Blood Moon Hunters Chapter 116 Breaking Through To The Sage Realm

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"Guys, come here!" Qilin shouted as soon as he returned to the Pure Land. All the little spiritual beasts had heard him, and they all rushed over from all the directions for a time. Soon after, they had surrounded w.a.n.g Bugui and the qilin.

"Lanchuan, why do you call us?" The little rabbit held a higher cultivation base, so she could talk. She asked the qilin in confusion.

"Haha, our king got a good thing, the Dragon and Phoenix Knack!" Lanchuan answered.

"Really?" The little rabbit became intersted and shouted.

"Xue Yu'er, have I ever lied to you?" Lanchuan asked back. He took out a golden scroll and slowly unfolded it. A lot of ancient characters rushed out from it with a strong old aura.

"It's really the Dragon and Phoenix Knack! King, you're powerful!" Xue Yu'er rushed to w.a.n.g Bugui's arms excitedly, and then began to rub her head against him.

"Haha, hope it can help you. Go to cultivate!" w.a.n.g Bugui touched her. Her silky hair was very soft.

"King, read the scroll too, and there might also be a method for you." Lanchuan touched w.a.n.g Bugui's calf with his hoof.

"Okay, let's study it together." w.a.n.g Bugui laughed. Then he put Xue Yu'er down, and began to learn the magic scroll with these spiritual beasts.

The so-called Dragon and Phoenix Knack was a cultivation method that helped the magic beasts to evolve, including the spiritual beasts like Lanchuan and Xue Yu'er. Snakes could evolve to flood dragons, and flood dragons could evolve to real dragons.

They held a trace of power of their ancestors in their bodies, and this method could help them return to their ancestors. Influenced by the method, the only trace of power would be purified and refined continually, and then spread to every part of their bodies, to achieve the magical effect of reproducing their ancestors' power.

But it didn't do much to humans. After w.a.n.g Bugui searched carefully, he finally found two useful methods. One was the Dragon Fists, one of the Real Dragon Techniques, left by Ao Feng.

The other one was the Coping Yourself Skill which could copy out thousands of you by using your body hair. And each one of you would possess your full strength, but they would be dispelled as soon as they were injured.

It could be regarded as a striking killing technique. The more powerful the user was, the better the effect.

There were some words next to the record of the skill, "The Star of Potential Immortals, it's the place where I was born. Although I can no longer return to it, I still can't let it be destroyed in the dark turmoils." "Therefore, I pa.s.sed a martial art to Ao Feng, and hope the later generations can protect this planet well and don't lose my face. I am Sun Wukong, the Great Sage Equaling Heaven!"

After reading it, w.a.n.g Bugui got shocked. It turned out that the Great Sage Equaling Heaven was not just a legend. And the earth was actually his mother land. But it was confused that he called the earth Star of Potential Immortals. After those emotional thoughts, w.a.n.g Bugui began to keep these two skills in his mind sea.

Then he left the little spiritual beasts, returned to the top of the Yuxu Palace, and began to mediate quietly. The Dragon Fists that Ao Feng left was awfully powerful, and only the martial arts of the Palace of the Human Emperors could match it. Because it would release dragon energy during the battles, which was one of the most powerful energies in the world.

When he practiced it, a golden man with dragon horns appeared in his mind, wearing a golden armor, looking aggressive. Sometimes, w.a.n.g Bugui made deductions with the man, and sometimes, he would step aside to watch the man displaying the moves. In this way, he got to understand the skill.

As for the Coping Yourself Skill of the Great Sage Equaling Heaven, it was extremely mysterious. When w.a.n.g Bugui was practicing, there was a shadow of a divine monkey deducing the skill for him. He carefully remembered it, and then made deductions on his own. After a long time, he only understood a little of it.

After nearly an hour, he could only copy himself several times, far away to reach the Big Achievement Realm. The Great Sage Equaling Heaven could copy himself thousands of times.

However, it was not the timing to learn these two skills, for he must study what happened to him in the Entombment Lake of Dragon. Ao Feng fought with him to indirectly teach him new martial arts and the essence of martial art, and let him re-understand the Taoism from all aspects.

Martial arts are complicated. He used to pay much attention to the moves, but neglected their essence. Some martial arts even didn't contain moves. So, what he should focus on was to uniquely understand them, rather than thinking about how to achieve their standards.

And the functions of martial art. Not every martial art was fixed and immutable. Did he have to focus on speed and strength only when he displayed a fist skill? If his fists could affect time, dimension, or gravity, they would be more unexpected, wouldn't they?

Martial arts were flexible. And it was not the best choice to follow the paths of the predecessors. Because the predecessors had already succeeded, and he couldn't copy such success. The best path of him was the one he came up with on his own. He could take the paths of the predecessors as reference, but he couldn't just copy them.

