I Am A Super Sorcerer Chapter 3: The Holy Fruit

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Julius shouted with surprise, “Livia, step aside.”

The beauty, who was astounded by the super-big Flaming Ball, woke up and quickly prostrated on the ground, and felt the ball pa.s.sed past her toward the wooden room behind. Instantly, the room was burned into ashes.

I hurriedly explained to the old men, “It’s none of my business. As you witnessed, I didn’t utter the spell, and the Flaming Ball showed up on its own initiative.”

Julius looked at me with a weird look and said, “Do you know when I can use the magic without uttering the spell? 60 years old! Any magic within the magic field can only display a tenth of its power. Do you know what it means? Your Flaming Ball is able to destroy a castle outside the magic field.”

But how was that possible? I asked myself. Of course, I got no reply.

Rinka took out a little crystal ball from his chest and said, “It’s a crystal that tests magic power. The brighter its light is, the stronger the magic power is.”

When he concentrated his mind a little, the crystal ball immediately shone with dazzling white light, which showed his reputation was well-deserved!

He pa.s.sed it to me, debriefed me how to concentrate my mind, and asked me to do it as I was told.

I held the crystal in my hands, let my mind go blank, and then concentrate my mind on the crystal ball as Rinka told me.

Julius, Rinka, and the beauty called Livia nervously fixed their eyes on the crystal ball and wondered what kind of light it would s.h.i.+ne.

In a blink of an eye, the crystal ball burst out the light countless times stronger than that of the sun. I could see nothing but the white in front of me.

Then, I heard a crisp cracking sound, and the crystal ball broke into numberless pieces.

The light instantly disappeared.

What...what just happened? I glared at the crystal pieces on the ground and couldn’t believe that I caused the mess.

Rinka murmured, “How could this be! This crystal ball can accommodate the magic three times stronger than mine. But, how strong your magic power is that you can break it into pieces! How could you possess such strong magic...”

Like she just met me, Livia stared at me with her beautiful big blue eyes twinkling with eccentricity, which made me feel strange inside.

Julius asked, “Based on the magic power inside your body, you’re as good as a G.o.d. Son, have you eaten a ‘Holy Fruit’?”

He explained on seeing my confused face, “Besides the hard cultivation, you can eat the Holy Fruit to get the magic power. As the rarest treasure in the Holy Land, the Holy Fruit will endow you with greatly strong magic power even if you eat a little bit of it. I have a small piece of Holy Fruit. I’ll go and bring it here to see whether you eat it or not?”

He flew to the wooden room after finis.h.i.+ng his words. Rinka said in fury, “What a skinflint! He has such a rare treasure, but he didn’t tell me who has been a friend of his for decades. Humph!”

Julius came back fast and solemnly held a small box embedded with pearls that looked like very precious.

I hurriedly leaned forward out of my curiosity. Suddenly came over me a fitful intoxicating scent, and I realized that Livia also leaned forward. Seeing my lewd face, she rolled her eyes at me with a humph.

Julius carefully opened the box and gently unwrapped the silk covering it, revealing a gray thing in the size of half of my palm. He said with great pride, “I obtained this small piece through innumerable hards.h.i.+ps. Son, have you seen it?”

I blankly looked at the thing inside the box and couldn’t believe what I was seeing, because I found that the rare “Holy Fruit” in his hands was just a yam I used to often eat.

I stretched out my hand in an attempt to verify my guess but was slapped away by him. “Son, the ‘Holy Fruit’ is extremely rare. Don’t touch it. Have you eaten it?”

After repeatedly careful observations, I thought that it was nothing but a yam. Thus, I said, “Yes. I’ve eaten too many. It’s called ‘yam’ in my world. What’s more, it’s everywhere, and you can eat it as many as you can.”

Both Julius and Rinka asked in unison, “Are you sure?”

I replied, “They have the same look. If I can taste it, I’ll be very sure.”

After hesitating for a while, Julius discreetly peeled off a little bit and said with a rather painful face, “OK, you can taste and verify your guess.”

I put the Holy Fruit in the size of my fingernail in my mouth, chew it, and then a smell of mildew almost made me throw up. However, I swallowed it eventually, for I knew if I really vomited, I would be beaten to death by Julius.

I said, “Although it has gone bad because of being stored for a long time, I’m pretty sure that the ‘Holy Fruit’ is the yam in our world.”

Rinka said, “No wonder. No wonder. A little bit of the Holy Fruit will give you great magic power. Since you’ve eaten countless ones, the magic power inside your body is equal to G.o.d’s. But, there are no magic elements in your world, so you can’t use the magic no matter how strong your magic power is. However, things go by very differently in the Holy Land.”

Julius’s eyes were twinkling with excitement, and he said holding my hand, “Son, be my disciple, and I’ll make you the greatest Super Sorcerer ever in the Holy Land.”

Rinka came forward and grabbed the other one of my hands. “Son, don’t listen to him. His Elemental Magic will only make you very exhausted. Be my disciple. When you learn the Summoning Magic, you can have magic beasts at your disposal. How comfortable you will be!”

Julius shouted, “Holy c.r.a.p! With indefinite magic power, he’s easy to learn the highest-rank Elemental Magic. Besides, he’s mastered my ‘Flaming Ball’, so he’s my disciple.”

Rinka refuted back. “He can learn the ‘Flaming Ball’ everywhere. He’s destined to be my disciple.”

The quarrel between them became more and more fierce. As a result, the two Super Sorcerers who were wors.h.i.+ped by everyone in the Holy Land, fell into a dog fight.

Neglect of the two kidults, I walked up to the pretty Livia and bowed to her. “Nice to meet you, Lady. What happened before is only a misunderstanding. Please allow me to introduce myself. I’m Wu Lai.”

“Scoundrel?” Livia burst into laughing. The coldness of her face instantly melted, and she looked strikingly pretty.

Having realized that she wasn’t acting like herself, she restrained her laughter and became a cold beauty again. However, the devastatingly beautiful look of her smiling face left an indelible impact in my heart.

Years later, when I mentioned this to her, she punched my head with her delicate fist and said in a charming voice, “You scoundrel, I really wanted to kill you at that time.”

I Am A Super Sorcerer Chapter 3: The Holy Fruit

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