The Emperor Reigns Them All Chapter 84 The Banquet (4)

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After using all his cultivation, every time Li Keyong punched, the wind of his fist made a sound of tearing the air, howling like the wild wind. Spiritual Qi circled around his fist, forming a whirlpool of Spiritual Qi. It really looked like a storm!

He punched so fast that most of the officials present could only see countless shadows of his fists and could not see each fist clearly. It was very difficult to defend his fierce attack. Everyone's expression became solemn when they realized that Li Keyong deserved his reputation.

However, Li Ye, who stood in front of Li Keyong, had never changed his expression. Facing Li Keyong's fierce attack, he had no intention of defending and he punched one after another. Their punches. .h.i.t together, causing explosive sounds and Spiritual Qi storms everywhere.

The explosive sounds continued and their robes and hair were dancing. They didn't use advanced cultivation methods and just punched directly towards each other one after another. It was obvious that they intended to crush each other only by their cultivations and win fairly.

The officials were shocked by their fierce fight and looked at each other in an incredible look.

Theoretically, in Chang'an, an official of Level 1 Qi-refining had the qualification to serve as a seven-cla.s.s official and an official of Level 4 Qi-refining could serve as a four-cla.s.s official. Masters of high-level Qi-refining were as rare as two-cla.s.s and three-cla.s.s officials. On the spot, Wu Hongshan was in Level 6 of Qi-refining and the others were all below Level 5 of Qi-refining. But now, Li Ye and Li Keyong were neck and neck in their fight, so they realized that Li Ye's power was beyond their expectations.

Onlookers were surprised while Li Keyong was terrified. He had used all his cultivation with hundreds of punches, but he had no advantage at all. On the contrary, Li Ye fought with great ease. No matter how Li Keyong mobilized his Spiritual Qi and improved his fist power, Li Ye's fist was always a little more powerful than his.

It was not enough for Li Keyong to lose immediately, but he had great pressure. Gradually, Li Keyong's face was getting paler and paler and he was almost overwhelmed.

"Elder brother, beat him! Beat him! Don't let go of him!" Li Kerang had low cultivation so that he couldn't have insight into details. He was cheering for Li Keyong.

Upon hearing this, Li Keyong was embarra.s.sed. He had no reservation and he wanted to defeat Li Ye, but he was incapable of doing so.

Li Keyong gnashed his teeth, while Li Ye was calm and had no pressure. Li Keyong felt extremely unhappy and resentful as he realized that Li Ye had beaten him up without using all his power. He would be defeated sooner or later if he kept fighting like this!

"Who the h.e.l.l is this Li Ye? Isn't it said that he was unable to cultivate for twenty years and that he had just achieved cultivation of Qi-refining? Why is he so difficult to deal with?" Li Keyong took time to glance at Wu Hongshan with warnings in his eyes and thought that he was being set up. But Wu Hongshan looked blank and had no idea what was going on. He was more innocent than Li Keyong.

Finally, Li Keyong couldn't stand it anymore. He stepped backward and his arms shook in front of him. He shouted out, "Thousands of Troops!"

"Thousands of Troops" was a cultivation method in the army and also known as "Thousands of Weight". It was famous for its long lasting power and fierce strength. Once "Thousands of Troops" was used, it could increase the user's strength gradually and make his attack become more and more powerful.

"Thousands of Troops" was created by Li Jing, the Military G.o.d of the empire, in combination with the cultivation methods of the Militarist and the Taoist. Once it was created, it was popular in the army and loved by many generals. However, how high the increasing strength could reach depended on the strength limit of the cultivator, that was to say, the talent and qualification of a cultivator and the tenacity of his mind directly related to the power of "Thousands of Troops".

In the Zhenwu Army, the level of Li Keyong's "Thousands of Troops" was a little lower than that of Li Guochang's.

"Are you going to use a cultivation method?" Li Ye chuckled.

"Take that!" Li Keyong's face was gloomy and he rushed forward again. Once he used "Thousands of Troops", his Spiritual Qi increased gradually like waves of tides. And this time, he no longer just punched Li Ye, he also used his legs. He had a close combat with Li Ye by using military combat skills. His attack was fierce and dangerous.

Li Ye didn't fear. He would respond according to Li Keyong's moves. He had never been defeated in fighting skills since he had transmigrated.

The two of them no longer only punched each other, they also used their legs to fight. They moved fast and used all their skills. Once they hit each other's body, they separated immediately, and then they repeated in this way. They fought fiercely in the courtyard.

They had paid attention to the influence and did not use the Range Attack. But even so, the bluestone floor in the courtyard was broken inch by inch, rubble flew from time to time, and flowers and plants in the courtyard were destroyed, causing a cloud of smoke and dust. Explosive sounds of Spiritual Qi banged like firecrackers.

The officials watching the fight were astonished. The a.s.sistant left minister of the Military Department could not help but say, "Your Highness Prince An is so powerful that he could fight neck and neck with General Li?!"

