The Devilish Immortal Chapter 76 Promise

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In the early morning, three days later, Yang Ying came to Dumb Kid again and she was an hour earlier than her usual timing.

"Dumb Kid, my Master and I will go to the Secret Palace today. Do you want to come with me?" Although she knew the answer, Yang Ying still asked him the same question.

Sure enough, Dumb nodded and said innocently, "Wherever Ying'er goes, I will be there. We will never be separated!"

An hour later, Yang Ying brought Dumb Kid to the main hall; she stopped by the door and whispered, "We shall wait for Master here. Later, you can only follow us to the Bounded Domain outside the Secret Palace and then you have to wait for me to come out. During this period, you can move freely but don't go too far away and do not cause any trouble, understand?"

Dumb Kid nodded even though he was very sad. After all this time, he knew that there were some days when he could not follow Yang Ying and slowly accepted the temporary parting.

While waiting for the others, Lyu Liang's Divine Soul which was still sober, now had the time to examine the statue wors.h.i.+pped by everyone from the Zi Tong Sect.

It was indeed a statue of a man in white, wearing a mask covering half his face and revealing a pair of sparkling eyes. Sitting on his shoulder was a mighty black cat.

"Well? They look very much like us! It should be a coincidence, right? When I have the chance, I shall ask senior Zi Tong Fairy regarding the original ident.i.ty of the statue." Lyu Liang and Black discussed with great interest the statue that was similar to him and Black.

"When you reach the Nascent Soul stage, you and I can use the first form of the Contract-born Secret Method, Human-Beast Unite. At that time, under the influence of the contract, my appearance and ability will evolve once again. If I am not wrong, the shape of the black cat should be what I look like after I complete my first evolution. Do you believe that there is a secret method in heaven and earth that can turn back the time?" Black asked Lyu Liang a question that he never dared think about before.

Lyu Liang was stunned for a moment and did not know how to answer. Turning back the time was the legendary top Tao, the ultimate in time and s.p.a.ce Taoism! Perhaps he knew little, but he had never heard of anyone who had successfully achieved such a profound feat in time and s.p.a.ce. Maybe in the future, when he arrived at the Heaven Realm, there might be powerful figures that possessed such incredible ability that is beyond heaven and earth!

At this time, Zi Tong Fairy walked out of the main hall and saw the two people waiting at the door. She nodded gently and waved her hand. Then the three of them disappeared.

Moments later, three figures emerged somewhere. Lyu Liang was surprised to find that the place was the entrance to the back mountain!

"Dumb Kid, remember what I said before? You will wait here. Master and I will go in for wors.h.i.+p. I shall see you later." Yang Ying whispered, staring at Dumb Kid firmly.

Dumb Kid scratched his head and muttered, "Isn't this the place where I live? Can't I go in? Dumb Kid doesn't want to be too far away from Ying'er"

But seeing Yang Ying's resolute look, Dumb Kid kept quiet and looked for a place to sit down, playing with the stones on the ground. He pursed his lips and had a depressed look.

Zi Tong Fairy and Yang Ying went in, one by one. They pa.s.sed through the Bounded Domain at the entrance of the mountain and went inside.

The two of them headed straight for the colorful barrier. Zi Tong Fairy took out two blue stones; she held one and gave the other to Yang Ying. She took a step into the barrier and disappeared. Yang Ying followed quickly. The next moment, she had also entered the mysterious s.p.a.ce inside the barrier.

If Lyu Liang had been with them, he would be surprised and confused, because it was not the same place where he entered every night!

This place was a place similar to the ancestral hall. A long table was placed in the middle with a sword frame on it. It looked like an ordinary wooden sword. On the wall behind the long table, there was a picture hanging on it. It showed scenery that consisted of fragrant flowers, a moving stream, a green field and chirping birds.

Under a big tree, a young man in white with a half-face mask was stroking a blue-haired girl, who was shorter than him. The young man's face was full of smiles, while the girl's hands were on her waist and she was pouting and had an unhappy look on her face.

