Super Card System Chapter 17

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That night, Ian kept wondering what choice would Kuina make.

In fact, even Ian could not imagine what it would be like if Kuina really became a boy. But when Ivankov left, Ian was making an attempt because he knew that if Kuina remained in Frost Moon Village, She's going to die.

He was used to working hard in the field then drinking warm water from Kuina's hands while showing him a gorgeous smile and getting used to the way Kuina bandaged him after every injury he gets from exercising. Ian could not accept the fact that her seemingly strong but gentle sister would disappear in front of his eyes.

So in this period, the only thought that comes to his mind was: “the b.u.t.terfly effect!” He wanted to try whether he could change this result by any means.

The next day, just before Ian got up and had time to wash his face, Kuina came to him.

The two sat down at the table. The Den Den Mus.h.i.+ had woke up at this time, and squatted toward Kuina, Kuina smiled and touched its big eyes, handed it a leaf, and kept watching it eating happily.

“Kuina, have you thought about it?” Ian asked her after a while.

“Yes, I did!” Kuina looked up at him. “I can only say, thank you for your kindness, Big Brother Ian!”

“I… I thought about it all night!” Kuina covered her chest and said. “Although I always thought, if I were a boy, it would be great so I could not be a disappointment to my father, be able to grow stronger without any restrictions, be recognized by my own father, and then inherit his dojo.”

“But when you told me yesterday that there was such an opportunity in front of me, I hesitated…”

“If I really become a boy, am I still me? Even if I can reach the world's strongest swordsman in the end, but is that swordsman still me, Kuina?”

“I think of your words, Big Brother Ian!” Kuina looked at Ian with a smile: “From now on, I will not be obsessed with my gender anymore. Since my father said that girls can't be the strongest, I will prove to him that I can become the strongest swords user in the world!”

Ian looked at Kuina and found that her face was no longer confused and unwilling. Instead, she was firm and confident.

Kuina was telling the truth, and she really got it out of her heart!

“Haha, Haha!” Ian suddenly burst out laughing. This was really his sister Kuina. She has such a strong personality. What's the big deal about her being a girl?

“I said that no matter what decision you make, I will support you!” Ian laughed and said, “Now that you have decided to be the strongest swords user, you have to work hard!”

“Well! Thank you, Brother Ian. I've to go now!” Kuina stood up and started leaving.

“Kuina!” Ian stopped her, his face became very serious, and he said, “We've dealt with that matter, but now, you have to promise me another thing!”

“What?” Kuina asked curiously.

“Don't go to any dangerous places! Especially high places!” Ian said, “You'd better practice with Zoro and me these days!”

“Why?” Kuina was puzzled.

Ian could not explain to her, but said, “I can't tell you why. But I have a bad feeling…”

It was strange to hear that this was the reason, but she was a little reluctant to practice with Ian and Zoro. She said, “I don't want to train that fool, Zoro. Every time he sweats, he smells bad! I don't want to practice with him!”

“I sweat and stink too!” Ian said with a very low voice.

“You're different, You are a loved one of Kuina!” Kuina naughtily spat out her tongue: “Sauron is an opponent, with him, my cards will be seen by him!”

“All right!” Ian saw that she really didn't want to, and she was reluctant. After all, Kuina was a girl, and she had begun growing up. She really could not stay with those two all the time. So he had to say, “Well, promise me not to go to any dangerous places, will you promise me that?”

“All right, all right, I promise you that!” Kuina waved and said: “Sayonara, I'm going to practice!”

Looking at Kuina humming and happily going out, Ian couldn't help but sigh. He was trying to get Kuina out to the sea to avoid her death, but unexpectedly, by mistake, he solved the biggest problem in Kuina's mind. Even Ian didn't know what to do.

For the next two days, Ian kept an eye on Kuina. Every time he went out to exercise with Zoro, he rushed back as soon as possible until he confirmed that Kuina was unharmed.

However, Ian couldn't keep Kuina in his sight for a long time. He could watch her for a while, and she shouldn't find out. So Ian thought of a way. He told his little brothers in the Dojo that once they found out that Kuina was going to go to high places, they would try to stop her or run to tell him as soon as possible.

