The Coming Heroine: The Only Princess Chapter 49 The National Disaster

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Zhang Yunyan just suspected that the sika deer was an elf with cultivation, but she could not confirm. She was just felt doubtful.

Looking at the dead grey wolf, she felt more suspicious. If that sika deer was an elf with cultivation, how about this grey wolf?

This wolf was unusual. It was not only strong but also had great and daunting power. The same kind in her era could not match with it.

After the fight, Zhang Yunyan felt this grey wolf was tough and fierce. Its skills were not less powerful than her and even much stronger than her. This wolf was not an ordinary beast and might be an elf with cultivation.

Thinking of the danger just now, she was very impressed. It must be an accident that such a fierce beast was killed by her.

Thoughts were just thoughts. Zhang Yunyan still thought that the sika deer with a plum mark on the back leg and s.h.i.+ning fur was another kind of species. Nothing more and nothing strange, it would not be an elf.

Similarly, the grey wolf was ordinary in the alienated world. The ones in her own era could not compare with them.

At this time, Xiao Tianlong in the distance was swinging his hand to call for her.

Zhang Yunyan looked at the imperial master and did not delay, moving towards him faster.

When she took a few steps, she suddenly changed color, looking at somewhere. It seemed that she had a new discovery.

She ignored the imperial master's calling, but rushed towards to have a check.

Xiao Tianlong was shocked and did not know what happened.

During the inspection, he neither saw any terrible things nor felt any danger.

He frowned and was a little bit confused. "What was wrong with the girl of another world? It seemed that there was something different. Was there any danger?"

Zhang Yunyan stopped by a huge stone and looked around while touching it.

She was very surprised and somewhat strange, with suspicion and joy on her beautiful face.

The huge rock was smooth and did not have obvious edges. There was a penetrating hole at one end that looked like an elephant.

It reminded Zhang Yunyan of the elephant stone in her hometown of Lianhu Village. This "elephant stone" was twice as large as the one in her hometown, while the forming "long nose" hole was much larger.

Looking at the "elephant stone" in this alienated world, she thought of her hometown and could not help sighing for a few times. Her sister Yunxia was lost when she was playing by the "elephant stone" in her hometown. She would be painful and self-condemned for her whole life.

Yunyan remembered that she was playing in the elephant stone when she was young. It seemed that she had returned to her childhood and regained the old feelings.

She could not forget her lost sister Yunxia and could not help sighing.

Right at this moment, Zhang Yunyan was entangled in two very different emotions, with a sense of sadness, a desire, and remembrance of childhood...

She could not stay here for long. Glancing at the people who were waiting for her, she sighed and left, but looked back at the elephant stone from time to time.

Zhang Yunyan went back to the carriage and looked at the elephant stone. She sighed in her mind and felt reluctant to leave with endless remembrance of her hometown.

She prayed that brother Yuntian and sister Yunxia were still alive and they would reunite as soon as possible.

Xiao Tianlong saw Zhang Yunyan's expression changed and said with a smile on his face, "Yun Feiyan, it's just a battle between the beasts and the weak creatures, which would happen in the forest from time to time. Why you care so much?"

He saw Zhang Yunyan was serious and thought that the beautiful girl was still thinking about the sika deer, gently shaking her head.

He sighed in her mind. It was a nature of women's kindness, which was also a valuable nature. It would be revealed from time to time, especially Yunyan was still a girl.

Yunyan sighed and said, "Imperial master, you're right. I can't deal with all these kind of things. I see the sika deer is poor and cute, so I have to save it."

Xiao Tianlong was impressed and said, "Yun Feiyan, you not only saved me but also ignored your life for saving Iron Egg. Now, you're showing your favor for just a deer. You're really a good person and a girl with righteousness. You're worthy for me to make a friend."

Zhang Yunyan was a little bit surprised. "It's my pleasure. It's my pleasure. You're a senior to me. How could I dream to be your friend?"

Hearing this, Xiao Tianlong smiled in happiness. "Don't be too modest. Although I'm much older than you, I like you so much in my heart. I want to build this friends.h.i.+p between generations with you. Don't avoid me."

Zhang Yunyan wore a shy smile and made a bow in a hurry. "You're just joking. I really want to be your friend. Since it's so, I understand and hope you can give me some advice someday."

"Of course. Don't mention that you have saved me. I will give you my advice even as a friend."

In the carriage, the laughter sounded from time to time, alarming nearby animals to fly by or stop to have a look.

It was the first time for Zhang Yunyan to come to this world. She felt that everything was fresh. She looked around and showed out her praise from time to time.

She remembered the sika deer again and the doubts in her heart could not be solved or forgotten. Why was the fur of the sika deer s.h.i.+ning? Why did it have a plum spot, and just a spot?

Hearing Xiao Tianlong's explanation, Zhang Yunyan was more suspicious.

She thought it was a special kind of deer and only belonged to this alienated world, but the imperial master's words made her more suspicious.

