Slag Shou Cultivating Manual Chapter 9

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Unedited until the poor overworked s.h.i.+rubame finishes the old chapters lol. So diligent *sighs*

TN omage: “This MC did not think that Her Royal Translatorness was such a person who does not understand that one must be gentle with editors.”

He Lang did not regard himself as a mere protagonist, nor as an ordinary 2D shou, but as a 3D character whose holy light was strong enough to pierce the fourth wall.

In the face of this bad habit of such unfavourable slave contract, he naturally has to rise to the occasion and help.

Translatorness spoke arrogantly, as if everyone was beneath her. “In the eyes of this great one, she is but a mere slave.”

In her eyes, regardless of gender, everyone in the world was beneath her. This was true equality, where there was no gender discrimination

*cackles maniacally*

He Lang was worried by his question, such that he felt a slight pain in his temple, “This official has no purpose. So long as your highness believes that this official has you in his heart, this official will not betray you.”

He no longer tried to explain anything, but this sentence said in such extreme gravity and firmness, was like a magical heart-calming pill, instantly calming down the chaotic heart of Zhen Puyang.

Will not betray me….  Zhen Puyang's heart was moved when he heard these words. At this time, He Lang asked, “All the other princes are aiming for the throne. What about you? What is your pursuit and purpose" Obviously, this problem also bothered him, and when he was asked this by Helang, Zhan Puyang's  eyebrows slightly frowned.

But he was a benevolent person (TN: pfftt *spits out tea*) so he quickly relaxed brows, “What can I pursue?” People have only one lifetime, and the important thing was the pursuit of happiness, to be joyful, to raise your cup and sing, free and easy, is this not beautiful?"

He Lang was slightly depressed and melancholically rose his cup. After a few mouthfuls, his brain was slightly chaotic and his mental efficiency had slowed down a lot. Two blushes crept up his neck and stained his ears and cheeks slightly red.

After a long time, he put down his gla.s.s and said stiffly, “You have the capability of an emperor.” The lingering heat burned his cheeks.

Zhan Puyang had also consumed a good amount of wine and did not take his words seriously. He looked into the slightly hazy eyes.

"Here we go again. Are you trying to persuade me? So tell me, what's good about being an emperor?"

He Lang didn't know what the teenager wanted, his thought process was slowing down, and he spoke freely about the pursuit of the world: “the power of standing above hundreds of thousands of people… Or having intoxicatingly beautiful women kneel to you?"

Hearing his answer, Zhan Puyang scorned saying, “I already have that now. What's so special about it?”

He Lang stopped talking. In the end, this was his task. Even if His Highness was reluctant at the moment, but he would have to do it.

Seeing his teacher defeated state, Zhen Puyang gave a light laugh. If he sat in that position, he could have intoxicatingly beautiful girls kneeling before him? Was that not good?

He took a meaningful glance at his teacher and laughed mischievously.

After drinking all the liquor in one gulp, Zhan Puyang thought that he might be drunk too…. he

The emperor was willing to spoil Zhan Puyang, but Zhan Puyang's free and unrestrained nature was not suitable for being fettered at all, and it was clear to all that the emperor had no intention of pa.s.sing on the throne to him.

At present, the most likely future emperor was the crown prince. The crown Prince was 18, married and had had children. He had already entered the stage of starting a family and starting his career. Because of the this act of growing more branches and leaves, his power had become more and more consolidated. The emperor handed over part of the power to him, as if he were a semi-ruling person, and his power was already as firmly rooted as a tree.

The other princes, who we're now also of age, have been a.s.signed scattered affairs. Although they can not be qualified to be emperors, they are at least showcasing their personal abilities. Only Zhen Puyang was relaxed and carefree.

Instead of scolding him, the emperor spoiled him a little too much and this made him live a comfortable life. He didn't need to learn how to deal with state affairs. He could just be given a lazy prince and live a carefree and beautiful life.

Zhan Puyang did not know it, just when he became this devil king.

However, this once mischievous devil, in the past two years, because of the emergence of He Lang, has dwindled more and more each day. Although he was still stubborn, but there were no more catastrophic situations like before.

The people inside the palace said that the ninth prince had grown up and one did not hear anymore rumors of him bullying the servants. He had become more and more knowledgeable about the rites and rituals of learning and comportment. Some written essays and scattered paintings of his were also quite common now, and his graceful posture of a handsome prince gradually emerged.