Since entering this mysterious s.p.a.ce, Zi Tong Fairy fixed her gaze on the picture, her eyes seemingly obsessed with it.

Yang Ying was not surprised. Since she first entered the area with Master decades ago, every time, Master would look at the picture quietly until sunset and then leave. During this period, the Master would not say a word and stood as still as a statue. Her eyes were only fixed on the two figures in the picture.

This time, Yang Ying stood next to Zi Tong Fairy. She has always wondered why each time when the teacher was here, she did not arrange for her to do anything but simply let her stand by her side.

"Ying'er, all these years, do you know why I brought you here?" Zi Tong Fairy, who had never uttered a word here before, actually spoke, which was so unexpected.

"I am a little stupid, so Master, please tell me. I only knew that this is the forbidden place of our sect and it have some secrets related to it. However, I do not know anything specific other than this" Yang Ying replied respectfully.

Zi Tong Fairy looked at her gently and whispered, "There is a secret here, the secret of the finding of my Zi Tong Sect! I will tell you again, since 5,000 years ago when I founded Zi Tong Sect, the sect's strength is considered to be at the medium range, but how is it that we can still be at ease in the cultivation world of the survival of the fittest?"

Yang Ying was stunned for a moment. She has long been in doubt but didn't find the right time to ask. She didn't expect Master to take the initiative and she replied, "The only thing I knew was that the Sect-Protection Formation of the Zi Tong Sect was very powerful and could not be defeated by anyone! Back then when Master saved me, the thieves of the Wild Wolf Sect came and attacked our big formation. However, a hundred of them died immediately! After that, there isn't anyone else who dared to attack us. However, I am curious about the origin of this formation!"

Zi Tong Fairy grinned and turned to look at the picture. She said softly, "Ying'er, you must remember the man in the picture! In the future, when you become the chief of Zi Tong Sect and choose the heir, you must come here and wors.h.i.+p every year like me! Now I can tell you that this will be the last time that I will bring you here. Half a year later, I will be going for a long trip, and I would not bother about the matters in the sect anymore."

Yang Ying was shocked. With a "Plop" sound, she knelt on the ground and said hurriedly, "Master! How can you leave the great a.s.sets that you have created single handedly; how can you let it go so freely! If Master needs to look for something, even if it is hard to find, I can look for it on Master's behalf! If Master is no longer in Zi Tong Sect, I can't imagine what it will be! Master, please reconsider!"

Looking at Yang Ying who was very anxious, Zi Tong Fairy laughed and lifted her up. She said, "Back then, there was only one purpose for me to create this Zi Tong Sect and that was to protect one of the legendary Five-element Secret Treasures for that person, Heaven-h.e.l.l Water. Until the fated person takes the treasure and refines it, I will then have fulfilled the promise I made. Now, the fated person had already appeared. According to what he said before, from now on, in less than a year, the promise will be fulfilled."

Yang Ying blinked with confusion and asked doubtfully, "But Master does not have to leave the sect! Fated-person? Ah! Is, is it Dumb Kid?! He, he is the fated person mentioned by Master? Impossible, he is obviously, a..." Once this bold idea appeared, Yang Ying was shocked at herself.

Zi Tong Fairy nodded, revealing a look of relief, and sighed, "Yes! He is the one. That is why I asked you to go out and look for him! Of course, all this is what the person told me and I just implemented it according to what he said. Now, I will simply tell you the origin of all this. It is also the second thing you must know as the next generation chief of Zi Tong Sect."

"Zi Tong Sect was founded about 5,000 years ago. It is not so much that I founded it. Instead, that person helped me to create it. This person is the prototype of the man in the picture and the statue of the man at the entrance of the main hall. Unfortunately, I have never had a chance to see his true face. However, after things are settled here, I can go out and look for him freely. He once said that if we have a chance, we will meet someday, but it will definitely not be in the sect. This is also the reason why I have to leave!"

"The Sect-Protection Formation was set up by him to help me. It is said that even if an Almighty Immortal wanted to break it from the outside, it would be no easy task. Even if some people were sneak into the sect to do something bad, as long as the two Formation Keys remains, the person will die and his sould will be shattered!"

