I Wanna Be An Online Celebrity Chapter 76 Pregnancy

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It was late into the night. Chu Tiankuo walked into Lengmei's chamber.

"Are you happy now?" he said sarcastically as he walked in under the moonlight.

"I am very happy." Lengmei was wearing a thin silk robe, her snow-white skin smooth as jade, partly seen and partly hidden under the robe, making her more glamorous than ever. She was sitting on the edge of the bed with curled feet, her snow-white nape standing out in the darkness. She slightly c.o.c.ked her head and said with a seductive smile, "It is my greatest victory to keep you at my side."

"Even though I don't like you, you're still my concubine. I hope you will be discreet and behave properly, and stop being frivolous like a prost.i.tute." Chu Tiankuo's words were full of coldness foreboding a windstorm.

"You!" Lengmei stood up abruptly and pointed her hand at Chu Tiankuo.

"How dare you! You're just one of my concubines. How dare you be impolite with me?" Chu Tiankuo walked up to her quickly, grabbed her arm and squeezed it heavily.

Lengmei was obviously not strong enough to get away from Chu Tiankuo's grab, and a patch of bruise emerged on her snow white arm. She let out a m.u.f.fled groan and her face turned deathly pale.

"Your Majesty, you are the emperor of the nation. Don't you think it's not gentlemanly behavior to bully a weak girl?" Lengmei bit her lower lip hard to hold back a cry.

"Weak girl? Ha! You?" Chu Tiankuo threw her arm away brutally and darted a look at her with contempt, "Is there any unpleasant happening in my harem that was not provoked by you? Is there any evil plot you didn't contribute to? Weak girl? You're flattering yourself! You're unworthy of such a t.i.tle."

Lengmei s.h.i.+vered in anger as she listened to Chu Tiankuo's sarcasm, her face ghastly pale.

"Your Majesty, only by finding the stolen goods can you call someone a thief! What proof do you have to blame me? Even though I'm only a woman, I have my dignity and won't tolerate any groundless abuse or smear!" Lengmei straightened up her back and stood like a javelin. "You are the emperor, but it doesn't mean you can make irresponsible remarks at your will!"

"Hahaha, Lengmei, you're really a remarkable woman! Your brazen cheekiness really makes me unable to underestimate you." Chu Tiankuo burst out laughing hysterically, his body bending to and fro.

"But you misjudged me. First of all, I have long seen through you. Even if I did wrong you, what can you do? Do you really think I'm a softie? Do you think I can't do anything to you without evidence? You're too naive!"

Chu Tiankuo lightly slapped Lengmei on her pale face and gave a contemptuous laugh.

"Ha! So you came tonight just to humiliate me? To say these things to me?" Lengmei's voice was freezing like ice as if it came from deep under the snow.

"No! You're not worthy of my time. You said one thing right. If I can't treat all my women equally, the person I care about most will be dropped in danger. That's why I came here tonight. I have to make this compromise for her safety."

"Great! You're really a faithful lover, Your Majesty!" Lengmei spat with fury, almost biting her silver teeth to pieces.

"You got the point. Don't make more troubles for me. My patience has its limits." With these words, Chu Tiankuo flung one arm out, pulled a quilt to his side and rolled down on the bed. "This bed is big enough. You sleep over there. Don't make any noise tonight. Don't disturb my sleep."

After lying down with his back at Lengmei, Chu Tiankuo fell asleep without saying another word.

"Ha?" Lengmei sneered quietly, her face full of irony.

All night long, Lengmei slept on the same bed with Chu Tiankuo, the gap between them wide enough to hold two more people. She lay there with open eyes till dawn.

And throughout the night, Chu Tiankuo didn't touch Lengmei at all.

He woke up early the next morning and called his personal eunuch inside to help him get dressed. Without casting another look at Lengmei, he went to the main palace for morning conference with his officials.

"What's His Majesty doing?" Tang Xia opened her big eyes blearily, checked the sky outside and couldn't resist the temptation to ask.

"His Majesty went to the main palace three quarters ago." Lyuyou was wearing an unconcealed smile and mysteriously whispered at Tang Xia's ear.

"So early?" Tang Xia asked unbelievingly.

"Yes! Concubine Lengmei was not able to keep His Majesty at all!" Lyuyou raised her eyebrows proudly, her lips almost curled to her ears.

"It has nothing to do with you. Why are you so happy?" Tang Xia felt a sense of sweetness in her heart, but she pretended to be criticizing Lyuyou for her indiscretion.

"I'm happy for you, Your Grace!" Lyuyou helped Tang Xia to get dressed and continued, "Concubine Lengmei framed you because she wanted to wrest His Majesty's favor from you, didn't she? She finally got a chance to keep His Majesty, yet His Majesty didn't care about her at all. Isn't that good news for you?"

