The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 4359

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Time was reorganized.

Within the time of an hour, it was only sixty percent.

According to the usual game, after loading it, he would need to release the pressure.

In any case, not even an hour was enough.

And an hour's time was enough for Long Fei to kill a Big Dipper G.o.d of Boundary.

But at that moment, the G.o.d of Boundary of the Big Dipper was still as arrogant as before, it did not think that Long Fei had the power to kill it, the expression in its eyes was filled with disdain.

"Kill me? Long Fei, you sure are arrogant and conceited. "

"Do you really think you're so awesome just by destroying me and sitting on the G.o.d of Boundary of ten thousand realms?"

"Let me tell you, the potential and strength of a super strong world is not something you can imagine." The map of the Big Dipper flashed with power as it spoke.

The strength of seven human figures gathered together, maintaining the same punching posture as before.

Releasing an endless amount of pressure, reaching the heavens and earth, extremely terrifying.

But Long Fei didn't react at all.

He was crazy?

Does Long Fei care?


He was crazy, and Long Fei was even more crazy.

No matter how amazing a person was in front of Long Fei, Long Fei would not be afraid.

When he was weak, he dared to go all out against the emperor Xuan. He risked his life time and time again to fight to the end.

By now, was there even a need to be afraid of dominating the Allworld?


No matter how arrogant he was, in Long Fei's eyes, he was nothing more than a clown trying to attract attention.

With that thought, Long Fei immediately said:

"Back then, that's what the G.o.d of Boundary of Myriad Life said as well. That's why, he died."

Very direct, very domineering.

No matter how much you try to act cool, you will still die in the end.

"Long Fei, you are too arrogant. Do you think I am that brainless Ten Thousand Beasts? I have already thoroughly researched it, your strongest point is your physical body's strength. "

"If you discard the power of your physical body, your own strength will be trash. It's useless."

"The reason why you were able to kill ten thousand beasts was also because the power of your fleshly body was not suppressed by the rules. That's why you were able to kill ten thousand beasts."

"Then I'll just use my absolute strength. How are you going to defend against me?" The G.o.d of Boundary of the Big Dipper said coldly, with a face that seemed to have seen through Long Fei.

Long Fei's eyes moved as he looked at the Big Dipper G.o.d of Boundary.

A little.

Who would have thought that in the eyes of an outsider, what he relied on was the strength of his fleshly body?

However, although his physical body was strong, his true trump card had nothing to do with his physical body.

For a moment, Long Fei looked at the Big Dipper G.o.d of Boundary and smiled.

It was also at this time that the G.o.d of Boundary of the Big Dipper seemed to lose its patience.

"Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, go and die!"

Boom! *

He punched out.

The Big Dipper diagram instantly evolved, and the seven figures simultaneously threw out a punch.

Rumble …

Rumble …

Under this fist, a monstrous power gathered. Eight fist shadows shrouded this entire s.p.a.ce, as if they were going to destroy the heaven and earth. They were extremely powerful.

In the center of this power, Long Fei's gaze, at this moment, also felt a chill.

A light flashed in his eyes as he threw out a backhand punch.

"Invincible Punch."

He bellowed.

The power of his entire body surged wildly.

With his fist in the air, all of his strength lost its l.u.s.ter in that instant.

The instant Long Fei's fist struck towards the sky, the power of the Big Dipper G.o.d of Boundary was immediately suppressed.

Puff puff puff!

One strike to destroy all techniques.

Even if the power of the G.o.d of Boundary of the Big Dipper mobilised the power of the Big Dipper, it was nothing compared to Long Fei's methods.

With a punch, the Northern Dipper net instantly dimmed.

Above the Seven Stars of the Big Dipper, the seven illusory figures instantly collapsed.




The Big Dipper G.o.d of Boundary's body was sent flying by Long Fei's punch. His entire body was releasing a violent aura, his face was pale green, as he spat out a mouthful of blood, which turned red and white. Even his internal organs had been smashed apart by Long Fei.

