Immortality Cultivation Era Chapter 47 A Fight Begins In A Yard

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"Uncle Ning, what do you want to say? Just say it. Boss and Xia Lu are not good-tempered." Yue Xincheng walks towards Ning Yun, smiles and says.

To Ning Yun, Yue Xincheng is not very familiar, but more or less he has seen him before. Now, seeing Yue Xincheng acting quite polite, Ning Yun breathes a sigh of relief.

Gao Ge first sits down and looks at Ning Yun, then says smilingly, "Well, in my opinion, Master Ning wants to make the Ning Family look good, right?"

Looking at Gao Ge, Ning Yun gives an approving nod.

He thinks Gao Ge is smart enough to understand his purpose.

Xia Lu and Yue Xincheng also sit down.

In this way, Ning Yun is embarra.s.sed to stand there alone. He carefully sits down, feeling quite ashamed. The table and stools are a set of four stone piers. As soon as he sits down, Gao Ge suddenly stands up.

Ning Yun is startled and quickly stands up again, as if a spring has been installed under his b.u.t.tocks.

"I want to fetch some water, what are you doing, Master Ning?" Asks Gao Ge curiously.

Ning Yun is speechless.

He swears crazily in his heart.

You b.l.o.o.d.y did it on purpose!

However, he still smiles bitterly and sits down.

When Gao Ge returns, he gives everyone a bottle of mineral water. After opening his own bottle and drinking two big sips, he puts the remaining half of the bottle on the table. Looking at Ning Yun, he says, "So, Master Ning, have you got a clear idea of what happened?"

Seeing Gao Ge starting to talk, Ning Yun sits straight and nods.

"Then do you think I was wrong?" Asks Gao Ge coldly.

Ning Yun suddenly finds this topic troublesome.

If Gao Ge is really just an ordinary person, the Ning Family can certainly be unreasonable.

But this is not the case now, Gao Ge, Yue Xincheng and Xia Lu are not ordinary people.

So he must be reasonable and polite.

However, that would make the Ning Family be in a position of weakness.

"It was Ning s.h.i.+'s fault," Ning Yun said, "actually when I knew about this, I was going to bring Ning s.h.i.+ to your home to apologize. Even if you want to punch Ning s.h.i.+ to death, we won't stop you."

What Ning Yun says is not 100 percent true.

In fact, after hearing the news, the first reaction of Ning Yun was to help Ning s.h.i.+ out. Even if Ning s.h.i.+ is a loser, he is still a member of the Ning Family. Now since he is bullied by a stranger, the Ning Family will certainly be madly mocked if they don't a.s.sist him.

When Ning Yun learned that Gao Ge had entered the Immortal Academy, he changed his mind. And he asked Ning Chen to stay still. Yet, he actually did not expect Xia Lu would appear in the Ning Family. She not only emasculated Ning s.h.i.+ but also injured the old master.

Therefore, now it's very difficult for Ning Yun to make a decision.

If he chooses to let it go, then the whole Ning Family will be humiliated.

"So, I want to make a deal with you guys. I offer you Ning s.h.i.+'s life plus 10 million yuan, and you guys need to stand inside my family and apologize. Okay?" Asks Ning Yun.

"Daydreaming..." Xia Lu snorts coldly.

"Certainly!" Yet, Gao Ge and Yue Xincheng have a different answer.

Xia Lu looks at them.

And they look back.

It's kind of embarra.s.sing now.

"Well... I don't think you guys have a common idea, do you?" Says Ning Yun in a low voice.

Gao Ge hurriedly pulls Xia Lu to another side.

"Think about it, girl! We just need to apologize and they'll give us Ning s.h.i.+'s life and 10 million! We get a really great deal!" Says Gao Ge.

"Yeah, I didn't expect my apology to be so valuable! If I knew, I'd be sitting in front of their house, apologizing and collecting money! Then we'll be rich, Boss!"

Xia Lu nearly goes nuts, "Can't you be serious?"

Gao Ge and Yue Xincheng look at each other without saying anything.


Aren't we serious?

When they sit down again, Gao Ge says to Ning Yun nicely, "Xia Lu doesn't want to do this, it's just me and Yue Xincheng. Shall we say 6 million?"

Ning Yun doesn't know what to say.

d.a.m.n it! These two moneygrubbers!

But it was Xia Lu who broke into the Ning Family, what can we do with your apologies?

Just as Ning Yun opens his mouth.

"Wait a minute, I have a phone call."

Gao Ge takes out his cell phone and steps aside.

After answering the phone, Gao Ge's face quickly darkens, but he doesn't say a word. He puts away his mobile phone and returns to the front.

"Xia Lu."


"How is your recovery coming along?"

With a smile on her face, Xia Lu says, "Almost."

"Good." After saying this word, Gao Ge suddenly takes a step forward while punching at Ning Yun.

Ning Yun's reaction is quick. Although he has been sitting on a stool, when Gao Ge attacks him, he quickly gets up and takes a few steps back at the same time.

"Gao Ge, what do you mean?" Ning Yun bursts into rage.

Gao Ge seems to be angrier than Ning Yun.

"Old b.a.s.t.a.r.d, shame on you! You pretend to have peace talk with us while sending someone to trap my girlfriend, how dare you!"

At this moment, Xia Lu also quickly rushes up. Her speed is very swift, just like a thunderstorm. Her continuous actions force Ning Yun to step back.

"Gao Ge, I didn't do it! Can you just give me a second to explain?" Ning Yun feels a little confused after hearing Gao Ge's words.

He is sure that he didn't make such an arrangement.

Gao Ge doesn't answer at all. He attacks again.

Yue Xincheng hasn't really studied martial skills, but at least he grows up in an ancient martial art family, so he has learned something useful. And now since he begins to practice the Qi conduction, he can also take the opportunity to create some troubles for Ning Yun.

In the face of a three-person encirclement, even Ning Yun has to keep stepping back. Actually, he cannot find a solution in such a short period of time. To his amazement, the three of them can cooperate tacitly.

In fact, it isn't just him. Gao Ge and Yue Xincheng are also a little surprised, but soon Gao Ge realizes the reason.

In the past, Gao Ge and Yue Xincheng fought a lot. Although those fights were among ordinary guys, the tacit agreement is out of practice.

As for Xia Lu, she seems to have much experience in combat. She can put pressure on Ning Yun while trying to coordinate with Gao Ge and Yue Xincheng.

The girl is having a hard time.

An experts with two jackaroos.

All of a sudden, Ning Yun mobilizes his strength and creates a gust of wind. A strong storm raised by his fist forces the three to step back.

Immediately he seizes the opportunity and rushes towards Yue Xincheng just like a tiger jumping down from a mountain. It's obvious that, of the three, Yue Xincheng is the weakest. This is a breakthrough and Ning Yun has to grab the chance and attack. Gao Ge, Yue Xincheng and Xia Lu are desperate to kill him due to what he did before. Their minds are filled with murderous desires and if Ning Yun fails to create an opportunity to leave, he may even die here today.

As the head of the Ning Family, Ning Yun would be mocked by the public if he were killed by three teenagers.

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Immortality Cultivation Era Chapter 47 A Fight Begins In A Yard

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