The Best Male God Chapter 2

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The sky was already completely dark, and the hawkers by the roadside had already gathered their stalls and returned home.

The two men stood in the shadows at the corner of the street, staring in the direction of the army, and found the Imperial Guards standing guard outside the gates.

w.a.n.g Kai-tai had told An Zeng that all of his officers had been transferred away, and that the military was now guarded by Imperial Guards sent from the Embroidery Palace, both inside and outside the military.

It was said that a group of uninvolved military officials, including the a.s.sistant minister, Ma Ziwei, were grounded in the military yamen. No one was allowed to leave the main entrance of the military headquarters without orders from the palace.

""Right now, Ma Zi Wei must be surrounded by experts from the Embroidery Palace. What should we do?""

If he forced his way in, he might not even have the confidence to bring Ma Zi out.

Even if we bring him out, we don't have a place to interrogate him. ""

An Zaiyue said, ""Now there's only the two of us left … The rest of the people at the Gathering Shang Manor have already been closely watched. Zhuang Feifei has already been called by King Yan to the Heavenly Temple. King Yan should be trying to protect her.""

""With our strength, it will be difficult for us to charge in.""

""It would be alright if it was just these Imperial Guards.""

""But the experts in the palace... we don't understand at all.""

""Perhaps there is a way.""

He recalled that Chen Shaobai had given him a black oil-paper umbrella. That umbrella had played a great role in the of the Yan Emperor and Empress Dowager in the Heavenly Temple.

Later on, the umbrella was damaged and kept in Old Huo to repair it.

At that time, Old Huo told An Zou that the umbrella was also a magic weapon.

An Zeng let Du stay thin, he alone back to the Heavenly Enlightenment Sect.

He knew that after Qu Liuxi and Gu Qianye evacuated the people from the Heavenly Awakening Sect, they would definitely return, so he decided to wait in the heaven defying Seal.

After An Zaihai entered the Heaven Defying Seal, he discovered that Old Huo was standing there in a daze.

He held the cat in his arms, while Little Seven fell asleep on a nearby recliner.

""Master Huo, is that Black Umbrella Cultivator ready?""

""Black umbrella?""

I don't have any magic equipment, so there's no way to repair it.

""What, you want to use it?""

An Xin nodded, ""I remember that the Black Umbrella has some special abilities, it can temporarily make people invisible.""

""If I want to enter the military, I need a black umbrella.""

Old Huo sighed, ""The material of the black umbrella is special, and I don't know how to make it. If I had the same material, I could repair it, but I can't do anything about it right now.""

""Then I'll think of another way.""

An Zeng hurriedly left the room and saw a black oil-paper umbrella by the entrance. There were two of them at the same time …

An Chou immediately raised his head and looked left and right, but he didn't see anyone.

He was sure that Chen Shaobai had been here. After this guy put down the black umbrella, he went into hiding.

He didn't care too much about it, instead, he picked up the black umbrella and sprinted towards the military base.

In the shadows, Chen Shaobai, who was holding a black umbrella, looked at the departing figure and mumbled to himself, ""Idiot who doesn't know what's going on, clearly the Military Department is finished and the Martial Arts Academy is finished. I'm afraid that after a while, the King of Yan will be finished as well. You actually foolishly jumped into such a big trap.""

""If it weren't for the fact that you absolutely cannot die, I wouldn't bother with your trivial matters.""

An Zeng held two black umbrellas and ran towards the military. Behind him, Chen Shaobai, who was floating in the night sky, followed him as if he was a ghost.

If there was anyone who could see him, Chen Shaobai looked more like a puppet being carried away by someone.

An Xuan fought his way to the corner of the street. He handed a black umbrella to Du, ""You stay outside and watch. We can't both stay inside. If I need your help, I will shoot fireworks into the sky.""

""Then be careful.""

An Zhan nodded, ""You be careful too.""

