The Failed Swordsman Who Became The Strongest After Spamming The 100 Million Years Button Chapter 14 Part1

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Translator: Saitamsensei Editor:Ryunakama

14. Thousand Blade Academy and the Big Five Holy Festival [4] – part 1

This was written in the partic.i.p.ation list submitted by Ice King Academy – 『Vanguard No registrant, Center Cain-Material, General Sid-Euclius』

Of course, it was the part of「No registrant」that agitated sensei. In the three-vs-three winning through system, the handicap of missing one person is tremendous, and there is usually no「No registrant」.

(By normal common sense, they should've added even an unskilled swordsman as a contestant and try not to lose the battle by default.)

From the viewpoint of information gathering, that would've been best. However, Ice King Academy deliberately created a loss. They conceded a victory to Thousand Blade Academy.

In other words, this is an obvious provocation that「Two people are enough for the likes of Thousand Blade Academy」.

「How infuriating! Fooling around like this!」

「It's certainly unpleasant.」

Not only Leisensei but also Ria and Rose were irritated.


A match between swordsmen must always be fought in earnest. No matter how much of a difference exists in ability, conceding a match deliberately is unforgivable. Because it is the most insulting act towards the opponent.

(Even I… am little offended…)

As we were shaking with anger, Leisensei rushed to the organizer woman.

「If that's how the other side wants to play it, we have an idea as well! I am changing the partic.i.p.ating contestants! There are no registrants in the vanguard and center ranks! Allen to the General rank! We don't need two or three members to defeat the mere likes of Ice King Academy! Allen alone is enough!」

Being glared at by Leisensei – a Director of Five Academy, who holds tremendous power and social influence – the woman responded firmly whilst trembling.

「I-I am sorry… The deadline for changing contestants was two days ago…」

「I don't care what the due date is! It doesn't increase the number or change the contestants after all! There is no demerit for Ice King Academy!」

「S-S-Sorry…! B-But, r-rules are rules, so…」

The organizer committee woman, who stepped back involuntarily due to sensei's menacing look, managed to speak the words with teary eyes.

When I tried to calm sensei down,

「Ara ara, how repulsive. People without composure are quick to find faults with everyone.」

A woman laughed, shooting an insulting look at Leisensei.

「What did you say…!? You are… Ferris!?」

「Long time no see, Leichan.」

She was the director of Ice King Academy Ferris-Dorahain.

A beautiful snow-like kimono with a pattern of white and blue. Her long pale hair is elegantly gathered on the side, and an ornate hairpin that imitates a snowflake added colour. With clear white skin, and long eye slits – it's difficult to read her thoughts from the so-called fox eyes.

(She seems to be in her late twenties… and looks a little older than Leisensei.)

And there were two male students behind her. These two are probably today's opponents.

Leisensei, who saw Ferris-san, pointed out the list of partic.i.p.ants of Ice King Academy, with a vein popping on her forehead.

「You went and done it now『vixen』 …I never imagined you'd debut with such an『underhanded』method.」

「Oh dear, calling it underhanded is such an exaggeration…… We just sent in the『right』number of members… ok,『Muscle-Head』chan?」

The two smiled on the surface, and continued to make endless nasty ripostes.


「You heavy-makeup!」

「Shut up, simple-minded woman!」

It declined to the level of quarrel which would probably happen between elementary girls.

(Even if they're like this, both of them are leaders of this country…)

The future of this country might actually be bleak…

「I shall declare! Today, I'm going to bring back『that era』! – That era of the strongest Thousand Blade Academy! 」

「Anyone can say anything with just a mouth. You're going to end up crying soon!」

Both of them said,「Hmph!」and turned away.

Apparently, the unending child's quarrel, seems to have been resolved momentarily.

「Let's go, Sid, Cain!」



Ferris-san took the two male students and went to the waiting room of Ice King Academy.

「We're also going, Allen, Ria, Rose!」

Then we went to the Thousand Blade Academy waiting room. We're about thirty minutes away from the start of the match, and it's about time for the final adjustment.

Immediately after entering the waiting room, Leisensei spoke with a stern expression.

「There are several reasons why Ferris has submitted such a stupid partic.i.p.ant list.」

「At best, it's just to agitate us, right?」

「I think it is also to provoke us.」

Sensei nodded to Ria and Rose's comment.

「Of course, those are also two of the reasons. However, the real intent is probably -『Display of Strength』!」

「Display of strength… towards us?」

Sensei shook her head to Ria's question.

「No, probably not us. It is for the other Five Academy – a challenge towards the top three academies. 『Ice King Academy shot down Thousand Blade Academy with just two members. We are different from what we used to be』 or something like that.」

「W-What's up with that!? We are not even worth considering!?」

「How unpleasant.」

Furthermore, sensei added,

「Ferris is sly and cunning, and on top of that, she hates losing to me the most. Thus, the fact that only two of them will come forward - surely because they are convinced that they can win. That distrusting vixen putting her faith in those two swordsmen… means they are by no means ordinary.」

After saying that, sensei had a really sour look.

