Don't Pick Up Boyfriends From The Trash Bin Chapter 83 Part2

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translator: baumkuchen (unedited)

After a big battle, then came relaxation. Everyone who came back from fighting for their lives all needed a period of utterly uninhibited merriment to resist the fear in their hearts. It could be through gorging themselves, or getting s.h.i.+tfaced.

While another group of soldiers which had been left behind to hold the front lines and wait solemnly, the soldiers who had come back from the front lines lighted a campfire, drank, barbecued meat and danced and sang. A few wounded soldiers with non-serious injuries joined in on the merriment. A young soldier who'd had his leg stabbed by a Zerg played the ukelele and sang a tender love song, in his eyes the still-burning embers of a fanatical love for battle.

Adjutant Yin Shaofei came to the army tent and invited General Li to come sing.

Chi Xiaochi was originally been eager to give it a try, but seeing the half-written report he was working on, he still pushed down the impulse and said, "You guys play, I won't come. I still have a report to write. When I'm done writing in a while, I'll come by and take a walk around."

Hearing this, 061 let out a big sigh of relief for those wounded soldiers.

Before he left, Yin Shaofei laughed merrily and said, "The higher-ups are really satisfied with your performance in your first battle. They even prepared a special surprise just for you." 

Chi Xiaochi wasn't actually all that interested in the reward from the military, he was more interested in going out and taking a look around at the ruckus.

After writing a few lines as Ji Zuoshan dictated them, finding that Ji Zuoshan was also a little absent-minded, Chi XIaochi couldn't help but be amused.

……Only at this kind of time would Ji Zuoshan exhibit a bit of the youthful nature of a child.

He closed his laptop, put on his military uniform, and strode out.

Ji Zuoshan was a little pleasantly surprised. "Mister Chi?"

Chi Xiaochi pushed the tent flap aside. "Go go go, I'm taking you to see the excitement."


Who knew that just as he reached the edge of the merriment, Ji Zuoshan suddenly said, "Mister Chi, wait."

Chi Xiaochi stopped. "What's wrong?"

Ji Zuoshan said, "……At your seven o' clock."

Chi Xiaochi turned and saw a bonfire, as well as a few familiar faces.

His eyes curved upwards slightly. After Ji Zuoshan had become an Alpha, his senses had improved, letting him easily see those people's faces.

……They were the people who had violated Ji Zuoshan in the granary in the past.

Compared to how crazed and barbaric they had been at that time, the current them were so normal. One was holding up a photograph, introducing his parents to his companions. Another was holding up a burning piece of firewood and singing at the top of his lungs. His singing was even pretty good.

As Chi Xiaochi watched them, the light of the fire was reflected in his eyes.

When he spoke again, the original enthusiasm in Ji Zuoshan's voice had waned slightly, "Mister Chi, let's go back."

Chi Xiaochi asked, "You don't want to deal with them?"

Ji Zuoshan didn't easily bring up forgiveness, just saying calmly, "I'll observe them a little further. If I can deal with them, I will, but if they keep performing well, then there'll be no need for that."

This response, made Chi Xiaochi nod slightly.

It seemed like even if he left now, Ji Zuoshan was already able to stand on his own.

With such thoughts in his head, he turned and left. However, he didn't notice the furtive figure silently following behind him.


Back in the army tent, Chi Xiaochi had just sat down, and was preparing to finish up the report, when he took an inadvertent glance around, and his hair stood up on ened.

……In the corner had appeared a soldier dressed in a low-ranking military uniform. He stood there, silent, the brim of his hat pressed extremely low. From that single glance, he saw a hint of pale skin, which was pale enough to entice people.

Chi Xiaochi didn't show anything on his face, but he swore in his mind, f.u.c.k a motherf.u.c.king duck.

As he swore, he stood up. In an unfriendly tone, he asked, "Who are you?"

But the visitor was even more afraid than Chi Xiaochi. Trembling, he raised his head, showing a pair of pitiful eyes.

Only then did Chi Xiaochi realised the ident.i.ty of the person before him. "……You're an Omega??"

He wasn't just an Omega, from what he could smell of his pheromones, they just so happened to smell exactly the same as Ji Zuoshan's scent of red wine and mint. As such, Chi Xiaochi hadn't noticed him when he'd first come in.

Immediately thinking of that so called "special surprise from the military", he couldn't help but let out a loud curse, and overturned his desk with a kick.

That Omega couldn't help but start to tremble.

Probably because of the shock he'd received, his exposed slender, soft neck rapidly turned red. Seconds later, the Omega pheromones in the tent instantly became several times more intense!

Chi Xiaochi only felt his body turn hot and uncomfortable. Irascibility rising in his heart, he strode over to the exit of the tent, but ended up running straight into someone.

His waist went soft and weak, and unable to bear the heat running through his body, he simply collapsed on said person's shoulder, his breath coming out in low pants.

