Top Furious Doctor Soldier Chapter 442

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Chapter 442 Bullying the Three Experts
“Big Boss Yama!”

“Big Boss, how is your injury? Why do you come out?”

“No, no. Big Boss, it's not time yet. You'd better go back. Netherworld lives as long as you the Yama live, even if we all died with the enemy.”

Hearing Liu Feng's voice, Justices and others were excited but worried.

Especially, Justices, always calm, was even terrified into shouting, “Yama, what the h.e.l.l are you doing? Go, go, quickly!”

“Old Long, don't worry about me.”

Liu Feng waved his hand at Justices and turned to look at Mu Tian and others, “I ask you again. Who hurt my bros just now?”


Mu Ye took a stride and said with contempt, “Liu Feng, how dare you act like a b**ch in front of me? I'm the one who hurt your bros. What can you do to me? Don't expect that I don't know you're seriously injured.”


No one had expected that Liu Feng would act and move to the front of Mu Ye as fast as a rabbit. He had been seriously injured and could not move for twenty-four hours after being treated with the Winning Needle.

“You?” Mu Ye, an expert at the Legendary Level, felt dazzled at the moment. After Liu Feng came to the front of him, he felt it incredible.


More horribly, as Mu Ye uttered “you”, Liu Feng's fist landed heavily on his belly.


At the moment, members of Netherworld and those brought by Mu Tian and Mu Ye all let out a shout.

They saw Mu Ye's feet off the ground. He was thrown up to midair like a human sandbag.

At the same time, Liu Feng said, “You said you're the one who hurt my bros, then this punch is for Justices.”


As Liu Feng was speaking, he also jumped to midair and made a smooth spin kick, which hit Mu Ye's face heavily, “This kick is for Ghost King.”

Ah, puff!

Mu Ye was forced to roll in midair, with blood gus.h.i.+ng out of his nose and mouth.

“D**n it. Dare you hurt my younger brother. I'll kill you.”

Seeing Mu Ye beaten, Mu Tian gave a shout and ran to Liu Feng, “My younger brother isn't the only one who hurt your brother. I did it too. Beat me if you dare.”

“Good. You begged me and I'll satisfy you.” Liu Feng landed and used Eight Diagrams Step. He evaded Mu Tian's fist by an easy dodge.

At the same time, Liu Feng waved his right hand and, with a thump, grabbed Mu Tian's shoulder.

“It's so fast. Has Big Boss Yama really recovered? But it hasn't been twenty-four hours.”

“Has… Has Big Boss used that needle skill again to activate his potential?”

“Big Boss, Big Boss….”

Seeing Liu Feng fighting awesomely, Justices and others were happy but then more worried.


At the same time, Liu Feng enhanced his strength and broke Mu Tian's scapula.


Mu Tian made a cry of acute pain. He turned back and reached out his left hand to grab Liu Feng's neck.

However, Liu Feng was faster. He leaned sideways and clenched the opponent's wrist, “You're f**king slow. What the h.e.l.l makes you believe that you can kill me? Disabling your right shoulder was for White Emissary. And now….”

Crack… ah!

With the twist of Liu Feng's hand, Mu Tian screamed again. His left wrist was broken too.

“Now I'm disabling your left hand for Luo Tengfei,” said Liu Feng.

“Big Boss, bravo!” Seriously-injured Luo Tengfei gave a heavy wave of his fist. He grinned, “If possible, kill him for me.”

“No. Don't kill me. The one who hurt the lad was actually Yan Mingxu,” defended Mu Tian aloud.


Just as Yan Mingxu was about to a.s.sist Mu Tian, he heard Mu Tian's words. He got so angry that he was frozen.


Closely, Liu Feng grabbed Mu Tian's neck, “You listen up. I will deal with Yan Mingxu later. But before that, you have to die!”


As Liu Feng intensified strength, Mu Tian's cervical spine was broken.

“No!” Watching Mu Tian being killed, Mu Ye, seriously injured, threw himself at Liu Feng again.

“You know you'll fail, but you come still. Are you an idiot?” Sneered Liu Feng. He rushed against Mu Ye.


Mu Ye's eyes were b.l.o.o.d.y red. He made a punch that carried a gust of strong and howling wind.

But Liu Feng was like a ghost. He was running to Mu Ye in the front, but Mu Ye only hit a piece of shadow.

Next, Liu Feng's voice sounded behind, “Since you miss your elder brother, I'm sending you to him.”


Words done, thumps of fists. .h.i.tting sandbags sounded.

Mu Ye's eyes bulged to the extreme. He then flew forward with head and feet bending backward. He was almost folded, losing all vitality instantly.

“He is too strong!” Yan Mingxu kept backing up beside. His face had turned deathly pale.

“Stop retreating. With me here, you won't make it. Now, it's your turn.” Liu Feng turned his head suddenly and fixed his eyes on Yan Mingxu.

“I… Run!” Contacting Liu Feng's looks, Yan Mingxu felt like being gazed by a demon. How could an expert at the Legendary Level like him flee so fast?

But within five steps, Liu Feng popped up in front of him like a ghost, “I told you. You won't make it.”

“I'll fight to death.” Yan Mingxu's face twisted out of fear. He kept waving his fists blindly.

A sneer appeared on Liu Feng's corners of mouth. He punched to fight back.


After a boom, the cloth on Yan Mingxu's arms was blown into pieces. He was forced to back up.

“Hha! Big Boss, it looks like you've really recovered. You're so strong.”

“Weren't they so bada.s.s just now? The so-called three super experts are being bullied by our Big Boss Yama, aren't they?”

“Exactly, Big Boss Yama is bullying the three experts. Beat him, Big Boss. Kick his a.s.s hard.”

Uh… uh-uh ….

Blood was gus.h.i.+ng out of Yan Mingxu's corners of mouth. The impact of his fist hitting Liu Feng's fist caused serious internal injury.

At the moment, Yan Mingxu's eyes were full of fear, for a saber was right next to his neck.

“Yan Mingxu, you're different from Mu Tian and Mu Ye. You don't have to die. Understand?” Said Liu Feng seriously while staring at Yan Mingxu into his eyes.

“I… I… I….” Yan Mingxu hemmed and hawed. His lips were quivering.

“No. The remote control malfunctions. It can't be that, unless the bombs we applied have been defused. But by whom?”

“What the h.e.l.l is happening? This sucks. It's even impossible to court death.”


As Yan Mingxu was hesitating, ten soldiers who had come with Mu Tian and Mu Ye suddenly panicked.

Boom. Takka, takka, takka!

At the same time, members of Netherworld pulled triggers too. Dense bullets went all the way to the ten soldiers.

Top Furious Doctor Soldier Chapter 442

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