The Devilish Immortal Chapter 105 An Old Friend

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Outside Shang Guanying's room, the silver-haired old woman sighed and waved her hand, and an invisible restriction formation encased the area within 55 feet of the room.

In the room, Lyu Liang and Shangguan Ying had already reached the state of self-denial. The emotions of their long-term separation was like flood waters rus.h.i.+ng out of the gate, pouring forth without any hindrance.

Shangguan Ying trembled instinctively, but soon she was lost in Lyu Liang's affectionate kiss.

It was the first time that Lyu Liang had such an intimate moment with Shangguan Ying, but he did not want to hold off anymore. He had waited for hundreds of years, and he no longer wanted to waste any time between them. Suddenly, in his ears, Shangguan Ying's whisper sounded softly. "Lyu Liang, I miss you, we must be together eternally, and I want to be your Ying'er now..."

Lyu Liang almost didn't hear the last four words. When he saw Shangguan Ying's blood-red face and charming eyes, he could no longer restrain his already frenzied heart. He waved his hand, and the room went dark, after that, there was the sound of something plopping onto the bed.

At this time, in Divine Phoenix Sect, two small figures were floating leisurely in the air.

"Hey Black, I was having a good sleep, why did you pull me out?"

"Liang has very important things to do, but it is not convenient for people to see. Of course, I had to pull you out. "By the way, after you have eaten the giant snake, you have only eaten two treasures at the Nascent Soul stage during this period. I thought you need to eat a bunch every day!"

"I am not a pig, and I do not have to eat every day!" "The higher the quality of the magic treasure, the less I need to eat." "It's not that I can't continue eating, but even if I eat more, it's a waste."

"Waste?" "You eat magic treasures and demon beasts to fill your stomach, right?"

"Of course not!" "Don't you find that I am a little more muscular now than I was at the beginning?" "That is the purpose for my eating, to grow." "Of course, also the h.e.l.lfire in his body is very pure, and it is good for my growth!" "Let us not get sidetracked. When are we going back? I miss the h.e.l.lfire..."

"Oh, no hurry, wait for him to come out of the house. If not, I will help you get a magic treasure at the Void Return for you to eat."

"All right, I'll take your word for it!" "Oh, good, I will wait for it!"

On the second day, Phoenix Cloth Fairy did not go to the main hall of Divine Phoenix Sect to see the Shenfeng Ancestor. The explanation given by the Ancestor was very simple. By her orders, Phoenix Cloth Fairy had a closed-door meditation for a Cultivation Method, and she would not come out till the marriage-fight recruitment.

At this time, Lyu Liang and Shangguan Ying were still on the incense couch in the room, hugging each other and talking.

Shangguan Ying gave a brief summary about her situation. She had fallen into the Western-Heaven District of Pangu Origin world and had almost been forcibly taken away by the Ximen clan. Finally, she was rescued by Shenfeng Ancestor and had been kept in the Divine Phoenix Sect till now.

As for this marriage-fight recruitment, it was held by the second child of the Ximen clan, Ximen Xiayu. He used the relations.h.i.+p with certain forces in the Central Heaven District, and ignoring the wills of Divine Phoenix Sect and Shangguan Ying, held this festival in the Western-Heaven District ,in order to take Shangguan Ying as a concubine.

Since Shenfeng Ancestor owed a favor to a powerful figure in Central Heaven District, the Ximen clan asked this powerful figure to help them with this. Thus, Shangguan Ying had no choice but to be forced to partic.i.p.ate.

However, Shangguan Ying had already made up her mind. Since this was the case, she had no way to escape. Otherwise, the entire Divine Phoenix Sect would be implicated by her. Although Divine Phoenix Sect ranked the third in the Western-Heaven District they would be in big trouble if they offended that force in the Central Heaven District.

In order not to implicate the sect, which kept her, Shangguan Ying, had thought of an alternate path for herself in the att.i.tude of "Better to be a shard of jade than a whole tile". As for what her alternate path was, she smiled mysteriously and said nothing to Lyu Liang. She only asked him a question. "If heaven asks you to wait for me for another thousand years, will you continue to wait for me?"

