Top Furious Doctor Soldier Chapter 138 You Are Disabled

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This time, Old Lady Dongfang was literally spitting out blood. In the Dongfang Family, she was treated like an empress dowager. She was always highly respected, but today she was so angry that she was hurting inside.

"B*stard, you black sheep, you are the unfilial son of the Dongfang Family, you are such ... "

"Dam* you, you old b*tch."

Old Lady Dongfang kept ranting at Dongfang He, but was interrupted by him.

"Didn't you want to ask me three things? It is only because you are my mother that I deign to give you the answers. There is still one more question to ask, so hurry up." Dongfang He said impatiently.

By now, the other members in the Dongfang Family had surrounded Old Lady Dongfang. Someone helped her, for fear that she would fall from the chair. Someone quickly took a face towel and wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth. Some poured water for the old lady.

Old Lady Dongfang's eyes rolled at this moment, her whole body was quivering, and she kept patting her chest and said, "Lao Si, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I will take it as I have never given birth to such a beast as you. Now I will ask the last question. Where is Duan Danian? He is the boss of the Pepper Gang and my confidant. Why didn't he stop you?"

When Old Lady Dongfang asked about Duan Danian, everyone became quiet again, as they waited for the answer.

It was a fact that in the Dongfang Family, other than the people with the surname of Dongfang, Duan Danian was the only outsider with a different surname, whom they trusted and relied on the most.

However, after they heard what the voice on the other end of the phone said, everyone in the Dongfang Family started swearing.

Dongfang He said, "Duan Dainian has turned himself in. He has done so many ruthless things and killed dozens of people all these years. After Wuhen and I persuaded him, Duan Danian repented. Accompanied by Wuhen, he went to turn himself in, yesterday."

"Dam*! That is impossible!"

"How could Duan Danian surrender. If he surrendered, aren't we all finished? Duan Danian is involved in all things in our Dongfang Family, especially ..."

"Traitor, Dongfang He, don't forget that your surname is Dongfang. Are you high on drugs?"

At this moment, even with the presence of Old Lady Dongfang, these people couldn't control their emotions anymore. It was a known fact that once Duan Danian surrendered himself, the Dongfang Family would be doomed.

"A group of stupid people. Don't call me anymore. After I settle all matters in Nanjing, I will turn myself in, as well." Dongfang He did not bother about how the others were yelling at him at the other end of the phone. With this statement, he hung up directly.

Old Lady Dongfang was so angry that she almost fainted.

However, this old woman was more unflappable than others. She quickly calmed herself down.

"Stop making all this noise. Now, everyone has to start making plans."

Old Lady Dongfang issued a large number of orders, "Lao Da, you will go to Nanjing immediately to carry out a crisis public relations management. No matter how far the situation has developed, we cannot afford to ruin our Dongfang Family's name, even if we have to slice the flesh from our body."

"Yes!" Uncle Dongfang responded, and left immediately.

"Don't hurry, let Lao'er go with you." Old Lady Dongfang continued issuing orders, "Lao'er, you go to Nanjing with your older brother to see if we can cut our losses to a minimum. If there is a chance, bring Lao Si and Dongfang Wuhen, this little beast, back together, to me."

"Yes, I will go to Nanjing with brother right away." Lao'er answered and left immediately with Lao Da.

Then Old Lady Dongfang began to think and spoke continuously,

"San Ya Tou, you go to Yanhai to get help from the Ye Family there. As long as the Ye Family agrees to help, no matter who is targeting our Dongfang Family, we can stand up to anything."

"Lao Wu, you stay in Qingshan and manage the industry here. Since things have happened in Nanjing, we can't make any mistakes in our hometown."

Such a big mishap had occured in the second base of the Dongfang Family in Nanjing. It was certainly the doing of the hypnosis master, Day Patrol Messenger Haiyer.

Now Haiyer was sitting on the top floor of a 55-story building, drinking red wine.

The original name of this building was Dongfang Mansion. It was a symbolic building for the establishment of the Dongfang Family in Nanjing. However, the board of Dongfang Mansion had now been removed.

