The Emperor Reigns Them All Chapter 56 Life And Death

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Li Ye stepped on the ground, turned around, raised his sword, and chopped. A powerful Sword Qi, like the falling Milky Way and bright moonlight, quickly came to Li Guanshu who slipped backward.

A reproach brought a more aggressive attack from Li Ye. Li Guanshu was so angry that his hands trembled.

But this was not the time to get angry, and he had no chance to get angry. n.o.body cared about his anger.

The Sword Qi arrived in an instant. Li Guanshu had no doubt that if the Sword Qi hit him, he would be seriously injured.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" Li Guanshu shouted angrily and stepped on the ground with his back foot. He used so much force that his heel crushed the ice of the clear pond directly and he sank several inches. Then he raised his arms like he was holding the moon in his hands to catch the Sword Qi in the mid-air. The Spiritual Qi inside and outside his palms exploded and radiated, more dazzling than fireworks.

Usually, with his cultivation of Level 6 Qi-refining, it was not difficult for him to block the Sword Qi.

He could even use his fist directly to break the Sword Qi.

But now wasn't a usual time, because he was still under the influence of the Coldness of Yi River. And at this time there were none of Li Guanshu's companions. The woman in purple on the peach tree didn't need to pay attention to other attacks. Although the sound of Xiao couldn't surround Li Guanshu on all sides, it still focused on him and attacked him!

When he lifted his arms, Li Guanshu felt something bad. His Ocean of Qi, like an icy lake, was covered with a layer of ice, which made him unable to mobilize his Spiritual Qi at all. At this moment, the Spiritual Qi he gathered around his palm was less than half of the usual.

The Sword Qi fell down, plunged into the palms of Li Guanshu, and went in inch by inch. It seemed that it would touch Li Guanshu's eyebrows!

Li Guanshu shouted loudly and forced the use of the Nine-roar Rousing Pythons. Immediately the roar of a python came out and the Spiritual Qi around his palms greatly increased.

It looked like waves that came to sh.o.r.e and vanished when they met the sea stones. After a great explosion, the Sword Qi dissipated immediately. Li Guanshu suffered an internal injury, a strand of blood spilled over his mouth again, and his body was forced to slip back again at the same time, leaving his back against the ice waterfall!

"Li Ye, are you crazy?! How dare you kill your elder? Do you still know what respect is? Do you still know what's right and what's wrong?!" Li Guanshu was very righteous and solemn. In spite of the fact that he had killed Li Xian, he abused Li Ye loudly.

However, what responded to him was Sword Qis!

The Sword Qis were like flowing clouds which fell on the ice pond!

Li Guanshu was extremely angry. He was the elder of Li Ye, which he thought was an undeniable fact. Now he scolded Li Ye just as he usually scolded other descendants, hoping that the other side would be ashamed and afraid!

However, Li Ye was not swayed by Li Guanshu's words. The usual means didn't work, which made Li Guanshu angry. So in view of Li Guanshu at this time, Li Ye was cold-blooded and ruthless!

Li Guanshu was angry. But even though he was angry, he could only retreat. At the same time, he struggled to bear the power of the Coldness of Yi River and waved his palms in succession to defend against the falling Sword Qis!

Every time he used a palm, he felt a thunderstorm falling in his Ocean of Qi. It stirred his Ocean of Qi up and down so that he felt extremely uncomfortable and his internal injuries became worse!

This kind of aggrieved situation made Li Guanshu crazy.

He roared, "Li Ye, you're disgraceful..."

Suddenly, Li Ye approached Li Guanshu, and a sword directly went for Li Guanshu's head. Li Guanshu widened his eyes and the rest of his words were all suppressed back to his stomach!

Li Ye came too fast!

His speed was incredible!

As if he came across the void and moved to him in one step!

One could have that power only when he or she finished the whole cultivation of Nine-roar Rousing Pythons!

How was Li Ye so fast? He was just in Level 4 of Qi-refining!

At this moment, Li Guanshu thought he was going crazy!

In fact, it was not that Li Ye was fast, but Li Guanshu's senses and reactions were slow because of the influence of the Coldness of Yi River, so he thought Li Ye was fast!

