Galactic Garbage Station Chapter 137 Also Sees A Magical Beas

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Su Jing stood by the garbage dump with a small knife in his hand.

He released his spiritual force and it swept through the garbage dump and roughly detect everything in it.
The first thing to confirm is whether there are other living organisms.

Without much effort, he detected that something was moving under the garbage heap.

Su Jing quickly turned over the garbage dump and saw a huge animal, which at first seemed to be a tiger, but it was as big as an elephant, wounded and bleeding. It suddenly stood up, thundered, broke away from the huge amount of garbage that was pressing on it and then jumped towards Su Jing, crossing seven or eight meters in a single leap.

Su Jing was stunned for a fraction of a second, he kicked under his feet and pulled back and threw his knife at the tiger at the same time.


Under the control of Su Jing's spiritual force, the knife crosses an arc and shoots precisely into the tiger's eyes.

However, the tiger suddenly raised its head and blocked the flying knife with one of its huge teeth when it was about to land on its eye. The reaction speed was extraordinary. The tiger seemed angry at being provoked, roared and ran to Su Jing.

“Xiu”, “Xiu”, “Xiu”

Su Jing shot the three more knives at it.

The tiger dodged quickly from side to side. However, because of intense exercise, the wound on its body split and blood gushed out and blood also spilled in its mouth, and its footsteps shook, it almost could not stand still. It was obviously too badly injured.

Su Jing was not willing to miss this opportunity. He threw three more knives at the tiger. One of them shot the tiger's eyes, one shot on the tiger's head, and the other on the tiger's throat when it opened its mouth.

The tiger gave a reluctant roar and finally fell down straight.

“What kind of tiger is this? It's huge! It's so fierce and it was able to jump seven or eight meters while it was seriously injured. If it was not seriously injured, I am afraid I wouldn't be able to deal with it. Even if the Cats and Dogs, the Battle Wolf, the man-eating vine were to join forces with me, I am afraid I have to pay a heavy price to kill it. Is this…Magical Beast? or Vicious Beast?”

Su Jing glanced at the tiger's body. His eyes s.h.i.+ning slightly, like looking at a treasure mountain. Such a giant tiger, first of all, can confirm that it is definitely not a living thing on Earth, it is probably a Magic Beast or Vicious Beast from a different universe.

However, instead of immediately dissecting the tiger's body, Su Jing continued to explore the garbage dump. When his spiritual force penetrated deep into the dump, it found another thing moving rapidly to the surface of the dump.


A snake shot out of the garbage dump and quickly left in the distance.

It's more than a meter long. At first glance, it looks like a python with stripes, giving Su Jing his first feeling. It's beautiful! Su Jing wasn't a snake lover, but looking at the python, there was an instant sense of appreciation.

Su Jing naturally refused to let it escape, he released his spiritual force to domesticate it and the python struggled. It shook its head and continued to climb forward. Su Jing wasn't surprised. He waved his hand and a knife shot out.

The Python seemed to be aware of the danger and fled quickly. But the flying knife was faster, and it came to its forehead in an instant.

At that moment, Su Jing had to deal with it as long as he went on. But Su Jing suddenly changed his mind. The snake didn't look strong and was completely under his control. He might as well keep it first. Maybe he can get the information of the escaped Python from it.

Su Jing's spiritual force moved and the knife immediately changed direction and shot in front of the python. The Python was frightened and ran away.

Su Jing continued to control the flying knife to tease the python and it was forced to spit out dark green poison attack, but it seemed that after three sprays, it could not attack any longer.
After a while, the python was exhausted. Su Jing released his spiritual force again to domesticate it. This time the python continued to struggle, but eventually, the resistance was weak. Su Jing was able to take advantage of it and successfully domesticate the python.

Su Jing took another rough look at the garbage and found that there were no other living creatures, which relieved him.

“Let's try this tiger meat.”

Su Jing came to the huge tiger body, cut a piece of meat out of a wound, walked out of the Garbage Station and saw the Battle Wolf, cats, dogs and foxes sniffing their noses, staring at the tiger meat in his hand with saliva dripping out of their mouth.

Su Jing threw out the tiger meat and the Battle Wolf reacted the fastest. He jumped up and grabbed it and swallowed it directly. After eating, he still drooled and looked at Su Jing with a pleasant face, just as he did when he saw Magical Beast pork.
Su Jing was overjoyed. He cut a piece and cooked it himself. He found that it tasted totally different from the Magical Beast pork, but it was also very delicious, and when he ate it, he felt that the heat was constantly coming out of his body. The effect was obviously better than that of the Magical Beast pork.

“This tiger is probably also a Magical Beast, and superior to the wild boar.”

Su Jing is overjoyed, this tiger is at least a few thousand jin, and it will last him for a while. He immediately began dissecting the tiger, first peeling off the tiger skin, then taking out the internal organs and then dividing the limbs. When he saw the huge tiger 'whip', Su Jing was not feeling too good.

“What the h.e.l.l, it's as thick as my arms, this is way too big. I heard that the tiger whip is very replenis.h.i.+ng. I don't know how much this Magical Beast tiger whip will replenish?”

Su Jing looked shocked, but to be honest, he dare not eat freely. Ordinary tiger whips can cause some people to have nosebleeds, not to mention Magical Beast tiger whips. If he eats freely, he may die of nosebleeds.
Su Jing thought about it, cut off the tiger whip and put it in the refrigerator, ready to use it if the situation arises. Although Su Jing's physical fitness doesn't need strong-yang, it's always right to keep something that can alleviate that problem.

After Su Jing finished the tiger, he found a box for the python, put it in, dropped its blood on the Ten Thousand Beasts Tablet, and asked: “Where were you born?”

“Desert.” The python spits a snake letter.

“What desert?” Su Jing continued to ask.

“Tageer Desert.” The python continued to answer.

“Tageer Desert?” Su Jing was stunned for a while, and suddenly his pupils shrank slightly. Was it from the Battle Through the Heavens Universe, the Queen Medusruled Tageer Desert?

“Do you know Xiao Yan?” Su Jing asked.

“I don't know.” The python shook his head.

“Do you know Medusa?” Su Jing asked again.

“She is Her Majesty.” The python nodded.

Su Jing asked a series of questions. In his heart, he a.n.a.lyzed that this garbage is all from the Battle Through the Heavens universe. The Magical Beast tiger and the python are no exception. According to the python's answer, this can be basically concluded. The garbage should come from the Battle Through the Heavens universe and the “big python” that escaped, is it really just a snake?

Su Jing did not continue to think about it but instead handled the garbage heap while looking for clues. (To be continued ~^~)

Galactic Garbage Station Chapter 137 Also Sees A Magical Beas

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