"You! You're dizzy with excitement now, aren't you?" Tang Xia was also unable to hide the joy anymore and she burst out laughing, "OK, OK, no more chitchat. I'm hungry."

"Yes, Your Grace. I'll make breakfast for you right now."

Tang Xia sat in front of her dresser and sighed at the unrivaled beauty in the mirror. It was a "married man" that she fell in love with.

Time flew. Over half a month pa.s.sed without anything special happening.

"How's today?" Tang Xia reclined on the bed and asked while waving a fan lightly.

"His Majesty headed for the study right after the morning conference and has been discussing important affairs with several ministers until now. He didn't even get time to lunch." Lyuyou frowned worriedly and then gave a smile, "So I prepared some snacks and asked the kitchen to make a meal. Now you just need to take them to His Majesty."

"You naughty girl." Tang Xia rolled up and then lay down again. "No hurry. His Majesty knows what he's doing. It's not good to disturb him. Let's wait a moment."

"Yes." Lyuyou knelt down at Tang Xia's feet, lightly pounded her legs for ma.s.sage and said smilingly, "Your Grace, it's been over half a month."

"Hm? What's been over half a month?"

"Concubine Leng of course! It's been over half a month since that night. His Majesty has been ignoring her since. He didn't go to see her again, and he didn't give her any reward."


"Your Grace, in my opinion, His Majesty only loves you."

"You frivolous girl, what're you driveling about? His Majesty is the emperor of the nation. He can go wherever he wants. What does it have to do with me?"

"Ah, you're getting shy, Your Grace."

"Nonsense! This time I will really teach you how to behave!" Tang Xia wore a happy smile in her eyes and was about to leap up and chase Lyuyou when a eunuch came in.

"Your Grace, Concubine Leng is coming."

"... Send her in." Tang Xia cleared her throat and sat down elegantly.

"Your Grace, you really know how to enjoy life. This tea smells so good." Lengmei walked in, her face s.h.i.+ning with smiles. She seemed to be in a very good mood.

"Well, if you like this tea, I could give some to you."

"Tut-tut, I know. Obtuse people always live a naive life. They don't have any worries."

"How dare you! Watch your tongue! Don't forget who you are talking to!" Lyuyou's face got dark and she rebuked Lengmei immediately.

"No wonder they say fish begins to stink at the head. Like master, like servant. Equally cheeky and ignorant of respect."

"Respect? I'm surprised you know this word!" Tang Xia's good mood was destroyed by Lengmei in a split second.

"I knew you would say that. Though I'm below you hierarchically, I'm now carrying His Majesty's baby. You think I'm inferior to your maid?" Lengmei said as if she was treated unfairly, but her eyebrows were raised strangely upwards.

"What did you say?" Tang Xia dropped the teacup in her hand, astounded at what she heard.

"I'm carrying His Majesty's baby! For half a month!" Lengmei said while looking at Tang Xia provocatively.


"Ridiculous! That's impossible! Bring Lengmei to me right now!" Chu Tiankuo punched the table in fury.

After a while, Lengmei was brought to him.

"Lengmei, do you know the result of deceiving the emperor?"

"Your Majesty, what do you mean? When did I ever deceive you?" Lengmei raised her face as white and pure as a lotus flower and looked at Chu Tiankuo confusedly.

"You're feigning ignorance? When did I ever touch you? How can you be carrying my baby?" Chu Tiankuo asked while glaring at Lengmei threateningly.

"Don't you remember, Your Majesty? You spent a night in my chamber over half a month ago! It was just that night!" Lengmei lowered her head and said, her voice turning smaller, her cheek redder, and her manner shyer.

"Such arrogance!" Chu Tiankuo walked over and grabbed Lengmei at the forepart of her clothes, "Don't you dare lie to me! You don't want to live any more, eh?"

"Your Majesty, you wronged me. I have been telling nothing but the truth!" Lengmei looked at Chu Tiankuo and said pitiably, almost crying.

"You're still lying? Answer honestly. Did I ever touch you that night? I didn't touch you at all! How could you be pregnant?"

"That's not true! We had such a joyful night! Your Majesty, won't you take responsibility for what you did?" Lengmei's eyes seemed to be filled with pain. Warm tears fell down her cheeks and dropped on the back of Chu Tiankuo's hand.

"Haha, if I were not confident about my own memory, I would be taken in by your story. I'm saying this for the last time. I didn't touch you that night!"

"All right. I'm saying this for the last time, too! You touched me and not only once!" Lengmei looked at Chu Tiankuo tauntingly and said, "I'm by no means an ugly woman. If you didn't touch me, what were you doing all night in my chamber? Was there anything wrong with your body?"

Chu Tiankuo's hand moved up to grasp Lengmei's neck and his voice was freezingly cold as h.e.l.l, "You're playing with fire!"

I Wanna Be An Online Celebrity Chapter 76 Pregnancy

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