The Devilish Immortal Chapter 220

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Chapter 220 A b.l.o.o.d.y Battle
Over 300 meters outside the Evil Blood Palace, a silver vessel appeared secretly. Liu Jiahao, Liu Jiawen, Huangfu Gang, and Yang Ying were standing inside it.

“Yes, it's here!” Yang Ying pointed at the front, a hint of sternness flas.h.i.+ng through her eyes.

“…This is troublesome! There should be a Star s.p.a.ce in the Mortal World! If enemies are inside it, I am afraid that we cannot save them easily!” Liu Jiahao frowned, staring at the vague outline of the palace inside the blood-red defense cover.

“Brother, it's not the time to consider this! Let's go in now! No matter who is inside it, it is our primary task to save our companions! Go!” Liu Jiawen said with a determined look on her face. With a white flash, the Dreamy Crystal Vessel vanished and then reappeared inside the cover.

Suddenly, with eyes his lit up, Huangfu Gang laughed and said, “What a wondrous place!” Then, he disappeared instantly.

At this moment, five red-robed people appeared, and one of them said in a low voice, “If you leave now, we will not attack you! Otherwise…”

But before he could finish the words, a figured flashed across. The next moment, he died with his head hacked off!

Just then, Huangfu Gang's figure showed up. Holding his demon halberd, he rushed at the second target directly!

With a stern look on their faces, the other four people boosted their auras to the Late-stage of Tao Master!

At the same time, the Dreamy Crystal Vessel disappeared. Liu Jiahao and Liu Jiawen rushed directly at them, with their cultivation shooting up to the Early-stage of Heavenly Master!

“This is indeed a Star s.p.a.ce!” With a look at each other, Liu Jiahao and Liu Jiawen dashed at two red-robed people, respectively.

Yang Ying's cultivation also surged to the Middle-stage of Heavenly Master. Frowning, she flew to the palace directly.

Within less than two breaths of time, all the red-robed people were killed by these four formidable opponents.

When the four were about to break into the palace, another eight figures appeared, and they all had cultivation above the Early-stage of Heavenly Master! Without a word, the four rushed at their enemies immediately.

This time, the red-robed people were apparently the elite of the enemy! All of them had weird Field Domains and powerful magic treasures. With the advantage in number, they dominated the combat at the beginning!

“Soul Borrowing Method! Up!” As Huangfu Gang roared out, three giant boas appeared. With a loud noise over his body, he improved his cultivation to the Middle-stage of Heavenly Master in an instant.

Then, a matchup battle began!

“All the eight Evil Blood Guardians have been a.s.signed, and they are all above the Heavenly Master level. Lyu Liang is still there. I suppose that at least 30 minutes is needed before he is dragged into the absolute Field Domain set by that n.o.ble person!” At the core of the Evil Blood Palace, a blue-robed man with long hair was saying something to a bronze mirror. In the mirror was the hideous female, Saint G.o.d Mingxue!

“You must stop them from entering the Star s.p.a.ce! Destroy it now! And then…” Before she could finish her words, the entire mirror was crushed by a red beam. Then, another red beam shot at the position, where the masked man's figure just disappeared.

“I did not expect that the low-key Evil Blood Palace is a Star s.p.a.ce occupied by the h.e.l.l Organization! Who are you? A Saint G.o.d?” As a cheerful voice sounded, Zhu Yan's figure showed up. With a green trace in his eyes and crimson flames all over, he exposed cultivation at the Peak of Supreme Master!

With an astonished look on his face, the blue-robed man did not expect that Zhu Yan would appear here. But then, his eyes became malicious and his cultivation also surged to the Peak of Supreme Master!

“I'm Saint G.o.d Naluo. It's a coincidence to meet the Guardian of Fire here! It seems that you are not fully awakened, or I would not have the courage to fight against you!” Then, Saint G.o.d Naluo held a colorful bow in his hand. Its arrow was s.h.i.+ning with blood-red light, sizzling.

With a bright flash, Zhu Yan turned into a giant firebird immediately. At the same time, a silver moon appeared in the sky, and endless crimson flames gushed out, swallowing the entire s.p.a.ce.

Without any hint of panic on his face, Saint G.o.d Naluo raised the bow and drew the string. Then, with a whoosh, although no arrow was seen shooting out, a crack appeared among the flames!

The next moment, the firebird's right wing seemed to be impaled by something and dissipated directly!

“Divine Bow?!” Zhu Yan said in surprise. When his right ring regenerated, he covered himself with a golden glow. “It seems that I've underestimated your strength!”

At this moment, above the silver moon, a sword appeared and turned into a black line. It was split open, revealing the figure of a girl dressed in white with a silver sickle in her hand.

