eyes and braced himself up only until Jiang Yimeng said, “Now it is the number 0137 auction item. Mr. Kong Minghui, an overseas Chinese, provided this item at no charge.”

“I suppose that you all must know Mr. Kong Minghui, an internationally renowned collector and philanthropist. He has always been committed to philanthropy. Over the years, he has lived overseas, but he is deeply concerned about Shenzhou Country and has purchased many national treasures abroad at high prices. Then he donated those treasures to the National Museum of Shenzhou for free. He had found many identifying experts to identify the bronze tripod that he donated this time. However, none of them was able to draw any definite conclusion. They didn’t know its value and the dynasty it belonged to. Thus, the starting price was merely 1 yuan, and there set no limit on the amount of money added. Mr. Kong came up with only one request: he wants to know the origin of the item when he is still alive from whoever wins the bronze tripod.”

As soon as Jiang Yimeng finished speaking, the audience who sat around the stage began to discuss the item animatedly. But for a long time, no one bid for it. All of them took a wait-and-see att.i.tude to this bronze tripod because they didn’t know its value for sure. Since the item could be priceless or worthless, they could not make up their minds.

“10,000 yuan.”

After a slight hesitation, a middle-aged man finally raised his paddle and shouted the price he offered out.

Mr. Kong Minghui was a patriotic overseas Chinese and a great philanthropist. He stood high in the esteem of Shenzhou Country’s people for he had helped lots of people. This middle-aged person had received many kindnesses from Mr. Kong, so he was willing to pay 10,000 yuan to show his grat.i.tude.

“20,000 yuan!” another wealthy man said.

This man also raised his paddle to show his respect to Mr. Kong.

“30,000 yuan,” another person said.

“40,000 yuan,” someone else said.

“60,000 yuan,” another person said.

“100,000 yuan,” someone said.

“300,000 yuan,” someone said.

Medical Sovereign Chapter 405 - Return Ding Ning’s Favor with a Favor

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