「…At any rate, brace yourself and head out, Allen. Today's opponent are brilliant swordsmen who are different from all that you've faced in the past.」

「Yes, understood.」

And just when the talk was over, an announcement by the commentator flowed in.

「Everyone, we have kept you waiting for too long. From here on, we will commence the first match between Thousand Blade Academy and Ice King Academy!」

The Big Five Holy Festival finally began,


I took in a deep breath.

(…This is not a fight for myself alone.)

It is a battle on behalf of all the students at the Thousand Blade Academy. When I thought so, my heart throbbed and my palms began to sweat.

(…Just the right amount of tension. In addition, the conditions are not bad either)

When I opened my eyes,

「Do your best! Allen, you can definitely win!」

Ria grasped my hand firmly.

「Thank you, Ria. I will give it everything I've got.」

As I gently squeezed her hand and turned my foot towards the stage.

This time,

「Make sure to win, Allen!」

Rose looked at me pa.s.sionately with those burning crimson eyes.

「Aa, I will do my best.」

And finally sensei patted my back.

「Yos.h.i.+! Hit them hard, Allen!」


Immediately after that, an announcement for the contestants to enter sounded.

「Without further ado, from the west gate – Vanguard of the Thousand Blade Academy, Allen-Rodore!」

Receiving everyone's hopes, I stepped onto the battle stage with the hope of victory.

And the next moment – I was overwhelmed.

「UOOOOOO! Do it, Allen!」

「Defeat the Ice King Academyー!」

「I won't forgive you if you loseー!」

West side – The audience seating on the Thousand Blade Academy side was filled with an overflowing crowd.

Everyone from Cla.s.s A, other cla.s.s members, and seniors from second and third year rushed to this place.

(That's right… it's different now)

It's not the same as when I had a duel with Dodriel at the Gran Swordsmans.h.i.+p Academy.

At that time everyone was hoping for my defeat.

(But now… it's different!)

Everyone is cheering me on.

Everyone is supporting me.

Everyone wishes for my victory.

(I am no longer… alone!)

The painful, difficult and lonely battle was over.

From now on, I will wield my sword for everyone, with everyone.

(…I will definitely win)

I was quietly waiting for the appearance of the other party, while hiding my burning fighting spirit.

「Continuing, from the East Gate – Center of Ice King Academy, Cain-Material!」

At that moment, on the east side – powerful cheering was sent from the audience seat of the Ice King Academy's side.

「Kyaaー! Cain-sama! Look over here!」

「Y-You look so cool as always! Please do your best!」

「You can defeat the likes of Thousand Blade Academy on your own!」

Cain Material appeared while receiving tremendous support.

Cain-Material. He is a man with a neat appearance, dressed in the pure white uniform of Ice King Academy. Wearing black-rimmed, and has a silver pendant that simulates a cross.

(This person, is quite experienced…)

Cain-san raised his right hand and responded to the shrill cheering. Although it is such a big stage, he doesn't seem to be on edge. He was completely calm and composed. I knew at a glance that he was a strong enemy who would never let down his guard.

When we both stood at the center of the stage,

「Both parties, are you ready!? Well then – Match Start!」

The commentator declared the start of the match. I quickly pulled out my sword and held it in front of my navel. The basic form of attack and defense, Seigan no kamae – this is my basic stance that can instantly defend, parry and counterattack no matter what movement the opponent makes.

Whereas Cain-san – suddenly grasped both hands firmly and kneeled in a gesture that prayed to G.o.d.

Looking at it, a bad premonition ran through my body like a storm.

(I-Is it possible…!?)

「The whip of time to this devout believer – 《h.e.l.l Hundred》!」

The next moment, a big fissure ran through the empty s.p.a.ce, and a sword appeared. It was a distorted blade that looked like a clock's hand and emitted『something』that instinctively caused an unpleasant feeling.

「S-Soul dress…!?」

I was surprised by that unexpected situation. Leaving aside『General』, I never imagined even the『Center』would use soul dress. Cain-san lovingly patted his sword and looked at me with a sharp glint in his eyes.

「Now, it is the time of judgement! I'll go first – no, I'll end this!」

He didn't wait for the turmoil to settle down, and immediately closed the distance between us.

(Kuh, fast!?)

As expected of one of the Five Academy, the representative of Ice King Academy. Not only manifesting the soul dress, but also has a very high level of physical ability. In terms of pure speed, he is above Ria but below Rose.

「Receive the judgement of G.o.d!」

He stuck out the sword straight and lunged closer.

(Certainly, he is fast… but, there are also many openings…!)

If he continues in this course, the next blow will simply graze my shoulder.

On the other hand, my blow can hit the opponent's chest firmly.

(It is a double return compared to the risk…!)

So my choice is to cut the flesh – no, cut the『skin』and stop right before the bones…!

When I took one step forward to brace myself for some damage to a certain degree,

「No! Dodge, Allen!」

Leisensei's bellow resounded.


「-Too late!」

Then the next moment, when his sword tip grazed my skin.

「Fufu, farewell – foolish swordsman.」

My consciousness sank into darkness.

The Failed Swordsman Who Became The Strongest After Spamming The 100 Million Years Button Chapter 14 Part1

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