Blood Moon Hunters Chapter 150 Memory Of The Past Life

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In the Yuxu Palace, the sect leaders and disciples met in the main hall.

"We have to thank Senior Yun for his help, so that we can reach the medium stage of the Voiding Realm in such a short time!" The Sect Leader of the Crazy Saber Sect laughed.

"Don't thank me. The Greater Power in the Purple Waterfall is the one you should thank." Yun Jinghong chuckled.

"That's right. But she is unwilling to appear or to talk to us." Mu Wujian nodded.

"May we have her name?" Gu Xiaoyao folded his fan and asked carefully.

Yun Jinghong thought for a while, frowned, and sent a message to the Purple Waterfall with his mind. She seemed to agree. So, after a while, he answered with a smile, "Zi Yuxiao, an ancient Greater Power!"

"Oh, she's the Senior Zi Yuxiao. No wonder an ancient Greater Power, we can't match her at all!" The Sect Leader of the Zhenyang Sect issued a sigh.

"An ancient cultivator? Zi Yuxiao? Where is she? She seemed to have gone to the picture too, and her achievement shouldn't be low. I want to see her."

At this moment, the Blood Demon King asked Yun Jinghong with a frown. His words shocked everyone once again. They didn't expect he had seen Zi Yuxiao, and she had left an impression on him.

"Sister Ziyu is in the s.p.a.ce of the Purple Waterfall. If you want to see her, I will take you to her," w.a.n.g Bugui replied.

"Sounds good. Please!" The Blood Demon King chuckled and then extended his hand to make a request.

"Hey, boss, can we go with you?"

Yu Wude and the others also circled up. They had wanted to have a good look at the mysterious Greater Power. Since w.a.n.g Bugui got on with her very well, maybe this was a good opportunity now.

"Yes, boss. We want to see the Senior Zi too." Even Chu He who had been indifferent about so many things admired Zi Yuxiao very much.

In fact, not just him, all the young people were very interested in her, especially her lazy soft voice.

Except for a few with extremely determined minds, the others were all conquered by Zi Yuxiao. Her voice alone would make them intoxicated, let alone her true appearance. No matter which plane she was in, she must be extremely charming!

Therefore, at this time, so many hot eyes had converged on w.a.n.g Bugui.

"You all want to see Sister Ziyu? Then I have to ask. Wait a moment."

Very embarra.s.sed, he didn't expect the charm of Zi Yuxiao to be so great. A few words of her that day had conquered so many geniuses.

However, she was not a person who they could see as they wanted. Even if they were w.a.n.g Bugui's brothers, he had to gain Zi Yuxiao's permission. Then he took out the purple crystal and transferred his spirit mind to her.

After a while, he received a reply and nodded, saying, "In addition to the Senior Blood Demon King and my brothers, Leng Yueyan, Ning Zhe, Feng Tianming, and Meiqing, you four are allowed to see her."


Xiao Fengyi shook his head and revealed a bitter smile. Zi Yuxiao could perceive these people were the best ones among the geniuses at a glance, and only they were qualified to see her. He, himself, was left far behind them!

"This matter should not be delayed, and let's go now. Sister Ziyu has to rest for a long time every day, so don't delay her time," w.a.n.g Bugui said to them, and then stepped toward the Purple Waterfall with the Blood Demon King.


Zhao Changge and the others cheered and followed their steps. Leng Yueyan and the others looked at each other. Though they were not conquered by the charm of Zi Yuxiao, their curiosity still forced them to enter the Purple Waterfall.

They really wanted to see what this wonderful woman looked like. Then they followed to the Purple Waterfall. Arriving at the waterfall that was as high as the sky, w.a.n.g Bugui broke the s.p.a.ce with the purple crystal.

"Ah! This is!"

Ever since they entered the Purple Clouds Continent, everyone was shocked by the sights which greeted them.

This continent was too vast. It was even enough to accommodate the entire Asian sector. In the sky, there was a magnificent palace, and the most central palace was surrounded by endless propitious vapours.

There were forty-nine stars surrounding the palace, very shocking. And the aura here was richer than in the Yuxu Pure Land, really a good place for cultivation!

"Don't sigh! If this continent is not manifested, you will see a life planet as big as the sun. Let's go, Sister Ziyu is waiting for us." w.a.n.g Bugui waved his hand.

Then he walked in the forefront to lead the way. Sounds of surprise and praise prevailed all the way; everyone was really marveled by this s.p.a.ce.

Especially when they heard that this was a giant magic weapon, they became more admiring to the G.o.d of War. They approached the palace soon, and could see the four characters "Palace of Purple Clouds" in the main hall from afar.

"Sister Ziyu!"

As always, w.a.n.g Bugui called loudly in the distance. Then he rushed into the palace and said h.e.l.lo to the beautiful figure on the throne.

"It's rare to be quiet for a while, and you still bring people to bother me. Well, why do you want to see me?" The voice of Zi Yuxiao was still charming, lazy, and intoxicating.

