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According to Yue Tuzhi, he just turns up his nose at the Zhao Family.

Maybe in his eyes, the Ning Family and Zhao Family are essentially the same, which are both manipulated by him.

This is the unruliness of Yue Tuzhi.

Hence, the young wildness also varies from people to people. Some may become stronger when going wild while others may vanish for going wild.

Apparently, Yue Tuzhi belongs to the former kind.

"I'll give you some time to think about it." Yue Tuzhi looks at Gao Ge and continues to say.

Gao Ge can't understand why.

"Apart from being handsome, what merit do I have?" Gao Ge asks, "If you had a sister, I could still understand your action. Maybe you want me to become your sister-in-law. Yet, you don't even have a sister, so why are you doing this?"

Yue Tuzhi stays silent for a moment and says in a low voice, "I have a brother. Will you consider him?"

Gao Ge increasingly feels that Yue Tuzhi is so mean to Yue Xincheng. How can he propose such an idea to Gao Ge?

When Gao Ge stands up to leave, Yue Tuzhi hastens to say, "Take your time. Think about it carefully."

Gao Ge directly walks out of the Yue's house without saying anything.

Out of his expectation, Yue Tuzhi asked him around only to take him into the Yue Family.

However, it is a good sign for Gao Ge.

At least, even Yue Tuzhi believes that he is expelled out of the Cultivation Academy.

This is good news.

It makes Gao Ge more secure.

On the way back home, Gao Ge takes out his phone to check for a few times but he still doesn't find any instruction from Heaven Dragon.

Gao Ge feels a bit anxious.

By now, he has no idea what task on earth he is going to execute.

After he returns home, he finds that his father still looks gloomy.

His mother is cooking in the kitchen.

"Gao Ge, come here!"

Gao Ming shouts angrily at him.

Gao Ge goes over in a hurry.

Gao Ming glares at him and says, "What a bad idea you told me! It didn't work at all."

Gao Ge is dumbfounded, asking, "What idea?"

"Didn't… Didn't you ask me to search for some sweet words online?"


"It didn't work!" Gao Ming says angrily.

Gao Ge coughs and doubts whether the middle-aged people don't like hearing sweet words.

"I asked your mom whether she had body odor (The phrase translated in Chinese literally means fox's odor), and then she beat me up." Gao Ming says with grievance, "I was ready to ask her why she was as charming as a fox."

Gao Ge is speechless.

It seems that there is nothing wrong with his idea.

However, his father used the idea in the wrong way!

He tells Gao Ming again, "You ask my mom later that whether my grandpa has stolen the stars from the sky. Otherwise, how come he has such a beautiful daughter with eyes as pretty as twinkling stars?"

"Really?" Gao Ming becomes thrilled and suddenly feels what Gao Ge said quite pleasing.

"Yes, you can have a try." After saying that, Gao Ge goes into the kitchen to help his mother with cooking.

At the dinner time, Meng Jing's parents come by, who feel a bit surprised upon seeing Gao Ge. When they learn that Gao Ge is on holiday, they become quite confused and question why Meng Jing isn't back. As to that, Gao Ge makes up an excuse to dodge their questioning.

Gao Ming and Meng Jing's father have a drink over the meal.

When they almost finish drinking, Meng Jing's father suddenly thinks of something so he drags Gao Ge towards him.

"Gao Ge, you are not a kid anymore. Now that you are with Jing, I have no comment on the thing between you two. After all, I've known you since you were a child and you are not a bad kid. Hopefully, you can make some achievement one day. However, I still have something to tell you."

Gao Ge hastens to sit well and faces his future father-in-law in a perturbed mood. After all, he and Meng Jing are not married, so he must treat the man in front of him well, "Uncle Meng, just say it."

Seeing Gao Ge's good manner, Meng Jing's father nods his head and puts his arm around Gao Ge's neck with red eyes, saying in the breath reeking of booze, "You two are still kids…"

"Uncle Meng, you just said I was not a kid anymore."

"Shut up!" Meng Jing's father stares at him in anger.

Gao Ge heaves a sigh.

Sigh! How come these cheesy middle-aged men change their mood so frequently?

"You are still young, so there are some things you cannot do. Of course, your father is okay with that. After all, he is your father while I am the girl's father. In the end, it is the girl who will suffer loss. Oh… But the boy and girl stuff…"

Gao Ge feels that the conversation seems to be non-stop, so he hastens to say, "It's okay, Uncle. You can feel free to ask me if you have any questions about it."

Meng Jing's father is shocked.

Meng Jing's parents instantly become angry.

Yet, Gao Ge's parents put on a proud face.

Gao Ge suddenly realizes that he may have said something inappropriate…

Then Meng Jing's father takes up the chair all of a sudden.

"Brat! Freeze! Don't stop me! I must kill him! I must kill him!"

After Meng Jing's parents leave, Gao Ge is dragged by Gao Ming and Song Yun to their front again.

"You brat, tell us. What on earth happened? Why do you come back only?" Gao Ming asks with a frown.

Gao Ge gets shocked and blinks his eyes.

"If only you were on holiday and Jing weren't, would you come back? You must have stayed at the Academy with her." Gao Ming says with a frown.

Gao Ge is even more astonished that his father should know him so well.

"Are you expelled by the Academy?" Gao Ming says.

He just hits the nail on the head!

Gao Ge is starting to doubt whether his father has inserted a spy in the Cultivation Academy. If not, how can he know everything like the back of his hand?


Gao Ming sneers, saying, "What's the point of hiding this from your parents now? Anyway, it is fine. After all, you were admitted by the Cultivation Academy. Go out with me tomorrow."

"Go out?"

"Well, go to sleep early. We can talk tomorrow."

After saying that, Gao Ming and Song Yun stand up and go back to their room.

Seeing the confident look of his parents, Gao Ge gets even more curious.

At night, Gao Ge lies on the bed and still receives no instruction from the Dragon Court.

He even starts to wonder whether he is expelled for real.

They just dislike him so they trick him out of the Academy in this way and make him leave without any grudge.

What a nice catch!

As he makes blind and disorderly conjectures, he falls sleep then.

The next morning, Gao Ming drags Gao Ge out of his bed.

"Grab a bite and then come with me."

Gao Ming's mysterious look does stimulate Gao Ge's curiosity. Hence, he has a quick meal and leaves with Gao Ming.

"Wait me up. I'll go to fetch the vehicle."

Hearing that, Gao Ge is instantly shocked. Did his parents make a fortune while he was away?

Gao Ge doesn't feel relieved until he sees the pedal electric bike in front of him.

"Get on the bike. Let's have a ride!" Gao Ming shouts loudly.

His hysterical cry sounds like him driving a luxury car now.

Immortality Cultivation Era Chapter 164 Have A Ride!

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