The World That Tao Rules Chapter 17

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 17

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Chapter 17: What is the Meaning of Tao

After seeing DongFang Bo off, Jiang Yun held that s.p.a.ce Ring with curiosity. He infused the Spiritual Energy into it which then caused a blurry one square meter s.p.a.ce to appear in front of his eyes, in which two books were laid.

"s.p.a.ce Rings are a kind of Magic s.p.a.ce Tools. Almost every cultivator will own one. Magic Tools are in different ranks. The higher a Magic Tool's rank is, the better its quality is. As for this ring, it's far away from being ranked. Hence, it doesn't have a large s.p.a.ce."

Jiang Yun was thinking of what DongFang Bo had just taught him about the Magic Tools while picking those two books. He was planning to read them, however, his stomach was growling.

Jiang Yun showed a bitter smile. Though he just became a cultivator and was able to absorb the Spiritual Energy which allowed him not to feel hungry for a long time, he hadn't eaten anything for over two days and nights. What was more, he had unblocked three meridians and a lot of impurities had been excreted to the outside of his body. Now eventually, his stomach demanded food.

With no other choice, Jiang Yun put the books aside and took the jade bottle instead. He took one Fasting Pill out of it.

Indeed, Jiang Yun was quite familiar with Dan pills. During his sixteen years, he had been taught by his grandfather and managed to refine countless Dan pills successfully.

But he had never refined the Improvement pills which could be eaten as food. After all, food was not a matter as either animals or plants could be seen everywhere in Mang Mountains. Hence, most of Dan pills he had refined were for cure and detoxification.

Years of experience of refining medicines had made Jiang Yun become interested in all kinds of pills. Due to the special situation and mood, he hadn't had time to study carefully at the Medicinal Tao Physique Pill and Inhalation Pill he had taken before. Thus, now getting this Fasting Pill, he didn't swallow it right now. Instead, he examined it carefully.

He wanted to know if there was any difference between the Dan medicines and the pills he had refined in Mang Mountains.

The Fasting Pill was flaxen and as small as a cherry. Several granular bulges could be seen on its surface. When putting it on the tip of the nose, a hint of fragrance could be smelled.

Jiang Yun took a slight breath, then he said to himself, "The Fasting Pill uses the rice as the main material, and adds the Ten-day Fruits and the green willow juice as well. Though I don't know how the refiner makes it, it's obvious that that guy hasn't done a good job. No matter the duration and degree of heating or the guy's skill is terrible, or the pill's surface won't be so rough. Its medical effect shouldn't be too good!"

Jiang Yun a.n.a.lyzed easily. However, if other cultivators especially Dan Alchemists had heard his words, they would definitely be shocked.

Because refining a Dan pill needed not only proper materials but also its refining prescription that wrote its specific matching principle and refining order.

The medicinal pills' refining prescriptions were extreme treasures to Alchemists. After all, every refining prescription was concluded by countless failures. Thus, it wouldn't be shown to others easily.

However, Jiang Yun could easily tell the materials contained in the Fasting Pill only depending on their smell. Though he couldn't speculate its detailed refining prescription. It was already pretty rare.

Even, Jiang Yun had confidence that if he was given enough materials and chances for experimentations, he would possibly refine the Improvement pills successfully. What was more, the pills he produced would surely be much better than the one he was holding now!

Whereas, it was impossible for Jiang Yun to refine the Improvement pills right now. So after studying for a while, he was going to put that pill into his mouth.

However, an unexpected change happened!

He found that a dim light suddenly showed up on that triangular black stone which was hung on his chest. Then with a pop sound, the Fasting Pill burst.

Such a familiar scene reminded him of the exploded Seeking-Tao Mirror before. And now he could finally ensure that he hadn't gotten a blurred vision at that time. This time, he saw it clearly that a stream of light in a size as small as sesame rushed out from the Fasting Pill when it burst and then was sucked into the black stone rapidly.

