Medical Sovereign Chapter 407 - The Man in the Tuxedo

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Chapter 407 The Man in the Tuxedo

As for those ladies who considered themselves as pretties, they tried their best to flirt with Ding Ning. Eyes sparkling, these ladies stroke their hair in coquetry. After all, such a handsome and rich diamond bachelor was hard to meet. They had made up their minds to attract his attention. “I should let him know me, at least.” They thought, hoping their acquaintance would develop further later on.

Now even Ding Ning’s cheap clothes became extremely lavish ones with a low profile in their eyes. These women stared at him up and down in appreciation as if his clothes were not staple goods but luxurious clothes specially made by Italy’s top tailors. They had completely forgotten how disdainfully and scornfully they stared at Ding Ning before.

On the spot, Ding Ning swiped his bank card and paid money. He got the Yan Dragon Tripod the first time and appreciated it with excitement. It seemed that he could hardly tear himself away from the tripod.

By giving a hint with his eyes, Bai Qing motioned Ding Ning to go to the private room on the second floor after him. As Ding Ning went upstairs, he could feel that someone was watching his back intensely like a viper, which made him very nervous and uneasy. “It must be the man in the tuxedo.” Ding Ning muttered to himself.

Kong Minghui had been waiting for Ding Ning in this private room. Upon seeing Ding Ning coming in, he immediately stood up. “Little brother, I’m Kong Minghui.”

“h.e.l.lo, Mr. Kong. I have heard of your ill.u.s.trious name for a long time,” greeted Ding Ning.

Ding Ning shook hands with him very politely. In fact, he had a good opinion of patriotic overseas Chinese like Kong Minghui.

“Buddy, I invited you here because we wanted to see if you knew this bronze tripod’s origin. After all, you were willing to pay such a high price to win it. As a collector, Mr. Kong has some special hobbies. For example, he would become too anxious to eat and sleep well before he knew the origin of the items collected by him. So he specially asked me to introduce you to him here. Please tell him the bronze tripod’s origin.”

In detail, Bai Qing explained to Ding Ning, who looked quite puzzled.

Ding Ning slightly tilted his mouth corners, revealing a meaningful smile. “Do you mean that you will try to take it back if this bronze tripod is precious enough?”

Upon hearing his words, Bai Qing held his breath. He seemed to be a little embarra.s.sed. Kong Minghui quickly explained, “Little brother, don’t get me wrong. Since I sent it to the auction, I have no reason to take it back. It is just that I want to know the origin of this bronze tripod for my pure knowledge-seeking desire. Little brother, could you please tell me something?”

Ding Ning cast a meaningful look at Bai Qing and said lightly, “This is not a bronze tripod but an alchemy furnace. It has no value to most people. But as I study the ancient medical skill, it is invaluable to me.”

Without telling them the true origin of the bronze tripod, he simply revealed that it was an alchemy furnace. Ding Ning was afraid to bring up unexpected troubles if they knew it was actually the Yan Dragon Tripod left by the Yan Emperor.

“Oh, it is an alchemy furnace. No wonder even those treasure evaluation experts could not tell its origin. No wonder,” Kong Minghui said.

Kong Minghui was suddenly enlightened. He pulled out his card and handed it to Ding Ning. “Little brother, thank you for removing my doubts. I own you a favor. This is my card. Please call me if you need any help in the future.”

“Then, thank you, Mr. Kong,” Ding Ning said.

Ding Ning accepted the card very politely. When Kong Minghui gave him his card, Ding Ning seemed to feel that Bai Qing breathed a sigh of relief. But Ding Ning was not sure about that.

After a little talk, Bai Qing and Mr. Kong left first, but Ding Ning didn’t leave immediately. Instead, he locked himself in the room for about half an hour before returning to the auction party.

When the auction was finally over, Ding Ning asked Hengli to let Holman send Ding Qianlie back home in the name of escorting the emerald.

As the extremely intelligent Ding Qianlie was already aware of the situation, she held Ding Ning’s hand, whispering, “Be careful. I have asked Xiahou to come over.”

“Relax, sister. It’s all right.”

Ding Ning smiled and comforted her. He did not repulse her kindness because he was a little unsure about that man in the tuxedo who brought him a feeling of danger.

After Ding Ning saw Ding Qianlie off, many super-wealthy people who partic.i.p.ated in the auction started to gather around him. After a few enthusiastic civilities, they gave Ding Ning their cards.