"Look at the wooden sword on the table, isn't it the same as the one that is hanging in Dumb Kid's residence? These two wooden swords that look so ordinary are in fact the two Formation Keys of the Sect-Protection Formation of Zi Tong Sect. It is also the secret of our sect that can only be pa.s.sed down to the chief."

"Before I leave, I will hand over to you the position of chief. If you are not willing to be a chief any longer, after some time, choose a steady disciple and pa.s.s it on. I do not want you to waste your time and youth on illusionary things like the t.i.tle 'chief'."

"The biggest secret of the sect is the Heaven-h.e.l.l Water of the Five-element Secret Treasures. It is inside the colorful barrier created by that person. The place where we are now is just one of the colorful places. Even for me, I can only come to this place of color; only that person and the fated-person he mentioned, can enter other places." Zi Tong Fairy smiled as she finished her speech and she seemed to be in a good mood. The joy that was in her heart was something that Yang Ying had never seen in so many years.

Seeing that Zi Tong Fairy had made up her mind, Yang Ying also realized that it was not long before her Master would be leaving.

At this time, outside the Sect-Protection Formation of Zi Tong Sect, Dumb Kid was following hastily after a stout youth and muttered, "Fatty, the flower you mentioned that will make Ying'er happy, where is it? I have walked for a very long time, and if I still can't find it, I will go back! If Ying'er came out and did not see me, she will be anxious!"

The stout youth laughed and suddenly turned around. He took out a Talisman from his arms and slammed it into the body of Dumb Kid, and then he whispered, "You see, isn't this the flower?"

Inside the Divine Soul, Lyu Liang had long felt that this fat guy was up to something terrible. If not for the fact that he couldn't control his body, he would have finished him off! Now that the fat guy had implanted a Talisman inside his body, his fears were confirmed.

At the same time when the Talisman entered his body, Dumb Kid's eyes rolled up and he fainted immediately. The fat man's eyes lit up, he waved his hand and a cloth pocket appeared at his side. In a blink of an eye, it sucked in Dumb Kid.

Then the fat guy looked around and seeing that no one else was around, took his pocket and ran off.

After a while, a virtual shadow appeared suddenly, and a smiling bald old man with a long beard was looking at the direction in which the fat guy had disappeared. On his bald head, a small white fox was napping lazily.

The old man patted the little fox on his head and said joyfully, "Stop sleeping! You only know how to sleep every day! Why don't you turn into a pig! Not bad! Not bad! The Divine Soul and the const.i.tution of this kid are very special. No wonder he is the pro-disciple that I have tediously searched for in the three realms!"

The little fox opened its eyes and whisked its tail across the old man's face. Then it sneered, "Enough, you are the person who has three powerful doppelgangers that has inherited your playful characteristics. Now, who knows where they have gone to enjoy themselves! If not, with your status, why do you still need to find this disciple personally? If the other four knew about this, do you still have the face to go back and be the boss?"

The old man smiled in embarra.s.sment "If my doppelgangers didn't run around, it will be impossible to have an interaction with my pro-disciple! Without this relations.h.i.+p, I can't achieve the conditions of my apprentices.h.i.+p right? Never mind, I can't beat you. Let us help him through the first Dead Test! By the way, why don't you go and say h.e.l.lo to your third brother?"

The little fox eyes did not open its eyes. It yawned and whispered, "No, we will meet anyway. Ah, I am sleepy again; our time is nearing soon, the faster we can finish the matter, the quicker we can leave!"

The old man waved his hand and shot a golden light in the direction of the fat guy's direction, then muttered something under his breath. "Disciple, this thing can be the end of one of your cause-result and I look forward to the day we will meet! Haha, let go back!"

The next moment, the old man and the fox disappeared into thin air.

At this time, Dumb Kid was still in a coma and was lying on the ground. Standing in front of him were three people. Among them, Qi Yuantian smiled sullenly, "Kid, wait till I get the Heaven-h.e.l.l Water, you shall see how I will kill you!"

The Devilish Immortal Chapter 76 Promise

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