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The Divine Sect Seminary was obviously not a heavenly paradise.

How could a place situated in the worldly Luoyang City become a gateway to Heaven?

Those 17 civilians managed to enter a meditative state so quickly because of Ye Que's help.

The path that Ye Que bashed through after studying the Divine Book was no ordinary one leading to the Psychic Realm. It was not exaggerating to call it a path to Heaven. Of course, it was not the Heaven in the skies, but the 'Heaven' of Spiritual Energy. Normally, pract.i.tioners would train their True Energy, but Ye Que cultivated his Divine Energy.

The difficulty of breaking through was unavoidable.

Similarly, in the process of breaking through, the environment around him was also be more or less affected.

Everything Ye Que took a step forward, he swung his saber once, and every time he did that, a seal script would be slashed into pieces. It would delay the Spiritual Force surrounding him, and as it got closer to him, the effects would become more p.r.o.nounced.

Ye Que was sitting cross legged at the second storey of the Divine Sect Seminary, and he had covered 100 steps in 15 minutes. A youth downstairs managed to connect with his Spiritual Force and became the first person to enter a meditative state. After Ye Que walked another 100 steps over the next 15 minutes, all of the 17 volunteers had entered their own zones.

The position of the seventeen people was just below Ye Que, where his Spiritual Force was the most abundant.

At this moment, it was not an exaggeration to say that this place was a gateway to Heaven.

After two hours, the first batch of seventeen people gradually exited from their meditative states. They had ruddy faces and looked fresh and energetic.

"It's amazing, how can this be?"

"Is this cultivation? It's no wonder that it's something only that the G.o.ds can do."

"I've never felt so comfortable before, and it's better than immersing myself in hot springs for 100 times."

"There is a lot of strength in my body, and I feel that my punch can kill a cow."

"I've decided that I want to join the Divine Sect Seminary; I have to learn more techniques; I want to begin cultivation!"

Someone who had not experienced the joy of cultivation would not understand its amazing properties, but once anyone did, it would be hard to turn back. He or she would be hooked onto the pleasures of cultivation and not be satisfied with just learning one technique.

The volunteers had fulfilled their tasks, and the resulting conclusions sounded somewhat ridiculous.

Some believed it, while others were in doubt. There was a small group that was undecided.

The second batch of 'bravehearts' began their first cultivation session. It went smoothly, and they entered a meditative state quickly, even faster than the first batch of volunteers. This was because Ye Que was taking more steps and slas.h.i.+ng at more seal scripts now, causing the Spiritual Force surrounding his body to intensify.

Batch after batch of volunteers arrived, and each batch was larger than the previous one. Very soon, all of the civilians that had come to witness the opening ceremony of the Divine Sect had picked up the Qi-refining technique, and aside from a few outliers, most of them also got to experience the profundity of entering a meditative state.

Cultivation was something that anyone could pick up, but some people could go further than others. That said, even if one was extremely untalented and ended up having the same level of cultivation for life, the Heavens would still allow one to achieve a small amount of progress.

As long as you were fated.

What was fate then? It was something that could help a beginner learn the Qi-refining technique, create a gateway to Heaven that had an abundance of Spiritual Force, and it could also help guide you along your path and answer any questions you had.

If all three factors were present, one would be able to embark on one's journey of cultivation.

News of the amazing feat accomplished by the Divine Sect Seminary spread throughout the entire Luoyang City after dinner. Naturally, it reached the General's Mansion and to the ears of Ye Yunhai and Xiao Huating as well. They were not concerned about the Seminary or cultivation, however.

"Mother, did father really went to the Divine Sect Seminary today?" Ye Yunhai asked, somewhat in disbelief.

Xiao Huating nodded very confidently.

"What exactly does he want to do? Why can't he stay at home and rest? Has he become senile with old age?" Ye Yunhai asked angrily.

"What does he want?"

Xiao Huating blinked and said, "Can't you guess? He's not senile at all. Since he was willing to visit that vile sp.a.w.n, he wouldn't keep that person away from our family."

"Does he want to...?" Ye Yunhai's face turned pale for an instant, as if his tail had been trampled upon.

"Naturally to allow that person to be acknowledged by his ancestors," Xiao Huating sneered. "The first thing that vile person will do upon entering Luoyang City is to come here and acknowledge his ancestors."

"No way!"


"I disagree!"

"The general can only have one son, me. I won't allow anyone else to enter the General's Manor," Ye Yunhai said through gritted teeth, his expression hideous.

"Rest a.s.sured, Yunhai. As long as Mother's here, no one can s.n.a.t.c.h away what belongs to you," Xiao Huating said as she walked up to her son. Her expression was calm, but her tone was very firm. She grabbed Ye Yunhai's shoulders gently as she continued, "You're the master of the General's Manor. You have to be; from the day you were born, you were destined to be the master of this manor."

"Mother," Ye Yunhai replied, sniffling.

"You don't have to worry about this; let me handle it. All you have to do is to quickly improve your level of cultivation. Three Psychic Sword Pills have been sent here from Shushan and you should take them tonight. The Divine Tool, River Soldiers are about to emerge, and there'll be many things for you to attend to."

Xiao Huating walked slowly away after speaking, and she muttered to herself along the way. "I've stayed in this house for 20 years just for a chance to become its owner, to lead the 20,000 soldiers of the Ye army. No one knows how much sacrifices I've made. Do you think that your plan of dividing your a.s.sets with that brat will succeed?"

"Have you become senile?"

"Looks like you have."

This very night.

Ye Que had taken 4,800 steps on the path to the Psychic Realm, made 4,800 slashes and slashed 4,800 seal scripts. It was less than one-seventh of the entire journey, however.

On the same night.

Xiao Huating did something extraordinary. She went to Ye Zhengru's room alone, and she knocked, opened the door and then shut it behind her. The warm yellow light from the candles in his room instantly turned to a purplish-black glow, and strange demonic like shapes were reflected on the paper covering the windows of the room.

Xiao Huating opened the doors of the general's room again after the candle flame had died off, and she walked out alone silently.

Under the moonlight.

Xiao Huating's gaze was piercing, and she smiled. It was a cold, emotionless smile, and if one looked closely enough, one would notice that there seemed to be a traces of blood on her fingertips. They had coagulated on her skin and looked purplish black in color.

She snapped her fingers lightly, and countless shadows flitted across her.

The black figures quietly concealed themselves in the yard of the General's Manor under the cover of night.

Shortly after, faint sounds of meat cutting through flesh came from within the manor, followed by the sounds of heads rolling on the floor. There was a sudden downpour, and all of the blood was washed away by the rain. Just like this, not even a little scent of the bloodshed was dispersed.

At dawn, the rain stopped and the sounds stopped.

The manor was still intact, but many people had been killed.

This night, demonic aura filled the air surrounding the General's Manor.

Late Night Tales Of The Capital Chapter 64 This Night

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