Ding Ning didn’t refuse. He accepted their cards with polite and went on chatting with them, which greatly excited these rich people. But at the same time, they felt a little disappointed for Ding Ning didn’t intend to hand out his cards. Nevertheless, they felt content enough because they had successfully introduced themselves to Ding Ning for the first time. After all, the heir of line of a big family was always pride and liked to put on airs.

As they were used to circulating among people of the upper cla.s.s, they knew when to stop and not go too far. How they wished they could continue drinking the wine and chatting merrily to strengthen their relations.h.i.+ps with Ding Ning! But they behaved more rationally. After getting acquainted with Ding Ning, they took their initiative to leave. No one knew whether Ding Ning would be annoyed if they went on bothering him.

But compared with them, those so-called Ladies were not that sensitive. In these ladies’ eyes, Ding Ning seemed to be personable and patient. Thus, one after another, they giggled and flirted even more laboriously only to draw his attention. Directly and indirectly, some of them even signaled to him that they wanted to develop a more intimate relations.h.i.+p with him.

With his mind wandering, Ding Ning dealt with these over-confident ladies. Most of his attention was focused only on the man in the tuxedo all the time.

The man in the tuxedo had never left the Infiniti when Ding Qianlie left. When she was out of his sight, Ding Ning finally let out a long sigh of relief.

What he worried about the most was that this man of unknown origin would threaten him with his sister. To keep her sister safe, Ding Ning would not hesitate to give up even the Shennong Nine-Dragon Cauldron, let alone the Yan Dragon Tripod.

It now appeared that the man in the tuxedo was very confident in his skills. He must have thought that he could capture Ding Ning easily, so he proudly waited for Ding Ning in the car.

In this way, Ding Ning’s anxious heart instantly relaxed. Without any scruples, he was no longer willing to stay with these coquettish Ladies.

Straightened his face, Ding Ning waved his hand without hesitation. “I still have something to deal with. Goodbye!”

“Hey, but you haven’t yet left me your number!”

A slightly charming Lady in a yellow skirt who felt quite good about herself said with mingled resentment and helplessness.

However, Ding Ning ignored her. He strode to the parking lot, got into his Phaeton that had a dented front part, and pulled away.

“A rude guy indeed. How dare he behave so arrogantly when he can only afford a humble Pa.s.sat?”

A scantily dressed, s.e.xy lady with big spoke sarcastically.

“Huh, what do you know? He only wants to keep a low profile.”

Being fascinated by Ding Ning, the Lady in the yellow skirt argued after a snort.

“c.r.a.p. It is fu*king useless to show off. He is not interested in you at all, isn’t he?”

Beside them, another Lady in a white evening gown said ironically. She hated to see the Lady with the yellow skirt regard Ding Ning as her exclusive domain.

“Did you see that I showed off? Humph! Does a born beauty like me need to show off? Well, you are different. You have no choice but to wear this lengthened dress to cover up your short legs.”

The Lady in the yellow skirt sneered. She thrust her huge out and raised her feet on purpose to expose her white, slender legs.

“You… You are short-legged. Your whole families are short-legged. I am going to tear your fu*king rotten mouth up, b*tch!” The Lady in the white dress cursed.

The Lady’s words stung her so that she instantly flew into a rage with shame. With a fierce look, she pounced on the Lady in the yellow dress.

The Lady in the yellow skirt was reluctant to show weakness. With their friends, they instantly formed two fighting groups and began a catfight. Now, none of them cared to maintain their maiden selves.

But their fights had nothing to do with Ding Ning now. Aimlessly, he drove past the bustling streets and stopped at the beach.

After getting out of the car, Ding Ning lit a cigarette and leisurely leaned against his car as if he was enjoying the seascape at night.

Ding Ning had thought it carefully. Since he didn’t know his enemy’s actual strength, he could jump into the sea in case he was defeated. In any case, with his mermaid totem, Ding Ning knew that he was invincible 4 kilometers below the sea.

“Brat, you are clever enough to choose a good place to bury your body, which also saves me the trouble. Otherwise, I still have to dig a hole to bury you. How troublesome will that be?” The man in the tuxedo teased.