“One and a half hours! Kill me, or die!” Zhu Yan said in a low voice, yet with excitement in his eyes.

At the same time, Lyu Liang felt desperate and helpless. The Divine Mark could hold on for less than 30 minutes. Once his cultivation declined, he would not be able to rival the black chain at all.

Suddenly, a m.u.f.fled sound came from the void s.p.a.ce. As the pink skeleton groaned, the black chain disappeared automatically, and Donghuang Mufeng and Fatty also regained consciousness. Startled, they were confused about what had happened. What was worse, their cultivation had fallen to the Peak of Fairy Immortal…

Anyhow, Lyu Liang would not let go of such an excellent opportunity! He raised the Kunwu Sword, concentrated all his strength, and rushed to give it a deadly blow!

When the pink skeleton was still whining, the Kunwu Sword directly hacked it in two. With a golden flash, the skeleton turned into ashes, dissipating in the air.

At this moment, Lyu Liang's cultivation precipitously declined to the Middle-stage of Tao Master.

But before he could take a breath, six blood-red figures emerged, and all of them were at the Late-stage of Tao Master! With a resolute look on his face, he got Donghuang Mufeng back to his cave residence. Then, as he roared out, the double-headed giant tiger appeared and directly spurted out several beams at the six people!

Fatty changed back to his original appearance and squelched away immediately.

Once again, Lyu Liang stimulated the Divine Mark to the Peak of Tao Master. Even so, he could hold on for only 15 minutes. That was his limit at present.

Before that, much Divine Sword Power had been consumed for the incarnation of the Divine Mark. Therefore, the giant tiger, who had been exhausted, could barely hold on for 30 minutes…

Soul Breaking Palm, Virtual-Spirit Sword Essence, Xuanyuan Sword Formation… After Lyu Liang stimulated the Field Domain, he used the most powerful moves that he had learned! Meanwhile, two giant puppets at the Tao Master level appeared.

The six red-robed people also summoned several magic treasures, all of which were above the immortal standard. At the same time, they stimulated six formidable, weird Field Domains.

As the battle just began, Lyu Liang knew that it was unlikely for him to kill all of them. Although he was strong in his attack, his opponents' magic treasures and Field Domains were too formidable to deal with.

As Lyu Liang was trying hard to defend, a loud noise resounded. Just then, two of his opponents' six magic treasures disappeared. With his eyes lit up, Lyu Liang pushed out the Soul Breaking Palm, and then he rushed forward in an instant.

With hand rising and sword falling, Lyu Liang promptly hacked up the two people, who had lost their magic treasures.

At the same time, Fatty's figure emerged, showing the black soul spirit above his head. Just as he showed up, an opponent's hand shone with bright light. Then, a golden, giant hammer swung at Fatty from above and directly knocked him into the air.

Stunned, Lyu Liang rushed at Fatty and got him back into his cave residence. At this moment, Fatty's weak voice sounded. “Boss… I'm sorry. I have only swallowed two treasures…”

“Boy, take him to the Virtual Land! Concentrate on the battle!” Land Spirit's voice came from his Divine Soul, and Lyu Liang followed his instruction immediately.

“Liang, hold on. Just now, I found a s.p.a.ce crack, which seems to lead to another s.p.a.ce. However, it does not appear all the time. In theory, it will show up every 90 minutes, just in this position! After an hour, we can go into it!” Black said, showing no hint of being at ease at all.

With a wry smile, Lyu Liang stared at the four formidable opponents. He gritted his teeth, emitting the golden soul spirit from his head. Anyhow, he had to exert all his strength now!

Outside the Evil Blood Palace, the battle had been fierce and furious!

Although two red-robed people had been annihilated, the four of them were also exhausted.

Three giant boas had disappeared, and Huangfu Gang's aura had declined to the Peak of Almighty Immortal. With a pale face, he was counting on the gray fog to defend against a red-robed person. At this moment, he had no strength to fight back anymore!

The other three looked better, but it was also difficult for them to deal with their opponents.

At this critical moment, a loud noise resounded, and the blood-red cover around the Evil Blood Palace broke into pieces. Meanwhile, a bearded man appeared, who had an abacus in his hand and a black monkey on his shoulder. The monkey squealed as it turned into a pitch-black fog, and covered a red-robed person at once.

With a whine, the red-robed person was thrown onto the ground, and did not move anymore!

Without saying anything, the bearded man fiddled with the abacus. Just then, a formation appeared at two red-robed people's feet, who whined before they turned into ashes directly!

All of these occurred in a second. Both the rest of the red-robed people and the four were stunned by his performance.