"I what?"

"Come on, aren't you going to show me the power of a super strong world?"

"All beasts are idiots, and you are even f * cking stupid." Long Fei said proudly.

They couldn't withstand a single blow.

If he was like the Ten Thousand Beast G.o.d of Boundary and used the power of laws from the Ten Thousand Worlds of the Big Dipper, Long Fei might even have a headache.

Without the Second Blade of the G.o.d of Boundary, perhaps only the Hand of the Great Way would be able to face the power of laws.

But of course, the G.o.d of Boundary of the Big Dipper was arrogant, and wanted to use its absolute power to suppress him.

Long Fei who had the strongest fleshly body, what was there to fear?

Comparing strength?

I'll punch you.

And at this time, the G.o.d of Boundary of the Big Dipper was stunned.

With a face full of regret, his gaze kept changing.

A look of disbelief appeared on his face.

The power he had fused with the power of the ten thousand worlds of the Big Dipper could be considered a peak existence even in the super strong worlds.

The Myriad Realms didn't dare to fight back. They directly took control of a region.

Therefore, it was precisely because of this power that he ignored Long Fei.

However, he never would have thought that.

One punch!

Just one punch!

The power that he was so proud of had directly turned into a joke.

It was directly shattered by Long Fei's fist.

Even he was unable to gather his strength now.

"Long Fei, don't be too pleased with yourself. If this duke uses the power of the laws of the Ten Thousand Worlds of the Big Dipper, I can still suppress you!" The G.o.d of Boundary of the Big Dipper said.

His tone was solemn.

But in Long Fei's opinion, it was just a feint.


"Continue acting!"

Long Fei said.

Long Fei himself did not know how terrifying the power behind his punch was. Even if he was unable to instantly kill this Big Dipper G.o.d of Boundary, Long Fei believed that his opponent was definitely not far from death.

After all, he was a player.

And the G.o.d of Boundary of the Big Dipper, was a super monster.

Yes, it was a super monster!

Originally, he was at the first level of G.o.d of Boundary with ten thousand beasts. In terms of cultivation, it was even stronger than the Ten Thousand Beasts G.o.d of Boundary.

But the only difference now was that Long Fei had levelled up.

Moreover, the System was suppressing him now.

The reason why the Level of Monsters was changed was to restrict Long Fei from levelling up.

Therefore, the G.o.d of Boundary of the Big Dipper was now a monster. It could not even be considered a boss.

Since it wasn't a BOSS, it naturally didn't have a BOSS aura.

Therefore, under Long Fei's punch, the blood stripes on the top of the G.o.d of Boundary dropped straight down.

A drop of blood!

Only a drop of blood remained.

As long as Long Fei spread the power of his flesh out, he could instantly kill him.

In other words, the current G.o.d of Boundary of the Big Dipper was already at the brink of death.

However, he was still pretending to be deep. How could Long Fei endure this?

"You only have one breath left. You don't need to do anything. It's just the two of them. Any one of them can kill you."

"What do you think you're pretending for?" Long Fei coldly said as he disdained.

Just as he said that, both w.a.n.g Yun and Jiang Chunqiu's faces revealed killing intent as they were eager to give it a try.

This time, the G.o.d of Boundary of the Big Dipper was terrified.

Submit in a second!

"No Long Fei, don't kill me."

"I was also forced to do this. It was all because of that old man Zhou, who said that you had the big secret of the ancient world on you."

"Yes, I also know that the Star Demon G.o.d of Boundary has already been set up an inescapable net, waiting for your arrival. If you bring me along, my laws of the Big Dipper will just so happen to be able to restrain his Stellar Array. "

The G.o.d of Boundary of the Big Dipper begged for mercy crazily.

However, it was useless to Long Fei.

Long Fei only glanced at them indifferently, before saying: "Explode!"

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 4359

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