Amazing Doctor With Super Vision Chapter 47 The Woman In Red

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Li Yong rubs his cheeks and is very angry. He says coldly, "I have controlled Wu Dan. My account with him has been settled. Are you going to settle the old accounts with him or leave here immediately?"

Han Fei raises her head and sees that Li Yong still has her fingerprints on his face. She raises her hand with heartache, touches Li Yong's face and asks, "Are you in pain? I'm sorry."

"I'm fine." Li Yong's heart warms up and his mood turns better. After all, it is a misunderstanding. It doesn't make sense to argue about it. He will never hit back.

"Let's go!" Han Fei takes Li Yong's hand.

"Don't you want to settle the old accounts with Wu Dan?" Li Yong asks.

"I don't want to see him." Han Fei is angry when she hears Wu Dan's name.

"Well, let me help you figure him out, you can wait for me in the next room first." Li Yong laughs.

After Lyu Chun takes Han Fei to the next room, Li Yong pulls Wu Dan out of the wardrobe. First, Li Yong uses a silver needle to put the heavy glucoside toxin absorbed from Han Lu's body into Wu Dan's body. And then Li Yong wakes him up with one finger.

Wu Dan wakes up gradually. When he sees Li Yong, he is shocked and says, "What have you done to me?"

"You were raped by turns." Li Yong laughs and says.

"Ah..." Wu Dan is frightened and immediately covers his crotch. Fortunately, there is no difference in his important part. He finally calms down.

Li Yong pats Wu Dan on the shoulder and continues to say, "I see that you are sick inside. You may have a seizure in the last few days. You can't be cured in the hospital. Remember to come and visit me then."

After a pause, Li Yong says, "By the way, don't forget to bring enough consultation fees. If you want to live, you should pay five million yuan each time."

"I am not sick. I don't have to go to the hospital even if I have a disease. My family members are doctors." Wu Dan doesn't believe him at all.

"Okay, I hope you will live longer and healthier." Li Yong smiles faintly and walks out.

Li Yong wants to find out the murderer who poisoned Han Lu. He thought that Wu Dan might be a breakthrough, so he put the poison of the heavy glucoside into his body. When Wu Dan is poisoned, he will naturally look for the antidote and the murderer everywhere.

When Li Yong leaves the w.a.n.ghai Cliff Hotel with Han Fei, it is raining heavily outside. Behind them are a group of bodyguards who seem to send them respectfully.

Li Yong turns back and smiles. They stop immediately and some of them can't help stepping back.

"Goodbye." After waving his hand, Li Yong takes Han Fei into the car because Lyu Chun has driven the car over. Lyu Chun is opening the door to wait for Li Yong and Han Fei to get on.

When the car just hits the road, Lyu Chun exclaims, "No, we are being followed."

Then, Lyu Chun yells again, "No, they are going to crash our car."

Li Yong is also a little afraid because there is a big truck behind rus.h.i.+ng over. If it hits, he may be able to escape but Lyu Chun and Han Fei will be in danger. In particular, if Han Fei, who has no martial arts, is injured, the consequence will be unthinkable.

Fortunately, Lyu Chun has stepped on the accelerator. The car suddenly rushes forward in the rainstorm, and the car's speed instantly soars to 180 kilometers per hour. The big truck is immediately left behind and gradually disappears.

"It's windy and rainy. The road is not safe. Let's go home!" Lyu Chun suggests.

"Ah! Be careful..." Lyu Chun has not finished yet and then exclaims again because there is a black car coming from the opposite direction and cras.h.i.+ng straight into their car.

Luckily, Lyu Chun's car skills are quite good. She suddenly changes the direction and the car hisses. The two cars pa.s.s by and their bodies stick together and rub a brilliant flame.

"It's so dangerous!" Lyu Chun is like just coming back from the jaws of death.

Han Fei turns pale with fear. She leans on Li Yong's arms and s.h.i.+vers.

Li Yong also sighs with relief. He looks around through the window and only sees the stormy and misty sky. He thought that he was too careless. Although he thought of all the possibilities after seeing Wu Dan, he didn't expect that he would encounter such a situation when he left.

Li Yong thinks, "It is obviously instructed by Wu Dan. If you really want me to die, then okay! When you come to ask me to save you, it will depend on my mood."

Han Fei goes back to her room and never comes out after arriving at the villa of the Han Family. Today's events shocked her greatly. She needs to calm down by herself.

Han Lu still checks the company doc.u.ments and signs them one by one in the living room. If there are some problems, she will sign her opinions. Li Yong takes another cup of tea and sits opposite Han Lu. Facing Han Lu, who is really beautiful, he always has a feeling of peace and tranquility.

If this is his home and Han Lu is his wife, it must be a kind of enjoyment.

Sensing Li Yong's existence, Han Lu asks without raising her head, "You brought Lyu Chun out for so long, what have you done?"

"We went on a date." Li Yong thinks for a moment and says faintly.

"Date?" Han Lu raises her head to look at Li Yong and says scornfully, "Will she like you?"

"I am so handsome and rich, and I am so skilled in medicine. Only those women who have brain problems will not like me." Li Yong smiles complacently.

