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Chapter 162 The Infinite Hourgla.s.s

Hearing the conversation between the fatty and the two people that came to help him, Zhou Yu also felt a lot of pressure, because what he faced at the moment was a fallen knight, which was totally unexpected. In other words, the fatty was at least as powerful as Jack and Bubu.

After spending some time learning the Lance techniques from Bubu, Zhou Yu fully understood that those who were able to obtain the 'knight' t.i.tle, were not ordinary people. He used to think that a little squirrel playing with a lance was very cute, but when it got bigger, it was not cute at all.

It was extremely painful after it hit him with a lance, and its movement was as fast as the wind.

And this fat fallen knight seemed to understand that most villains died because they talked too much. So after he showed the temporary portal, he suddenly bellowed and expanded like an inflatable balloon. The originally soft flabby fat of his body gradually became solid, until the end, he became a muscular man that had a perfect body shape.

Holy s.h.i.+t! If he appeared with this kind of appearance at the beginning, would he still need to be an extreme fan? Countless women would probably fall in love with him and want to bear his children.

In the face of a muscular man, who was almost as tall as him, Zhou Yu's lips were twitching, why did a villain have this skill? If the villain was tiny, he would still be able to withstand the attack for a while with the advantage of his big body. But the current situation was, that he probably couldn't even withstand the attack for more than 10 minutes, let alone leaving here safely.

Then the battle between the giants began.

The only one who could compete with the fallen knight was Zhou Yu, and the others were only able to cause some troubles for it at the most.

However, Zhou Yu's fighting ability was only slightly better than the ordinary people from the real world. After all, with the daily exercises plus being tortured by the small beasts, and recently there was also Bubu teaching him, his physical ability and the damage taken ability have reached the professional level. But when facing a fallen knight, he could not escape his fate of being beaten up.

At first, Zhou Yu could still dodge a few attacks, but soon, the fatty's left hook knocked Zhou Yu senseless, and it was quickly followed by a series of quick punches. During the fight, the fatty also used all sorts of wrestling techniques. It resulted in many decorations of the hotel room being smashed to pieces.

The small beasts at least had good sportsmans.h.i.+p, but this f.u.c.ker was trying to kill him.

G.o.d Dammnit, he already started to bleed.

The body of the people from the real world would not be injured by the people from the ACG world, so the fatty's punch would only cause pain but would not cause any wounds. The problem was that after he was thrown to the floor, the floor he hit was the real floor. Hitting it could actually cause real damage. The fatty also noticed this, so he mainly picked up Zhou Yu and threw him onto the floor repeatedly, soon, Zhou Yu couldn't get up anymore.

This was probably the first time Zhou Yu was beaten up like this. It was painful all over his body. At that moment, he just wanted to lie down forever and never stand up again. However, he had to get up again when he saw that Benben's fortress was under the fatty's attack, making the ear-piercing noises.

His son and his daughter were now both under attack, as their father, how could he not do anything.

Although he had never learned any hand-to-hand combat techniques, and he also didn't have a staff, once Zhou Yu went berserk, it could be very scary. He grabbed the fatty by the neck and jumped on his back, and then bit the fatty's ear with his teeth.

The courage to confront violent conflict appeared on Zhou Yu's face for the first time.

Normally, with this kind of biting strength, Zhou Yu could absolutely bite off someone's ear, but the fatty was from the ACG world, so unless certain conditions were met, his body would not be wounded, so although the fatty was screaming in pain, Zhou Yu did not cause much damage to him.

Suddenly, Zhou Yu was thrown out, and hit the wall very hard.

It was such an unfair fight.

Firefly came to help very quickly, moving around the fatty with the advantage of her fast speed, and the whip in her hand also changed into the most effective killing mode. On the whip, suddenly appeared countless sharp metal spikes, like the thorns on a rose stem.

It looked very fierce, but because the size difference was too big, even if the fatty was whipped by the whip, it would only cause some minor damage. However, it could still buy some time.

"Firefly, how can I damage the people from the ACG world?"

Zhou Yu shouted, hoping to get some advice, otherwise, he would not be able to hold on much longer.

Firefly did not know the answer to this question, but one of the agents of Extreme Film company did, so he shouted, "if it is the citizens of the fallen city, except for the special weapons of Star Light knights, they can only be injured while shooting the unrestricted films. But when the shooting is over, they'll be reborn again."

In other words, even if they were injured, it would not help the situation much.

In this critical moment, Zhou Yu was quickly trying to come up with something, and soon he remembered something -- The Infinite Hourgla.s.s.

This was an item that he got from the chubby Prince. It was also a cursed item. The rumor said that there were endless treasures in the hourgla.s.s. However, after entering it, people would be teleported to various horror movies, and after they completed one movie, they would be teleported to another horror movie immediately. Only by solving all the mysteries of all the horror movies could the hourgla.s.s's infinite loop be broken.

However, it was said that those, who had entered the hourgla.s.s, never came out again.

After hearing the chubby Prince introduce it, Zhou Yu was a little bit worried. And no matter how Jack begged him to allow him to enter the hourgla.s.s, he still did not agree. So many people had been trapped inside in the past, including the adventurers that were even more famous than Jack. Entering it was definitely seeking death.

So, this item has always been left in the storeroom.

Only until today did Zhou Yu find the purpose of the hourgla.s.s.

Horror movies were also a type of unrestricted film. After sending the fatty into the hourgla.s.s, he would be tortured repeatedly by all kinds of monsters in horror movies. Even if he was able to defeat a few, the endless cycle of horror movies would make him understand what the meaning of true horror was.

This was such a great idea.

On the lower right corner of Zhou Yu's, the storeroom icon would appear after he left the village. It would allow Zhou Yu to get anything from the storeroom even if he left the village. However, this storeroom could only display the items of the ACG world.

Thinking of this, Zhou Yu immediately took out the infinite hourgla.s.s, pressed the b.u.t.ton on the top, and then suddenly threw it at the fatty.

If the fatty was still at the original size, Zhou Yu might have missed him. But since he has gotten so big, there was no way Zhou Yu would miss him.

With a loud bang, the hourgla.s.s. .h.i.t the fatty's body and directly broke into pieces

Oh, my G.o.d. Did I do it wrong?

Just when Zhou Yu was confused, the fatty let out a roar and wanted to charge at Zhou Yu. But then he suddenly found that he couldn't move anymore. When he looked down in horror, a quicksand pit had appeared beneath his feet, and it was slowly engulfing him.

"What is this? What is this!"

The fat man howled in terror, but still could not escape the suction of quicksand and was gradually swallowed by it. Then the quicksand disappeared, and the shattered hourgla.s.s returned to normal and lay still on the ground.

And in addition to the infinite hourgla.s.s, a strange man also appeared.

Who is this guy?

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The Rise Of Otaku Chapter 162

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