Blood Moon Hunters Chapter 133 None Such Under Heaven

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Three years had pa.s.sed in a hurry, and everyone had come to the s.p.a.ce for five years. During this period of time, several geniuses had followed Meiqing and Feng Tianming to grasp magic martial arts.

Jin Zhan of the Crazy Saber Sect grasped the Crazy Saber Cut in Troubled Times, the most unique skill of the sect. It seemed the power of his saber could cut several mountains into two pieces at the same time, and the will of his saber could kill 10,000 enemies.

Lin Yang of the Zhenyang Sect grasped the Origin of the Taiyang, one of the unique skill of the sect. The combination of Innate Prana Power and aura could form the original power of Taiyang, the attack power of which was unmatched.

Xiao Fengyi of the Unfettered Sect, based on the Unfettered Skill between Heaven and Earth, the unique skill of the sect, created a new mystical skill named Being Unfettered in the Nine Heavens. It could raise one's speed of movement to the extreme.

It was even comparable to the h.e.l.l Step. And the afterimages of spiritual power it left would transform into Taoism power to be detonated. It was a kind of both offensive and defensive martial art.

It seemed that Wu Kuang of the Lingwu Sect had got rid of the shadow of his headmaster's death. Moreover, he made a great achievement here, creating a new martial art, called Messing the Sky up over Clouds.

This was a martial art that could improve his overall ability, just like the Eight Limits Universal Order, but its effect was not that strong. However, it had no side effects, and its biggest feature was that it could help cultivators turn the body into smokes and clouds.

Therefore, all the attacks could only pa.s.s through his body without hurting him. Only the will of Taoism could hurt him. However, even so, he would be instantly recovered because his body was then composed of clouds or smokes.

The other two fairies of the Palace of Hundred Flowers had also grasped the A Thousand Flower Dance, the most unique skill of the sect. The dances of them three fairies were different. During this period of time, Jiang Lianyue had even broken through to the Sage Realm.

She had been practicing for seven years before the Gathering of Pract.i.tioners. Now, by suppressing herself hardly, she pa.s.sed the Sage-Ream catastrophe stably, and the result was better than she expected.

"The geniuses of this age are really amazing!" The Headmaster of the Crazy Saber Sect laughed.

"Yes, each of them possesses their own unique talents. The path they choose is also different, but absolutely powerful." Mu Wujian nodded.

"After all, this is the Great Age now. We old people should abdicate!" The Headmaster of the Zhenyang Sect followed.

"Chenchen, how about we pa.s.sing down the headmaster position a few years later, so that we can travel around the world together!" Unscrupulous, Gu Xiaoyao even didn't forget to flirt with Hua Mengchen at this moment.

"With you? No way!" Hua Mengchen rolled her eyes at him, and replied coldly. However, her delicate voice, in addition to her stunning appearance, still had a unique charming.

"Don't joke like this anymore! You're old enough!" Leng Shuangrong covered her forehead and scolded. The two could only turn their heads aside, daring not to irritate her.

But Yun Jinghong was not afraid. He grinned, "Look, Rongrong! Lyu Hao and Zhao Changge are also about to break through today!"

Leng Shuangrong frowned, and then raised a hand to form a Universal Incantation of the Heavenly Girl toward Yun Jinghong. However, the illusion of the Heavenly Girl in the sky began to fight with another G.o.d of War.

Though looking normal, they two started a secret compet.i.tion. Leng Shuangrong was calm. She increased her spiritual power, and said, "Yes, they are."

"They deserve to be the inheritor of the two Greater Powers of the Three Kingdoms. Both of them are peerless geniueses!" Yun Jinghong laughed, and followed to increase his spiritual power.

These two Big Capables made the surrounding headmasters speechless for a while. Even the Reverend Qing Chan revealed a bitter smile. Every time they two talked with each other, they would end the conversation with fights.

The headmasters no longer stay their sights at them. Hearing the two's conversation, they turned their eyes to the two on the edge of the third area.

Lyu Hao was holding the double-bladed halberd, surrounded by lights. He displayed the Overpowering Halberd. There were seven moves of this martial art, each with three changes, totally 21 strokes. All the strokes were domineering, as if they could fight the world.

As for Zhao Changge, he held the dragon gut silver spear, performing the Spear Skill of Zhao Yun. Sometimes, his spear was a rambling dragon, sometimes, it was as fast as a blast, sometimes, it could also be smooth like pear flowers and snows.

Working together, they two were a.s.sured to let each other gaurd their back areas.


A Tao Tie rushed toward Zhao Changge. He charged forward to it with the silver spear in his hand, and beat it back with a sweep of the spear. Then the spear began to release cold lights toward the Tao Tie.

