Blood Moon Hunters Chapter 92 Overpowering Halberd

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After Leng Shuangrong announced the compet.i.tion had started, Tong Yixing stepped forward, took out the jade plate again, and began to infuse spiritual power into it. A more advanced arena emerged, built from ancient bluestone. Yesterday, after a discussion, the Headmasters of each sect decided to adopt the Third Arena in the Mountain Tai, because if destroyed by these kung fu geniuses, the other arenas were hard to be repaired.

In the semifinal, the Second Arena would be adopted, and in the final, the Strongest Arena. Those bluestone arenas were ancient and mysterious. Years had left numerous marks on their surfaces, but their firmness was not influenced. Moreover, they were guarded by a powerful Taoism energy, and only the cultivators in the late stage of the Void Returning Realm could be able to break them.

The name list of the first contest had appeared in the sky. The battle between Meiqing and Lyu Hao raised the curtain to the quarterfinal.

"I'm the first, boss. I will go!" Lyu Hao waved his hand to w.a.n.g Bugui, turned around and jumped directly to the center of the arena.

"Senior sisters, I'm going to the arena first." Meiqing uttered softly, saying goodbye to Jiang Lianyue and Shangguan Yiyi. Then she turned around and took a leap, coming to the arena with the flowers flattering in the sky.

There came the second hot discussion of the audience. Almost all the male cultivators hoped that the fairy Meiqing would win the game, while the female ones hoped that the domineering Lyu Hao would win. Even the elders in the palace had begun to talk about it. They showed great interests in the Taoism of these two cultivators.

The Headmaster of the Zhenyang Sect sighed, "The Overpowering Halberd was created by Xiang Yu, the Warlord of Chu. By using it to kill his enemies, he won a famous reputation. Later on, it was learnt by Lyu Bu, the Flying General who then became a well-known Demonic G.o.d. The Overpowering Halberd is too strong to be defeated."

"This halberd skill included seven moves, all of which are strong in killing. Respectively, those seven moves are named Killing Immortals, Killing G.o.ds, Killing Demons, Killing Devils, Killing Ghosts, King's Power, and Heaven Devouring and Earth Shattering Blow. Every move has three changes, a total of 21 strokes. How many people in the world can resist the complete twenty-one strokes?!"

"The Tao Law of the Palace of Hundred Flowers is also mysterious. It can form thousands of flowers, and each flower was a stroke, making people immersed in the sea of flowers unconsciously. The Founder Master of the Palace of Hundred Flowers was an extremely beautiful woman. At her age, there were plenty of her enemies who are willing to die in her hands. They were buried along with her A Thousand Flower Dance." The Headmaster of the Unfettered Sect smiled, fanning his folding fan softly.

"The battle between the extreme hardness and the extreme softness. Which one will win?"

"Will Lyu Hao be pity for his female opponent or not?"

"Hey, do you want to gamble! The winner will reach the pinnacle of life, and the loser has to continue to cultivate hard."

When the audience was in discussion, a strange voice sounded. Every took a closer look and found that Yu Wude came here, grinning at them. The cultivators all retreated a few steps with the gloomy face. They don't want to be close to this trouble G.o.d.

"Oh no, gambling harms people!" Yu Wude shook his head, sighed and turned away. His words made the cultivators clench their teeth. Obviously, he angered them deliberately. He had won so many treasures through gambling, so how could he say that gambling harms people. He was the one who liked gambling.


The crisp bells echoed again, and everyone turned their attention to the bluestone arena. Meiqing dressed in a pink robe, and came with light footsteps. There were countless crystal petals flattering around her. Dancing with the petals, she was like a flower fairy, beautiful and moving.

If you felt them carefully, you would find that those petals were filled with powerful spiritual power. Lyu Hao summoned his double-bladed halberd, clutched it with one hand, and slowly moved forward. An overbearing message was spreading from his body. His hand was s.h.i.+ning like a fire. When the two were separated by a hundred meters, they both stopped moving forward.

"Here we go!" Meiqing uttered softly to her opponent. Her voice was very delicate, making the audience very intoxicated. It was like a spring breeze stroking everyone's ears.

"Be careful!" Lyu Hao reminded her in a low voice, and then quickly rushed forward.

Although Meiqing was the youngest among the three fairies of the Palace of Hundred Flowers, she was the most talented one in the understanding of the Taoism. Her cultivation base was not as large as Jiang Lianyue's, but she could have a strength equal to Jiang Lianyue. You could imagine what a wonderful girl she was. Plus, with the enchanting appearance, she won the love of so many male cultivators.

However, Lyu Hao, her opponent, was an exception. Without any hesitation, he brandished his double-bladed halberd directly toward Meiqing. The halberd was s.h.i.+ny, containing endless power, as if he intended to defeat Meiqing with only one blow.

However, Meiqing escaped this attack agilely. Only some of her spiritual flowers were cut. Then she raised her hand, and numerous pear blossom petals rushed out. Lyu Hao waved his halberd rapidly, smas.h.i.+ng the thousands of petals into ashes. Then he suddenly bounced up and cut down his halberd to his opponent.

Meiqing dodged it, once again, and appeared behind her opponent. She, then, charged forward to Lyu Hao with thousands of peach blossom petals. Her speed was very fast, allowing no time for Lyu Hao to turn around. So, the latter immediately put his halberd on his back, taking this attack. Taking advantage of Meiqing's power, he moved aside and turned around, and then threw his halberd toward Meiqing. All of those movements were made within one second.

