Top Furious Doctor Soldier Chapter 422

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Chapter 422 The Dangerous Journey
“Go to Afreca, hha!”

Yang s.h.i.+wen covered her mouth and smiled. “Are you going to find those miners to help you? How interesting it is! I'll ask the secretary to book the tickets.”


Just as Liu Feng and Yang s.h.i.+wen booked air tickets to Afreca online, Lu Yan of Lu's Family in the capital had gotten this message. Master Lu was extremely sullen at this moment. Gnas.h.i.+ng his teeth, he said, “Didn't all the people of the Heavenly Sword of the last generation die in Afreca? Liu Feng, you didn't die five years ago. This time I will kill you again in Afreca.”

After saying this, Lu Yan walked out of the room and ran to the backyard quickly.

The elder of Lu's Family was standing under a peach tree outside the pavilion of the backyard. In March of spring, the peach blossoms had already bloomed in the capital. The elder of Lu's Family stood under the peach tree motionlessly. It was unknown what he was thinking.

“Grandpa, I…”

“I know it.”

Lu Yan walked to the back of the elder of Lu's Family. He was interrupted by Old Lu just when he spoke. This deep old man said without turning his head back, “I guess that the thing you are going to tell me is about Liu Feng. You find a chance to kill him again, don't you? And you directly come to me. Do you want me to provide help for you?”

“Grandpa, I'd like to invite the two gentlemen around you to help me.” Lu Yan said.


Old Lu finally turned around and said, “You want those two guys who have followed me for decades to help me?”

“Grandpa, I know my request is very demanding, but I can't let Liu Feng grow up anymore.”

Lu Yan's sight was gloomy, and he said, “I went to Donghai last time and made full preparations. I invited Old Qi and Old Ge at the Legendary Level as well as Three Experts in Longhu Mountain. They were at the Legendary Level in all. Unexpectedly, all of them were killed by Liu Feng.”


There was also a gloomy look on Old Lu's face, but he didn't respond to him.

“Grandpa, we can't wait anymore. Not only the five experts at the Legendary Level were killed by him, but I also paid a high price. I invited Dui Nilu. Ti, whose surname was Ti of the super caste in Intia. He was Dui Nilu. But he also died at last.” Lu Yan said.

Hearing this news, Old Lu raised his eyebrows. But he still didn't agree.

“Grandpa, if I can't kill Liu Feng, he will kill me in the future.” Lu Yan said anxiously.

“Grandpa will protect you.”

Old Lu turned back again, admiring the peach blossoms and saying, “You are the eldest grandson of Lu's Family. I will not let anyone kill you. Of course, there is no reason to kill you.”

“Yes, there is now.”

Lu Yan's forehead was sweating coldly at this moment. “In Donghai, I thought I could kill Liu Feng by the sneak attack of the super Cyberdyne at last, so I told things in those years…”


Old Lu suddenly turned back when Lu Yan mentioned these words “in those years”.

A tempestuous intention to kill was flas.h.i.+ng in Old Lu's eyes. “You told him that you tricked and killed the last generation of the Heavenly Sword in those years?”

“Yes. I thought the hole card, the super Cyberdyne couldn't be killed. I…”

“Cyberdyne? You b.a.s.t.a.r.d. You even have a relations.h.i.+p with the Demonic center?”

Old Lu, the old man who played a decisive role all over the Celestial Empire, showed a touch of anger suddenly at this moment. The old man raised his hand and slapped Lu Yan's face heavily.


The slap of an old man in his seventies or eighties was heavier than those of many young men. He even slapped Lu Yan to fly and fall out for five or six meters.

“Grandpa!” Lu Yan who fell to the ground shed blood from the corner of his mouth. “I know I was wrong, but I…”

“You know you were wrong? You just tell me why you were wrong.” Old Lu took two steps forward, pointing and yelling at Lu Yan.

Lu Yan stood up and knelt down in front of Old Lu, saying, “I should have fooled around the people of the Demonic center. I shouldn't have accepted the super Cyberdyne. I shouldn't…”


Another slap hit Lu Yan's face again, but Old Lu didn't use so much strength this time.

“Listen carefully. You were wrong because you shouldn't have been complacent. You shouldn't have told Liu Feng about your crimes.”

Old Lu pointed at Lu Yan's nose and rebuked him, “People can make mistakes, but these mistakes should be hidden from others forever after you make mistakes. And after speaking these mistakes out, you will be the most ignorant stupid. Do you know?”

“I see.” Lu Yan said, lowering his head.

