The Coming Heroine: The Only Princess Chapter 163 Hard To Reach Her Dreams

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Zhang Yunyan and her savior exchanged names and finally had a mutual understanding.

Yunyan finally knew that the man was named Du Xiaotian, who came from Peach Village of the Mount Yuan County, which was far from where they were. He had traveled over to that place but was apart from his family. He even did not know where he was at the moment.

Du Xiaotian pa.s.sed by on the way to look for his family, finding "Three Dragon-driving Monsters" were committing crimes. He tried to rescue the victim, but was nearly killed by those vicious men.

Yunyan was both admiring and thankful for her savior's chivalry. He dared to provoke bad guys when seeing they were committing crimes. Thanks to his timely arrival, she was not raped by the "Three Dragon-driving Monsters" and survived unscathed.

In the conversation, they felt much closer and became sworn brother and sister. Their relations.h.i.+p further deepened.

Zhang Yunyan sighed secretly when looking at her sworn brother who looked like the second prince. Both his appearance and age were similar to her brother in the alternate world. Even his voice sounded like her beloved man.

Her beloved brother was ruthlessly blocked in the Tianyue Country thousands of years ago. They would never see each other again. She missed him deeply.

Yunyan had never expected that she would meet a similar man who looked like her brother in the alternate world in her own era.

In the vast world and crowds, her savior and her were drops in the sea. Few people would look like the second prince. However, as a drop of the sea, she met her savior by accident and both had become sworn brother and sister. She felt magical and incredible when thinking of it.

Was this the fate given by heaven? Was this a way for her to placate her yearning?

Zhang Yunyan sighed silently. What would be different even if the savor looked like the second prince? It was also a short encounter and they would soon part ways.

Du Xiaotian always stared at Yunyan and sighed with both grateful mind and affection. Besides, he still revealed his complex emotions.

He sighed from time to time and seemed to have quite a lot of words for Yunyan, but somehow, it was hard for him to say anything. He did not know where he should go first.

Du Xiaotian was very grateful to Zhang Yunyan. In order to take care of him, his sister tried her best. Speaking of it, his sister was not only tired because of looking after him, but also needed to do some unacceptable things, like cleaning his body and changing the bandages for him.

He did not know about this and felt nothing when he was in a coma. He did not feel ashamed. Now, he was awake, but still needed his sister Yunyan to help him for everything because of his weak body condition.

Since he grew up, it was his first time to be naked in front of a woman and was served by a woman carefully. Every time when he thought of that, he would be embarra.s.sed to face Yunyan. He felt helpless and hoped to escape, but he had nothing to do and did not know what to do.

He hated "Three Dragon-driving Monsters" for hurting him in a wrong place. To be nursed back to health easier, he had to sleep naked. While cleaning his body and changing the bandage, he had to face his sister.

Du Xiaotian was grateful to Zhang Yunyan. He was really helpless about the embarra.s.sment to allow an unmarried girl to take care of him. Not to mention that he was ashamed, Zhang Yunyan must have been even more embarra.s.sed and conflicted when doing those things for him.

However, that was a reality. He could not take care of himself and could not persuade her to stop. Instead, he had to accept it pa.s.sively.

For Yunyan, she was more embarra.s.sed when facing her awakened savior, but she could not leave him behind. Fortunately, three days pa.s.sed by soon. She was finally able to accept that. Although she had to face her brother who also felt embarra.s.sed, she could continue to do it.

While serving her brother, she still silently murmured, "I am serving the second prince. I am his concubine. I am his concubine..."

Thanks to her training for a few days and her experience, she did not give up. Although he was not her beloved second prince, he was also her savior. Since he could not take care of himself at the moment, she had to take the responsibility to face him and give him thoughtful care.

What made Yunyan feel gratified the most was that her savior was getting better and had no other new infections. His life was saved.

Du Xiaotian felt somewhat easy when finding Yunyan wore a shy smile on her rudy face even if she were embarra.s.sed.

One more embarra.s.sing thing was that they needed to sleep in the same room every night.

Du Xiaotian knew nothing when he was in a coma and Yunyan could not leave him alone. At the moment, he had already awakened and felt deeply uncomfortable. He wanted to ask Yunyan to live in another room, but she did not agree.

In that regard, Zhang Yunyan had also had difficulty to accept it, but she could not leave him alone. If they slept in different rooms, how could she take care of her brother if she did not know what he needed during the night?

She had no choice but to accept that. Not to mention it could save time and efforts, she should stay for her brother Xiaotian. Her savior could not take care of himself and there had to be someone staying by his side during the whole night. Once something happened, she could notice on time.

Otherwise, once her savior had some urgent things, he might have to move on his own. If he bruised his wound or met some dangers, all that she had done would have been in vain. Perhaps, his life would be in danger again. Therefore, she could not allow his injury to become more serious.

Besides, Yunyan had already adapted to that living after a few days.

Under the urging of grat.i.tude and the fact that he looked like the second prince, she thought that serving her savior was a way to repay his life-saving grace and a way to set her yearning at ease. She felt both embarra.s.sed and pleased.

Besides, Zhang Yunyan had considered Du Xiaotian as her sworn brother. It was reasonable for her to look after her brother. The waiter's words were right. It was a special case, so she could not care about the rules and regulations. After all, they had already broken the rules and regulations.

In order to protect her, her brother could forgo his life. In order to help her savior to recover soon, what else could she not do?

