The Rise Of Otaku Chapter 177

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Chapter 177 the warrior team and the celebrity team

Edited by Esperanza

Zhou Yu was certainly not as good as the twin chefs, but his dishes were still good enough to fool others, especially when it came to making a few dishes that he was good at. The little farm's vegetables were even less often taken outside and were served only on holidays, so it had quite a reputation in the park, it was nicknamed – The Imperial ingredients.

Mu Zi was also quite surprised, the presentation of these dishes was not delicate, but the smell of them would definitely make anyone raise their thumb, which indicated that the staff's praise was not groundless. However, it never occurred to him that a boss, who had acquired considerable wealth at a young age, liked cooking and seemed to know it well.

These dishes were brought to the little actor, originally, he refused it at first, but at his father's persuasion he managed to take a bite, and then he couldn't stop eating afterward. Two bowls of rice were quickly eaten without any symptoms of discomfort as if he did not have any problems.

Mu Zi let out a long sigh of relief, and the staff who had made a suggestion earlier said with a little envy, “with The Imperial Ingredients, plus the little boss personally cooked the food, it would only be strange if it wasn't tasty.”

The Imperial Ingredients those three words made Mu Zi very curious. After he asked in detail, he then knew that Zhou Yu had a small farm for himself. The quality of the vegetables on his farm was very high, and normally, people would not be able to eat those vegetables, usually only when there were festivals or some special occasions, would they receive some as gifts.

Knowing how to both cook and plant vegetables, this Zhou Yu really did not give people a feeling like he was an actual boss, instead, people would only think of him as an old farmer. He would love to go to the little farm to see it, but unfortunately, that place was not the fantasy city. No filming was allowed there. He knew clearly about Zhou Yu's stubbornness, and he understood that there was no way that he could force him.

However, he was not a man without weaknesses. From daily observation, Zhou Yu would lower his guard around children, and he also liked to play with a group of kids all day, that was the reason why he was willing to cook for the little actor personally. If it were an adult, he probably wouldn't have responded to his request.

Hence, Mu Zi prepared to use child tactics, to find out more of Zhou Yu's secrets.

Then a new little kid appeared around Zhou Yu every day. Originally, Zhou Yu thought that he just needed to prepare a few dishes, and then that would be it, but he did not expect that the little actor began to go to his house every day. Every day, when it was time for a meal, the little actor would show up.

Speaking of this little actor, he was actually very well-behaved and never came to Zhou Yu's house empty-handed. He always brought some small gift or something he had received during the filming of the show. Although none of them were expensive items, it was his way to express thanks to Zhou Yu.

And this was exactly Zhou Yu's weakness.

The children of Luhua village were also the same, whenever they got something good, they would all think of brother Yu, although in the outsiders' eyes, these good things could be thrown into the trash can.

Gradually, Zhou Yu also treated him like the children of Luhua village. Whenever he was having fun with Little rat, he would bring the little actor with him as well.

Little Rat and his friends liked to play in the coliseum. The square over there was very big, and there were also many strange types of equipment that were suitable for the naughty boys. The Colosseum has not officially opened yet, so Zhou Yu just let them play inside at will.

In the beginning, little Rat and other kids were still quite reserved around the little actor, after all, the little actor looked very delicate and soft like a toy, they did not want to injure him. But as time pa.s.sed, the little actor also started to learn many bad habits from little Rat and his friends. Soon, he was even able to climb up and down the ropes in the coliseum like a wild naughty boy. In the past, if he fell to the ground or scratched his skin, he would cry for a very long time, but now, he would just pat the dust off his body and then carry on playing with the other kids.

The change of little actor had also been noticed by Mu Zi. He suddenly felt that it was not a bad idea to invite those villagers' children into the show. Having a child compet.i.tion between the villagers' kids and the kids of those celebrities might be a very interesting thing. Especially that Zhou Hao, who was the first hero of the fantasy city, and he was also quite popular on the Internet.

He went to discuss with Zhou Yu about his idea, but the answer he got was quite a headache, “all the quizzes and puzzles in the city have been solved by those kids last summer, so it is not fair to the celebrity team. And in terms of their physical strength, those celebrities' kids are even worse. It's not that I want to boast, whether it is 1v1 or team V team, those people from the city are no match for little Rat and his friends.”

Whether it was the intelligence or the physical ability, Zhou Yu was very confident in the children of Luhua village, and when the children played with each other, it would be very hard to ask them to follow the script, what if they completely destroyed the celebrity team in the compet.i.tion, that would not be good at all.

Mu Zi also thought of this point, “physical strength is indeed a problem, but the celebrity team has other talents, it is not impossible to win. In terms of the puzzle game, if it's something that hasn't been started yet, it will be fair on both sides.”

Since Mu Zi insisted, and little Rat and his friends were also looking forward to the filming, Zhou Yu no longer refused it anymore, he let the program group into the Colosseum and started to choose the contestants from both sides.

Seeing the internal of the Colosseum, which has not yet opened to the outside world, Mu Zi was like a curious kid, looking around. The whole project building was like a Roman stadium, there were all kinds of equipment, but it was scaled down as if they were specially designed for children.

“Mr. Zhou, this place is called the Colosseum. It's not going to be a bullfight or some kind of animal fight, is it?”

Mu Zi jokingly said, even c.o.c.kfighting and duck fighting was illegal, let alone bullfighting, so he didn't think that the amus.e.m.e.nt park would have such activities. However, he did not expect that Zhou Yu's reply would be, “ah, this place is prepared for the animal Olympics. When I have trained enough animals, I will hold the first animal Olympics in Luhua village.”

Animal Olympics?

Mu Zi couldn't keep up with Zhou Yu's thoughts. The animal race was actually quite common in farms, but it was mostly running compet.i.tion, which would not need so much equipment. Besides, how on earth would animals know how to use them?

He had a lot of questions, but seeing that Zhou Yu didn't seem to want to explain, he stopped asking.

After the selection, Little Rat and four other little kids formed the warrior team, and were ready to meet the challenge of the celebrity team. According to Mu Zi's plan, this kind of compet.i.tion not only would attract quite a lot of attention, but it could also reflect the gap in education, showing the advantages and disadvantages of urban education and rural education, which was very meaningful.

However, what Zhou Yu did next made Mu Zi extremely confused.

Seeing the warriors had been chosen, Zhou Yu suddenly shouted: “Luhua village militia a.s.semble!”

With this battle cry, the children of Luhua village quickly completed the a.s.sembly in the Colosseum. This kind of a.s.sembly, the children in Luhua village had done so many times, so they completed it very swiftly. But it was the first time for other people like Mu Zi, to see them doing it.

Was this group of kids from the military? How could they do it so neatly and quickly? And they even split into three rows based on their height. The most important was that feeling. Every kid stood up straight and looked very energetic.

“Zhou Hao, Zhou Qing, Zhou Yan, Zhou Mingshan, Zhou Ningning, please step forward!”

These five were the warriors that had just been selected. After hearing the instructions, the five children walked neatly out of the group and stood before Zhou Yu.

There was a compet.i.tion coming, and the team's morale was, of course, very important.

The Rise Of Otaku Chapter 177

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