I Wanna Be An Online Celebrity Chapter 4 Battle Plan

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『Visitor』 Beibei: Anchor, this song is for you, don't be knocked down by the toilet, hurry up and get up!

『Visitor』popcorn: I have a divine comedy, I have the world!

『Visitor』Mangosteen: Anchor, It's not easy for you. You've encountered such person who is the toughest opponent in the whole live broadcast network. You've got such bad luck.

『Visitor』YZR: Yes, this is the murderous president in the rumors, Chu Tiankuo.

『Visitor』Little sticky tice:anchor, I have an immature suggestion. You see, even if you become a versatile brush toilet player, it is not useful for you to conquer the president. I have never seen a president who will think highly of a maid only because she can brush the toilet very well.

『Visitor』coco:Yeah, anchor, you have a heroine aura this time.

Tang Xia browsed the barrage of the live broadcast room, only to know that her opponent was actually such a difficult role to deal with. "What bad luck! I encountered such a big boss in the novice task..."

But it was not her style to give up easily. After a little thought, Tang Xia had developed a set of battle plans.

Half an hour later, Tang Xia appeared at the door of Chu Tiankuo's room.

"Slave girl, the toilets are all finished?" Chu Tiankuo just took a shower, his hair was still wet, and a few pieces of soft hair were stuck in front of his forehead.

He was really the hero of the president novel and was really "the face killer" who relied on the beautiful face. It also caused a huge shock in the live broadcast.

For Tang Xia, who was intuitively facing him, this was a visual feast. After all, in the real world, there will not be such a perfect person like this.

Fortunately, she had not been confused by the beauty, and thus forgot her task.

"I saw some ingredients in the kitchen, so I made some snacks. Do you want some?" To seize a man's heart, you must first grasp his stomach. This was the principle that had never changed in the president novel.

The cyan porcelain bowl was filled with slender alkaline noodles, with golden poached eggs, as if there was a scent that lingered at the tip of the nose.

Chu Tiankuo's cold eyes swept around, and his mouth was smirking with a cool smile.

"Gu Mumu."

He leaned down and looked at her indifferently, and the amber eyes were like a thin layer of ice.

"Don't play some low-level tricks on me. I don't have any interest in a flat board with shorter legs than those of a Welsh Corgi."


Tang Xia's mind was. .h.i.t hard, and the audience in the live broadcast was happy again—

『Visitor』popcorn: Hey, the big president is really cruel. It is indeed difficult to conquer him.

『Visitor』Summer: It's really a poisonous tongue, anchor. I am very sympathetic to you!

『Visitor』Star eyes: The time for a counterattack is coming, anchor. Don't care about it. I am optimistic about you~


Could she change her love and change her target?!

Tang Xia turned her face and said coldly, "You treat my kindness as nothing. I even did not wash my hands after was.h.i.+ng the closestool, and then I cook a night snack for you. You still don't appreciate it, you dead proud person."

Dead proud person?

Chu Tiankuo had a cl.u.s.ter of fire at the bottom of his eyes. He stretched out his slender fingers and grabbed the chin of Tang Xia. He smiled slightly: "Foot was.h.i.+ng girl, are you tired of living?"

Tang Xia's chin was about to be crushed, and she finally realized the real ferocity. She strongly held up a stubborn little face.

"Don't forget that your sales contract is still in my hands. If I am not happy, I will sell you to the coal mine, or do you want to be sold to the Philippines to plant bananas?"Chu Tiankuo said in a cold voice.

I Wanna Be An Online Celebrity Chapter 4 Battle Plan

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