Blood Moon Hunters Chapter 41 Maximal Power

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It was yet another morning, and as usual, w.a.n.g Bugui could be found meditating and breathing mindfully while sitting cross legged on the jade bench. He had begun training the moment the first ray of sunlight hit him, and he exhaled the redundant qi in his body with every breath cycle. He got up only after an hour and slowly stretched his body. By this time, sunlight was s.h.i.+ning upon every patch of Pure Land, and peace reigned over the place.

w.a.n.g Bugui smiled confidently at the Sun, his smile looking extremely warm and bright even though there was a hint of devilishness in it. He stroked his pendant before beginning to cultivate his prana power and blood of his vitals. Two rays of divine lights were emitted from his body, one golden and the other red, the moment he sat down. They were formed by his Innate Prana Power and vital blood respectively.

"The Heavens grant you the gift of prana power, while you were formed out of nothingness..."

w.a.n.g Bugui chanted the words of the Endless Golden Body Manifestation, slowly merging his prana power and blood into one stream of fluid which looked like molten gold. It began spiralling, its speed increasing as the boy invoked the power of the chant, and countless talismanic words began to glow.


The small, mysterious pendant swung toward the air on its own accord, giving off a bright blue hue as it drew a huge amount of aura from Heaven and Earth toward to boy's pool of blood and prana power. w.a.n.g Bugui had gradually grew accustomed to the cultivation of his blood prana power after half a month of intense training, and he drew a seal with his hands before circling them in the air, absorbing all of the auras into his blood and prana power. The pool of energy condensed willingly into his pool of qi after his training was concluded, and his pool of blood vigor was gradually turning into gold. At this point in time, it was already giving off a faint golden glow.

"Whew, it's time to eat some fruits." w.a.n.g Bugui said to himself as he gazed at the Sun hanging above his head, before walking down from Yuxu Palace to the ancient forest to gather some fruit. The little spiritual beasts of the Pure Land followed behind him the instant they saw him leave the palace, as he always gave them a share of his harvest— he almost served as their dinner table bell. They ran up toward him frantically, certain that they would get some food from him.

"Oh! You guys have gathered so quickly!" Said w.a.n.g Bugui as he laughed and patted them, before leading his spiritual beast army into the ancient forest. The small red sparrow stood on his shoulder, and the small jade rabbit was sprawled on his head, while he hugged the small nine-tailed fox. A few other tiny beasts followed behind him, and he looked like the King of the spiritual beasts who had come out of his realm to look for food, with an army in tow.

w.a.n.g Bugui spent about half an hour in the woods, and he was rubbing his tummy and smacking his lips in pleasure when he emerged. He held a few more fruits in one hand, and bid the small beasts farewell before walking back up to the Yuxu Palace. When he arrived back at the jade bench, he saw that Yun Jinghong had been waiting for him.

"Ooh, Muster... yoo are back." w.a.n.g Bugui hurriedly greeted his master, but he was incoherent as there was still fruit in his mouth. He quickly swallowed them down before he spoke again.

"Sigh, you're a really good eater. Forget it, I've come to tell you that you can begin cultivating your maximal power." Said Yun Jinghong as he supported one side of his face with his palm.

"What are we waiting for then, let's begin immediately, now that I'm full of energy after eating!" Replied w.a.n.g Bugui loudly.

"First, digest your food!" Said Yun Jinghong as he rapped his disciple's head with his knuckles, causing the boy to hug his head and howl in pain.

After another half an hour, Yun Jinghong brought his disciple before the huge waterfall in the secret realm. There was a white stone platform raising out of the water, and he turned to w.a.n.g Bugui after glancing at it. "We'll now begin training at the first level. We'll train the strength of your entire body. First, you'll have to stand in pose below the waterfall for one hour. Then, you'll need to try punching and kicking with all your might."

"If you can't stop the flow of water for three seconds, remain standing on the platform for one hour in the pose as if you're trying to punch, before changing to a kicking pose for another hour. After that, resume punching and kicking as before. When you're able to hit the water in the opposite direction for five meters, you can begin training for another form of power. Begin."

He brought w.a.n.g Bugui directly below the waterfall after giving his disciple the instructions. "I can hit such waterfalls back against their flow." w.a.n.g Bugui said, his expression relaxed. His father had trained him in a similar fas.h.i.+on from a young age, and he had even got used to the force of the Niagara Falls waterfall.

He saw Yun Jinghong smile indifferently, however. It made his hair stand and he knew something bad was going to happen. His old master waved his hands and used his golden light to activate the magic formation below the waterfall. The purple glow of the waterfall was instantly amplified and its force grew much greater.