Lyu Liang was stunned at first, and then firmly stated that Shangguan Ying would be the only Taoist companion that he would marry officially! Even if he traveled all over the world, waited until the sea dried up, and the stones decayed, he would still marry Shangguan Ying!

Later, Lyu Liang thought about it and told her about his relations.h.i.+ps with Su Qiao'er, Zi Tong Fairy and Yang Ying.

When Shangguan Ying heard his story, she just smiled and said softly, "For a man like you, if no one else likes you, then I will be surprised!" Su Qiao'er and Zitong Fairy had done so much for you. If there is a chance to meet each other, I don't mind having two good sisters." "However, you can't just go around flirting with other ladies!"

Lyu Liang was touched by Shangguan Ying's tolerance. He nodded hurriedly and thought in his heart. "After he became a Fairy Immortal, he must find a chance to go back to the chaotic world to find senior Xuanli Feiwu, and strive to learn the "Chaos Body Method", it would best to have three doppelgangers." In this way, his original would only be with Shangguan Ying in the future, and the doppelgangers could serve as a confession to the others.

In the following days, Lyu Liang and Shangguan Ying stayed together in the room. During this period, Black also pulled Fatty out. They could only be with Lyu Liang during the day, and when evening came, they had to stay outside.

After about a hundred days, it was time for Lyu Liang and Nangong Tianxiong to meet up. Although reluctant, but due to the more important plan, Lyu Liang returned to the Nangong clan as scheduled, watched unwillingly by Shangguan Ying.

"Brother Lyu, you are back!" "Oops, your complexion is not the same as before!" "Let me guess, you are already... Hey!" Nangong Qingxuan had a smirk and teased Lyu Liang, but soon he was slapped by Nangong Tianxiong on the back of the head.

"Oh boy, we are about to leave, where are all your stuff?" "Do you want your elder brother to go by himself?" Nangong Tianxiong's deep voice sounded. Nangong Qingxuan went quickly to pick up his belongings.

Lyu Liang made a deep bow towards Nangong Tianxiong and said, "Senior brother, I shall not say thank you for your kindness, no matter if it is done or not." "From now on, the Nangong clan's business is my business!"

After a while, Nangong Qingyun and Nangong Qingxuan led the team, together with the partic.i.p.ants from the Southern Heaven District for the recruitment ceremony. They went straight to the Kunlun Sect in the Western-Heaven District through the transportation formation inside the Nangong clan.

While Lyu Liang sighed at the power of Nangong clan, they had already appeared in a large hall of the Kunlun Sect. Outside the transportation formation, there was a middle-aged Taoist at the Late-stage of Fairy Immortal. At this moment, he was standing respectfully. When he saw everyone appearing, he went forward and bowed.

Subsequently, under his leaders.h.i.+p, Lyu Liang and others came to the resting place for the partic.i.p.ants in Southern Heaven District, and there were people from Kunlun Sect to take care of them. The Nangong Brothers, as the distinguished four family members, were brought directly to the VIP area.

On the night Lyu Liang stayed at the Kunlun Sect, there were a number of unexpected visitors in his room. Lyu Liang was shocked and then happy and he lamented, "Where does life not meet?"

The visitors were all acquaintances of Lyu Liang from the chaotic world. They were the people from the Demon Realm led by Zhu Yan and the blind-eyed woman.

The appearance of Zhu Yan indeed surprised Lyu Liang, and after confirming that it was he, they exchanged a bear hug! After that, a blue-eyed giant man cried and when Lyu Liang seemed to realize something, the giant man transformed into a blue-eyed giant tiger. Lyu Liang laughed loudly and embraced it intimately.

After meeting the two guys, there was a blue-robed fairy who caused Lyu Liang to be stunned. It was also a very pleasant surprise, because the fairy was Little Cui who made Lyu Liang feel guilty. At this time, she was already at the Early-stage of Demon General, and it seemed that the injury to her Divine Soul had long been cured.

According to Little Cui, Zhang Hao, her Taoist companion from Human Clan, was also very well at present. He had reached the Late-stage of Nascent Soul and was still in his closed-door meditation so he could not come this time.