At this time, Haiyer felt that he was running out of ideas. He sat in the executive chair and said, "What shall I name this building in the future? I bought it with 2 million of the public funds in the Netherworld!"

A middle-aged man was sitting next to Haiyer.

If Old Lady Dongfang saw this man, she would probably spit out blood again, because he was Lao Si of the Dongfang Family, namely, Dongfang He.

What was even more irritating was that Dongfang He was giving suggestions to Haiyer for a new name for the mansion, "We should call it Nanhai Mansion. Nan, as in Nanjing. Hai, as in Mr. Haiyer."


Haiyer felt delighted and patted Dongfang He's shoulder, "Dongfang He, you are a good man. From now on, this building will be called Nanhai Mansion."

Dongfang He felt quite happy after being praised, and asked Haiyer, "Mr. Hai, now I have completed almost all of my tasks. When do you think I should turn myself in? After all, I have done a lot of wicked things in my life. I can't help but take responsibility!"

"Well, you are right."

Haiyer said, "Here's what you should do. In the afternoon, you will give me the power of attorney, to authorize me to deal with the rest of the Dongfang Family's industries that have not been sold in Nanjing and then you can surrender."

"Well, I don't have to wait for the afternoon, I will do it right away."

"Good, you are diligent. I like diligent people. Go ahead."

Everything went well for Haiyer. However, at this time, Liu Feng was somehow at a dead end.

Yang s.h.i.+wen followed Liu Feng closely. Although there was a trace of tension in her eyes, her expression was firm. She trusted Liu Feng infinitely.

Miao Xiong stood five meters away from Liu Feng.

"Liu Feng, why did you stop running?"

Miao Xiong smiled and said, "People from Poison Martial Group are skilled in identifying poisons and scents. As long as I remember your scent, I will be able to find you"


Liu Feng smiled and said, "Interesting, you have trained yourself to be a police dog! I admire you!"


Yang s.h.i.+wen was so amused by Liu Feng's words that she doubled up with laughter, her hands covering her mouth. However, Miao Xiong was so angry that he foamed with rage.

"Liu Feng, stop talking nonsense. Today, I will send you to the West." In a flash, Miao Xiong rushed toward Liu Feng.

Although Miao Xiong was only 1.6 meters tall, he was quite well-built. Without any fancy moves, his palm reached toward Liu Feng's heart.

Liu Feng's eyes were slightly closed. The opponent's speed was very fast. It was so fast that Liu Feng felt a bit surprised.

"But would Brother Feng fear him?"

Of course not, Liu Feng stepped forward and faced the opponent, with his palm extended.

"Bang bang bang ..."

When the two men fought against each other, they fought palm to palm, fists to fists, legs to legs, in a fast and furious way.

That was the mutual test between them. Then they started to show more ingenious martial arts moves after flas.h.i.+ng several times in a row, they moved across and brushed past each other.

"Hey, hey, hey, feeling numb?"

When the two men moved across each other, Miao Xiong laughed smugly. If a master were watching the battle, he would find that Miao Xiong's palm was slightly black. That was a pair of Poison Palms.

However, what made Miao Xiong surprised was that Liu Feng merely sneered, "a.r.s.enic Poison Palm, I have seen it before. A cheesy trick. I am not feeling numb, but you ... you are disabled, right?"

"I am disabled ... ah!" Miao Xiong suddenly felt a pain in his right shoulder, and a sudden warmth ran down his ribs, on his right side.

At some point, a one-foot long scimitar appeared in Liu Feng's hand.

The arc of this scimitar was exquisite, and the blade was as thin as a cicada's wing. In the sun, it looked translucent, which made it easily overlooked, in the fierce battle.

And at this time, Miao Xiong found that his right arm was trailing one meter behind him. It could only be that when Liu Feng pa.s.sed by him, Liu Feng had slashed off his arm.

"Didn't you just say that you wanted to send me to the West?"

Liu Feng turned back and said with a smile, "I don't believe in Buddhism, so I don't want to go to the West. But I am in charge of the Netherworld, so I decided to send you to h.e.l.l!"

Top Furious Doctor Soldier Chapter 138 You Are Disabled

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