Blood Moon Hunters Chapter 69 Leaving For The Mountain Tai

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The Purple Waterfall hung down, underneath which, w.a.n.g Bugui was sitting quietly with his legs crossed. The small pendant emitted cracks of blue light, and he had fallen into the mediation. There was less than a month before the Gathering of Pract.i.tioners, and he no longer went to the Gates of h.e.l.l to temper himself but chose to calm down to understand the Taoism. To reach the unbeatable peak required not only tempering but also the understanding of the Taoism.

Different people would have different understandings about Taoism. When one's understanding was deep enough, he could create his own Taoism. Totally referring to the predecessors' ways, one couldn't go far on the cultivation road, because that was not his own way, but a way for someone else. It went the same as the martial arts. Only when someone got his own understanding of the martial arts could he perform them to the extreme.

w.a.n.g Bugui was studying all the martial arts he had learned. The surrounding various auras were absorbed into his body, and the purple vapour from the Purple Waterfall was flowing slowly to him, and it surrounded him. His primordial spirit was not here now but was travelling in the Great Emptiness, searching for the Taoism in the boundless lonely universe, and constantly deducing the martial arts.

The strongest esoteric skill of the Force Limit was the Heavenly Battling Force. What did "battle heaven" mean? Ants tried to sway the big trees; humans fought against heaven. Then how to fight heaven? The human body was a self-contained universe. Humans needed to break their body limits to gain the primitive power of the universe to fight heaven.

The Aura Sea was the origin of the primordial power, which contained prana blood. When the prana power was used, it was known as Yang; when not used, it was known as Yin. With the Yin and Yang worked together, heaven and earth were created. Then with primordial spirit added in the world of Yin and Yang, three elements were born. Yin and Yang—quietness and movement, worked with prana power and the primordial spirit, resulting in the birth of untold creatures. And through this way, everything came into being.

Highly focused on the primordial power in your mind, and the universal power in your body would be activated. Then, use your primordial spirit to control your prana power, and you would reach the limit of human force, which indicated that you had fully understood the Taoism. Thus, at that time, you would be able to resort to the Taoism to fight against heaven. Those were w.a.n.g Bugui's understandings of the Heavenly Battling Force.

Then, he began to study the Primordial Palm. Strictly speaking, it was the strongest esoteric skill among the martial arts of the Explosion Limit, because it could absorb the primordial vital energy. But now, he could only absorb the Yin and Yang, when he displayed the Primordial Palm, which was not the perfect Primordial Palm.

After trying tens of thousands of times, he finally found out the method. He followed the way he deduced Heavenly Battling Force, using his Innate Prana Power to attract the primordial power, instead of using auras.

The prana power was born in the primordial age, evolved from the emptiness, filled with infinite plasticity. Since he could perform the Endless Golden Body Manifestation with the prana power, why not applying the same method to other martial arts? Use the prana power to absorb the Yin and Yang, and then combine them to absorb the primordial power, which was also the embodiment of the Taoism, wasn't it?

Yin and Yang could be evolved from the prana power, and then, different prana power could be evolved. Based on that, w.a.n.g Bugui even got a new understanding of the Endless Golden Body Manifestation and the Innate Prana Power. The Endless Golden Body Manifestation was not the absolute esoteric skill; it should be better. w.a.n.g Bugui seemed to have seen a new way to turn Innate Prana Power into a more natural source.

As for the Speed Limit and the Acuity Limit, they were quite similar. w.a.n.g Bugui combined them to mediate, and found a new way as well. There was only one esoteric skill of the Acuity Limit, while the Speed Limit was focused on attack.

Since the h.e.l.l Step was formed by combining both the Speed Limit and the Acuity Limit, then why didn't he put the two limits together when he made attacks? Pay attention to both the acuity and speed at the same time, and his strength must be more powerful, more varied, and more unexpected than the maximum speed only, which could kill the enemies in an instant.

After experiencing a few thousand times, w.a.n.g Bugui did not return to the body and he had a new understanding. The body could not only be tempered by foreign objects, but also improved from the inside, and washed daily with aura. He could use his own super six senses to discover the treasures of the body. In this way, combined with the external tempering, the effect would be better. At the same time, he could cultivate six senses. Why not?

w.a.n.g Bugui became more excited about deduction. With his deduction, he found that martial arts could be connected. Combining the sense of mind and the primordial spirit could expand the sense field, and make the observations subtler.

When the primordial spirit was integrated, it was necessary to use the power of primordial spirit throughout the process, so it had also been tempered. As for the other limits, such as the Explosion Limit, it was the combination of force and speed, and it could naturally be combined with other limits.

Combining the prana power with force, he could mobilize stronger power. Combining the prana power with the Explosion Limit, he could break the limit. Combining the speed and sense of mind, he could improve the efficiency of mind.

The primordial spirit could match all the limits, because the small man of the primordial spirit could kill enemies alone. And his Innate Prana Power and his prana blood had already been combined, what a big change would it bring? Given such combinations, all other martial arts could be done in the same manner. There were multiple methods to combine two of the eight limits, even three at one time.