Out of respect for Ian, the disciples in the dojo earnestly agreed to it.

What surprised Ian most was how quickly things could come.

On the morning of the third day, Ian and Zoro, carrying a young brother, ran around the village together, and then came to the usual exercise place in the back hill.

Running with a kid on their shoulders was a trick Ian and Zoro came up with not long ago because running alone was no longer effective for both of them.

After putting down the two younger boys and letting them go back by themselves, Ian and Zoro began their daily routine exercise.

However, he didn't know why, when he watched Zoro do the stone pulling exercises with his mouth, Ian suddenly had a feeling of uneasiness.

At first, he didn't realize it, but he just felt a little restless. But when he saw the two brothers who had been up to the mountain with them have turned back again, Ian suddenly had a very strong heartbeat!

“No!” Ian shouted and rushed down the hill.

Zoro looked foolishly at Ian, who was rus.h.i.+ng out. He didn't know what was going on and asked the two young brothers: “Why did you come back?”

The two disciples, panting, clutched their knees and said, “Ku… Kuina's going up to the attic to find her sharpening stone. W… We thought of what brother Ian said and wanted to hold her back, but she said it was all right. We had to run to tell him! “

At both ends of the story, Ian ran down the hill, exerting all his efforts, but feeling that he was not fast enough, so he put his Mind Force on his legs and immediately soared.

After a year of continuous exercise, he has gradually mastered the use of the Nen, but because the value of the Nen was still relatively small, nor could he reach the point of materialization, so he was still unable to simulate the true Armed Haki.

Quickly rushed back to the dojo, Ian ran directly to the warehouse.

Ian didn't even think about it. He ran straight into the door and rushed in.

As the sawdust flew, Ian saw Kuina standing on the second floor, seemingly intending to come down with a black whetstone in her hand.

But at this moment, her foot suddenly slipped, she rolled and fell from mid-air.


Ian jumped and stretched out his hands toward the place where Kuina was going to fall, trying to catch her, but the distance was a little too far, causing his body to fall along with her.

Originally, according to Kuina's fall posture, she was likely to fall on her cervical spine and cause a fracture and death, but at this time Ian's arms caught her, padded underneath her like a cus.h.i.+on, Kuina's whole body was fine, but her head was slammed heavily on the floor.

As the dust settled, Ian felt Kuina's body soften in his arms, and in spite of the pain of her fall, he got up and held her in her hand to check her condition.

But what made Ian relieve was that he found that she still has some heartbeats.

Hurriedly picked her up, Ian rushed out of the warehouse, came to the dojo and shouted anxiously, “Sensei! Sensei Kos.h.i.+ro!”

Kos.h.i.+ro heard that sound and found that Ian was holding the unconscious Kuina in his arms. He came in a hurry and asked, “What happened?”

“Kuina fell from the attic. I caught her, but she hit her head on the ground!” Ian carefully put her down on the floor of the dojo and said, “Master Kos.h.i.+ro, take care of her. I'll call the doctor!”

“Alright!” Kos.h.i.+ro said.

Ian did not reply and ran out in a hurry.

Frost Moon Village is very small. There is only one doctor in the whole village, and he was the kind of doctor who can only treat minor illnesses in peacetime. But Ian rushed to the doctor's house at this time, lifted him up, took the medicine box and rushed back to the dojo. At this time, Zoro and a group of little disciples were already in the dojo, waiting anxiously.

The doctor was a white-bearded man, he looked at Kuina carefully with his, then he shook his head and said to the concerned people, “Nothing's wrong with her body, but her head was smashed so hard, I don't know when she will wake up!”

“What do you mean?” Zoro was in a hurry. He grabbed the doctor and cried, “Do you mean that Kuina can't wake up?”

“No, It's not that she won't wake up! I meant that I couldn't know when she will wake up!” The doctor shook his head and said, “It may take a few days, or it may be longer…”

When Ian listened to him, he was confused. How could this happen?

Although due to his intervention, Kuina avoided her death's fate, she is now likely to fall into a prolonged coma!

‘Is fate making such a joke?'

Super Card System Chapter 17

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