All of the water from it gathered into goblets that suspended themselves in the air above w.a.n.g Bugui's head before they crashed down with amazing force. The force was incredibly great, and w.a.n.g Bugui steadied himself hurriedly before using his blood vigour to protect his entire body.


"Wow!" w.a.n.g Bugui exclaimed. He felt as if a huge rock hundreds of kilograms heavy had smashed into him, and somehow he managed to remain on his feet, but he could not breathe under the force of the purple waterfall.

"Haha, young hero, why are you unable to even maintain your stance? I thought you're able to instantly force the waterfall to flow backward? How could a force of a 500 kilograms force you to nearly kneel?" Said Yun Jinghong, rubbing salt into w.a.n.g Bugui's wounds. His disciple had not come back— he had no idea that his master would use magic to increase the force of the waterfall, and had been badly tricked.

Yun Jinghong, however, seemed to be able to read his mind, and continued, "You're a once in a generation talent, young hero. I'm afraid that the waterfall wouldn't be able to handle your might without the aid of a little surprise! Let's see if you still dare to look down upon your training. This Purple Waterfall was created by our founding father, who used strong magic to condense an entire galaxy. It contains the power of 50 stars, and it will release different amounts of force in accordance with your capability."

The old master's words caused w.a.n.g Bugui to shake uncontrollably— Yun Jinghong was obviously taunting him. At this point in time, however, the force of the Purple Waterfall was too much for him to handle, and he had no time to bother about his master.

"Just you wait and see. I'll make this waterfall stop flowing for three seconds within a few days' time!" w.a.n.g Bugui growled, unleas.h.i.+ng all of his fury on the Purple Waterfall. He struck with a Blood Sea Surge Fist, but there was only the merciless waterfall smas.h.i.+ng down on him, causing him to stagger.

w.a.n.g Bugui began his somewhat abusive maximal power training in this manner, but he would not stop even after suffering crus.h.i.+ng injuries on his tendons and bones everyday. The boy was sure that training would get increasingly harder as he progressed through the levels, but he never considered throwing in the towel; he had huge confidence of being able to stop the flow of the Purple Waterfall for three seconds.

Everyday, he spent half of his time training underneath the Purple Waterfall, and each time his training concluded when he was knocked off the platform by its unrelenting force. He would lay motionless on the ground and could only recover when Yun Jinghong fed him some of his miraculous medicine.

"Now, do you know that training will not be easy?" Yun Jinghong asked w.a.n.g Bugui, who was sprawled on the ground.

"Still... it's still within my control. I'll hit it back against its flow within these few days!" w.a.n.g Bugui roared as he lifted his fists. The Purple Waterfall acted as if it could understand his words, and a purple stream of water flew out, cras.h.i.+ng into the boy.


"Oh no!"

The blow struck w.a.n.g Bugui squarely. He was instantly knocked back onto the ground and lay there like a dead dog. He lifted his head with much difficulty and his body shook uncontrollably as he stared at the Purple Waterfall, almost exploding with pent-up rage. He was most furious about the fact that the purple stream of water had been re-absorbed back into the waterfall after hitting him, and it was an incredible disgrace to him.

"I forgot to mention that this Purple Waterfall was our founding father's magical device and has consciousness. Even I dare not anger it, much less you." Explained Yun Jinghong with a faint smile.

"Anything else you left out?" w.a.n.g Bugui forced himself to roll his eyes at his master, injuries be d.a.m.ned. He was sure his master had purposely left out such an important fact and wanted to have a good show.

"Then I shall take pity on you and personally cook something delicious for you. Do you want Foo Yong in Water, Green Dragon Fighting Against the White Dragon, the Divine Maiden Dispersing Flowers or Jade Fortune?" Yun Jinghong

"Don't think that I'll fall for your devilish tricks. I'll rather eat wild berries and fruits!" w.a.n.g Bugui shook his head violently, entirely rejecting his master's suggestion. 'Foo Yong in Water' was actually tasteless tofu soup, while 'Green Dragon Fighting Against White Dragon' was green pepper fried with cabbage. 'Divine Maiden Dispersing Flowers' was carrot and cuc.u.mber shreds stir fried with cauliflower. Finally, 'Jade Fortune' was choy sum cooked without any salt.

"What a pity, your master was really looking to give you a treat. Sigh, go feast on fruit if you wish. Remember to gather some old herbs from the ancient forest before you start training again, so that I don't have to come to rescue you every time." Said Yun Jinghong with a wave of his hand before turning to leave.

w.a.n.g Bugui sat up slowly and began to meditate and channel his prana power to trigger the effects of the medicine. In about eight minutes, he had recovered completely and roared as he charged back into the Purple Waterfall. His complete disregard for his health finally paid off, and the next day, he could finally stop the flow of the waterfall for five seconds.

Blood Moon Hunters Chapter 41 Maximal Power

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