The blind old lady now has a pair of red and blue matching enchanting eyes. Lyu Liang came forward to greet her and called her "aunt." When Zhu Yan heard the words, he scratched his head in embarra.s.sment and apologized to Lyu Liang, and told him about the ident.i.ty of himself and the old lady.

This time, Lyu Liang was completely shocked. Looking at Zhu Yan who was apologizing to him with a wide smile, he could not connect him with the Saint Emperor standing at the top of the Demon Realm...

If it weren't for Zhu Yan who broke out in the aura of an Almighty Immortal, and the pair of strange eyes, Lyu Liang would really have thought that he was joking!

However, even so, when facing Zhu Yan, Lyu Liang did not have any idea how to pay his respects. As if he could sense Lyu Liang's thoughts, Zhu Yan laughed and hugged him "You just remember that when we are together, brother, I am only a member of the Lyu Liang squad in the Martial Arts Contest, don't make those fake gestures with me!" "I am honest with you because I treat you with sincerity, so you must treat us with sincerity too. Then you will not seem to be rude, right? "

After speaking, Lyu Liang's mood changed from exhilaration to peace. After talking with all of them for about half the night, Zhu Yan also said that he and the old lady were the judges for the marriage-fight recruitment ceremony.

"Brother, the strength of the Ximen clan is not strong. In addition to the Ancestor of his family, there are only five Almighty Immortals, and none of them has reached the Peak yet." Speaking of strength, they were considered as the second-rate existence in the Western-Heaven District. "However, their supporting force was too strong. It is the fourth-ranked Holy-Fist Palace in the Central Heaven District. There are more than ten Almighty Immortals at the Peak and there are even cultivators of higher level." When Zhu Yan talked about it, it was also rare for him to have such a serious look.

Lyu Liang was stunned and had doubts. "From your words, it seems that there are beings stronger than the Almighty Immortal?"

Zhu Xi nodded. "Yes, as we all know, in these realms, only cultivators below the Almighty Immortal stage could exist." Above that, it is the existence of the Tao Master, Heavenly Master and Supreme Master. They are the people who survived the ordeal successfully and went to the Heaven Realm. They are often bound by the power of the heaven law and cannot linger in the realms below them." Even if they went to the lower realm, their cultivation will be suppressed to the Fairy Immortal stage. However, there are also a number of powerful figures who came to the lower realms from the Heaven Realm by relying on some special Cultivation Method or secrets. Not only have they re-cultivated from the Fairy Immortal to the Almighty Immortal, but they have even reached the stage of Tao Master!"

Lyu Liang took in a deep breath and frowned, then he said in a deep voice. "Brother Zhu, you are saying that there is a Tao Master in the Holy-Fist Palace and that person has a close relations.h.i.+p with the Ximen clan?"

Zhu Yan sighed and whispered. "You are right, otherwise, how can Ximen clan become the leader of the Western-Heaven District with such minimal strength." "And those who are stronger than them did not dare to protest at all." "After all, when one's strength reaches the level of the Tao Master, destroying the Almighty Immortal would be a piece of cake!"

Lyu Liang pondered and stood up, and cupping his hands at Zhu Yan and the old woman, he said, "I know that the future is difficult, but for Ying'er, I am willing to give my best, even if I die, I will never give up! Besides, I still have a second life..."

Zhu Yan and others were stunned at first, but after listening to Lyu Liang's words, they heaved sighs of relief.

Zhu Yan slammed the table and his eyes lit up. "Since you have such an opportunity, then I am a little more relaxed." "But rest a.s.sured that since we are the judges, at least in the ceremony, we will be able to protect you." "Try not to use your last card. We are probably already being spied on by some people when we came here, perhaps at this very moment, people from the Ximen clan are already aware of it." "However, no matter how they calculated, they would not expect us to have this last card." "There is another person who can help you to escape." "That will be the Ancestor from the Ximen clan who came out to save you, no matter how hard they try, they will never be able to guess who that person is!"

The Devilish Immortal Chapter 105 An Old Friend

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