Top Furious Doctor Soldier Chapter 49 Stupefied

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When Liu Feng finished speaking, there was so quiet in front of the General Office Building except Zhang Xingzhen's screaming.

Even Tang Chenyu, who shouted just now, was so shocked that she covered her mouth.

And what was more humiliating was that those school leaders, who followed after Tang Chenyu, quietly took two steps backward.

"What! Liu Feng is so courageous. He didn't beat up with his hands but threw out a brick!'

After a while, a male student exclaimed. It seemed like he was so shocked that he couldn't help controlling himself.

"d.a.m.n! Even if Brother Feng doesn't have an eminent background, I am so admired him for his arrogance."

"Haha! Of course, we admire him. I might be beaten up if I don't admire him!"

"If I am Liu Feng, I will do that, too. Anyway, he had been expelled, why should he put up with the arrogant Vice-resident?"

Those onlooking students had finally started to talk about Liu Feng's behavior.

Upon the situation, those leaders from Ke Da had been so humiliated. They were so angry and wished to eat him alive.

"Liu Feng! Do you understand what you had done?"

Tang Chenyu suddenly went ballistic. She pointed at Liu Feng and shouted hysterically, "He is the Vice-president of Ke Da. Do you know what a Vice-president in a provincial university means? You are now really famous. But I promise that you'll die."

"Right! Right! Right! Liu Feng, we sure that this time n.o.body can save you."

"I have never encountered such an arrogant student like you for so many years in my educational career."

"We should call the police. He firstly beat up schoolmates and the Security Chief, then attacked Vice-president Zhang. Let the police handle him."

All present school leaders pointed to Liu Feng with an antagonistic att.i.tude like Liu Feng was their cla.s.s enemy.

Liu Feng looked at them, smiled and said, "There's a saying that it takes ten years to grow trees but a hundred years to rear people. If educators are all like you, then it will be the biggest sorriness of Ke Da!"

"Liu Feng, keep your mouth shut. I am going to call the police now." When Tang Chenyu said so, she took a look at Du Lou who was still lying on the ground. "If you are not going to stay in jail for ten years, I will quit my job as a dean of studies."

Du Lou was her nephew with a height of nearly two meters. Now he lay on the ground and was seriously injured. She felt heartbroken.

Then she dialed 10086 without hesitation. Oh, it's 110 she dialed. (10086 is the Hotline of China Unicom, and 110 is the Chinese police number.)

The police came soon. In twenty minutes, a patrol wagon arrived at Ke Da with three policemen.

One of them was a second-level superintendent and a squadron leader in the Criminal Investigation Team of the police station.

Three policemen frowned when they arrived by just seeing what happened.

In front of the General Office Building of Ke Da were lying seven people. All of them were seriously injured, and three among them even bled.

"What's going on?" The second-level superintendent frowned and asked seriously, "Who called the police just now? Come and tell us what happened."

"It's me!"

Tang Chenyu quickly walked forward and took an aggressive look at Liu Feng, "h.e.l.lo, Sir. My name is Tang Chenyu and I am the Dean of Studies at Donghai University of Science and Technology. Today..."

Three policemen looked at Liu Feng unkindly by hearing an exaggerate description from Tang Chenyu.

Liu Feng stood around and kept smiling. It seemed like it had nothing to do with him and he wasn't intended to explain.

It took twenty minutes for Tang Chenyu to tell the whole story. She said any details about what had happened and what had not happened. Even records and case final reports made by policemen could not be as detailed as her statement.

"Okay, I see. Please come with us later to the police station for doing a record." The policeman said to Tang Chenyu politely and then turned to look at Liu Feng. "Liu Feng, right? Do you have any objection for what Chief Tang had said?"

Liu Feng smiled and asked, "If I say that I don't agree with her, will I be able to skip the recording matter in the police station?"

"No!" The second-level superintendent nodded.

"Then I don't want to waste time here, we will talk about it later in your station. Oh, right. Just for reminding. There are three security cameras in front of the General Office Building. You should fetch those recordings."

Liu Feng raised his hand and pointed to the direction of three cameras, "I admit that I did attack these people, and the video has recorded the whole process. You will see why I attacked them and not everything is like what this old lady said."

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d. Liu Feng, you are a murder. And who's the old lady you are talking about?" Tang Chenyu lost her temper again. She wasn't afraid of Liu Feng because the policemen were here.

"Well then, aren't you an old lady, or you are an old man?" Liu Feng said.

"You! So rude!" Tang Chenyu puffed with anger.

"All right. You two stop arguing." The second-level superintendent waved his hand and said to his two workmates, "Little w.a.n.g, you go and get the recordings of the three cameras. Little Liu, you asked a few present students about what happened and made it a record directly."

The superintendent got experience and organized well.