Zhan Yanchao, hit straight on with the surge of Omega pheromones, stumbled. He cursed loudly, "Who f.u.c.king brought an Omega in heat in here?!"
Upon hearing that something didn't sound right inside, Yin Shaofei, who'd taken a dose suppressants and had been waiting outside the tent all this time, rushed into the tent after the Zhan Yanchao who'd followed Chi Xiaochi in, and was too made eye-wateringly dizzy by this surge of pheromones.

……What the f.u.c.k, how had this happened? Why did he suddenly go into heat?!

Zhan Yanchao wrestled down his own violently surging emotions and shoved Ji Zuoshan. "Xiao Ji, quickly go, quickly leave this place!!"

Chi Xiaochi shoved Zhan Yanchao aside, and pointed at Yin Shaofei's face with a trembling finger, "Suppressants! Give him a dose of suppressants, immediately, and then lock him inside the jail. Keep him in there for the rest of the night. Don't allow anyone to come close!"

After that, he once again batted away the hand Zhan Yanchao had reached out to try and support him with and stumbled out of the tent. Under the astonished gazes of the crowd, he rushed straight to the mecha parking spot, opened the door to the cabin of his mecha, and shut himself inside.

No matter whether it was Ji Zuoshan or Chi Xiaochi, they both hated this feeling of not being able to control their own body.

Almost the very instant they entered the safety zone, Ji Zuoshan, panting, knocked himself out in one blow, leaving Chi Xiaochi to stumble over to the soft pilot seat, and throw himself onto it, completely exhausted.

Under the influence of Omega pheromones, his body was burning like it was on fire. Chi Xiaochi swore that he'd never seen such a powerful aphrodisiac in his lifetime.

Chi Xiaochi curled up on the chair, huffing out hot breath from his nose, his hair damp with sweat. He couldn't help but reach out to undo the b.u.t.tons of his s.h.i.+rt, trying to relieve himself of the burning heat.

However, the heat didn't lessen in the slightest, as if it had permeated every inch of his skin through his pores.

In 061's eyes, he saw Chi Xiaochi in his original body. His face was flushed pink, like a piece of eggsh.e.l.l porcelain that had been chilled then heated, making an alluring layer of mist rise off its surface.

Gradually, Chi Xiaochi's mind became foggy. He forgot that he had come to the cabin to grab a suppressant, and just collapsed on the chair, writhing in discomfort, his legs rubbing together, low moans coming from his throat.

061 instantly materialised and retrieved the suppressants from where they were hidden in the cabin. He sprayed it on a handkerchief and let him breathe it in.

However, most Alpha suppressants were only able to preemptively prevent such things from happening, and Omega pheromones affected both the body and the soul. After using the suppressants, Ji Zuoshan's body was no longer burning as fiercely, but Chi Xiaochi still couldn't bear the heat. It made him toss and turn, and even forced out soft whines from his throat.

Helpless, 061, the handkerchief that had been sprayed with suppressants in hand, dematerialised into a ma.s.s of energy and dove into Chi Xiaochi's spiritual world.

That little hamster-like spiritual power was curled up into a ball, trembling fiercely, making 061's heart ache from seeing it.

He made the spiritual energy take human form, with Chi Xiaochi's appearance, and Chi Xiaochi's voice. He murmured in a low voice, "……Lou-ge, Liu-laos.h.i.+, I don't feel well……"

061's lower abdomen clenched. He didn't even dare to look at Chi Xiaochi's face for too long.

……Could it be that these symptoms were even contagious?

He turned away, and coaxed in a soft voice, "You'll feel better soon, I brought you some medicine……"

He helped up that body which was emitting a dim golden glow, and was so light it felt like it didn't have any bones. Who would have expected that spiritual energy would be far too sensitive. It was twice as sensitive, to the point that it couldn't bear even the lightest touch. He'd just brushed a hand over his shoulder, and Chi Xiaochi let out a m.u.f.fled moan, so aroused that half his body went numb.

061's voice also began to fill with panic. He didn't know whether he was saying this to Chi Xiaochi, or saying this to himself, "You'll feel better soon, really soon……"

But soon, no more comforting words could leave his mouth.

A pair of fiery hot lips had found his. After finding that bit of coolness, like a little puppy, they refused to let go.

Just like what he'd said, completely inexperienced, licking and biting like a little puppy.

061 was only stunned for a moment, before an urge came over him from nowhere, and he wrapped his arms tightly around the person in his embrace and pushed him down. Placing his elbows beside his ears, he panted for a few moments, then began to automatically download kissing techniques into his mind.

He guided Chi Xiaochi to stop that slightly childish sucking. Their lips gently pressed against one another again and again in light to the point of non-existent kisses, covering his lips, the corners of his mouth, like a dragonfly skimming across the surface of the water, lightly pressing together then pulling back, but they made Chi Xiaochi toss and turn restlessly all the more.

061 stroked the baby hairs on Chi Xiaochi's forehead. He didn't know what had come over him, focusing all his attention of soothing him in a warm voice, "Take your time, there's no rush."

The author has something to say:

Kissing will continue tomorrow!!! Congratulations to Liu-laos.h.i.+ for learning to act like a rogue!

Don't Pick Up Boyfriends From The Trash Bin Chapter 83 Part2

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