The halberd was s.h.i.+ning, rus.h.i.+ng to Meiqing with rumbling noises. She quickly spread her hands, and a huge jade flower showed up before her, blocking the halberd. Then, she resorted to the Dreamy Flower Step to escape, before a fist was about to hit her.

Lyu Hao's fist failing to harm Meiqing, he immediately recalled his halberd and rushed toward Meiqing. He displayed three strokes of the Killing Immortals, but Meiqing evaded them all. Then, he resorted to the Killing G.o.ds, brandis.h.i.+ng his halberd toward Meiqing rapidly.

Meiqing bent backwards, merely avoiding this attack. Then, she slowly spun and escaped another attack. However, Lyu Hao made the third attack. When the halberd was only a centimeter away from her, she flicked one of her fingers, releasing strong spiritual power from those petals, and bouncing the halberd away. She was also forced to retreat far away.

Lyu Hao rushed to catch up with the halberd. After grabbing it, he cut it down toward Meiqing again. However, Meiqing had already set a secret array of numerous golden lotuses, rooting in the void. The lotuses began to bloom one by one, rotated with lights and finally exploded. With his brows knitted and his teeth clenched, Lyu Hao blocked the halberd before him. Meanwhile, a golden light emerged, illuminating him.


A huge roar sounded, and the fierce spiritual power was detonated. An explosion happened where Lyu Hao stood.

"The King's Power!"

With a howl, a figure rushed out of the sky. He held the halberd with both of his hands, and brandished it violently toward his opponent. It tore all the dust up, carrying abundant powerful energy. It made the bluestone arena tremble. However, Meiqing was just browned without too many fears, and then resorted to her martial arts to resist.

"A Hundred Angry Flowers!"

Meiqing shouted, and slowly waved her hands. All of a sudden, hundreds of strange rotating spiritual flowers appeared. She swayed one of her fingers, and all the flowers began to dash toward Lyu Hao. The double-bladed halberd vs flowers! To everyone's surprise, the soft petals successfully resolved the attack of the halberd.

"Once again!"

Lyu Hao screamed again. He performed the Killing Demons, the Killing Devils, and the Killing Ghosts this time. The halberd swayed violently, forming rumble noises. However, Meiqing could always defend the halberd with her flowers. In just a few minutes, the two had fought for several hundred rounds.

Their raging spiritual power had made all the audience burst into horror. They were all shocked by their powerful strength. Even the bluestone arena was left with a lot of small holes.

"Heaven Devouring and Earth Shattering Blow!"

"Flowers Flying to the Moon!"

Lyu Hao and Meiqing shouted at the same time, to make the strongest blow of theirs. The double-bladed halberd, burning violently, rushed toward Meiqing, meanwhile, a huge spiritual flower slowly blossomed, with the endless power of the moon. The two instantly collided into each other, and a huge explosion happened again, spalling part of the bluestone arena.

"Come on!!"

Before the impact of the aura ended, Lyu Hao rushed toward Meiqing again, neglecting that the aura would harm him. Widely opening her eyes, Meiqing did not expect Lyu Hao would be so determined, and faced up to him hastily. However, beyond her expectation again, the Killing Devils was not a single move, but brought continuous attacks, which made her get panic.

She could only speed up her Dreamy Flower Step, to get rid of this arrogant offensive. Then, she fought back with the Pear Blossom Rain, the Rus.h.i.+ng Peach Blossom, and the A Hundred Angry Flowers.

"The Endless Sea of Dragon!"

Lyu Hao raised the halberd over his head and swung it up quickly, smas.h.i.+ng all the flying flowers into ash. Then he jumped to the sky, waved his halberd to resist the Crazy Flower Sands, and then cut the halberd down. Meiqing turned aside to avoid it merely. But meanwhile, Lyu Hao continued to brandish the halberd toward her. She couldn't escape it, but just let it hit her body.

"Ah!" The aura protecting her was crushed, and she was beaten far away.

"Constant Wild Waving!" With a scream, Lyu Hao began to chase after Meiqing, intending to end the battle. He infused all his spiritual energy into the halberd, held it with both hands, cut it down toward Meiqing violently.

"Flower Dance Kill!"

Meiqing shouted, and also released her final spiritual power to display the strongest blow she could make at present. Suddenly, thousands of flying flowers gathered in front of her. Then she rushed toward her opponent with these spiritual flowers.


The strongest turmoil thought the battle was produced, cracking the bluestone arena. The great explosion exterminated those fluttering petals into ashes.

This seemed to indicate the end of the battle. When all the smoke had been exhausted, people found that Meiqing were forced out of the arena. There was blood in her mouth, but no painful expression on her face. Looking at the person standing in front of her, she whispered, "I lost."

"Goodbye!" Lyu Hao made a hold fist salute, and then left with his halberd.

"Overpowering Halberd, do all your owners have to live a lonely life? Xiang Yu and Yu Ji; Lyu Bu and Diao Chan. Will he get rid of this fate?" Meiqing looked at Lyu Hao who was far away, whispered to herself, shook her head, and then turned back to the group of the Palace of Hundred Flowers.

"The inheritor of Xiang Yu, the Warlord of Chu, is really powerful!"

"He owns the energy to pull the mountains down! His halberd can stir up the chaos of the world!"

"Unfortunately, Meiqing failed to learn the A Thousand Flower Dance, strongest martial art of the Palace of Hundred Flowers, otherwise, she would be able to win the battle."

The first battle of the quarterfinal ended with Lyu Hao's victory. All the cultivators and the elders of the palace were recollecting the performance of the two prodigies in the fierce fight.

Blood Moon Hunters Chapter 92 Overpowering Halberd

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