Blood Moon Hunters Chapter 100 Fighting Against The Heavenly Girl

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"Lyu Hao, are you okay?" Zhao Changge went to support Lyu Hao. w.a.n.g Bugui took out a gra.s.s of treasure medicine, and fed Lyu Hao. Then, he mobilized his spiritual power to heal Lyu Hao's injury. After a while, the latter recovered.

"Don't worry, just superficial wounds and a few internal injuries. No fatal injuries." Lyu Hao waved his hand.

"Who do you think you are? How dare you fight against boss's body and even compare body strength to him. Don't you know his Taoism?" Looking at the b.l.o.o.d.y Lyu Hao, Yu Wude took a heavy breath.

"He just wants to see how big the gap between himself and Brother w.a.n.g is. Am I right, Brother Lyu? He also wants to learn more in this battle, so he makes such a decision." Chu He guessed.

"You're right, Chu He." w.a.n.g Bugui answered his doubts, and then turned to Yu Wude, "Wude, you have to be careful. You know the strength of Leng Yueyan. Don't be distracted!"

"No worry. I have already prepared for being defeated. I know the strength of the little Taoist nun, and I can accept it. How can there be such a terrible woman in the world? Maybe only the fake monk dare to marry her." Yu Wude shrugged his shoulders. His words were always defiant. How dared he to put Leng Yueyan and Ning Zhe together?

Just finis.h.i.+ng his words, he felt a chill climbed up from his feet to the top of his head. He looked back and found that Leng Yueyan was staring at him with a murderous eye. He took a deep breath, saying, "Oh gosh. I forgot that she was born with Taoism energy. Little Taoist nun, I'm wrong. I didn't mention you!"

The other cultivators considered him ashamed to say such words. How could he make an apology immediately after he humiliated someone? No wonder that he was so strong, it seemed that his face was invincibly thick. However, his words did not matter Leng Yueyan. Her beautiful face still had no expression. She turned her head around, and ignored him, waiting quietly for the battle to begin.

"Okay, hurry to get on the arena!" w.a.n.g Bugui pushed Yu Wude to the arena. At the same time, he saw the black-faced Tong Yixing, and grinned at him once again. The Elder Tong instantly frowned, and calmed himself down hard.


The bell rang, announcing the last battle in the semifinal began.

"I wonder if Yu Wude can defeat Leng Yueyan, the undefeated legendary woman."

"I think he can't! After all, she was born with the Taoism energy, innately invincible."

"But Yu Yuwu may have his master card. He can reproduce the corner of the third magical array, and maybe, he can reproduce the other unexposed ones as well."

The audience had already been in the discussing of the trend of this battle. Most people were not optimistic about Yu Wude. It was not because they thought he was not strong enough, but his opponent was too strong. She knew a variety of forbidden arts, and even some in the Sage Level though she was just at the Void Returning Realm. She was terribly powerful.

When they were discussing, the two had already started the fighting. Yu Wude took the lead to take action. He raised his hand and formed a dozen small arrays to trap his opponent first. Then he summoned the Formation Breaking Sword and looked for opportunities to make attacks. Dozens of beams of power of different colors burst out from the arrays, and rushed to the beauty in front of him.

Leng Yueyan swept her horse tail duster softly, forming dozens of beams of power of bigger size to fight back. Yu Wude was shocked by the gap between their strengths. She understood the Taoism too deeply, which he couldn't catch up with. His arrays were smashed into powders. Gritting his teeth, he then threw out another dozen small arrays, and rushed forward with them, holding his Formation Breaking Sword.

"Heaven, Earth, Water, Clouds, Demon, Fights!"

Leng Yueyan shouted and gestured, displaying the six Lightening Techniques. The clear sky was replaced by the black clouds. In the twinkling of an eye, this battlefield was filled with various lightning. Yu Wude took the sword and shuttled back and forth it in the thunder sea. After smas.h.i.+ng all the roaring thunders, he rushed to his opponent with a roar.

"Vertical! Horizontal!"

He shouted and brandished his sword twice horizontally and vertically. The two beams of sword power, as thick as huge waves, rushed toward Leng Yueyan cross-shapedly. She waved her horse tail duster nine times, and nine rays of golden divine lights overlapped in front of her, completely blocking the two giant beams of sword power, making them dissipate between the heaven and earth. At this time, Yu Wude took the opportunity and spang out.

He waved his sword for dozens of times, but each of them was blocked by the three-foot s.h.i.+eld of Leng Yueyan. This fierce sword cut it, just like a mud cow into the sea, cutting the water. All his sword power, sword will, and sword offensive were wiped out quickly. The sword stopped when it was only a foot away from Leng Yueyan. At the same time, she recited the Five Thunder Incantation, and moved toward Yu Wude.

There were five hundred divine thunders in the sky. Each of them was as thick as buckets, bouncing over their opponent like electric snakes. Yu Wude resisted with the ancient sword, smas.h.i.+ng several of them. Then he displayed the Vertical and Horizontal Sword Skill to the extreme, and managed to break through the thunder sea. After that, he used the sword as a pen and engraved a series of delicated Taoism lines in the sky.

These lines were imprinted in different positions in the void. Yu Wude then drew a huge circular array in the air with the sword, surrounding the lines. In the next second, the lines began to transform into various ancient magic beasts, attacking Leng Yueyan.

"Heavenly Girl Seal!"

Leng Yueyan was decisive. She could perceive that this array was not simple, and intended to use the forbidden art to destroy it. The huge Heavenly Girl Seal fell from the heaven, carrying countless spiritual power, so aggressive. However, at the same time, the four major divine beasts, Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Rosefinchod and Black Tortoise, were transformed and rushed out from the array, carrying the power of the four stars in the four directions. They took the upper hand, temporarily suppressing the Heavenly Girl Seal, as if they were going to break it.

