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"It turned out to be like this, that's great!"

Listening to Li Yalin's explanation, Chino suddenly realized that, at the same time, she was also sincerely happy for Li Yalin.

Even as a witness of the birth of the Three Sisters of the Cat's Eye, Chino feels honored.

"Then we will make a reservation, go to the barbecue tomorrow night."

Seeing that there is a smile on the face of Chino, Li Yalin is also secretly happy. He can feel that his relations.h.i.+p with Chino is getting closer and closer. Although she can't call him brother, he believes that if he works hard, he will succeed!

Although in terms of intellectual character, this goal has a long way to go.

"Barbecue? Ma.n.u.script fee?"

The rabbit lying down is not counted. There are only three people in the coffee shop. The dialogue between Li Yalin and Chino, of course, will be heard by Rize.

It is precisely because of this that her face will be confused and puzzled, because just in the introduction of Chino, Li Yalin seems to be transferred to the city, to live in Chino's home, and listen to that meaning, he seems to be a senior high school soph.o.m.ore, as old as herself.

As a peer student and a friend of Chino at the same time, Rize is generous in saying that the other party can call herself a cla.s.smate of Rize, and she is ready to call the other party by the same name.

After all, she is the elder and younger sister of the military family, and her style of work is a pleasure. She knows that she will spend a long time with Li Yalin in the future. She knows that she will get along with him and would like to take the initiative to bring the relations.h.i.+p closer.

But in fact, the distance did not seem as close as she had imagined. At least she feels that she completely does not understand the dialogue between Chino and Li Yalin.

It is understandable to go to a barbecue. But why did Li Yalin, a high senior high school soph.o.m.ore student who was about to transfer to this city, will get a contribution fee?

What is the draft fee?

"Right, Rize still doesn't know. Yalin published a manga called Cat's Eye on the Internet, and will receive the first draft fee tomorrow."

Rize's doubtful expression attracted the attention of Li Yalin and Chino. Li Yalin, as a litigant, was somewhat embarra.s.sed to explain the situation, but Chino did not have any burden and made a quick and straightforward explanation.

After all, it was also a manga born under her witness, she was pleased to introduce this work to her friends.

However, what Chino did not expect was that when she finished the sentence, she even attracted the more surprised expression of Rize!

"What? Cat's Eye? You are talking about that Cat's Eye?"

Rize's subconscious exclamation made Li Yalin and Chino face each other, not only Chino, but even Li Yalin was somewhat inexplicable.

“Are there still a lot of Cat's Eye?”

When Li Yalin uploaded Cat's Eye, he made a deliberate investigation to make sure that there was no similar manga or other works in the world. After all, when he came out with this work, he had to ensure the originality of this work, if he were wearing a cap of plagiarism, it would definitely become a stain in his life!

In this case, the reaction of Rize is...

"No, no! Cat's Eye has only one, which means... are you the author of Cat's Eye?"

"Have you seen my Cat's Eye?"

"Yes! Just yesterday, I saw this manga under the introduction of a friend. Although there is only one short story, this is the best manga I have ever seen!"

What Li Yalin never imagined was that Rize actually read the cat's Eye first chapter so skillfully and became a fan of this manga! Seeing that her eyes are all small stars, there are some trends in the way of becoming a little girl.

Really so exaggerated?

"The best manga ..."

Subconsciously scratched the back of her head, Li Yalin could not have imagined that her first meeting with Rize, actually harvested her eyes of such wors.h.i.+p.

It stands to reason that the character of Rize should be calmer unless the Cat's Eye is really touching her heart.

So why is Rize so devoted to this work? It's hard not to... That's what makes the 3* work attractive?

Although it is only a usual number, Li Yalin can clearly understand that the works he draws after using and not using this bonus are completely different.

The *3 work will give people an inexplicable attraction, just as if something is urging people to continue, and if you look at a work that has no bonus, you will lose that attraction.

Therefore, the performance of Rize is also the reason for the increase in manga appeal.

It should be like this, but it is really shy.

"In my mind, that is the best manga!"

Looking at the embarra.s.sed Li Yalin, Rize was very firm and shook her head.

Although she is not a veteran manga book enthusiast, she occasionally buys manga books. In general, she will watch the raw manga of the boxing to the flesh. After all, with her personality, she can't really see Those rough and simple manga books.

Even so, don't forget that she is a girl, even if it looks like a woman, but in fact, she also has the delicate heart of a girl.

It is better to say that she is more sensitive to certain things.

When she saw the work of Cat's Eye under the introduction of a friend, she could simply use it to describe it as irremediable. The story between Hitomi Kisugi and Utsumi Tos.h.i.+o is not said for a while. The ident.i.ty of the Three Sisters alone had a great attraction for her.

Female Grand Theft in the modern city?

This ident.i.ty made her stunned. She even said that she could not wait to be one of the three sisters. She fights bravely with the police at night, but she could live the life of ordinary people during the day.

The most important thing is that she has an amazing commonality with the three sisters of the next life – all working in a coffee shop.

Reasonable, this has triggered her resonance!

Because of this, Rize immediately became a fan of this work after reading the first chapter of the Cat's Eye, but she did not think that the next day, she actually met the author of this work!

Is there anything more tricky than this?

"That... um, thank you for your compliments."

Seeing that Rize almost wants to be transformed into a young girl, Li Yalin can say anything more, scratching his cheeks, and looking at Chino around him. In the end, it seems that he can only accept it.

"It's not a compliment, it's a fact that there are a lot of people on the 'Youth Fiery of Weekly' forum who share my views... By the way, Mr. Yalin, although a little abrupt, can I know when Cat's Eye second chapter will be uploaded?

Li Yalin's response made Chino shake her head. It is estimated that in her opinion, Li Yalin's performance is too modest.

You should know that the Cat's Eye works in the Youth Fiery of Weekly's website is a skyrocketing, there are too many posts to discuss this topic, and the praise rate is still amazing.

In this case, everyone must admit that this is excellent work.

And the same as the ordinary fans, Rize is also very much looking forward to the Cat's Eye next chapter, so after hesitating for a moment, she finally raised this issue to Li Yalin.---------------------------------------------------------

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Salvation Began From Cafe Chapter 13

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