At this moment, Liu Feng took out his phone for checking the time. He smiled and reminded, "Sir, you'd better get hurried, or I am afraid that you can't take me away after a while."

"I can't take you away?" The second-level superintendent twisted his eyebrows into a lump. He looked at Liu Feng seriously.

He had been sophisticated in the army. As a policeman, he was not only good at investigating, but also got rich experience in dealing with different people. He would not do things on impulse.

Since he had been here till now, Liu Feng had been so calm all the time as the one who attacked. There were two possible reasons why he could be so calm. The first one was that he was on the justice side. The second one was that he got an eminent background.

Liu Feng had injured seven people. With any reason, he could not be counted as a just man. Then he must get an eminent background.

But Liu Feng was so young. If people observed him carefully, they would find that he did seem to be maturer than most ordinary college students. But after all, he looked like a young man in the early twenties. How could he get an eminent position as a young freshman in college?

When the superintendent was confused about what to do next, two cars of Audi A6 had arrived in front of the General Office Building.

Students might not care much about these two cars, but the school leaders of Ke Da and the three policemen immediately got nervous when they saw the license tags of the cars.

The first Audi A6 got a license of XA00003. Anyone with common sense should know that it was the car specialized for provincial leaders. And 03 represented Car No.3, which meant the person who sat inside was at least a Vice-governor.

The second Audi A6 got a white license which represented it was a military vehicle. Its number was GA00005. From the license, it was hard to tell which troops it belonged to, but 05 represented Car No.5. It must be served for an important person who worked for the army or a confidential department.

The two cars were successively parked. The person inside didn't put on airs. The chauffeur had not gotten out of the car yet, the person who sat at the backseat in each car opened the door by himself.

Two middle-aged men in dark grey business suits got out of the first car.

They looked grim with sharp eyes. They made people feel awed even if they didn't speak.

There were two people who got out of another car. One of them was a middle-aged man in casual wear; he got an imperceptible shrewd in his eyes. The other one was a woman who seemed to be at the same age as Liu Feng. She was pretty, but her eyes were as cold as the northwest wind in winter.

"Liu Feng, who is Liu Feng?"

The middle-aged man from the first car glanced at all people present and asked to see Liu Feng.

The other man followed after him and seemed to be awe of the first middle-aged man.

Now Tang Chenyu was so surprised. Others might not know about this man because they were junior officers. But she knew about this man. She had partic.i.p.ated in a provincial educational seminar and the man at that time was...

"I am Liu Feng."

Liu Feng waved his hand and looked at his cellphone, saying, "48 minutes. It's less than an hour. So you leaders are quite efficient."


The man raised his hand and pointed at Liu Feng, said like he and Liu Feng were of the same generation, "I have been messed up by you for arriving in an hour. Today is my day off and I am here now because you gave me a call. Shouldn't you buy me a drink?"

"One drink is not enough."

Liu Feng smiled and said, "At least a bottle. Not wine, I will buy you a bottle of Tieguanyin."


The man smiled again and patted on Liu Feng's shoulder heavily.

School leaders of Ke Da and the three policemen couldn't help opening wide their eyes and mouths by seeing Liu Feng and the middle-aged man talking happily.

Who on earth was Liu Feng? Why could he talk so cheerfully and humorously with this provincial officer who was qualified to use the car No.3?

Tang Chenyu wanted to find out why and of course, she got a bit resentful. She walked forward with gingerliness and simpered, "Governor Shui, why are you here? You could inform us in advance so we can make a good preparation..."

Governor! People around were so shocked by hearing Tang Chenyu's words. Now n.o.body dared to gasp for breath.

Governor Shui waved his hand and indicated Tang Chenyu to stop talking, which frightened her. This Dean of Studies shut at once.


Liu Feng was a bit shocked, too. "I never thought I just gave a call, then Governor came here. Haha!"

Governor Shui smiled and said, "May I formally introduce myself? I am Shui Qingxin, the Vice-governor in this province. I am responsible for education. Remember, I am just a Vice-governor."

"d.a.m.n it. Vice-governor is a governor." Liu Feng pointed at those school leaders of Ke Da, and scoffed deliberately, "Look at them. They're all stupefied. How funny!"


"You. The senior leader told me in the call that you are a person who won't suffer losses. Now I see, you are definitely a person who will argue a point to death." What Shui Qingxin said had given out some important information.

Tang Chenyu now felt her heart was going to explode. She understood now that Liu Feng had given a call to a man who was the senior leader mentioned by Vice-governor. And Liu Feng in the phone called that person Old Man!

Besides, Vice-governor Shui said that Liu Feng was a person who would argue a point to death! Right, people at the justice side could choose not to forgive, but Liu Feng had injured seven people, did he still at the justice side? No matter what the fact was, Vice-governor had indicated that Liu Fang was at the justice side, who would dare argue with him?

Top Furious Doctor Soldier Chapter 49 Stupefied

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