An Zongming opened the black oil-paper umbrella, took a deep breath and walked towards the main entrance of the Infantry Division.

His eyes were fixed on the eyes of the Imperial Guards at the door, worried that the oil-paper umbrellas would suddenly lose its effect.

As he was walking forward, An Zaihai couldn't help but think, why did Chen Shaobai know me so well?

What kind of trouble had he encountered that Chen Shaobai always knew at the first moment? Was it because he had been secretly watching him all this time?

If that was the case, then it was a little too terrifying.

He carried the black oil-paper umbrella to the door, and none of the armored Imperial Guards saw him.

With a sigh of relief, An Zhe wiped the Imperial Guards as he walked through the door.

He had been here more than once.

He didn't know much about Ma Ziwei, the a.s.sistant minister of the Ministry of War, but he knew that Chen Zaiyan valued this person.

Back then, when Hao Ping had pa.s.sed away, King Yan Mu Changyan immediately turned Chen Zaiyan into the Military Department's Minister.

In the list that Chen presented to King Yan, Ma Ziwei wrote it himself for the a.s.sistant minister of the Ministry of War.

Thus, Ma Ziwei was one of Chen Zaiyan's trusted aides.

It was also because of this that no one in the Infantry Division could have imagined that the person who had stabbed Chen Zhiyan in the back at this critical moment would be Ma Ziwei.

An Zai-yan knew where the a.s.sistant minister's room was. After a short walk, he stopped and turned to walk back to Chen Zai-yan's room.

Not far from the room, through the open window, he saw Ma Ziwei sitting inside.

Even though he hadn't been appointed yet, he couldn't wait to put on the purple robe Ma Ziwei.

Sometimes, greed can deform a person.

At the door of the room stood two men in white brocades, the one on the left looking in his forties, white and unshaven.

The one on the right looked young, in his mid-twenties, with a full beard.

Two people, one on the left and one on the right, stood in front of the door.

This was a true expert, An Zhe was a little nervous in his heart.

An Zhe had tested the effects of the black oil-paper umbrella, and not only could it perfectly cover the user's body, it was also flawless like air.

What was even more amazing was that it could even block the aura of others, leaving them in an unblemished state of invisibility.

If such a good item was in terms of its grade, it would at most be at the peak of the Red Ranked.

But from the looks of it, it could barely be counted as gold.

The reason why the grade was a bit lower was because the black oil-paper umbrella had no other effects and was only invisible.

At the Small Perfection Stage, experts would no longer be able to use such a magical equipment.

The scariest thing was, the items in Chen Shaobai's hand seemed to be endless.

Think of the bronze bell he gave to Anjou. It might have been an ancient magical artifact.

It was precisely because this black oil-paper umbrella was so perfect that the moment the two men reacted at the same time, it was enough to show how powerful they were.

Soon, however, An Zaiyue saw the doubt in their eyes. Apparently, they only felt that something wasn't right, and didn't really discover An Zaijian.

The white silk clothing worn by these two people was extremely beautiful. The most eye-catching thing was the words ""brocade"" embroidered on their left shoulders. It was like a large ma.s.s of peony flowers in full bloom.

He successfully found Ma Ziwei, but he didn't know how to deal with An Zhe.

The two experts from the Palace of Embroidery were too strong. If they encountered two experts in the State of Prison Desire, even if they had heaven-defying magical equipment, they wouldn't have any confidence.

Moreover, if they were to fight, it would definitely attract more experts. At that time, it would be difficult for them to even escape.

An Zhe stood there, suddenly trapped in a predicament.

At that moment, Ma Ziwei suddenly stood up and stretched before leaving the desk.

""What is my lord going to do?""

the younger expert of the brocade palace asked.

Ma Zi said with a smile, ""There are three things people should be anxious about, we can't hold it in.""

His tone was unkind. It was obvious that he didn't have a good impression of these two either.

""We'll accompany you.""