After the s.h.i.+mmer vanished, the black stone became calm and quiet, just like nothing had happened. However, a small amount of the powder of the Fasting Pill was left on Jiang Yun's fingers.

"What's going on?" Jiang Yun was stunned. The only thing he was sure was that the black stone had absorbed something away from the Fasting Pill.

This black stone was the only thing that Jiang Yun had taken away when he had left Jiang village; it was also the thing that Jiang Yuerou had given him and asked him to preserve as treasure.

To be honest, Jiang Yun had never considered it as a valuable thing. He had thought it was only Jiang Yuerou's funny words to call it "treasure"; the thing Jiang Yuerou had presented was actually a souvenir to him, which stood for the connection between him and Jiang village. Hence, he hung it on his neck solemnly. Every time when he saw it, he felt that he was still in Jiang village.

But now it looked like this stone was really an amazing treasure!

"Big Brother has said that there are many rare treasures in the world. Some are produced by people; some are formed by nature. How about this stone? What functions does it have?"

Jiang Yun planned to ask DongFang Bo, but finally decided to do some trials by himself first.

After all, if it was a real treasure, just like DongFang Bo had said that it would surely be better to let fewer people know it.

Thinking for a long time, Jiang Yun dropped another Fasting Pill form that jade bottle and put it in front of him slowly. However, nothing happened this time.

"No reaction? Is there anything I did wrong during the progress?"

Thinking for a while, Jiang Yun repeated all his actions completely the same as he had done before. However, the stone had no response.

"Or maybe there are some differences between these two Improvement pills?" Jiang Yun shook his head when thinking. He looked carefully at this pill and said, "No. Their ingredients are similar in every detail."

Then, Jiang Yun even poured out all the pills in that bottle and tested them one by one. Whereas, the stone still gave no response.

"What the h.e.l.l is it? Why would only that exact Fasting Pill and the Seeking-Tao Mirror before explode when they came near to this stone?"

"The Seeking-Tao Mirror…"

Repeating the three words, an idea suddenly came out from Jiang Yun's brain. He had remembered what Xiao YiShu had said: the Seeking-Tao Mirror contained the Meaning of Tao which could judge whether one could converge the Spirituality of Tao in the future.

"The Meaning of Tao!" Jiang Yun's eyes became s.h.i.+ny, "When the Fasting Pill and Seeking-Tao Mirror were exploded, the thing the stone has absorbed may be the Meaning of Tao?

"But, what is the Meaning of Tao?"

The next moment, Jiang Yun stood up suddenly. He kept everything well and swallowed a Fasting Pill. Then he left for DongFang Bo's cottage.

"The Meaning of Tao?"

Listening to Jiang Yun's question, DongFang Bo was excited with eyes enlightened. He rubbed his hands together and said, "Bro Jiang, if everyone can be hungry for knowledge as much as you, it would be much greater! Come on! Let me tell you in detail what the Meaning of Tao is!"

Though Jiang Yun was kind of afraid of DongFang Bo's chatty speech, he had to sit and listen to him for figuring out what the Meaning of Tao exactly was.

"The Meaning of Tao, basically, is just as its literal meaning shows. Actually, it is a kind of illusory thing that can't be seen or touched.

"Specifically, the Meaning of Tao is quite mysterious and complicated! Everything in the world has its own Tao. Thus, the Meaning of Tao can be all-inclusive. For example, the Fence Tao is a kind of Tao, mainly related to swordsmans.h.i.+p; the Implement Tao is mainly related to material and tools.

"Usually, the Meaning of Tao is contained inside of all kinds of things in the world randomly. But generally speaking, things that are related to Tao cultivation are more possible to contain the Meaning of Tao. For example, the Seeking-Tao Mirror which had been used to test your Tao spirituality before must contain a certain Meaning of Tao as it can perceive the possibility of converging the Tao Spirituality."

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The World That Tao Rules Chapter 17

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