However, as an unmarried girl, she still felt nervous when facing such an embarra.s.sing scene.

Fortunately, the waiter and the other guests considered them as a couple and had no more doubts. The "couple" stayed in the hotel that way.

Zhang Yunyan could not calm down and was always thinking of her revenge. She hoped to fly to Living Yama to kill him.

She frowned and lamented when thinking of the terrible encounters of those days...

In order to have her revenge, she was thoughtful and prepared well. She thought that she could successfully complete her long-cherished wish for more than a decade. However, things went on in a different direction and her revenge was delayed.

She secretly lamented. "Why? Why do I always meet dangers? "

On her way to her revenge, she encountered the demon deer and demon monkey who tortured her ruthlessly even to death. So far, the three-colored demon aura was still in her body. She did not know when it would explode and what kind of damage it would produce. She prayed not to be controlled by the demon aura. It would be better for her to die than being a killing tool.

Later, Yunyan insisted on her decision and embarked on the road of revenge again. However, she met the vicious "Three Dragon-driving Monsters" and was almost raped by them.

Anyway, she was finally rescued, but just felt sorry for Du Xiaotian who was badly hurt and had nearly died.

Zhang Yunyan continued to meet some dangers and her revenge was delayed. She was depressed. However, she still gained something, having met the hero Cloud-reaching Dragon and becoming a sworn sister of Zhang Lianhu. Besides, she met Du Xiaotian who looked similar to the second prince, which gave her some sustenance and comfort in her spirit.

Yunyan secretly sighed. That was the so-called fate. In fact, she did not believe in fate.

Anyway, she still did not believe to be controlled by fate and insisted on working hard to fulfill her long-cherished wishes, fighting for the lofty aspirations in life.

Two days later, Du Xiaotian's family found him and Zhang Yunyan was finally relieved.

Xiaotian's servants like Liu Er looked for him all the time and finally found their master. When seeing Du Xiaotian was badly hurt, they were worried and felt grateful to Yunyan. They showed their grat.i.tude again and again.

Zhang Yunyan saw that her savior would have someone else to look after him and finally felt at ease. She was eager to continue with her revenge, so she bid farewell to Du Xiaotian.

Yunyan was somewhat reluctant to leave him and could not forget his life-saving grace. After a few days of company, she knew Du Xiaotian deeply. Her savior was upright and chivalrous. He was a rarely-seen handsome man. What was more gratifying was that he was similar to the second prince of all the princes.

She was very grateful to Du Xiaotian's life-saving grace and built a deep relations.h.i.+p with him. She missed the second prince deeply and a sense of affection also rose toward that handsome hero who looked like her brother in the alternate world.

Du Xiaotian was not calm in his mind and could not restrain his affection when seeing Yunyan's kindness and care. Besides, she was so beautiful.

Sister Yunyan graced him with unscrupulous care. He was touched and fell in love with that beauty.

He was somewhat worried when staying with Yunyan and seemed to have quite a lot of words to say to her, but could not. His feelings were complicated and no one knew what he was thinking.

They met each other by accident and helped each other. At the moment, they were bidding their farewells with tears and hoped to reunite again to share their yearnings.

At the moment of departure, the brother and sister were reluctant to part. They had expectations and did not know whether their love could continue.

After Zhang Yunyan said goodbye to Du Xiaotian, she could not forget that brother. A slight smile came with her yearning and the shyness showed up on her face from time to time.

In the days and nights of getting along with brother Xiaotian, she tasted a feeling she had never experienced before. She would blame herself and felt helpless when remembering those embarra.s.sing scenes. Anyway, she had seen the embarra.s.sing parts of a man's body and could be considered an experienced person.

Yunyan wanted to rush to the Yan Village of the Shuanghe County, but caught a cold after taking care of her brother for a few days because of tiredness. She was weak and did not have enough energy to move on. It would be very dangerous if she went for revenge without hesitation. The consequences would be unpredictable.

Zhang Yunyan was somewhat frustrated for delaying her revenge again. Why was she so unlucky?

She thought about it and knew that Bai Yunfei's words were right, that she should be patient and could not be in a hurry. Then, she decided to go to the Qingshan Village for recovery and go after Yan Xiaopeng for revenge later.

Qingshan Village gave Yunyan a feeling of warmth. The people there were honest and pure. She hoped to stay there.

However, Qinglong Mountain gave her a heavy blow and she had nearly died in the cave of the Jiuyou Sage. Her saviors s.h.i.+kong and Turtle Elf, who were also her life and death friends, were killed by the demons. She felt heartbroken when thinking of that.

Despite that, Yunyan decided to go to the Qingshan Village for a temporary stay. On one hand, she could feel the affection of the villagers. On the other hand, she could pay homage to the souls s.h.i.+kong and Turtle Elf.

When she was ill, Zhang Yunyan could not help thinking of her savior Du Xiaotian. Recalling the days and nights when she looked after him and those embarra.s.sing scenes, she could not forget, blus.h.i.+ng and silently laughing.

She really hoped that her savior could take care of her for life, so she could experience the warmth and thoughtfulness of "the second prince".

In her yearning, an idea came out of her mind. If she was seriously injured or ill, what should she do? Should she ask Du Xiaotian to look after her?

The Coming Heroine: The Only Princess Chapter 163 Hard To Reach Her Dreams

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