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For Chino Kafu Li Yalin is his brother, she will never deny this.

As the only child in the family before crossing, he always wanted to have a younger sister, a lovely younger sister or something, wasn't she the best?

It is a pity that the wish is only a wish after all, and it is impossible to realize.

So, crossing into the present world, having such a lovely and smart sister. Chino Kafu, this is simply the rhythm of this life without regrets!


Yes, Li Yalin feels there is no regret in his life, but the problem is no regrets don't mean he is going to die!

In a world full of zombies, in a world full of blood and corpses...

Would he make the same choice if life could be repeated?

Looking at the running figures in front of him, listening to the shrill screams and desperate cries, Li Yalin clenched his fist subconsciously.

Looking at the running figures in front of him, listening to the shrill sound of screaming and the sorrow of despair, Li Yalin clenched his fist subconsciously.

Maybe... he will make that choice himself.

Since this is the choice, he doesn't regret it!

In fact, there is no way to regret it, right?


What happened, why did Li Yalin's daily life suddenly collapse into such a state?

Everything has to be said after he got the mission reward.

After paying off that one hundred million Yuan of debt, Chino Kafu's rabbit house was been able to keep. Next, to welcomed Li Yalin, it was a more unenc.u.mbered happy daily life.

There is nothing wrong with that being said.

However, while paying off the debt, it also represents the official completion of his mainline mission to save the coffee shop, so it goes without saying he has to get the mission reward, which is the three system lottery opportunities.

In the previous lottery. He had won the piano option of mastery level, which was definitely a big touch level ability, which made him quite a master like other masters and which he liked quite a lot.

Well, this time, what kind of reward can he get for the three lucky draw opportunities?

There is no need to get too much suspense, just draw away without explaining!

Let's go!

Three consecutive draws!

Congratulations on the expert-level fighting skills from the world of "The Three Sisters of [Cat's Eyes]".

Congratulations on gaining combat skills.

Turn on combat cla.s.sification.

Start a cross-border rescue mission.

Good stuff!

Absolutely good stuff!

Mastery of stealth skills, expert-level fighting skills, which sounds super strong! In addition, there is the general knife of that excellent level weapon. Although he does not know what level the excellent level is. It is definitely not bad at first, right?

After seeing the lottery results, Li Yalin was overjoyed. He was worried that his otaku was weak enough. He would send a pillow when he really dozed off. Whether it was that stealth skill or fighting skill, it was the ability he liked very much!


Because of the combat skills gained, so the fight cla.s.sification was turned on, right?

What is the so-called battle cla.s.sification?

Opening the battle cla.s.sification interface. The above is not as detailed as the life cla.s.sification, but it is simply marked with the two icons of stealth and fighting skills.

It is worth mentioning the skills of the battle cla.s.sification are the same as the options of the life cla.s.sification. They are divided into five categories: entry, proficiency, mastery, expert, and master. They also have proficiency settings.

Of course, there are rewards after reaching the level. For example, Li Yalin's mastery of stealth skills now has a special bonus of 3 for hiding.

The expert-level fighting skills not only provided him with a 3 bonus to melee combat ability but also gave him exclusive fighting gear props combat gloves!

Put on this fighting glove, Li Yalin can also get an additional 5 bonus for melee combat ability, which means that his overall melee combat ability has been increased to 8?

This is simply a qualitative leap!

The only pity is there is no introduction about the general knife except that it is marked as a superior weapon, and it is not known how strong the weapon is.

But since it is a weapon from Alice Sonata. A weapon used for fighting against the aliens. It is impossible to be weak, isn't it?

Yes, that's right, but the problem is that these rewards are not really the focus of his attention!

Start a cross-border rescue mission?

What the h.e.l.l is this?

Although there were three rewards at once, it was indeed a pleasant surprise, but the opening of the cross-border rescue mission really made Li Yalin very concerned.

Literally, that should be the rescue mission across the world?

Not only can he stay in this world, but he also goes to other worlds?

This means that... Does he still have the possibility to go home?

Speaking of Li Yalin's time in this world, it's not long, but it's not short either. After he had confirmed that he had crossed, it was ready to return to the original world.

After all, what he crosses is already a stroke of big luck. If he can go back and forth again but this probability is too low. 

But now it's better. He has already given up his life and has to make a cross-border rescue mission. What should he do?

Well, now he really doesn't need to think too much, let's take a look at what the so-called cross-border rescue mission is.

Cross-border rescue mission - The Garden of Eden.

Content of the mission-save the young girls according to the side missions and seize the living s.p.a.ce for the young girls.

Mission rewards-single version of the cross-border ability.

Mission reminder, the branch mission contains a lot of rewards, please try hard to find out. In addition, because this mission has certain dangers. If he does not choose to accept it within three days. It will be regarded as an automatic abandonment. After giving up the mission, the cross-border rescue mission will no longer be started.

In a literal sense, if Li Yalin chooses to accept this task, then he will go to another world to save the strange girls, to help them. In other words, it sounds like a rather difficult task for him to seize the living s.p.a.ce. 

What kind of world is actually going to make girls lose their living s.p.a.ce?

Regarding this question, Li Yalin wanted to ask the system clearly, but it was impossible for the system to give him the answer at all.

This is really confusing, isn't it?

Of course, the system does not force Li Yalin to complete the task. In fact, he also has a choice. He can give up this task and continue to live a happy life in this world.

But... is he really willing to such joy?

Once he chooses to give up, the cross-border task will no longer appear, then the single version of the cross-border capability awarded by the system. Well, although the single edition is a bit of a braggart. It is still a cross-border capability, isn't it?

Really give up this opportunity?

Li Yalin felt he couldn't do it.

Ps: Cat's Eye; is a manga by Tsukasa Hōjō. It was pre-published in Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine between 1981 and 1985 and was compiled in a total of eighteen volumes. It was published in French by Tonkam editions, in an edition of 10 volumes.

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Salvation Began From Cafe Chapter 92

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