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Chu Tiankuo felt quite angry about the memorials to the throne by his ministers. "What are these pedantic old ministers thinking about? How could they bother me regarding the matters of the imperial harem?"

"Does my world only comprise of my imperial harem? What are these ministers doing? They are just stirring up trouble among my imperial harem instead of managing the difficulty and anxiety or governing the world for me."

"It seems that I have treated them too well, so much so that these ministers forget who their master is!"

Chu Tiankuo's eyebrows were furrowed and there was anger in his eyes. The bright yellow of his clothes was dazzling as his ministers knelt on the ground and beseeched him to divorce Tang Xia.

Chu Tiankuo's beautiful, thin lips had curled into a sneer, but he kept quiet.

What Chu Tiankuo did was to stare at the ministers kneeling on the ground as if he wanted to see what was going on in their heads. And all the ministers felt guilty as if Chu Tiankuo had gained an insight into their minds.

At this time, a minister could not stand his glare anymore and said, "Your Majesty, please divorce Tang Xia!"

Someone had taken the lead to express this notion, so the others seconded the notion that Chu Tiankuo should divorce Tang Xia.

Their voices was so loud that Chu Tiankuo had an earache.

Then Chu Tiankuo cast his piercing eyes on the minister who had taken the lead.

That minister could not help trembling in fear.

But he was dissatisfied with Chu Tiankuo's favor for Tang Xia, which left no chance for his daughter.

So he kept on shouting that Chu Tiankuo should divorce Tang Xia.

Chu Tiankuo felt that his authority was being challenged. "How dare these ministers do this? How could they intervene in the matters of my imperial harem? It seems that I have treated them too kindly!"

"Shut up!" Chu Tiankuo opened his mouth and said this quietly. But the coldness and deterrent force in his voice made them all quake in fear!

When they heard what Chu Tiankuo said, the ministers were shocked. Although Chu Tiankuo was a wise emperor, his coldness towards people was beyond comparison.

Frightened as those ministers were, some were still bold enough to persist in their demands.

"Your Majesty, please divorce Tang Xia, so that you can be a wise emperor again!" Then the minister knelt on the ground and kowtowed.

The ministers around him were encouraged by his behavior and started trying to persuade Chu Tiankuo.

Chu Tiankuo was very annoyed by the garrulity of these ministers. What irritated him most that they were forcing him to make a decision.

"So you do not regard me as a wise emperor now?" Chu Tiankuo asked the minister who had taken the lead, angrily.

That minister dared not answer the question as he might die if he did not give the right answer. He had no choice but to compliment Chu Tiankuo, "I'm just trying to rid you of 'evil' ministers, Your Majesty. Please calm down..."

Before the minister finished his sentence, Chu Tiankuo said, "Rid me of 'evil' ministers? How dare you! Do you think those around me are all disobedient ministers?"

"Please calm down, Your Majesty. I just don't want to see our realm endangered by a woman. I am willing to give my life to persuade you, if you do not listen to my suggestion!" That minister appeared quite impa.s.sioned. It was as if his life now lay in Chu Tiankuo's hands.

When the other ministers heard the pa.s.sionate pleas of that man, they all said that Chu Tiankuo should divorce Tang Xia, for fear that the old ministers would be bitterly disappointed.

The incident had reached such a stage that Chu Tiankuo was thoroughly p.i.s.sed. "These ministers do not take me seriously. I have to punish these pedantic ministers who brag about themselves."

"I definitely cannot bear it if you die. So how about offering advice to me after you have settled down?" Chu Tiankuo appeared quite calm as if he was saying something insignificant. However, he convicted the minister of a crime, with a banter.

That man froze immediately as if he had just heard a piece of quite shocking news, "How could His Majesty treat me like this? He must have been enchanted by that woman!"

"Your Majesty, good advice is harsh to the ear! Your Majesty..." That minister shouted in a loud voice, while Chu Tiankuo sat there, as if he had heard nothing.

Chu Tiankuo spoke in a rather cold voice and it was as if a gust of cold wind had blown into their hearts. "Someone, bring the minister of Xu away. Cure his problem of kowtowing in the prison."

After he finished his sentence, Chu Tiankuo did not look at the minister of Xu who was being brought away. It was as if there was no one present at all.

The minister of Xu struggled with all his might and shouted, "Your Majesty, it is for your own good! Please think again! That siren is endangering the country! That siren is endangering the country..." Then he was pulled out of the hall before he could finish his sentence.

At this time, those ministers kneeling on the ground were in a state of panic as they did not know how to deal with Chu Tiankuo's strong personality. Their only hope was to persuade Chu Tiankuo to come to a compromise, due to their large numbers.

But Chu Tiankuo's behavior frightened them so much that no one was willing to take the lead.

Chu Tiankuo stared at his ministers kneeling on the ground and found that they were all awed by his strong personality and dared not say anything.