The older experts of the Embroidery Palace unquestionably said a few words before following behind Ma Ziwei.

Ma Ziwei sneered as he walked: ""Lu Tianhui, Zhao Yanshan, do you guys want to help me take off my pants as well?""

The younger man, whose name was Zhao Zishan, replied expressionlessly, ""If my lord wishes, we will do as he says.""

With a slight snort, the horse quickened its pace, and the two men followed closely behind.

Lu Tianhui said, ""If Sir feels uncomfortable, you can only bear with it for now.""

His Lords.h.i.+p also knew that this matter was extremely serious.

The empress dowager couldn't bear to make a single mistake. Her lords.h.i.+p must have thought of the situation before he made his decision.

It wouldn't be long before the heads of Chen Zaiyan and the others fell to the ground.

At that time, he would be free to exterminate his hidden accomplices.

""No matter what you say, the empress dowager is still considering your safety for your lords.h.i.+p.""

""Then I'll thank the empress dowager more.""

Zhao Zishan remained expressionless as he said, ""In my opinion, you are being a little unreasonable.""

Since you made the decision yourself, why act like a woman?

""To want everything, to want to show off your integrity... isn't that a little laughable.""

Ma Ziwei's footsteps halted. ""Are you talking to me?""

Zhao Zishan said, ""Could it be that Sir wants me to confirm this once more?""

Lu Tiexi glanced at Zhao Shanshan and said, ""You can't be rude to my lord.""

Zhao Zishan sneered, ""I'm just trying to be honest, and my words are already very tactful.""

If you say it again in words, you're a wh.o.r.e and you want to set up a chast.i.ty memorial. ""

Ma Zi Wei's facial expression was extremely ugly to behold, but there was no way for him to get angry.

""Milord, this way please.""

Zhao Zishan opened the toilet door and said, ""If you need me to take off my pants and pull up my pants, I will instruct you directly. If you need me to wipe your a.s.s, I will not refuse.""

The horse slammed the door of the toilet, shaking the dust off it.

Lu Tianhui said: ""You too. Why are you arguing with him?""

Zhao Zishan said, ""You and I were very leisurely in the palace. We came here to serve him, but he was not satisfied.""

If it weren't for you and me, I don't know how many times he would have died.

Were those experts loyal to Chen's words really useless people in the military?

Still, when you're a b.i.t.c.h, don't think about setting up a chast.i.ty shop.

Since he had already made his choice, there was no need for him to act so righteous.

Without the Embroidery Palace behind him, what is he? ""

Kacha! He did not know what was smashed by the horse in the toilet.

After that, there was an ""Aiyah"" sound. Zhao Zishan and Lu Tianhui looked at each other, then opened the door at the same time … and the horse inside disappeared.

Right beside the two of them, separated by a wooden door, Ma Zi Wei disappeared into thin air.

Both Lu Tiexi and Zhao Zishan's faces changed. Zhao Zishan abruptly turned around and threw out a punch in the air, ""Show yourself!""

This punch didn't have any purpose, but An Zhe just happened to be right behind them.

As the wind from the fist came cras.h.i.+ng over, An Zhe had no choice but to retreat hastily.

At the same time, with a thought, four scales of holy fish were summoned from the Blood Pearl, forming a barrier in front of him.

Even so, under the immense power, An Zhe's body still involuntarily flew backwards.

He gripped the black umbrella tightly in his hand, and only then did he not show himself.

Ma Ziwei had already disappeared. It was obvious that someone else had made a move.

An Zaiwei didn't dare to tarry any longer. He ran out of the military yamen as fast as he could and shouted to Skinny Du at the corner of the street, ""Ma Zi Wei has been kidnapped. Let's quickly retreat!""

Then, he saw Skinny Du looking at him with an extremely strange expression. Then, Skinny Du lowered his head to look at … He was carrying a person … a unconscious Horse.

The Best Male God Chapter 2

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