"Ah!" Li Guanshu let out a roar and his hands him grasped something in mid-air. The body of two long spears made up of Spiritual Qi were caught by him. He used one to block the Luke Sword and the other one to stab Li Ye.

"Bang!" The Luke sword chopped the long spear, and the Sword Qi dissipated with the long spear.

Li Ye swung with his left fist, producing lights which were several meters long and wide. Before the fist there was a purple lotus. The fist collided the long spear, causing a roar-like sound. Dazzling lights were radiated as if there was a full moon.

The Spiritual Qis stirred and the two men were pushed back at the same time. Their feet were on the ice of the clear pond and each plowed out two ditches!

Li Guanshu vomited a big mouthful of blood again, and his injury was worse!

He fiercely stared at Song Jiao who stood on the peach tree. His eyes were full of hatred. If he hadn't been oppressed by the Coldness of Yi River, he wouldn't have been so awkward. How could he vomit blood whenever he was attacked by Li Ye?

However, no matter how much he hated Song Jiao, snowflakes were still falling.

Behind Li Guanshu was the ice waterfall. He had no way to retreat.

He didn't intend to retreat.

He would die if he kept on retreating!

Li Guanshu took a heavy step on the ice with his right foot. The ice broke and the water flew fast. He rose up along the ice waterfall.

Li Guanshu's hateful gaze fell on Li Ye. He stared at him and the blood on his mouth made him look very ferocious. "You didn't cultivate for twenty years and you're in Level 4 Qi-refining. But I am the General of Left Guards and a Duke of the Empire. And I'm in Level 6 Qi-refining. How could you defeat me? Today, I want you to die!"

Li Guanshu raised his right hand above him, and once again his Spiritual Qi condensed into a long spear in mid-air. He threw himself at Li Ye and attacked him. "f.u.c.king Prince An, go to h.e.l.l!"

At that moment, the bright full moon on the ice waterfall was covered by the red clouds which emerged suddenly. Within the range of sixty meters, the red clouds covered the sky and the sun.

In the center of the red clouds, a huge red-black whirlpool emerged from nowhere. There the red clouds stirred and lightning struck.

A 60-meter-long red python emerged from the whirlpool, howling horribly. With the momentum of thousands of troops and horses pa.s.sing through, it rushed down with Spiritual Qi and followed Li Guanshu's long spear to attack Li Ye who was in front of the ice waterfall!

If Li Guanshu hit Song Jiao with all his strength, then at this time Li Guanshu was more powerful as he was risking his life!

Red light dyed half of the sky and the ice waterfall red.

Li Guanshu, who rushed at Li Ye with his long spear, was bleeding on his face, looking like a ghost!

Li Ye had already risen up.

The Luke Sword gathered the strength of Dragon Qi and green lotuses and its green light was sharp.

"Never to Kunlun, Never Seen Immortals, Sky Pond Sword Kills Immortals!"

Li Ye's long black hair fluttered and his clothes flew with the wind. He chopped Li Guanshu with the Luke Sword. "Purple Qi Sky Pond Sword!"

There were thousands of Sword Qis and all of them looked like meteors.

And the sword was like a moon.

At this moment, meteors rushed to the moon!

Before the two met.

In the flying snow all over the sky, suddenly there was a storm on the flat ground. The wind was like a tornado, the snowflakes were fluttering and the wind was howling.

Under the night sky, red clouds surged, pythons rushed out and Sword Qis flew. The meteors were like b.u.t.terflies, snowflakes splashed, and storms swept.

The 60-meter-long red python was instantly in front of Li Ye. But suddenly its speed dropped greatly. It seemed difficult for it to move even an inch. And it stopped in the end!

Frost covered the head of the python. Then it covered its body. In the end, it covered the long spear, Li Guanshu's arms, and his whole body.

Li Guanshu's face was stiff. His eyes were widened because of fear and were bigger than a copper bell. His hair trembled with his body. Li Ye wielded the Luke Sword and attacked him. The Spiritual Qi reached him in an instant. He was scared and couldn't cope with it. He was out of his mind and opened his mouth to shout, but he couldn't make a sound.

