Medical Sovereign Chapter 89 Ding Ning's Premonition

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"Yes, I belong to master now. Even if master wants me to die, I will do so."

Chu Yunna spoke matter of factly as she blinked her large and pure eyes. However, her words rocked Ding Ning's spirit.

"If I have a girlfriend in the future, will you be jealous of her?" Ding Ning asked with sinister intention.

"I am your personal property, your personal servant. How could I possibly be jealous of mistress?"

Chu Yunna spoke firmly. She wore an expression on her face that said she would defend her master's dignity to the death.

Ding Ning was immediately overjoyed; he had essentially found a free robot with artificial intelligence. As for the matter of warming his bed... ahem, that could wait until the future.

Every outstanding man dreamed of having a female servant. Ideally, she would be beautiful, alluring, and have a great figure. She should be socially adept but also be able to handle domestic appears, furthermore, she should be someone who was never jealous.

Naturally, Ding Ning was not an exception. After all, he was a very normal man. Thinking about the adult videos his dormmates had taken him to see, a fire rose in his heart.

Even if he did not do those evil things, just having a personal female servant who would never betray him was enough for him to grin happily.

Chu Yunna's unexpected acknowledgment of him as her master allowed Ding Ning to satisfy a dream that all men hoped for but could not achieve. Furthermore, he had received the G.o.ddess edition of this super-prize.

Given Chu Yunna's attributes, she was certainly a devastating beauty even in the eyes of the pickiest men, much less as a servant resigned to her fate.

Ding Ning had lucked out but he was still not satisfied and pushed for a deeper understanding. "Nana, how many wild beasts can you control now?"

"If its a royal level beast like Fufu, three at the most. If it's a common beast, I can control 10 at most, no more."

Chu Yunna's head was tilted and she spoke with a cute pout. It had to be said that her expression was very adorable and alluring. It made Ding Ning's blood warm. His nose grew hot and he almost bled out another river of blood.

If not for the fact he still had his baseline morals for being a human, he would certainly have taken her on the spot.

Although he knew that Chu Yunna would not object and would cooperate, he could not cross that threshold in his heart.

Particularly with the kindness Chu Yunna showed earlier when she would rather die than drink human blood, this made him feel a boundless respect for her.

Thus, even his eyes were averted to the side and he would not take advantage of her. Of course, the most important reason was that he was afraid he would not be able to control himself and have a nosebleed, thus embarra.s.sing himself.

With insistent instructions, he told Chu Yunna to call him "brother" in front of outsiders in the future and forbid her from calling him "master". That made him sound like some old wealthy landlord, the implications of that were not good.

Chu Yunna had no objections. She obeyed Ding Ning's instructions and had no thoughts of disobedience.

But now the problems came. Chu Yunna was fine now, but what about Bone Demon? Was he going to take him on as a servant too?

He had little objection to taking a beauty as a servant but he could not accept taking on an old man as a servant, particularly as the man was Ling Yun's father.

Hopefully, there was some other way. Ding Ning could only pray silently. However, if this was the only way that could say Bone Demon, it could only be so. After all, being his servant was better than being dead.

Ding Ning helped Chu Yunna unlock the chains and took off his own clothes for her to wear. Although they were large, it was better than being naked.

Wearing his t-s.h.i.+rt, Chu Yunna's long legs were left bare and her figure was half hidden and half uncovered. A spring radiance appeared and disappeared, making one fantasize endlessly and lured one into sin.

Faced with a completely naked Chu Yunna, Ding Ning was still able to maintain his calm. But seeing her appearance right now, all of his calm raised the flag of surrender.

Chu Yunna was not shy at all. Seeing Ding Ning lose control, her eyes were like limpid autumn waters and she lifted the t-s.h.i.+rt to take it off.

"Master, if you want me, that is my fortune. My entire person is yours, I will give myself to you right now."

"Don't, don't. Let's talk about it in the future, in the future!"

In a panic, Ding Ning pressed down on her hand to stop her undressing. The smooth, silky, and soft texture beneath his hand made his blood grew hot again. With great willpower, he turned his head away. "Don't take it off, keep wearing it!"

"Alright. I am available whenever master wants me."

Chu Yunna said considerately and did not continue undressing.

Ding Ning's spine was uncovered and he felt highly uncomfortable. He quickly wiped away his nosebleed and opened the stone door to call for Bone Demon. "Uncle Ling!"

"Uncle Ling, I'm fine now. Ma... brother was incredible, he cured me instantly."

Chu Yunna swung Bone Demon's arm excitedly and spoke with excitement.

It seemed that she only appeared abnormal when faced with Ding Ning. In front of other people, she was no different from anyone else.

This a.s.sured Ding Ning greatly. If Chu Yunna behaved so oddly in front of outsiders, someone would immediately realize something was wrong. Who would have thought that the stone man's master and servant agreement would be so humane?

"Ah, Yunna, you're truly better? That's great, that's great!"

An ugly and excited smile appeared on Bone Demon's rigid face but the joy in his eyes could not be hidden. It was obvious that he truly saw Chu Yunna as his own child.

With some apprehension, Ding Ning said, "Uncle Ling, let me see to you."

Earlier, it was clear that Bone Demon had little confidence in Ding Ning and was just giving everything a shot in a desperate situation. Seeing that Chu Yunna had truly been cured at this time, his confidence in Ding Ning immediately increased.