If you caught him in a good mood, you would even be able to appreciate his smiling face. Unlike before, when he only smiled when punis.h.i.+ng servants and being mischievous, his smiles now were not cold.

Although He Lang listened to the praises and heartfelt admiration of others, he still felt that His Highness was the same before him. Naughty, taking pleasure in talking back and offending him, just like before.

It was hot in the summer and the room was stuffy, so He Lang took him to the shady areas at the back garden to and prepared the books.

But even though there was shade and tea, rendering a comfortable atmosphere, Zhan Puyang could not settle down. As soon as He Lang began to read a few sentences to him of the text, he began to get agitated.”I won't listen to these inflexible principles again!”

Zhan Puyang's nose was pointed up to the sky, and he tossed his sleeve and sat in a soft chair under the tree. All the Royal etiquette learned was thrown away. Where was the gentleman the rumours had praise?

The words spoken were contemptuous, but it was evident that he possessed a smiling gleam in his eyes, like a pond warmed by sun's rays, sparkling.

It was hard to imagine that the violent ninth princes in everybody's eyes could also be this animated. It seemed so eerie, as if a tyrannical tiger, who suddenly softened his face and became a harmless cat.

Regarding this always mocking the inflexible Zhen Puyang, He Lang had become used to it. He knew that he (ZPY) didn't really think that but did not know why he still said it. Could it be that the habit of provoking him would never change?

He Lang automatically ignored his words, moved the book and hit Zhen Puyang on his forehead.

"If your Highness is obedient this month, does not bully the servants or other the princes again, at the end of the month, this official will take your Highness out to play.”

“Eh-?” Yan Puyang's eyes s.h.i.+ne, go out?

Realizing how excited he was, he looked at Helen who was smiling slightly and composed his expression, rose a brow and asked him, “How can I go out to play?”

He yearned for the prosperity of the world. Being at the palace everyday, no matter how beautiful the palace scenery was, one would be tired of it sooner or later. Unfortunately, as a prince, he was also fettered by some rules and regulations.

"This officer has his ways.” He Lang replied mysteriously and refused to speak directly, somewhat cunningly.

What other ways was there? The only way was to cultivate a friends.h.i.+p with other people. (TN: pretty sure he means nepotism and courting favours)

Zhan Puyang did not undermine He Lang's methods out loud, merely kept this in mind. Which officials or soldiers did he teach out to? Wouldn't it better to spend the extra time with him (ZPY)? In the end wasn't he the one who was a prince?

He glanced back at his teacher with a slight disapproval, but it was clear that He Lang did not understand what he was thinking. He merely smiled at him habitually and  looked at him with an tolerant gaze.

Whenever his Highness lost his temper, He Lang would respond like that. He knew that this Highness' words were like fists landing on cotton, and he had to vent his anger naturally.

Such a way of getting along made their atmosphere friendly and harmonious. Just as the summer flowers were blooming, the man's face held the same beauty as these flower.

Not far away, a casual pa.s.sing figure could not help but stop and gaze at their delicate and harmonious scenes.

The youth was slightly thin, and stood there staring at the tenderness in the eyes of a man in the black robe that was slightly moving.

He knew that his younger brother has always been the emperor's favorite, but he was short-tempered and had the t.i.tle of little devil.

He thought that such a person who was inherently bad would not be genuinely loved by anyone. Even the servant who served him would change expressions upon hearing his voice. Just how abominable could a person be!

Although he has heard a lot of improvements recently, he still remained contemptuous towards everyone.

Even if he was doted on by his father and emperor, how can he be respected by thousands of people? Looking at his arrogant posture, when one of his brothers ascend to the throne, it could not be sure in what awkward position he would be in.

Despite being a prince that did not attract attention, he was not like the other brothers, who could only be envious at the grace he received. One could only sigh at the unfairness of his fate.

But right this time, the same feeling of envy had arisen spontaneously.

It turned out there was someone who could disperse that person's originally widely known pretentious and hazy gaze, and then enrich him with new hope.

Was there someone who could similarly fill up his vacancy?

He couldn't help feeling sorry for himself and finally shook his head and turned away.

The author has something to say:

For now he is still a small n.o.ble. Later, he will turn into a favour scheming man.

Slag Shou Cultivating Manual Chapter 9

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