Xiao Tianlong told her the sika deers were the same as the ones thousands of years later. They had no s.h.i.+ning fur or special plum spots. There was no such kind of deer as she described.

As for the deer with a plum spot on its back leg, the imperial master had never seen it. He also thought it was special and did not know the reason. Perhaps, it was a variant, a special case.

Zhang Yunyan could only believe in Xiao Tianlong's words. The imperial master knew deeply of the animal here, so he would not be wrong.

However, she had seen the sika deer with a special plum spot on its back leg and saved it by accident. Was it really a special deer?

Zhang Yunyan recalled the scene of encountering the sika deer. She could not calm down her mood. It was really suspicious.

On the land of this alienated world, there were many kinds of animals. The sika deers also could have many categories. Such a special sika deer was just like a drop of water in the sea, so how could she encounter it?

She had just set foot on the land of the alienated world. It was really suspicious to get so close to that sika deer. It was the first animal for her to see in this world, except for those fish.

Xiao Tianlong was very familiar with this world and clear about numerous beasts. However, he had never seen such kind of special sika deer. It was the first time for her to step on this land, so why could she meet such a special animal?

The more Yunyan thought, the weirder she felt. It was stranger and stranger.

Of course, it could be a coincidence but was also unbelievable. It was OK to say it was impossible.

In any case, this absolutely impossible thing happened indeed right at the moment, so she should believe.

In this regard, Zhang Yunyan could not forget and explain. Even Xiao Tianlong could not answer her question.

The more amazing thing was that the sika deer could understand human language.

For this, Xiao Tianlong denied again.

He told Yunyan the sika deers here could not understand people's words, let alone communicate with humans.

The same as the other kinds of animals, they knew nothing about human language. They were in different species. Their sounds and body language showed out different meanings, so they could not communicate with each other in different species.

Zhang Yunyan sighed in her mind and thought her idea was ridiculous. She thought that the animals in this world could understand human language, could communicate with humans, and could make friends with them. It seemed that she was too naive.

It was not her fault. She came to this world for the first time and felt unfamiliar with everything here. It was reasonable for her to have those suspicions.

Xiao Tianlong told Yunyan that there were also some animals could understand human language, which was the elves transferred by beasts. Even some plants could cultivate into elves and understand human language.

They could be shaped into human form and lived in the world like human beings.

Zhang Yunyan understood and thought that deer with s.h.i.+ning fur might be an elf since it could understand human language. It definitely belonged an extraordinary species.

She was guessing that sika deer could not totally understand the human language, so it might be an ordinary sika deer or a special species of variation.

Zhang Yunyan thought about it for a while and could not figure out this mystery.

She would leave this alienated world soon, so she did not have to think too much about it. It did not matter to figure out the mystery or not. When she was on the way back home, she would forget everything and it was useless to think too much.

The carriage moved on for more than an hour. A village and fields appeared in front of them, showing out a thick life atmosphere.

Xiao Tianlong really felt the home that he left for a long time was in front of him. He asked the carriage to stop.

Walking on the land of his hometown and looking at the quiet village, the green fields, the woods, the rolling hills... he felt impressed and his eyes got wet.

He took a deep breath and could not ease his emotions. All kinds of feelings showed up in his mind, including the pa.s.sion of the traveler who finally returned to his hometown.

Xiao Tianlong had been away from home for more than three years and always missed his homeland. Now, he finally returned to his motherland and saw the village full of life, so how could he not be excited?

When the imperial master was sighing with emotion, his expression suddenly changed. He looked at the distance with amazement.

He immediately calmed down and was retreating. It seemed that he was cultivating. Then, he was lying on the ground and attaching his ear on the ground. His expression seemed even tenser.

Soon, Xiao Tianlong stood up quickly and shouted, "No, something wrong with the capital. We should move fast!"

Zhang Yunyan and the accompanying soldiers looked at the imperial master in confusion, and immediately went on the carriage, rus.h.i.+ng away.

Yunyan was puzzled and glanced at nervous Xiao Tianlong from time to time. She did not know whether his words were true or what kind of horrible things happened to make the imperial master so nervous.

Xiao Tianlong sighed and briefly explained his perception.

It turned out that the imperial master felt something wrong when he got off the carriage and also felt that the ground was shaking slightly. He was shocked in his mind and immediately calmly explored the situation.

He perceived danger was coming and hurriedly listened to the ground. Not only the vibration was stronger, but also he heard a continuous rumble, which was as strong as a troop of horse was galloping.

Xiao Tianlong was very shocked. Based on perception and the sound, it was not from Tianyue Country and must be the external forces.

He realized that this was an invasion of foreign enemies. It must be a war of aggression risen by Yingtian Country and Ninth Heaven Condor. The enemy's troop had already reached the land of Tianyue Country or even the capital.

The situation was extremely urgent and the danger was in jeopardy. His country had reached the point of life and death.

As the imperial master, Xiao Tianlong could not be calm. He urged the carriage to move fast and should get back to the capital to help them as soon as possible.

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The Coming Heroine: The Only Princess Chapter 49 The National Disaster

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