After the man got off the Infiniti behind Ding Ning’s car, he slowly talked to Ding Ning while walking as if the success was already within his grasp. He made no secret of pride in his bone. To him, Ding Ning was a turtle in a jar who had no way to escape.

“How do you know it is not your burial place?”

Not getting in a fl.u.s.ter, Ding Ning took a long slow pull at his cigarette and replied without casting a glance at this man.

“Hehe, you are like a frog at the bottom of a well. Though you know a bit of Kungfu and have a little money, you will never know that there is always someone better. This world is not as simple as you see.”

The man in the tuxedo said with a teasing smile. He took off his, his mask, and the flat cap, revealing his face. It was an ordinary face without any ident.i.ty features, which belonged to a man between thirty and forty.

Ding Ning raised his eyebrows. “Oh, do you mean you are the toad outside the well?”

“Boy, you get a smart mouth. Don’t bring shame to yourself. Hand over your alchemy furnace! In this way, I will leave you a whole dead body, or I will make you die without the burial ground.” The man in the tuxedo threatened.

He suddenly changed his face, his whole body exuding terrifying momentum. As Ding Ning saw this, his face dramatically changed.

“His momentum looks so powerful, which is much stronger than that of the Second Master. Beyond that, it is so aggressive that it completely suppresses the momentum in my body. Now that since my momentum cannot get out, my battle power has been sharply decreased.”

“How powerful can this guy be? Why does he appear so scary?” Ding Ning exclaimed in his heart.

Seeing his face change dramatically, the man in the tuxedo laughed proudly. “Ant, finally, you know how powerful I am!”

“Who are you? Are you an Ancient Warrior in the Sky Martial Arts Realm or a master of national martial arts?” Ding Ning threw his questions.

He looked panicked. But in secret, he tightened the muscles and was ready to launch his surprise attack at any time.

“Gee, you even know the Ancient Warrior. Tell me. Which family’s discipline are you? If I know your families, I may let you go this time for your elders’ sake.”

The man in the tuxedo asked with interest, curious light twinkling in his eyes.

Ding Ning’s eyes flashed. The momentum of the man in the tuxedo slightly decreased as he was speaking. Just then, he abruptly jumped up as fast as a cheetah. Ding Ning’s silver saber went across the night sky and cut at the man like a streak of lightning.

“Boy, you are courting death!” The man reproached.

All of a sudden, the expression of the man in the tuxedo changed. He uttered a loud shout and retreated rapidly. Totally to the man’s surprise, this attack from Ding Ning threatened his life, which nearly frightened the man out of his wits.

Ding Ning pretended to attack him unintentionally. But in fact, he spared no effort to cut. Thus, no matter how fast the man reacted, he was a little slower. Ding Ning’s saber successfully streaked across his left shoulder.

“Puff!” Ding Ning chopped at the left shoulder of the man in the tuxedo with the determination to win. However, he only heard the man’s clothes being torn. It turned out that he only managed to break the man’s clothes but failed to touch the skin a little. Unexpectedly, a layer of spiritual light appeared on the surface of the man in the tuxedo disarmed Ding Ning’s potent attack.

“Great, great, interesting. A successful sneak attack. I suppose you must be very proud of yourself. What a pity! The defending spiritual aura of a master in the Sky Martial Arts Realm can be mighty. But how can an ant know that? Boy, congratulations! You have successfully irritated me! Now, get burned by my anger!”

The man in the tuxedo said with pride. In a violent rage, he smiled instead. Once again, his horrifying momentum suddenly rose…

Unexpectedly, Ding Ning was not affected by his moves. With a determined look, he cut at the man the second time, the third time…

His s.h.i.+ny saber twinkled in the night. Although there was no ripple of Spiritual Energy, Ding Ning cut at an increasingly fast speed as if he was not affected by the man’s momentum at all.

At this moment, the man in the tuxedo no longer felt panic. He noticed that Ding Ning skilled in using sabers, but he could never drain his defending Spiritual Energy. Therefore, the man simply stood still, carelessly. He didn’t even try to avoid Ding Ning’s attacks. Looking at Ding Ning as if he were watching a clown performing, the man joked. “How can an ant bite an elephant? What an over-confident boy! Anyway, the way you play your saber looks quite interesting. Give me your saber technique and the alchemy furnace. Then I can spare your life and even take you as my disciple.”

Medical Sovereign Chapter 407 - The Man in the Tuxedo

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