Yu Wude took the sword again to speed up the array, and controlled the four major divine beasts as the spirit of the array. Leng Yueyan frowned, began to gesture and waved her horse tail duster nine times again. The Heavenly Girl Seal shone with a lot of lights, and the shape of the Heavenly Girl on the seal became more vivid. It even drew the sword, as if it was alive.

The two made every effort to make a powerful blow. Eventually, both the array and the seal were broken.

"It is actually the Array of the Four Stars in Four Direction!"

"Unfortunately, his preparation is not enough. He doesn't have the symbols or blood of the four divine beasts, otherwise the array's power will definitely be more than that."

"It can even break the Heavenly Girl Seal. Amazing!"

Some elders exclaimed. If Yu Wude could collect enough materials, perhaps the situation now would be reversed. But Leng Yueyan would not give him the chance. She quickly raised her hand, forming a strong Taoism power toward him. Yu Wude made defense immediately. Then Leng Yueyan summoned the Seal of the Thunder Emperor Incantation.

She recited, "Fly high to ride qilin, and govern five hundred peals of divine thunder. The ghosts and monsters have no place to escape and the demons also can't go through. Release the three true fires, conquer billions of evil spirits. I obey the Thunder Emperor at once!"

Finis.h.i.+ng, she raised her hand to the sky and summoned the Thunder Emperor who held the Thunder Hammer, rus.h.i.+ng toward Yu Wude with 500 thunder devils.

"Conquering the World Aarry!"

Yu Wude shouted, and carved a G.o.dly array with the ancient sword. The array absorbed the surrounding aura. Then he used the sword as the spirit of the array to summon a huge holy sword, rus.h.i.+ng toward the Thunder Emperor. The two violently collided into each other hundreds of times, and both disappeared between the heavens and earth in a tie.

"The heavens, the earth, the powerful princes. The North Pole, the nine states. Wear a gold armor, hold a holy sword. Roll the hair up in a bun, see with the piercing eyes. Kill the demons, kill the ghosts. For the sake of G.o.d, do not stay. The Eastern Great Mars, the Heavenly Girl." "Universal Incantation of the Heavenly Girl!"

Leng Yueyan frowned, and refused to delay anymore. She directly summoned a stronger forbidden art. The will of the Heavenly Girl appeared. She used it to defeat Ning Zhe the last time. The will began to prevail the surrounding world. Yu Wude screamed and quickly painted array lines with his sword. At the same time, he summoned hundreds of small arrays and scattered them on the arena.

"An array appears, and thousands of spirits surrender. Kill all the enemies, and all the devils. The third G.o.dly array, Killing Array!"

Yu Wude swept his hands rapidly, and a peerless array appeared. It was a corner of the Killing Array. Soon after, almost half of the array was engraved by him, and the materials he used cost much, which made it extremely powerful.

The Killing Array appeared along with a peerless killing message. The audience was all shocked to feel it, even including w.a.n.g Bugui, Ning Zhe and the other strong cultivators. The ancient mystical atmosphere accompanied the ancient peerless killing message, and numerous ancient soldiers that had never been seen before emerged in the array.

These ancient soldiers all rushed toward the shadow of the Heavenly Girl. Irritated, the shadow snorted, and blocked them with her hands only. After dozens of strikes, it broke all the ancient soldiers, no wonder the Heavenly Girl was regarded as the G.o.ddess of war in the east. However, Leng Yueyan could only maintain it till now considering her energy, and then she resolved the shadow of the Heavenly Girl.


Yu Wude spit out plenty of blood. His primordial spirit was incorporated into the array, so as soon as his array was broken, so was his primordial spirit. However, he clenched his teeth and still tried his best to summon the Ancient Mountain and River Map he got yesterday, throwing it toward his opponent. A sence of beautiful mountains and rivers appeared, sucking Leng Yueyan, intending to defeat her. But could it be that easy? She also called out the bronze tripod, and hit the mountains and rivers in the picture with it. Finally she rushed out from the map by breaking its barrier.

Then she placed the tripod over her head and stepped forward to her opponent, ready to end the battle with her last spiritual power to activate the tripod. Yu Wude obviously run out of his spiritual power. He reached out his hand and coughed some blood, saying, "I lost. Little Taoist nun... you won!"

After that, he coughed some blood again. Leng Yueyan received the tripod, replying with a hold fist salute, "You did well."

Then she turned and left. Yu Wude also got up hard, took out a small array to send him back to w.a.n.g Bugui and the others. They all rushed over to support him, and delivered their spiritual power to heal his injury.

"Don't move. I will heal you!"

w.a.n.g Bugui frowned, because he noticed that Yu Wude's primordial spirit was damaged. He immediately displayed the Supplementary Method and put the energy into Yu Wude's body. Then, he let Yu Wude eat the treasure medicine for primordial spirit he got as the top eight. After 15 munites, Yu Wude was recovered, but just a little. After all, he didn't know the Supplementary Method, and w.a.n.g Bugui couldn't teach it to him before he was recognized by the Heaven Mending Technique.

Under the watchful eyes of everyone, and after another 15 munites, Yu Wude could stand up. Fortunately, Leng Yueyan was decent, and didn't hurt him very seriously. The trauma of his primordial spirit was about to be healed. Seeing that he could grin again, w.a.n.g Bugui and the others could finally relieved.

Blood Moon Hunters Chapter 100 Fighting Against The Heavenly Girl

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