He used to think about how to improve his skills of each limit to the same as the Founder Master of his sect. Though the effect was significant, it was not suitable for himself. After this battle, he began to pay attention to his own path.

Moreover, he had to make his moves of martial art simpler, because the real killing techniques were often in a very simple form. All the martial art moves that Ao Feng performed carried extremely strong Taoism power, but he never deliberately used only one of them.

Back to simplicity, back to the truth, which was the essence of every martial art. For example, comparing the Thousand Kicks with the Kick of the Universe, the former could form a thousand attacks at the same time, but the damage it would cause was far less than that of the Kick of the Universe. It surpa.s.sed the Kick of the Universe only in terms of speed, and actually, it was just a little faster than the Kick of the Universe.

All in all, it was because his understanding of the Tao Law was not deep enough. He should abandon the complicated and extravagant moves and only take the most useful attack methods. He had proposed a good way to simplify Thousand Kicks in a few simple kicks.

The same went for the Meteor Fist. As long as he simplifed the essence of these two martial arts to several attacks, or even one attack, they would be much stronger. It only took him about twenty seconds to display these two martial arts.

If he could spend only one second to simplify, or he could form 1,000 attacks with less time, then he would be able to resort to other martial arts faster. The key was how to simplify, which depended on his personal understanding.

Then what mattered was his own path. He wanted to create new martial arts!

However, to create new martial arts was so difficult. He wanted to take a path that had not been walked before, that was, to create his own martial arts. Yun Jinghong also said that the path he arranged for w.a.n.g Bugui was not complete. Though there were predecessors that had taken it, no one succeeded. To break through to be a sage, w.a.n.g Bugui must figure out where his own path was.

What martial arts could he create? The Palace of the Human Emperors majored in cultivating the prana power, and then the blood vigour. But w.a.n.g Bugui combined the two, cultivating them together. Then when he reached the Prana Body Realm, he rooted the fine element of his prana blood in the whirlpool of his pool of qi. It slowly grew up, and then spread to all the parts of his body.

When he reached the Prana Soul Realm, he integrated part of his Innate Prana Power into his primordial spirit, and the other part into his Shen Tang. When he reached the G.o.d of War Realm, he raised the concentration of his prana blood, and enlarged the fine element of his prana blood, which made a big part of his black pool of qi turn into prana blood.

Then, how could he reach the Sage Realm? Yun Jinghong said that when all his blood turned into gold, he should become a sage. However, his blood now had already become gold, but he had not broken through to the Sage Realm. He was close to the realm, just one step left undone.

However, there seemed to a layer of unbreakable barrier, and he didn't know how to break it. This was the question that confused him for so long. He recalled the experiences of the past decade years. Joys and sorrows of life, his life insights, the red dust, and the different people with good or evil hearts, these scenes were quickly replaying in his mind sea.

He had been thinking about it for another month, and it was the beginning of November now. The pendant around his neck had been flas.h.i.+ng for a month as well, and now it finally dimmed. He slowly opened his eyes after pondering for so long, and deducting millions of times.

He finally figured out how to do in the next step. The Middle Pellet Base was at the Danzhong Baihui acupoint. He developed his pool of qi in the Prana Body Realm and the Prana Soul Realm, trained his four limbs and his bones in the G.o.d of War Realm. However, his Upper Pellet Base in the Shen Tang had not been developed, so had his Middle Pellet Base.

So in the next step, to develop the human treasure here was the most suitable. The pool of qi was the origin of all the martial arts. The Prana Soul Realm focused on the primordial spirit, so the development of the Upper Pellet Base took place in his realm.

In fact, this was wrong. The Middle Pellet Base couldn't be ignored either. It was the turning point of the prana blood, so it should be placed in the second place. However, the development of the Shen Tang was too early in the Prana Soul Realm, which was a bit abrupt. In fact, to develop the Middle Pellet Base earlier would contribute to the development of the Shen Tang.

After a careful thinking, w.a.n.g Bugui decided to re-cultivate the Prana Soul Realm, because it now went against his path. The most correct order should be the pool of qi, and then the Middle Pellet Base, and then his four limbs and all bones, and then the Upper Pellet Base. After careful weighing, he decided to break his present cultivation base and rebuilt it!

To break the cultivation base and rebuilt it would delay the time. He must rebuilt it as quickly as possible. But obviously, he had no time now. What should he do?

He didn't know what to do, so he went to the Palace of Purple Clouds for Zi Yuxiao. She had lived from the ancient historical times untill now, so perhaps she knew what to do.

Blood Moon Hunters Chapter 116 Breaking Through To The Sage Realm

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