In addition, the human treasures were inexhaustible, and there might be other limits besides the eight limits. He could even combine all his eight limits together, which was a kind of invincible fist martial art that he once learned when he practiced Explosion Limit. He was invincible in the world, his fist was the Taoism, he could break all other martial arts.

"Taoism, Taoism, Taoism! You are really mysterious and magical. In which state, could I really understand you?" w.a.n.g Bugui couldn't help but make a long sigh, for the magic of the Taoism and also its state of being endless.

Then, he began to deduct the Heaven Mending Technique. In the void, he began to imagine the scene when the universe collapsed, and then was restored to its original state. w.a.n.g Bugui had deducted for hundreds of thousands of times. With the destruction and the restoration of the universe, he finally understood the great Taoism more.

Fortunately, for the cultivators at such state, their brains had developed nearly half of the potential, or it would take w.a.n.g Bugui years to deduct so many times. He had been meditating for more than ten days. When he woke up, Qilin told him that there were only three days left before the Gathering of Pract.i.tioners.

Just as he woke up, the Purple Waterfall was flouris.h.i.+ng, and a charming voice came, "Kid, come to the Palace of Purple Clouds!"

w.a.n.g Bugui took out the purple crystal immediately to delivery himself there. He walked to the main hall of the Palace of Purple Clouds, and grinned, "Sister Ziyu, what are you asking me here for?"

"About the Qitian. Now its aura could be gradually replenished, but I have no countermeasures for the innate defects resulted from wrapping in the array. I have sent it to the spirit of the array in the restricted area where there is a divine treasure that can temporarily let it sleep."

"It has subtle effects on its innate defects as well, which, however, could be neglected. So, you still need to find more treasures. Without them, Qitian's future cultivation will be very difficult. And because of those innate defects, it won't know the whole martial arts he born with. Besides the Heaven Mending Technique, only the best elixirs can make up."

Zi Yuxiao sighed, and w.a.n.g Bugui lowered his head. His eyes were rolled, and his brows were slightly knitted. Then he jerked his head up and tightened his fists, saying firmly, "I will try my best to find the treasures, as well as the Divine Heaven Mending Stone. Qitian will become strong like the Great Sage Equaling Heaven in the future. I must do it!"

Zi Yuxiao was stunned. Though w.a.n.g Bugui couldn't see her face clearly, he also knew that she was a little surprised at the moment. In fact, she indeed didn't expect that he would value Qitian so much. Then she received her shock and nodded, "It's fine for you to have such determination. The final reward for Gathering of Pract.i.tioners every time is bound to be a shocking treasure, so you must win the gathering."

"Don't worry, Sister Ziyu, the champion this time is none other than me. And that treasure must belong to me!" w.a.n.g Bugui's determination turned into confidence with a laugh.

"Well, good, but don't be arrogant, and be defeated by others easily, then I will laugh at you." Zi Yuxiao giggled, and her laughter was more intoxicating than the fairy melodies. w.a.n.g Bugui took a small step back subconsciously, in case of being confused by her.

"Okay, I won't eat you. Go back." Zi Yuxiao pinched his head and said lazily.

"Alright, Sister Ziyu, see you again." w.a.n.g Bugui waved his hand, took out the purple crystal, and then turned away.

Just as soon as he arrived at the Purple Waterfall, he saw a few large characters in the void, which were left by Yun Jinghong. His master asked him to go directly to the main hall when he left the Palace of Purple Clouds.

"Master!" w.a.n.g Bugui came to Yun Jinghong like a crack of golden light.

Yun Jinghong turned his back to w.a.n.g Bugui, looked up at the plaque that wrote Palace of the Human Emperors, and uttered, "Bugui, Gathering of Pract.i.tioners is around the corner, and you can go down the mountain. You have broken through to the peak of the State of G.o.d of War in the ten years, and I'm happy for you. The proudest thing for me is to have your father and you as my disciples."

Then he turned around to carefully look at w.a.n.g Bugui who was really the same as his father. w.a.n.g Xuanming was also a very amazing genius in the past. In just a dozen years, he had reached the Saints State and left the mountain to experience. But unexpectedly, he was involved in that turmoil and died for pacifying the turmoil.

"Master..." w.a.n.g Bugui stretched his hand. He didn't know what to say.

"I'm fine. Go down the mountain. I believe that you will let the world remember the prestige of the Palace of the Human Emperors." Yun Jinghong smiled.

"I won't let you down, Master. I will win the champions.h.i.+p at the gathering!" w.a.n.g Bugui resolutely kneeled down, and then made three kowtows. A day as a teacher and a father for life. It was the time for him to reward his Master's ten-year grace.

Yun Jinghong lifted him up and then sent him to the Pure Land barrier. After warning him, Yun Jinghong saw him off. Looking at the figure that gradually drifted away, Yun Jinghong was filled with sighs. Ten years had pa.s.sed quickly, and now the son of w.a.n.g Xuanming had become an adult. His son was more amazing than him, and he should be pleased in heaven.

Blood Moon Hunters Chapter 69 Leaving For The Mountain Tai

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