Fierce Silk Flower Chapter 17

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Fierce Silk Flower in the End of the World


This chapter is dedicated to Kimikat21. Thank you! ❤

Chapter 17 The ‘Terrible' Thieves

After hearing Geng Yan's word, Ji Anran swore that the first thought in his mind was to leave.


Hehe, this junk ex-boyfriend, who wants to get back together with him!

“This is all the soil that the base worked hard to receive because of the problem with the rain. Even though the rain was pretty bad, but ground was not penetrated deeply, digging a few more meter and they finally found a clean soil. The greenhouse is the largest crop production area in the base, and the rent is not cheap.”

Geng Yan continued: “We've found so many seeds that we're going to plant them then sell them. Otherwise, it would be too much.”

Several warehouse filled with seed, and each seed is very big. If they eat it by themselves, he and Anran will eat them for the rest of their lives.

“So you let me go and farm?” Ji Anran's heart, spleen, lung and kidney are in pain, “Okay, I do not need you to help me find a job, I will find my own ah.”

“Anran, how are you going to find a job? The base has too many people, those who are recruiting are few and most jobs are very tiring and dirty. Can you eat that bitterness? Beside, you're very thin, can you really argue with someone else?” Geng Yan was very skeptical.

Ji Anran is also very angry.

He raised his hand to cover his mouth, and smiled: “I have fine skin and tender meat, if I can't go on, I can also sell it~”

Geng Yan's face suddenly sank.

“Anyway, I'm never going to farm. You want to kill me, I will not be fooled by you!” Ji Anran took big steps to go out.

What compounding? He's going to the talent market now, pick a team and leave the base to kill zombies!

This kind of thing called old attack, you can feed it to the dog~

“Anran, I'm not going to let you do the hard labor.”

Ji Anran turned back, his eyes on Geng Yan's body: “Yes, for a strong man like you, farming is not really hard.”

“Growing vegetable isn't that tiring, and I already knew that you wouldn't want to do it. I'm going to make you a little boss. You have the vegetables, you can hire people to grow them. If you're too lazy to sell them yourself, you can also hire people to do it for you. Although this makes it less profitable, but the income is high enough for you to live freely. I'll be the one in charge of your rent and food.”

Ji Anran was surprised, his face revealing the color of guilt.

He trotted over and pounced into Geng Yan's arms.

“Geng ge, you have been rejecting me to compound. I thought you don't like me anymore, I thought…”

Geng Yan rubbed the head of Ji Anran, sighing: “I will take care of you. Come on, let's go to the talent market and hire a few people.”

Ji Anran hugged Geng Yan and does not let go, his voice very sweet: “Geng ge, I have no way to repay you're grace, let me devote my life to you.”

Geng Yan: “… No need, you can repay me. You no longer stick about compounding, being able to live a good life in the base, is my best reward.”

Ji Anran: “…”


Such a selfless spirit, will you treat me the same if I find a new man?!

Meanwhile, Chen Xiaohui is trying to fan the flames of his new boss.

“Geng Yan recently fell in love with a little white face and I heard it was his ex-boyfriend. He cares a lot about that Ji Anran to the point of turning himself against his team.” Chen Xiaohui's mouth edited the story.

Pan Weilong listened, his expression faint and didn't say a word.

Chen Xiaohui's heart also has no bottom, and do not know the other's thoughts.

Although he was reborn, but in order to get Geng Yan, he ran thousand's of miles to this side, greatly reducing his advantage.

He was also just an ordinary water ability user, going out with an ordinary team to look for supplies. The base's leaders recruited a lot of talented people, where their supplies came from, he simply did not know.

And this is a city he is totally new to, and he doesn't know many things. He still knows two more famous material sites, but this is his last chips, and he won't expose it so easily.

Geng Yan didn't like him, he kept his mouth shut all the time. Coming to a new team, he will not easily show his card.

“I know what you're saying. Even Geng Yan will be like today. I thought that man cannot have an oil and salt enter.” Pan Weilong smiled sarcastically.

Chen Xiaohui stood quietly, waiting for something.

“Well, you can go out.” Pan Weilong waved his hand.

Chen Xiaohui went out, heart dropping to the bottom.

Didn't Pan Weilong get it? He kept hinting at how important Ji Anran was to Geng Yan, to remind the other side to catch Ji Anran to threaten Geng Yan ah!

Inside the room, the two people remaining were still talking.

“Captain, he's trying to use you against Ji Anran and Geng Yan.” A trusted aide of the team went straight to the point.

Pan Weilong pulled the corner of his lips: “He wants to use me, I am not a fool. I do not have a deep hatred with Geng Yan, there is no need for me to catch his people to threaten him. It's just that he is better than me, and I don't feel too good about that.”

