Blood Moon Hunters Chapter 84 Initial Sultry Battle

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"What?! You've lost Purple Mansion Ichor!"

"You spendthrift! You dared to gamble with Glaze Soul Gown. Go back to stay in the corner of the room and question yourself for 20 years!"

"You are such an idiot! You should lose Flaming Soul Hammer, why didn't you stake yourself?!"

The elders from numerous sects went into a rage that night. Within almost an hour, the reproach was going on ceaselessly. And yet, they lost their treasures and it was impossible to get them back. The elders started to question who the winner was. When being told that the winner was a liberal cultivator who was only capable of body movements, their anger grew with their white beard even standing up slightly.

A liberal cultivator made it to the last 16 of the contest just by his body movements. Though he used a forbidden weapon at last, his winning was still unbelievable. It didn't make sense for simply relying on good luck. The elders couldn't understand this and decided to find out themselves by going there with the disciples.

The name, w.a.n.g Bugui, started to spread among these sects. And right now this legend was just drinking happily with the other three people on the cliff.

"Hahaha. What I obtained today is more than my acc.u.mulated wealth during half my life!" Yu Wude laughed, his hands holding the wine jar.

"Put your things away. Let's divide them up later!" w.a.n.g Bugui laughed together with him.

"I cooperate with grandmaster Wude and we two can get the world!" Zhao Changge said, grinning.

"With your acting skills, both of you are movie kings for mortals." Lyu Hao pointed to them and said.

They kept drinking several jars of wine with wine jar in their hands, but they went to rest early. The contest tomorrow was to select the last 16. There was no guarantee that other fighters had used all their Sunday punches. Though being confident to win, they had to be careful anyway.

Never underestimate any opponent, unless all their conditions were clear to you. w.a.n.g Bugui told his buddies this principle. Zhao Changge and the other two agreed. The gamble today was a very good example. A powerful enemy was not a problem. The problem was that you knew nothing about him. The unknown was the critical factor in a battle.

They slept earlier in a littering way. When the sunlight of the next day was spattering on the Pure Land, they woke up and started to practice mystical skills. As the main peak emitted a beam of golden light, they left for the battlefield. The battle for the last 16 was about to start!

After they arrived, they were told that the contest was conducted one by one instead of proceeding simultaneously. Headmasters and elders from each sect would come to watch. Catching sight of the first contest, they all broke into laughter.

"The first contest, Yu Wude from School of Diplomacy via Shangguan Yiyi from Palace of Hundred Flowers! Hahaha. Grandmaster Wude, are you gonna show your tenderness toward her or tear her into pieces?" Zhao Changge elbowed Yu Wude and teased him.

"Haha, fatty. Just behave yourself well." w.a.n.g Bugui also patted his shoulder.

"Oh! That's life!" Lyu Hao said while shaking his head and throwing up his hands.

"d.a.m.n it. Who arranged this!" Yu Wude stamped the ground with anger and rolled up his sleeves, not knowing whom to fight with.

At this moment, three fairies from Palace of Hundred Flowers noticed them, too. They saw w.a.n.g Bugui and walked lightly towards him. Shangguan Yiyi, the most active girl of the three, waved to him smilingly on the way and asked, "Hey! w.a.n.g Bugui. Do you remember us?"

w.a.n.g Bugui shrunk his neck at her words and turned back slightly. But this sentence made all cultivators look like thunderstruck and caused a great stir among the crowd. Right now countless glowing eyes were focusing on him. The three fairies from Palace of Hundred Flowers knew this jerk?!

"Well, does this guy and the three fairies know each other?"

"That's impossible. How could they know each other?"

"Elder brother, you... When did you meet them?"

Yu Wude and his companies were also astonished with eyes wide open. Then Shangguan Yiyi rolled her intelligent eyes and said with a smile, "What? You are not planning to admit that you used to peep us bathing in Jade Lake. Or you just forget about it?"


In an instant, all the people were stunned to step back a few steps. Then they glared at w.a.n.g Bugui, who was struck to stumble, biting his gingiva.

"You womanizer! You dare to tarnish the fairies!"

"He is a pervert. Let's kill him!"

"Yeah! Kill this ignominious b.a.s.t.a.r.d!"

All male cultivators hated w.a.n.g Bugui's guts. The three fairies of Palace of Hundred Flowers were so charming that many young talents were crazy about them. Even a number of geniuses of some sects were also fascinated by them. And now they heard that some other guy started first and sullied the G.o.ddess they were always dreaming about. How could they let it go so easily?!

Yu Wude was also grasping the hand of w.a.n.g Bugui and asked with a crying sound, "Elder brother! How could you do it? When did this happen?"

"It's a misunderstanding. I didn't peep them bathing. Wait." It was really hard to say for w.a.n.g Bugui. He had to transmit a length of spirit mind into their mind sea. They got it instantly. That day he went to steal treasures and ran into them accidentally when he came out.

"All right, Yiyi. Stop it. Get ready to start the contest." At this point, the elder of Palace of Hundred Flowers, Qin Xiao, stood out and declared. She was more than 100 years old but still beautiful. Many disciples in Palace of Hundred Flowers were even less charming than her. Seeing the elder, Shangguan Yiyi stuck out her tongue and retreated back to her side. All the indignant cultivators also had to hold their tongue.

The first battle for the last 16 in Gathering of Pract.i.tioners was started by Yu Wude and Shangguan Yiyi. A clear bell rang and they conjured accordingly. Yu Wude suddenly shouted, "Little sister Yiyi, don't blame me for being merciless. I have to offend you right now. I owe you an apology when we are done. I will take care of you!"

