Immortality Cultivation Era Chapter 13 Find A Chance And Kill Him!

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The young man standing in front of them is the guy who asked whether they had seen a good-looking maiden down the mountain.

Gao Ge doesn't realize that till now.

So the maiden he enquired is actually Xia Lu.


Dummy boy, why didn't describe her more at that time?

How could he just talk about her pretty face?

Aren't her legs long?

"Hey, guys?" Apparently, the young man also recognizes them.

"What a coincidence." Gao Ge similes.

However, the guy whose face is even more gorgeous than women seems unwilling to talk to him. After catching a glimpse of Gao Ge and Yue Xincheng, he gazes back at Xia Lu and says to her in a distressing tone: "Xia Lu, we had a deal that we would visit Mount Duanlong together, didn't we? So why did you come first? Well, if I wasn't lucky enough, I might not find you here."

"Back off." Xia Lu says, in a cold voice.

Obviously they do not get along well.

The man looks quite calm and keeps smiling after being scolded by Xia Lu.

"Are these two your friends?" He asks another question.

"Do you live under the Pacific Ocean?" Xia Lu says impatiently.

"Pardon?" The man is confused.

"She is saying that you should mind your own business." Yue Xincheng answers, standing next to him.

The man turns his face and glances at Yue Xincheng.

Yue Xincheng freezes, and a sense of unease comes up.

And Gao Ge frowns directly.

Because of some unintentional words, the man is now looking at Yue Xincheng with hidden murderous impulses, seriously?

Is him nuts?

It was Xia Lu who scolded you!

Gao Ge hesitates for a moment and then pulls Yue Xincheng back.

Without knowing who the man is, Gao Ge still senses danger.

Since according to their current strengths, they are doomed to lose when fighting against this man.

And Xia Lu may not a.s.sist them.

Yet, as a person believes in the idea of an eye for an eye, Gao Ge plans to get back at him in the future.

"Wait a second, Xia Lu, there's blood on you! Dear me, so many dead bodies! Is this a dead wolf? Looks quite familiar, perhaps it is a monster." asking surprisingly, the man stands up and looks around for a while. Then he starts sniffing his nose and finds out the b.l.o.o.d.y smell which has not clean in the air.

Gao Ge and Yue Xincheng look at the man as if he is a moron.

This kiddo hasn't realized what happened after being here for almost half a day?

He is not careless, he is just stupid.

Xia Lu signs and replies simply: "I was attacked by these monsters before, and the two saved me."

"Oh?" The man brows and then stares at Gao Ge and Yue Xincheng carefully. "You guys are also cultivators?" He asks, in a surprisingly voice.

"Not really, we dare not to be called as cultivators." Gao Ge replies.

"Just tell me yes or no, why are you acting hesitatingly?"

"Well..." Gao Ge is thoroughly speechless.

What kind of temper is that?

"I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Lyu You. I am the young master of Thunder Sect." The man straightens up and says.

His tone sounds rather calm.

But outside the words, he is actually showing off.

Yue Xincheng sniffs, as if he doesn't pay any attention.

Yet Gao Ge frowns deeply.

The Thunder Sect...

It is definitely not a small one.

He is curious how the Thunder Sect, which is located in Shu, could be found in Jiangnan City.

"Since you two know each other, we'd like to leave now." Gao Ge stands up and says.

He hates wasting too much time here since numerous fancy things can be found in Mount Duanlong.

"Join us, it's dangerous here." Xia Lu suddenly says.

Gao Ge is about to refuse, yet Lyu You is one step ahead of him.

"You may follow since Xia Lu asked. Well, after all, you guys saved her. At present Mount Duanlong is of great danger, and I am afraid you may not be able to stay alive if we leave without you.

"I suppose we would rather..."

Gao Ge is interrupted by Lyu You without finis.h.i.+ng his words.

"Mind your tongue, boy! Even a man like me must obey Xia Lu's demands, what kind of pathetic bugs are you and how dare you disobey her wishes? Trust me, if you two leave now, soon I'll catch up to you and take your lives!"

Gao Ge has no idea what he should say.

I would not prevent you from being a sn.o.b...

But you don't have to force me to follow you!

"Lyu You!" Xia Lu cannot stand anymore.

Out of grat.i.tude, she asked them to come with her. If not, she does not want to be more troublesome at all.


In her view, Gao Ge and Yue Xincheng are going to cause her troubles.

But even so, she does not want to see Lyu You threatening Gao Ge and Yue Xincheng in front of her.

In this way, it completely runs counter to her starting point.

"You apologies to them." Xia Lu says, in an icy voice.

Lyu You freezes slightly, the expression in his eyes is quite complicated.

Gao Ge feels depressed again.

It's not a big deal actually, he will take revenge anyway.

However, Lyu You would resent them more after what Xia Lu just did.

"Well well, I'm sorry dude. I didn't mean it. Please, don't take it seriously. Actually that's who I am. You would find out after knowing me." Saying in a very familiar tone, Lyu You approaches and stretches out his hand and then pats Gao Ge on the shoulder.

Without any expression on the face, Gao Ge doesn't reply to Lyu You. He just thinks that this guy is really strange. Only the speed of changing countenances makes him somehow unable to react.

He even begins to wonder if this guy named Lyu You has some kind of damaged characters.

"Well then, we would not refuse." Thinking about it for a while, Gao Ge says with a smiling face.

He finally understands.

What Lyu You said is no joke at all.

"They said yes, Xia Lu. Now let's go." Lyu You says, smiling.

"Duh." Xia Lu gives him a cold hum and walks ahead on her own, apparently she is unwilling to pay attention to him. Lyu You hurriedly follows up.

"Boss, that boy, it's a real b.a.s.t.a.r.d." Yue Xincheng lowers his voice and whispers. He is standing next to Gao Ge.

Gao Ge stares at him and says angrily, "You just realize that?"

"So what are we going to do?" Yue Xincheng understands what Gao Ge is worrying about.

They won't be able to take action if they follow the two.

However, Lyu You has such a stubborn mind. In order to please Xia Lu, he is very likely to find an opportunity and murder them if they don't follow. Although Xia Lu may stop him, they do not want to put their hopes of survival in the hands of others.

Looking at the back of Lyu You in front of them, there is a sense of killing in Gao Ge's eyes.

"Find a chance and kill him!"

Gao Ge says bitterly.

Yue Xincheng freezes and feels a little surprised.

Immortality Cultivation Era Chapter 13 Find A Chance And Kill Him!

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