Because Ji Anran help with the night watch and collect supplies, but did not take half of the materials in return, Geng Yan's team member's impression of him is very good, and being a person of Geng Yan, the base extends its good feelings to Ji Anran.

And with the ripple that Ji Anran caused, with people not knowing what Chen Xiaohui is hiding, his reviews are very bad.

“Then, what do we do with him?” the trusted aide asked.

Pan Weilong said unconcernedly: “Anyways, he is the type of person that I do not intend to take out of the base to find supplies. My insensitive brother is short of bodyguards, so I'll let him go.”

Because Ji Anran's ability is not an offensive type, Geng Yan is very worried with him keeping too many supplies.

Therefore, Geng Yan only gave Ji Anran some spare supplies, and most of the materials are place in his s.p.a.ce to help Ji Anran keep them.

Ji Anran knew that Geng Yan was looking for a new player and was worried about when he would find the time to leave the base.

His heart was so anxious that he couldn't get to get something done at once.

The place where Ji Anran lives have security patrol at night.

But the security patrol will always have a blind spot. After all, they can't always look at the same place.

What's more, w.a.n.g Xin's family and Ji Anran are in the same neighborhood, thus having easier access at night. The security guard do not remember which owner owns the house, but could identify whether it was an owner. Remember, there are a string of doors between the neighbors.

w.a.n.g Long, with his accomplices, opened the lock of Ji Anran's home with a wire and sneaked in.

The fruit tray on the table was empty, and it was unknown whether it was eaten or put away.

A group of people with small flashlights looked around the house, and they couldn't find any food.

They have searched all the rooms, leaving bedroom last.

The group glanced at each other and nodded.

Thieves do not leave empty handed. This is trip to steal supplies!

The group slowly opened the door of the bedroom, and the situation inside the room unfolded in front of them.

Perhaps because of his lack of experience in the base, Ji Anran did not pull the curtain.

The silvery moonlight poured in from the window, and everything inside the room was exceptionally clear.

The bedroom wall has a huge wooden cabinet with two closed doors facing the center, a thick chain tied on the two iron handles. A large copper lock hug on the chain and keep the door locked.

Seeing this big cabinet, the eyes of the group suddenly lit up.

No wonder they haven't food any food. It's all locked up in their bedroom cabinet!

This is also normal. After all, since the end of the world, if it isn't because their body cannot carry it, many people wanted to stare at their own food, day and night.

The men crept close to the big cabinet and tried to open the door to steal things.

They know the relations.h.i.+p between Ji Anran and Geng Yan, and did not dare to easily put Ji Anran to death. After all, in case they are found, Geng Yang wouldn't retaliate to them too much.


A thief holding a copper was not steady, accidentally letting the copper lock and the chain touched, issuing a crisp sound.

Ji Anran opened his eyes, his round eyes staring at the three hooded men, his clear little face scared pale.

“Ah!! Help me!!”

Ji Anran was scared back, and there was a cry in his voice.

“Geng ge!”

Hearing this sound, w.a.n.g Long knew things are going bad and he quickly run over, reaching out to cover the small mouth of Ji Anran.

JI Anran's small hands has reached under the pillow. Picking up his crossbow, he directly shot an arrow to the person in front of him!


A sound like a pig being killed was heart with the sound of the arrow burying itself into flesh. w.a.n.g Long covered his bleeding arm and took a step back.

Ji Anran picked up another arrow and was ready to put it in.

By this time, w.a.n.g Long had climbed out of the bedroom from the window.

Ji Anran turned on the lights and went out with his crossbow. His face was still in a shocked state, and his eyes were filled with a strong sense of alarm.

In fact, he had already woken up and closed his eyes on the thieves mess.

The copper lock and the chain's collision making a sound, with his strength, he can directly send the two back to the western heaven with his crossbow and then chase the other one out, leaving the last one dead on the living room.

But… how can he do that?

He's just a weak, normal ma with a little crossbow skill ah~

Ji Anran was barefooted on the cold floor, stuck for a long time.

His neighbors nearby also rushed over and stood outside his door, talking, but he remained unresponsive.

It was not until he heard the familiar voice that he turned his head as we woke up.

Ji Anran looks like we was in a trance, his face full of a sad and helpless look: “Geng ge…”

Geng Yan came in and took the initiative to hold the person in his arms.

“Don't be afraid, I'm here.”

Ji Anran buried his small face in Geng Yan's arms, the voice still trembling: “I, I am really worried.. Maybe one day, when I fall asleep, I will not wake up again.”

Small Theater:

Big Boss Ji: “I'm so useless, letting three thieves run away QAQ!”

Geng Yan: “Touches you head, don't cry.”

T/N: if i didn't know the whole story around this robbery, I would have been crying >.>

This special release is for me getting my first kofi, thanks to Kimikat21! Thank you very much!

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Fierce Silk Flower Chapter 17

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