"Nice to meet you, Senior Zi!"

The geniuses made a hold fist salute successively, pressing the ups and downs of their hearts. They had heard this kind of soft magic sound again in such a close distance, which almost had hooked their souls.

There was still lingering fear in their hearts. This kind of charm could confuse all beings, and they might lose their sense if they were careless.

"Listen to the voice of Sister Ziyu at a close distance, do you feel that your heart is about to jump out? Don't worry. Just stabilize your heart. I came over like this." w.a.n.g Bugui laughed.

Everyone was dumb. He had spoken out the point. The men all became embarra.s.sed. Even Meiqing and Leng Yueyan had revealed a face of fear.

They had marked her as an extremely dangerous person in their hearts, and dared not to neglect her.

"It turned out to be you! We've seen each other in the Gates of h.e.l.l in ancient times."

Suddenly, the Blood Demon King stepped forward. From the moment he saw the Purple Clouds Continent, he began to search for the relevant memories in his mind sea, and now he finally remembered the ident.i.ty of Zi Yuxiao.

"My ident.i.ty is not appropriate to say in front of them. Let's move to the outside," Zi Yuxiao replied leisurely.

"I'll wait for you outside!" The Blood Demon King waved and left. He understood her words. As for her ident.i.ty, the fewer people knew the better.

The geniuses watched him off, and then diverted their eyes to this beautiful woman whose appearance was vague.

Zi Yuxiao slowly got up and said to the members of the Blood Moon Hunters, "I arranged a trial for you on the big star opposite to the palace. Go ahead."

"Good. The cultivation arranged by Sister Ziyu must be very interesting!" w.a.n.g Bugui grinned and then left with his brothers.

"Boss, I..."

Zhao Changge still wanted to listen to the charming voice of Zi Yuxiao, but how would w.a.n.g Bugui give him the chance? He asked Lyu Hao to drag Zhao Changge away.

Then, Zi Yuxiao began to look at the rest young cultivators.

She slowly uttered, "I can give you a chance to see a corner of your past life or the future. You can choose one."

"The past life and the future?"

Everyone looked at each other with confusion, wondering if there was indeed reincarnation in this world.

"You don't have to wonder if there is reincarnation, because it indeed exists. But all the memories and personalities of the soul are erased. The past or future you are quite similar to the present you, but not the same."

It seemed that Zi Yuxiao was able to see through their thoughts. She continued to explain to them, "I don't have much time. Do you want to see them? The decision is in your hands."

The geniuses pondered for a moment, and then Feng Tianming looked up, "I want to see the future!"

"Okay, close your eyes."

Zi Yuxiao replied lazily, and then took out an ancient bluestone with ancient and complicated talismanic words on it.

Then she swept her hands quickly, casting a spell on Feng Tianming. The bluestone began to s.h.i.+ne, and the talismanic words began to rise up one by one, rus.h.i.+ng into the Shen Tang of Feng Tianming.


Feng Tianming cried softly. A magical force was introduced into his Shen Tang, forcing him to fall asleep.

Then, Meiqing also went forward, and said, "I also want to see the future."

"Close your eyes." Zi Yuxiao whispered, and then cast a spell on her. The ancient and complex talismanic words began to make her fall into a deep sleep as well.

Ning Zhe followed to move forward. "Amitabha, Miss Zi, I want to see the ancient world recorded in the udumbara."

Zi Yuxiao nodded slowly, and then cast a spell on him with the bluestone. Countless talismanic words began to rush into his Shen Tang.

It seemed a beautiful udumbara had blossomed in his Shen Tang.

"And you? I don't have much time. Choose one quickly." Zi Yuxiao turned to Leng Yueyan.

"Is there really reincarnation?"

Leng Yueyan asked. There was no fixed answer about this issue since the origin of the world. Some people in Taoism agreed that there was reincarnation, but some people didn't. Buddhism said there was if you believe it, or there wasn't.

The other sects also had different understandings. What Zi Yuxiao said was one of them.

"Do you know why Ning Zhe wants to know the previous life? Is it because his udumbara has already been activated, and he wants to find the answer?" Zi Yuxiao chuckled.

Her words reminded Leng Yueyan of the Gathering of Pract.i.tioners. When fighting her, Ning Zhe withdrew his offensive in the final moment. He said that this was the choice of udumbara, also his choice.

Why would there be such a choice? And how did this connect with herself?

Thinking of this, she couldn't calm down anymore. With a frown, she answered, "I, I want to see my past life!"

"Okay, as you wish." Zi Yuxiao smiled and immediately cast a spell, making Leng Yueyan fall into the past. Then Zi Yuxiao moved outside of the main hall.

"What kind of story will this age bring me?"

She smiled and then walked toward the Blood Demon King.

Blood Moon Hunters Chapter 150 Memory Of The Past Life

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