The General's Genius Daughter Chapter 142 Tianci's Father

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"Well, do whatever you want to. I'm too old to worry about such things. This is Hua's Mansion's honor since there were few female owners of cities in history. But Qiyue, you're in the position of the owner of a city, and I'm very satisfied with it," Old Madame smiled and said, drawing Hua Qiyue to sit down.

Tianci was starving, and when maidservant served the fruits, he wolfed them down. Old Madame was shocked when she saw this and she thought that Tianci hadn't had enough food in Prince Nan's mansion.

It would definitely be a merry night. Hua's Mansion held a big banquet and invited Ouyang Youche, First Prince Huangfu Shenglin, Ji Feng and others. Everyone drunk freely with great joviality, and the atmosphere was hot.

Yun s.h.i.+mo was late and sent some super medicine pellets of miscarriage prevention to Hua Qiyue. Seeing this, everyone looked at Hua Qiyue's belly, which made Hua Qiyue outraged, and she almost messed up the banquet.

Luckily, Yun s.h.i.+mo came soon but he also went soon, and he disappeared after leaving his shadow.

Of course, this man had to go back to Prince Nan's mansion since he made trouble. After all, it wasn't good to lose face in public, and he had no idea what to do about Hua Qiyue, so, he had to run away.

Hua Qiyue was angry to spit blood. She lay in the bed sullenly after taking a bath, and then she entered the Mysterious World.

Tianpi was eating the Ginseng with Nine Souls. He was gnawing the Ginseng with Nine Souls with sounds of clack as if someone had made him angry.


Hua Qiyue sullenly sat aside. Tianpi glanced at her, but he still didn't pay attention to her.

That was weird. Tonight, Tianpi seemed to have no mood. No matter how hard Hua Qiyue tried, he still paid no attention to her. Never mind, Hua Qiyue wasn't in the mood to practice, so, she came back to the real world.

When Hua Qiyue was about to sleep, she saw a shadow standing outside the window. Hua Qiyue suddenly sat up, only to see that the man who stood outside the window was the one from Divine Eyes Organization!

"Hua Qiyue, I've got the news you wanted to know."

Hua Qiyue walked to the window. Under the moonlight, the man was veiled and Hua Qiyue could feel a strong murderous look from him.

Hua Qiyue frowned unhappily and thought, "Do people from Divine Eyes Organization always have such att.i.tude to their employer?"

"Speak," Hua Qiyue said calmly, but her heartbeat quickened because this was related to her reputation.

"We only investigated that that man once lived in Green Mountain Temple for several days, and we got nothing else. That man was so mysterious that it was difficult for us to tail after him."

"What's his name? How old is he?" Hua Qiyue said and frowned. She thought, "It took me one Long Red and what I got was such vague news?"

"I have no idea!"

The man answered coldly and his eyes gleamed with a disdainful look, saying, "It's perfectly good as you made our Divine Eyes Organization work for the woman. Hua Qiyue, I wouldn't come to work for the woman if it wasn't the order of group leader, His Excellency!"

What he said showed his disdain and sarcasm for women.

Hua Qiyue raised her eyebrows and her voice sounded cold, saying, "It seems that Divine Eyes Organization isn't so good. It took me a Long Red which was worth half a million taels of golds to buy—a piece of news which was only worth ten thousand taels of golds. Is it because the Divine Eyes Organization faked its fame, or you have a poor ability?"

Hearing this, that man was outraged. Perhaps, he had been respected by others as a G.o.d, and it was the first time that he had been faced with an employer like Hua Qiyue, wasn't it?

"Hua Qiyue! I swear, if I don't kill you, I won't be a man!" The man said and his eyes gleamed with a malicious look. All of a sudden, spiritual energy appeared above his right hand and it stabbed at Hua Qiyue just like an iron sword!

In just one second, this man intended to kill her. It seemed that the Divine Eyes Organization had been always overbearing!

While Hua Qiyue showed no fear, after all, he was only one stage higher than her. But Hua Qiyue was healthier than him, generally, those women who practiced Qi Art would be healthier.

There also suddenly appeared spiritual energy above Hua Qiyue's right hand and she scolded, "Icy s.h.i.+eld, condense!"

The spiritual energy, which crazily gathered in Hua Qiyue's right hand, suddenly condensed the surrounding air. Before the man stretched out his hands, the spiritual energy on Hua Qiyue's hand had condensed into ice and the ice suddenly condensed his hand.

The man was surprised. He had heard that Hua Qiyue was able to use spirit art, but he had never expected that she could use such a powerful trick!

His body was rapidly condensed by the ice, and a strong cold air entered his body, which made him s.h.i.+ver. The man operated all the anima energy in his body and intended to escape from the ice world that he was trapped in.

"Icy s.h.i.+eld, explode!" Hua Qiyue said with no emotions in her eyes, and her cold voice caused the next explosion.


After a huge sound, the ice condensed on the man's body exploded, and dispersed like snows and suddenly disappeared. Although the man had operated the anima energy to protect himself before, he was still slightly injured by the ice.

He backed off for two steps and looked at Hua Qiyue in an incredibly eyes, saying, "How could you... you're one stage lower than me..."

Yes, how could it be possible? Hua Qiyue was just one stage lower than him, why did she beat him? He couldn't believe it! He couldn't accept it!

"Since you don't believe it, how about let's do it one more time?" Hua Qiyue said indifferently.

Caining and Caiqing had already hidden aside before they heard the huge sound. After all, Hua Qiyue was so overbearing and they wouldn't make any move until the necessary time or Hua Qiyue summoned them.

However, when they saw that Hua Qiyue beat the man at the medium level of Cultivation Dimension, they were surprised and ashamed because they thought that their practise wasn't high enough and they could do nothing when they stayed with Hua Qiyue.