“Withdraw!” One smart red-robed person shouted as his figure disappeared, following which, the other four also retreated immediately.

The bearded man turned to the palace and frowned. Then, he rushed over, and the black fog also chased after him.

This man had such formidable strength, and he came and left so suddenly. Totally startled, the four people did not even see his appearance or sense his cultivation clearly.

At the same time, Lyu Liang had lost his Divine Mark power. He maintained his cultivation by burning his soul spirit, and focused only on defense.

Apparently, the two puppets were on the losing side. For one thing, Lyu Liang did not have enough Divine Soul power to manipulate them. For another, these red-robed people were all formidable beings!

At this critical moment, a long noise resounded. Startled, the four red-robed people were gone at once.

At the same time, Black said in surprise, “Go into it!” The next second, Lyu Liang's figure disappeared.

Just then, the bearded man's figure emerged. Looking in Lyu Liang's direction, he laughed slightly and said, “Little Ming, done!” With a golden flash, the black fog turned to the monkey again and left with the man…

In the headquarters of the h.e.l.l Organization, the bald, robust man was standing with a frown. Beside him was the yellow-dressed girl, Feng Nishang, who was sitting with her eyes closed. After a moment, she opened her eyes, rose, and let out a furious roar.

“Almost! Almost! G.o.dd.a.m.n Guardian of Water! If I had another 15 minutes… No! If I had another two breaths of time…”

“Nishang! Don't panic! Calm down! What we lose is just a Star s.p.a.ce, which won't influence our major task! Although we failed to fetch the Donghuang Canon, it is not our primary aim. Don't forget that the Reincarnation Plan is what we really need to fight for!”

“…I'm sorry! You're right. I will inform Chongyun and Qing'er to give up this action. We must realize the Reincarnation Plan!”

“…I thought that you had forgotten him. But it seems that he was still influencing your Taoist Heart. Anyhow, you did much better this time than when you met his first reincarnation.”

“Don't mention the past anymore. I know what I should do. Now, apart from the Reincarnation Plan, there is another important thing. It seems that our suspicion becomes reality. I don't believe that, without any help, these two Guardians could know the positions of the Evil Blood Palace and me.”

“This action was decided provisionally, and both the Saint G.o.ds and us knew about it. Our opponent dared to take action just because he knew that we lacked the evidence!”

“Seima has told us that there is something wrong with our palace. I didn't think it's a big problem, but this time it hindered us form fetching the canon. When we complete the Reincarnation Plan, we can't let this cunning guy continue to lurk here anymore!”

In the realm of the Wu-Ji Five Lords in the s.p.a.ce of G.o.ddess Nyu Wa, there was an ordinary hut. Inside it, Tai Chu Ancestor Lord was talking with a figure.

“Thanks to your message, we stopped the problem. However, they will be suspicious, so you must hide well during this period. Please beware!”

“Don't worry. This plan was provisional, and many people knew about it. Even if they suspect me, I won't get caught. However, I'm worried that something secret or significant will happen when I hide!”

“We will try all the ways to defend against them. No matter what plan they have, don't try to learn about it on purpose. Even if we don't say anything about this thing, the Divine Ancestor Palace will respond to it. Just let us wait and see.”

“OK! I have another thing to tell you. I suspect that Flying Dragon has close contact with the h.e.l.l Organization. Although I have no evidence of it, I know that he had a lot to do with what happened in the Million Buddhist Sect!”

“Among the eight Immortal Generals, if Flying Dragon claimed to be the second, no one dares to rank the first! It is too difficult to catch him!”

“Inside the Million Buddhist Sect, all the guardians along Tianfo Mountain disappeared. This is such a big problem! It is said that a blue-haired female once saved Zheng Xuan! But since she is Flying Dragon's figure, I believe that she also has the Blue-soul Blood! Only in this way could all these things happen!”

“This girl has a mysterious background and is thought highly of by Flying Dragon. According to the videos, she just went to Tianfo Mountain twice. The first time, she took Zheng Xuan away, and the second time, she made a visit to Zhu Yu. During this period, she did not do anything strange. If your suspicion is real, in the Million Buddhist Sect, there must be someone who has secret contact with her! However, it is such a pity that we do not have any evidence.”

At this moment, the figure did not say a word anymore. After nodding at Tai Chu Ancestor Lord, he disappeared immediately.

Staring into the distance for a long time, Tai Chu Ancestor Lord let out a deep sigh and said, “Blade, Seal, Slaughter, Six Tao, and Seima, I miss the carefree days when we drank, talked, and laughed together in the Universe of the Chaotic. However, everything changes, never to return. When we meet again, I'm afraid there will be a battle of death and life between us!”

The Devilish Immortal Chapter 220

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