The person next to him was also surprised. "After he returned from Cloud-engulfed Mountain, Prince An's cultivation improved rapidly. When he was appointed as the vice magistrate of the Chang'an Office, his cultivation has reached Level 4 Qi-refining according to the test of the Imperial Astronomical Observatory. At that time, although I was surprised, I thought that Prince An had nothing but cultivation. I didn't expect that Prince An's actual combat ability is so strong!"

Upon hearing their words, Shangguan Qingcheng snorted. She said proudly, "That's Your Highness Prince An!"

Wu You clapped her hands on the side. This childlike girl kept cheering for Li Ye. "Elder Brother Ye, you're awesome. Beat him! Beat him! Beat him!"

The steward next to her wiped his sweat as he heard her words. He thought that it wasn't good for her to be so partial, but he dared not to dissuade her.

When he began to use "Thousands of Troops", Li Keyong already knew that Li Ye was difficult to deal with, so he did not reserve his power. He even played out his fighting skills which were trained in the army for so many years and wanted to defeat Li Ye by his fighting skills. In his opinion, Li Ye was a pampered Grand Prince and lacked actual combat skills. But he knew he was wrong when he actually confronted Li Ye.

No matter what kind of skills Li Keyong used, Li Ye was able to eliminate his attacks. In addition, Li Ye's attack was getting fiercer and fiercer and he often put Li Keyong in danger. Li Keyong was almost hit on several occasions so that he needed to concentrate on the fight.

As a result, the pressure on Li Keyong didn't reduce but even increased.

"Why? Why do you have such outstanding fighting skills?" Li Keyong wanted to question Li Ye loudly, but he couldn't do that, because if he had questioned Li Ye, it meant that he had admitted his weakness. It made him feel extremely uncomfortable so that he had to hold back his question.

He was a fierce general on the battlefield and his fighting skills were trained by numerous b.l.o.o.d.y battles. He claimed to be the most talented person in the empire, but now he was beaten by this unknown Li Ye. How could he not feel wronged?

Li Keyong had been insisting, and suddenly, his eyes turned bright. The time he had been waiting for had finally come!

The power of his "Thousands of Troops" had acc.u.mulated to the peak!

"Pressure on the Head!"

With a roar, Li Keyong had upgraded "Thousands of Troops" to the thirtieth level. He broke out an unprecedented offensive and punched at Li Ye's face fiercely. It was the strongest strike of Li Keyong without using secret methods and magic treasures. The power of his punch doubled.

This was his last chance. He had been being crushed by Li Ye just now, so his anger was reflected in his punch. When "Thousands of Troops" had reached the thirtieth level, there would be an essential increase in strength, almost three times as powerful as before.

Although Li Ye had been fighting him with ease, he didn't believe that Li Ye was able to block this strike. After this strike, his Spiritual Qi would be exhausted and he was unable to fight temporarily. But as long as Li Ye could be defeated, he would win!

As he punched out, there was a cloud of white Spiritual Qi appearing over Li Ye's head in the shape of a mountain. It pressed down on Li Ye suddenly like Mount Tai on his head!

Li Ye's eyes were still calm.

With the memory of his last life, he was very clear about the characteristics of "Thousands of Troops" and he knew that Li Keyong had such a deadly attack.

He had already prepared for it.

The power of the three green lotuses in his Ocean of Qi poured into Li Ye's fist.

Li Ye gave a punch.

"Bang." The two punches collided directly again, causing waves of Spiritual Qi to spread out. Gravel, flowers, and plants were all blown off the ground as if a storm rose from the ground. With their robes and hair fluttering, the officials on the corridor had to mobilize their Spiritual Qi to resist from being blown away by the Spiritual Qi storm.

After a punch, Li Ye did not move.

So did Li Keyong.

But the people present knew who won and who lost.

That was because Li Ye's breath was smooth, while Li Keyong's breath was in disorder, indicating that his Spiritual Qi had been exhausted.

In the absence of using secret methods and magic treasures, their fight had been over.

Of course, they would not use secret methods and magic treasures, because they were not having a life-and-death fight.

The officials looked at each other, all shocked.

"General Li... is defeated?"

"Prince An wins?"

"This is really... unexpected!"

Li Kerang was stunned. "How could it be possible! My elder brother has never been defeated! That's impossible!"

Regardless of everyone's gaze, Wu You immediately jumped in the courtyard to cheer for Li Ye. She jumped for joy with her two pigtails dancing in the air, because the fight was of great importance to her. Since Li Ye had won, she didn't need to worry about the marriage with Li Keyong. What was more, before the fight, Li Ye had said that he had admired her for a long time...

"He deserves to be old Prince An's son. Extraordinary! Extraordinary!" The a.s.sistant left minister of the Military Department was convinced at this time. But he realized that he had made an indiscreet remark when he saw Li Kerang's angry eyes, so he retreated quickly.

He had stopped talking, but the people next to him were still discussing it in shock. "Celestial Master Yuan's inheritance is really extraordinary!"

"Prince An deserves to be the most talented person in Chang'an. No, he is worthy of the name of the most talented person in the empire!"

"My G.o.d, it's unbelievable that Prince An won. If I haven't seen it myself, I wouldn't have believed it!"

The Emperor Reigns Them All Chapter 84 The Banquet (4)

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