Since this was a good chance for him to build his prestige, so Chu Tiankuo said to his ministers, "Whoever refers to this matter again can keep the minister of Xu company."

After hearing what Chu Tiankuo said, the ministers whispered to each other. Chu Tiankuo knew it was time.

So he waved his sleeves, left and said, "That's it for today."

At this moment, a servant from the Country of Nanmen arrived at the gate of the imperial palace.

When one soldier came to tell Chu Tiankuo that someone from the Country of Nanmen wanted to see him, Chu Tiankuo was so annoyed that he instantly refused the request.

The soldier obeyed his instructions and stopped the man from the Country of Nanmen at the gate.

Chu Tiankuo felt quite annoyed as so many nettlesome matters and people were giving him so much problems.

So his bad mood worsened.

As night fell,

The cool breeze soothed Chu Tiankuo's irritated mood. But what happened today was like a fire that was continuously burning in his heart and he could not forget it.

The imperial palace was so quiet and stifling that Chu Tiankuo felt agitated.

Meanwhile, Zui Linglong was on her way to Chu Tiankuo's bedroom palace. The news of what had happened in the hall had been spread to the imperial harem. Zui Linglong knew that Chu Tiankuo must be rather annoyed.

Zui Linglong wanted to take away the difficulty and anxiety for Chu Tiankuo by giving him special comfort in his palace bedroom.

Zui Linglong knew what this comfort was and the final purpose was to let Chu Tiankuo spend a joyful night with her.

Zui Linglong arrived in Chu Tiankuo's bedroom palace. She had brewed a pot of calming tea, made by herself, as she wanted to soothe Chu Tiankuo's nerves.

Chu Tiankuo did not like it when Zui Linglong came to him. But Zui Linglong had come to relieve him of his anxiety on her own accord, so he did not say anything.

Zui Linglong ma.s.saged his forehead while she hummed an unknown song, which made Chu Tiankuo quite comfortable.

As Chu Tiankuo enjoyed Zui Linglong's ma.s.sage, both his body and mind relaxed. He thought, "Sometimes, the woman is a creature that makes me love and hate."

Zui Linglong said to Chu Tiankuo in a gentle voice, "Your Majesty, I made a pot of soothing tea for you. Could you please taste the tea?" Then she poured a cup of tea for Chu Tiankuo.

Chu Tiankuo drank the cup of tea, and did not see a trace of satisfaction flickering in Zui Linglong's eyes.

After a while, Chu Tiankuo felt hot and dry as if a fire was burning in his heart and he was staying in a stove.

He felt that his throat was about to be ripped out because it was so dry. So he took the pot and drank all the tea in one large gulp, not knowing that a philter had been put in the tea by Zui Linglong.

After drinking the tea, Chu Tiankuo's throat felt better. However, the fire burning in his heart was unbearable. He felt as if his whole being was on fire.

When Zui Linglong pressed her cool hands on Chu Tiankuo's shoulders, he felt as if he had found a cold spring.

He grabbed Zui Linglong and held her in his arms as he wanted Zui Linglong to cool his heat.

But after a while, Zui Linglong felt hot, too. Though Zui Linglong felt shy in Chu Tiankuo's arms, she was really getting into the mood.

Chu Tiankuo was no longer satisfied with Zui Linglong's cool skin, so he started to look for body fluids for his dry mouth from Zui Linglong's mouth.

Chu Tiankuo explored Zui Linglong's mouth crazily while Zui Linglong responded to his kiss on her own initiative. It was unknown how long they kissed pa.s.sionately before Chu Tiankuo stopped and let Zui Linglong go.

And there were glistening silver threads of saliva hanging from their mouths.

Chu Tiankuo pushed Zui Linglong over to the bed.

Chu Tiankuo was carried away by his desire and what he wanted now was Zui Linglong's body.

Zui Linglong noticed that Chu Tiankuo had stopped his actions, so she put her arms around his waist.

Chu Tiankuo could not resist her temptations anymore.

While they were having crazy s.e.x on the bed, Zui Linglong shouted loudly to express the pleasant sensations she was experiencing. Chu Tiankuo also growled in fits and starts. And their voices blended in a harmonious chord.

It was unknown how long it took, but Zui Linglong felt as if she was about to pa.s.s out with happiness, while Chu Tiankuo did not stop what he was doing.

Chu Tiankuo was cra.s.s and brutal like an indefatigable ox, which made Zui Linglong feel unusually happy.

Zui Linglong knew that Chu Tiankuo was hers today and it could not be denied that their bodies fitted well.

Chu Tiankuo and Zui Linglong spent a joyful and impa.s.sioned night.

On the next day,

Chu Tiankuo remembered what had happened during the night when he saw Zui Linglong lying next to him.

He drove Zui Linglong out immediately.

Zui Linglong told everyone in the imperial harem that Chu Tiankuo was not feeling good.

Once Tang Xia heard the news, she felt quite disturbed.

I Wanna Be An Online Celebrity Chapter 109 Fury For A Beauty

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