“Liu Feng got the first place in the Hidden Dragon Duel. He has already got the only immunity as the saint of Celestial Empire. After learning about the crimes which you have committed before, even if Liu Feng kills you… Even if he kills you…” The more Old Lu spoke, the angrier he was. And then he couldn't speak anymore.

Lu Yan knelt all the time like this and didn't dare to say a word.


After a long while, Old Lu sighed and said, “There's no choice. Then let Liu Feng die in Afreca completely!”

“Grandpa!' Lu Yan suddenly raised his head.

Old Lu said in a heavy voice, “Let these two old guys, Mu Tian and Mu Ye, go to Afreca with you!”

After hearing these two names said by Old Lu, Lu Yan's eyes suddenly flashed with a touch of brightness.

It was not over yet. Old Lu continued to say, “To make sure that nothing goes wrong, I will ask ten guardsmen around me to go there with you.”

“Grandpa, your guardsmen!” Lu Yan was astonished this time.

These two men whose surnames were both Mu beside Old Lu were standing at the top all around the Celestial Empire in terms of the martial arts. And the guardsmen around Old Lu were composed of the most top guys of the former military king.

Taking ten top men of the military king and the two figures at the Super Legendary Level with him, there would be really nothing to say if he still failed.

“But you should listen carefully.”

Old Lu then said, “You can only succeed this time. If you can't kill Liu Feng in Afreca, you will probably sleep in Afreca forever. Understand?”

“I understand. Grandpa, you can rest a.s.sured. I will definitely not fail this time.” Lu Yan said.

Just less than three hours after Liu Feng booked a flight to Afreca, Lu Yan also booked thirteen tickets to Afreca.

This wasn't over yet. Huang's Family of the capital also acted this time.

The elder of the Huang Family made a phone call personally. “Lao Pei, it's time for you to act. Liu Feng who I mentioned has gone to Afreca. You have to change him into a tomb in Afreca by all means.”

In Lan's Family of the capital, a middle-aged couple entertained another old couple in a private club owned by Lan's Family.

“Mr. Tan, Mrs. Tan, sorry to bother you two this time.”

“After you two finish this matter, Lan's Family will fulfill the commitment immediately and give you the overseas island that Lan's Family has dedicated to vacation and leisure.”

The old couple smiled at each other and nodded at the same time. They stood up and walked out.

In Peng's Family of the capital, Peng Jun, the new householder, sat in the study room and said with a smile, “Lan's Family is very generous, sending the couple whose surname is Tan out. They used to practice martial arts with human blood by slaughtering all the people of a town. It seems that Liu Feng will definitely die this time. However, it will be improper if Peng's Family does not act to help them this time.”

After saying this, Peng Jun picked the phone up and made a phone call, too.

When the phone went through, Peng Jun only said, “Liu Feng has gone to Afreca. I will send his information to you. I only want him to be dead.”


In a large private manor of the western underground world, a strong man murmured, “Liu Feng is Yama. Even if Peng Jun didn't say it, I would kill him, too. This time I will dispatch all elites of the Death a.r.s.enal. Once Yama dies, the wealth of the Netherworld, which has been acc.u.mulated for so many years, will be mine.”

At night, Liu Feng and Yang s.h.i.+wen boarded the flight to Afreca.

After the plane took off, Yang s.h.i.+wen's big eyes brightened, and she seemed to be very excited. “Brother Feng, there are lions, elephants, hippos, and vast savannahs in Afreca, aren't there?”

“Yes, the natural environment of Afreca is very beautiful.”

Liu Feng said smilingly, “We will land in Cameron of Conga. Then we will drive across a real savannah which is very large. You can admire and enjoy the scenery there.”


Yang s.h.i.+wen nodded heavily.

“Well, don't be excited. Have a good sleep.”

Liu Feng rubbed Yang s.h.i.+wen's head and said, “The journey to Afreca may be a wonderful trip this time. It may also be a dangerous one! Keep your spirits up!”

After flying for nearly fifteen hours, the plane finally landed in Yaounda, the capital of Cameron.

At the same time, a group of heavily armed soldiers, wearing straw-yellow military uniforms, appeared on the edge of the savannah in Afreca.

“The news came from Yaounda that Master Yama had already landed.”

A leader of this group of soldiers waved his phone in his hand and said to everyone, “Listen carefully! We will welcome Master Yama in the cruelest way of the Death a.r.s.enal. Give Yama an exciting and dangerous journey. Send Master Yama to the Netherworld!”

Top Furious Doctor Soldier Chapter 422

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