"Hua Qiyue! I've remembered you!" The man cried crazily and his handsome face showed after his black veil dropped.

The man blushed with embarra.s.sment and outrage, and he jumped into the air, disappearing in the dark.

Hua Qiyue felt a little unbelievable and said, "He isn't a pretty girl, but he blushed with embarra.s.sment and outrage because others saw his face, I didn't mistake him, did I?"

"No, you didn't," Caining and Caiqing said at the same time. Hua Qiyue was depressed because that man just now looked so malicious, but suddenly, he was as shy as a girl, which made her really want to... vomit!

"You have a rest and protect Tianci. I won't easily be sneakily attacked by others now," Hua Qiyue said seriously. Caining and Caiqing looked at each other and obeyed Hua Qiyue's order.

Hua Qiyue lay in the bed again, but she couldn't fall asleep anymore.

That man once had stayed in Green Mountain Temple for several days... but when had it happened? Before or after her wedding? Why couldn't the best Divine Eyes Organization in the world find him after he had stayed there for several days? Had he disappeared without reasons?

Hua Qiyue wouldn't accept it if she didn't find that bad man, and she really wanted to kill him and chop him into pieces!

But Hua Qiyue suddenly remembered that Old Madame seemed to have sent Hua Mengs.h.i.+ to Green Mountain Temple, and Hua Qiyue wanted to know what happened to Hua Mengs.h.i.+.

Green Mountain Temple was located in a high hill in the rural area of the capital. It would take her four or five days to go there by carriage.

Hua Qiyue was distracted and she had thought about many things. In the rest of her life, she wanted to find that man.

When she thought about these things, she fell asleep and it was dawn when she woke up. After was.h.i.+ng her face and sending Tianci to school, Hua Qiyue was ready to have the meal with Old Madame.

Last night, her fight with that man only disturbed Caining and Caiqing, and others slept very tightly.

As a general, Hua Liting didn't notice what had happened last night. Hua Qiyue thought that it was necessary now to teach her father some skills of mental practicing methods and Qi Art.

Otherwise, if she wasn't there in the future, who would protect the whole country?

Hua Qiyue came to Old Madame's courtyard. Old Madame was preparing the meal and when she saw Hua Qiyue, she happily drew Hua Qiyue to sit down.

Old Madame was aglow, it seemed that she was very satisfied with her life now. Besides, her granddaughter would marry Prince Nan, which was Hua's Mansion's great honor. And that was why she was in a good mood.

When Hua Qiyue and Old Madame had half a meal, a servant hurriedly came in and reported that Hua Mengs.h.i.+'s maidservant Bingqing came back to the mansion and she wanted to meet Old Madame.

Old Madame was very unhappy because Bingqing was punished to stay in Green Mountain Temple with Hua Mengs.h.i.+, and she could not come back without Old Madame's order.

However, as a humble maidservant, Bingqing came back without any orders?

Old Madame intended to scold her and asked Bingqing to come in. Hua Qiyue slightly paused and thought, "Why did Bingqing come back with no reasons? She must have something to report, does she?"

Bingqing entered the courtyard and immediately knelt down in front of Old Madame, crying with tears and saying, "Old Madame, something bad happened... Miss... Miss disappeared, alas..."

Hua Qiyue raised her eyebrows and she didn't expect that this would happen at this time. Was Green Mountain Temple really unusual?

"Why would this happen?" Old Madame's facial expression immediately became serious. According to Hua Mengs.h.i.+'s temper, if she really wanted to leave, she would definitely declare that she intended to renounce Hua's Mansion.

But she didn't do anything, so, did she really disappear?

"On the third day when we arrived at Green Mountain Temple... Miss had disappeared!" Bingqing said with sobs and told every detail to Old Madam.

Bingqing and other servants had accompanied Hua Mengs.h.i.+ to Green Mountain Temple to practice, and it had taken them four days to arrive at Green Mountain Temple. There were only one female abbot and four Buddhist nuns in Green Mountain Temple, which implied that this was a desolate place.

In the third night, Hua Mengs.h.i.+ and Bingqing fell asleep. In the midnight, Bingqing woke up because she wanted to go to the bathroom, but when she came back, she realized that Hua Mengs.h.i.+ wasn't in the bed, so, she was frightened and went outside to find Hua Mengs.h.i.+. However, she could find nothing after she looked all over the Green Mountain Temple and the surrounding mountains.

"Did she really disappear? If Mengs.h.i.+ left because of the wrong outrage, then such a thing won't happen because she would leave a note. According to her temper, she's very willing to save her face, how could she leave without saying anything?" Old Madam said coldly.

"Yes... Old Madame, I think that Miss... disappeared, too. Because Miss didn't pack any clothes. But the female abbot of Green Mountain Temple said that they've lived there for over twenty years, but they've never met with such a thing!"

Bingqing cried and said. From her grieved facial expression, it was known that she and Hua Mengs.h.i.+ were in very good relation.

Hua Qiyue swallowed the last porridge and thought, "I intend to go to Green Mountain Temple, and this is a good chance."

"Grandmother, please send me to see what happened there. Anyway, I'm not busy."

Hua Qiyue said calmly, "Besides, such a thing happened to second sister, I also want to investigate the reason."

Old Madame's face changed and she shook her head to show her strong disagreement, saying, "Qiyue, you'll soon marry Prince Nan, you'd better not go outside in case something bad would happen to you."

"Grandmother, who told you that I would get married soon? That's nonsense. Besides... since such a thing happened to Mengs.h.i.+, it's very proper that I handle this. You don't worry, nothing bad will happen to me, after all, even an array to extinguish the evil couldn't stop me," Hua Qiyue said calmly with no emotion on her face.

The General's Genius Daughter Chapter 142 Tianci's Father

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