The Tao Tie blocked it with a black light, and then it opened its mouth, intending to swallow the opponent in front. Zhao Changge made a flip backwards to avoid, and then threw the spear out.


Like a wind, the long spear rushed toward the fierce beast. The Tao Tie opened its mouth widely, intending to swallow the spear. However, when the spear was close to its mouth, a figure appeared. It was the soul of the spear.


Hurt by the soul, the Tao Tie was going backwards with screams. Zhao Changge seized the spear again, and brandished it out with the Wild Dragon Soul Shattering Spear Technique.

Behind him, there was an illusion of a handsome general in a white robe. The shadow made attacks together with him. The Tao Tie was stabbed, and began to run wildly. After running a few feet, it released violent spiritual power.

The spear was bounced to the sky. Zhao Changge jumped up to grab the spear, and resorted to the Birds Pay Homage to the Phoenix, killing the Tao Tie in the air.

But when he was about to fall, a golden saber came toward him. He immediately stood on the spear. But there was another roaring Tao Wu rus.h.i.+ng behind him.

"Killing Demons!"

Lyu Hao shouted, and brandished the halberd toward the Tao Wu. The Tao Wu could almost bite Zhao Changge— the distance was ten centimeters at most— but it was suddenly hit by a big halberd.

The teeth of the Tao Wu were interrupted in an instant, and it was beaten backwards. Rolling all the way, it stopped after hitting the dozens of ancient weapons. Then it began to shake head with bellows.

The big halberd appeared in front of it again. In panic, it spit out a golden light to resist, but failed. Forced to retreat again, it roared, intending to fight back.

But Lyu Hao didn't stop his offensive. He displayed the Killing Immortals, the Killing G.o.ds, and the Killing Ghosts in succession. The three moves of the Overpowering Halberd, each with three changes, had suppressed the Tao Wu.


At this moment, a blue heavenly sword and a black hammer were rus.h.i.+ng toward Lyu Hao. He had no time to escape.


At the critical moment, Zhao Changge rushed from behind him and destroyed the two ancient weapons with a sweep of his spear. Then he swayed the spear wildly, forming numerous shadows of spear behind Lyu Hao.

The surrounding ancient weapons and thunders couldn't get close to him. Seizing the opportunity, Lyu Hao once again rushed to the Tao Wu with the Constant Wild Waving.

Whew! Whew! Clang!

In the sound of the halberd, he swept it violently, crus.h.i.+ng the fierce beast between the heaven and earth with the last change of the Constant Wild Waving.

Then he devoted himseld to the battle again. There were many vicious beasts behind Zhao Changge, but he still didn't look back. Because he believed that Lyu Hao would protect him well.

Sure enough, Lyu Hao was blocking these beasts behind him, allowing no attacks to hit Zhao Changge. Zhao Changge did the same things for Lyu Hao. Both of them were confident to let each other gaurd the weaknesses in their back.

They were not worried. Because they would not let their brothers get injured even if they were risking with life. In the past five years, except for the three fairies of the Palace of Hundred Flowers, they were the only pair of co-cultivators.

And their cooperation was extremely skilled. The five years had made their hearts connected. Not only could their moves be combined in a variety of ways, even the souls of their weapons could co-work.

The soul of Lyu Bu was domineering. His moves were powerful to kill thousands armies. If the soul of Lyu Bu and Lyu Hao united, it would be more terrifying.

Lyu Hao would gain a more powerful fighting will, as if Lyu Bu reappeared in the world.

The soul of Zhao Yun was also powerful. His spear skill was like pear flowers and snows, unpredictable and agile. Once the soul of Zhao Yun and Zhao Changge united, the latter would be stronger.

At that time, it seemed that Zhao Yun, the Victorious General reappeared in the world. Although in 10,000 enemies, he could also kill the enemy's learder!

Between the two kinds of souls, one was regarded as the Demonic G.o.d at that age who possessed the king's power, and could fight three sages alone.

The other one had never been injured in his life. In the battle of Changbanpo, among 100,000 troops, he fought with a dozen sages, rescued Adou, and then rode a horse away.

At this age, Lyu Hao and Zhao Changge were like the reincarnation of these two Big Capables, no matter in terms of talent or momentum. In particular, these two were good brothers.

Their cooperation was so wonderful that every moves of them could respond to each other. From a movement and a look, they would know what to do next.

"I seem to see the shadow of Lyu Bu and Zhao Yun in them."

"I didn't even think that their cooperation could be so smooth."

"Really peerless geniuses!"

The headmasters were all exclaimed. The future of Zhao Changge and Lyu Hao was absolutely bright.

Even Leng Shuangrong, who used to be calm, nodded at the moment, and made a comment, "None such under heaven!"

Blood Moon Hunters Chapter 133 None Such Under Heaven

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