At that moment, he was like a piece of wood. He could only open his eyes and watch the road to the netherworld spread to his feet.

It was just a moment.

The Luke sword and the Sword Qis fell down!

The python vanished!

The long spear was destroyed!

The Sword Qi reached Li Guanshu.

"Pftt." Blood spattered.

Li Guanshu flew backward and crashed into the ice waterfall!

The ice waterfall broke and he crashed into the cliff, giving out a loud sound!

Sword Qi followed him!

The ice waterfall instantly broke into powder because of the Sword Qi. Then it turned into snow and flew down!

The so-called ice waterfall no longer existed.

Li Guanshu's inert body slid down like mud.

At this moment, he was totally despairing.

He lost just like this?

He was defeated by Li Ye, a descendant who couldn't cultivate for 20 years, in this unknown and remote corner?

Who could imagine that this young man who had just turned twenty would achieve the Qi-refining realm within one day and greatly improve his cultivation within two months?

Who could foresee that the young Prince, who had no masters in his manor and no one important attached to him, would be helped by a master who was already famous in Jianghu in this unknown and remote place?

The last thing that should happen was that he rushed over like a headless chicken and fought with Li Ye in such a situation.

Li Guanshu wanted to raise his head and stare at Li Ye.

But he couldn't do it. Because he was weak now and his limbs were covered in frost and were stiffening.

He was the General of Left Guards who had gone to the battlefield, fought hard, and made many exploits. He was the Duke of the Tang Empire who was honorable, dignified, and had been revered by countless people. He was crowded by high-ranking officials and aristocrats when he walked in most parts of the world.

But the scene of failure seemed to be no different.

Li Guanshu had never thought that he would die like this. He hadn't yet enjoyed his glory, splendor, wealth and rank... He had concubines in groups, treasures, and a large area of fertile farmland... This disturbance in Niushou Mountain was caused by his occupation of other people's land.

He just got that fertile farmland, which had not yet brought him wealth...

He was unwilling to die!

Suddenly he was regretful. He regretted coming to Niushu Mountain and taking part in the disturbance.

What he regretted more was that he had occupied Rich Fang's fertile farmland which caused a series of disturbances.

He wanted to live!

However, he couldn't decide.

Water acc.u.mulated in the stream of the waterfall. Now they poured down!

Li Guanshu had fallen on the ice pond just now. Now he was washed by the water of the waterfall. He was rolled out with his feet facing the ground like a dead man. He slid out a few steps with his face against the ice of the pond.

Along the way, he left blood trails, which was extremely conspicuous.

Li Ye drifted down slowly. Holding a long sword, he walked to Li Guanshu.

Li Guanshu raised his head and his eyes were as dull as a dead fish's eyes. He kept spitting blood in his mouth and his body was bleeding everywhere.

Li Ye raised his Luke Sword.

Li Guanshu's eyes suddenly widened and he cried in a low voice. "Hold on!"

This cry exhausted his remaining strength.

He lifted his head and looked at Li Ye with an imploring look. He was beaten black and blue and his long hair was scattered. He was so embarra.s.sed. He steadied himself with his hand on the ice. But his hands couldn't stop trembling. His voice was intermittent and full of fear. "We are in the same Imperial Clan... You are my nephew... I can give my wealth to you. I have many guests and friends who can help you... Let's talk about it. Don't kill me..."

"No way." Li Ye said.

The sword was raised.

Blood spattered.

The head fell to the ground!

There was no more Duke Xing in the world!

Li Ye put his sword back to the sheath and went back to the sh.o.r.e.

Snowflakes stopped flying.

The ice pond was restored to a clear pond, and the green forest was rejuvenated.

The forest was covered in the vapor of the waterfall, vague.

The moonlight was bright and clear.

Li Guanshu's corpse, like rotten wood, sank into the pond and went along the river.

Only the stream, dyed red with blood, proved that it was not rotten wood, but a living body.

Song Jiao floated from the peach tree.

When she fell, there was a peach blossom falling.

It fell on her shoulder.

The Emperor Reigns Them All Chapter 56 Life And Death

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