However, his condition was very different from Chu Yunna's, so naturally, he did not have much hope. With his life experience, of course, he understood that the higher the hopes the greater the disappointment.

Bone Demon nodded his head steadily. "Then I'll have to trouble you."

"I'll take your pulse first!" Ding Ning stretched out his hand, took Bone Demon's bony wrist in his grasp, and activated his superpower. In his mind, a clear three-dimensional image appeared.

Bone Demon looked at him strangely. He thought to himself that his entire body had calcified, what pulse could there be?

Ding Ning's expression suddenly darkened. He had no idea that Bone Demon's condition had grown so serious.

His entire body was bone, even his organs had begun to calcify. If not treated, he would die once all his internal organs turned to bone.

A glimmer of sympathy and admiration flashed through his eyes. He could not imagine how Bone Demon had endured these few years.

Think about it, the pain that came from all of one's flesh slowly being pierced through, rubbed raw, and replaced by endlessly growing bone was not one that common people could endure.

To speak plainly, Bone Demon's change was a bodily increase in bone, an increase that happened rapidly.

However, Ding Ning helplessly discovered that he could do nothing to stop this change. The stone man he had high hopes for did not react at all.

G.o.dd.a.m.n the stone man, did it discriminate based on gender? It saved the beauty but completely ignored the man.

Ding Ning cursed slightly to himself. Suddenly, he realized that the superpower ball of light in his mind was flas.h.i.+ng slightly as if it wanted to make a big move but seemed to be afraid of doing so.

"There's no fix, right? It's alright, I was prepared for that."

Although Bone Demon was prepared, he still could not help but feel disappointed after seeing Ding Ning's unhappy expression.

However, he was very determined and was able to maintain his easy-going tone. With a generous smile, he said, "I already died 20 years ago. It has been luck that kept me alive until know and to be able to often see the two of them and know that everything is good. I am satisfied. Ding Ning, promise me, never tell them that I have been to see them. Let them think I died 20 years ago. This is the best conclusion for all of us. Please!"

Ding Ning's expression changed. Looking at Bone Demon's fierce smile, his selfless tolerance and love, it touched something deep in his soul.

He had an inauspicious premonition. If he treated Bone Demon, it might use up a large amount of his superpower and possibly even cause unusual changes. This was something he could not endure, was it truly worth it for Bone Demon?

"It's alright, you can stop trying. I didn't have much hope to start with. We can leave it like this. I'll have to ask you to look at Yunna in the future. You may go."

Bone Demon spoke lightly. His nonchalant att.i.tude toward life and death shamed Ding Ning. To think he considered himself a humane doctor yet he oscillated between gain and loss. He was not worthy to be a doctor.

"Ma... brother, please save Uncle Ling, I'm begging you. If not for Uncle Ling, I would have long become a blood-drinking monster. It was Uncle Ling who continuously encouraged me and kept me company so that I could endure until now!"

Chu Yunna hugged Ding Ning's arm and swung it back and worth. Her large eyes were already filled with tears and her sincerity made Ding Ning feel even more shame.

The scene in front of him no longer allowed him to fuss over gains and losses. Taking a deep breath, he firmly said, "Uncle Ling, let me try. Although I am not confident, not all hope is lost."

"If I'm not wrong, you don't have much confidence in being able to save me and it would also damage your own body immensely, right? Thank you, Ding Ning, but there is no need. I have thought this through a long time ago. If not for the fact that I cannot let go my wife, daughter, and Yunna, I would have ended things myself. Now, Yunna is cured and they are also living well. I am very satisfied already. Look after them for me in the future and I'll rest easy."

Bone Demon looked at Chu Yunna with affection, his gaze filled with a sense of relief. During the days he was an experiment, thoughts of death had come to him long ago. If not for his wish to see his wife and daughter again which sustained him, he would have lost everything to live for long ago.

With Chu Yunna's appearance, this girl was who was about the same age as his daughter but had suffered such torment at the hands of those inhuman people, who even had such a similar name to Chu Yunxiu, he transferred his affection for his wife and daughter to Chu Yunna's person.

That was why Bone Demon resolutely decided to take the risk and risked his life to take Chu Yunna away from that terrifying place. The calcification of his bones pained him at all times, particularly as his internal organs turned to bone. Such pain was not something humans could endure. To have endured until now, Bone Demon was at his limit.

Originally, Chu Yunna could not endure anymore and begged bitterly for him to kill her, to give her release. But he could not bring himself to do it, after all, she was too young.

But what needed to be faced must be faced. With pained determination, he made up his mind. He planned to go see his wife and daughter once more at night then he would help this girl, who he had lived with for three years and saw as his own daughter, find her release. Afterward, he would quietly wait for death.

Ding Ning's appearance was unexpected and Chu Yunna's cure was even more unexpected. This made him feel a strong sense of grat.i.tude toward Ding Ning and he no longer had any more regrets. He only wished to find release as soon as possible, so that he no longer had to endure such bone-piercing pain.

"Uncle Ling, don't. Brother will be able to cure you, for sure." Chu Yunna had long begun weeping and was hugging Bone Demon's arm tightly.

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Medical Sovereign Chapter 89 Ding Ning's Premonition

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