"Who is this guy? So obscene!" Some cultivators were really p.i.s.sed off. Yu Wude's words again caused much discussion. He was a dead man to them right next to w.a.n.g Bugui, as his words just now sounded dirty and indecent.

"Screw you! I will beat you up until you cry for mercy!" Shangguan Yiyi pouted to threaten him, waving her cute fist.

"Ah! No. Don't behave like this. I just can't do it now." Yu Wude hurriedly stretched out his hand and said, as he was seduced by her and somehow couldn't contain himself now. Shangguan Yiyi was a perfect woman to him. She was lovely with bright and intelligent eyes and quite attractive when she pouted and pretended to be angry.

"Then you let me win, ok?!" Shangguan Yiyi laughed while blinking her big eyes.

"Eh, Yiyi, I... What the h.e.l.l!" Yu Wude just wanted to answer her, but he found that she was whipping with a long pink sleeve towards him, which was carrying powerful aura. He was so frightened that he quickly tossed out a Fire Rune to block her blow and flee away to set up a lineup.

"You run fast!" Shangguan Yiyi called out playfully and again whipped two long sleeves to beat him.

Yu Wude made three small sets of array units in a row, wherein aura lights being concentrated with cultivation rushed upwards in many colors, which blocked the offensive of Shangguan Yiyi right there. Then he started to counterattack. He rowed quickly with both hands and raised up dozens of blue beams of power towards the beauty inside the array units. Shangguan Yiyi waved the sleeve agilely with bare hands and brought about a rosy peach blossom rain.

Thousands of peach blossoms swept over to disperse the energy and continued to move toward Yu Wude with crystal petals. Yu Wude fled back instantly and took time to throw her a kiss while hurrying off.

Wrinkling her exquisite nose a little bit, Shangguan Yiyi pouted and sped up. At the time she was about to catch him, she found that the fatty made another set of array units and conjured hurriedly to break through.

To her surprise, this set of array units contained the power of five elements. Frowning slightly, Shangguan Yiyi started dancing trippingly inside the array units. In a twinkling, countless petals appeared in the air and blossomed.

These petals appeared soft but contained surprising aura, which blocked off all power of five elements. Then she walked out calmly. This was beyond imagination.

Out of the array units, Shangguan Yiyi clapped toward Yu Wude. Then, a stream of pear blossoms rushed forward like a rainstorm. Though being fat, Yu Wude was rather agile. He swayed to the left or the right and successfully dodged all the pear blossoms.

Then he bent down, making her attack fail again. She turned back quickly and a huge aura burst out from her body.

In an instant, her body was blooming with bright brilliance. Inside it were all kinds of flowers, which later rushed toward Yu Wude. There was no way for him to escape. The bright-colored flowers surrounded him tightly. And then they exploded.

This had been going on for almost one minute. When the drifting smoke faded away, a shallow pit appeared in the field, where Yu Wude was lying on his stomach, sprawling.

Many cultivators sneered and felt relieved at this sight. Shangguan Yiyi also narrowed her big eyes into a crescent. She squatted down to poke his head and said with a chuckle, "Oh, little fatty. I finally knock you down. Hurry! Call me big sister and admit your defeat. I may give you some panacea for your injury, or else I will draw a crow on your face!"

"Hey, little sister Yiyi. You care about me so much, but I still have to send you off the field. Please forgive me!"

Suddenly the voice of Yu Wude came from all directions. "d.a.m.n it!" Crying secretly, Shangguan Yiyi fled hastily. The sprawled Yu Wude on the ground turned into a paper man and then a big set of array units emerged, with Shangguan Yiyi at the center. Strips of cultivated divine chains rushed out, winding around her. No matter how she tried to break through, these divine chains were impregnable.

Shangguan Yiyi was locked there tightly. Then Yu Wude appeared out of the array units. With a flushed face, he walked closer and looked at her carefully. "Yiyi, if you beg me, I will send you out without hurting you. Otherwise, I may do it forcibly!" He chuckled and said.

"Ahhh! You... What are you gonna do? I warn you not to do something bad! My masters are here." Shangguan Yiyi shook her hands and feet continuously and snapped with shyness.

Yu Wude heard this and grinned, "Nothing. At most, I just draw a crow on your face. It's gonna be quick!" Then he took out a writing brush.

"No. Don't come!" Shangguan Yiyi cried out, but Yu Wude kept coming nearer and nearer. Her face turned white instantly and she hurried to say, "You win! Don't draw crow on my face!"

Hearing this, Yu Wude withdrew the writing brush and laughed. "That's right. I will send you out!"

Then he conjured with both hands and sent Shangguan Yiyi out of the field. This contest ended with him winning. After getting out, Shangguan Yiyi stared at him, biting her teeth. Yu Wude saw her expression, but he still grinned shamelessly and said, "Little sister Yiyi, you cannot forget me, right? Don't worry. I will go to the Palace of Hundred Flowers to propose marriage before long. You'd better not miss me day and night!"

"Go to h.e.l.l!" Shangguan Yiyi was utterly irritated by Yu Wude and her face flushed with fury. But now her cheeks looked like bright red flowers, so charming.

Right now those spectators kept starting at Yu Wude with an intense intention to kill him, but they didn't have b.a.l.l.s to do so. His sets of array units were too weird. They dared to do nothing except for stamping the ground.

"Fatty. You are good!"

"That's amazing!"

"You are a rocking star!"

His companies all transmitted their words to him secretly after he came down. He just replied, "Of course! I am second to none!"

They all shook their heads and laughed loudly when receiving his words. Then they waited attentively for the declaration of the next contest in the middle of the field.

Blood Moon Hunters Chapter 84 Initial Sultry Battle

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