"You... You have a brain problem." Han Lu is very angry and takes a deep breath. Her chest enlarges obviously which makes Li Yong's eyes straight. However, Han Lu immediately picks up the doc.u.ments and covers her chest with them. Then she ignores Li Yong and continues to read the doc.u.ments seriously.

Li Yong's ears move and he suddenly hears the sound of someone running quickly outside. Judging by Li Yong's sensitive feeling, this is definitely a master. He immediately puts down the cup and rushes out instantly.

In the courtyard of the villa, he sees a person in a black raincoat disappearing into Lyu Chun's room.

Li Yong is very puzzled. What is the reason for this master to come here to see Lyu Chun? Do they have an affair?

When Li Yong thinks that the person may be a man and Lyu Chun may fall into his arms, Li Yong immediately feels bad. He walks over quickly and wants to see who he is.

Therefore, Li Yong carefully walks over. Under the sound of the wind and rain, he successfully comes to the window of Lyu Chun's room. Looking through the gla.s.s window, Li Yong's eyes immediately straighten.

Because the person who stands in front of Lyu Chun is not a man, but a beautiful woman in red.

At this time, the woman in red looks at Li Yong's mental cultivation method, while Lyu Chun stands by the woman in red and waits quietly.

"Interesting, if all of us in the Yufeng School can use this method to cultivate our internal strength, you will make great contributions. The next master of the Yufeng School will be you." The woman in red light says, and her voice is silvery and beautiful like jade beads.

"Thank you, Master." Lyu Chun says excitedly.

What? Master? Li Yong frowns and looks at the woman in red. She is only a few years older than Lyu Chun, how could she be Lyu Chun's master?

"You need to pay attention to the person who wrote the mental cultivation method, he may not be simple. If you can, persuade him to join the Yufeng School." The woman in red puts away the paper and then orders.

"Master, he is a man." Lyu Chun says in a low voice.

"If we don't have the mental cultivation method, our Yufeng School will continue to decline. He is kind to us and we should repay his kindness with grat.i.tude. Even if he is a man, if he wants to join us, it will not be a problem."

The woman in red says firmly.

"But he is still very amorous." Lyu Chun says softly again.

Li Yong is unpleasant when he hears this. Lyu Chun doesn't take his feelings into consideration. He doesn't want to join the Yufeng School, but he also doesn't want to be misunderstood as an amorous man. Is he an amorous man? He is obviously a sensual man, okay?

Lyu Chun used improper words. Li Yong wonders whether she attended the school or not.

"It doesn't matter that he is an amorous man. All men are amorous. As long as he can let us cultivate internal strength, all the female disciples of the Yufeng School will be willing to serve him." The woman in red says aloud again.

Li Yong is thrilled. The woman in red is a good person in his eyes now. He wonders how many female disciples there are in the Yufeng School. One hundred? Or one thousand? Or maybe ten thousand?

But Lyu Chun is reluctant to say, "Master, I am not willing to serve him."

"Who?" Li Yong fantasizes about being served by more than 10,000 beautiful women of all styles, so he is excited and makes a noise, which immediately arouses the vigilance of the woman in red.

She is so powerful that she can scent out Li Yong's fart. She is really a master.

Seeing that he is exposed, Li Yong has to go in and says with a smile, "It is me, the mental cultivation method was written by me."

Lyu Chun also hurriedly introduces, "Master, he is Li Yong."

The woman in red immediately shows a strange smile. She approaches Li Yong at a very fast rate, looks at him up and down and then asks, "Did you fart just now?"

"Ah?" Li Yong admires the woman in red very much! Such heavy wind and rain could not hide his fart. The sensitivity of the woman's ears has far exceeded Li Yong's recognition.

"You came here just to fart?" The red woman laughs more strangely.

"No." Li Yong shakes his head in a hurry.

"So are you here to eavesdrop?" The woman in red says seriously and she is terrifyingly beautiful.

"No." Li Yong shakes his head and tries his best to deny it.

"What are you doing here?" Although she has just said that they should repay his kindness with grat.i.tude and serve Li Yong, the woman in red says more seriously.

Everything is just a plan before she cultivates her internal strength successfully.

Li Yong coughs softly, looks at Lyu Chun and says, "How are you doing with my mental cultivation method? I have a better one, do you want to practice?"

He has a better mental cultivation method. Not only Lyu Chun is excited, but even the woman in red is also excited.

The disciples of the Yufeng School make every effort to find the mental cultivation method, but they eventually have not found it. As a result, the Yufeng School goes downhill.

Now, there is another mental cultivation method which can help people to cultivate their internal strength, which is absolutely the most valuable treasure. To her surprise, Li Yong has a better one, the woman in red is exhilarated and she looks at Li Yong more gently.

"I have just cultivated a level and I am not very familiar with it." Lyu Chun says quickly and honestly.

"Oh, you can't practice a better mental cultivation method, you must first practice this mental cultivation method perfectly." Li Yong said regretfully. Then he asks, "How many people are there in the Yufeng School?"

Amazing Doctor With Super Vision Chapter 47 The Woman In Red

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