The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 4361

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However, she still had a pleading look on her face.

It was filled with bitterness.

The tears of despair had washed her tender cheeks.

She wanted to break free from her control and stop Hong Qiuye from attacking.

However, Hong Qiuye was too determined, and no one could stop him.

This was because since they had descended upon the Star Demon Realm, Hong Qiuye had already come up with such a plan.

"Yya, be good." As long as we are alive, there is hope. "

"But, I have to take action. They are all Long Fei's brothers. "

"I absolutely cannot watch helplessly as they are tortured like this." Hong Qiu Ye said with a grim smile.

After which, he turned around and continued to hide, staring in the direction of the Stellar Palace.

And at this moment, several silhouettes could be seen hovering in the air above the Star Palace.

At this moment, he also began to howl crazily.

"Star Demon G.o.d of Boundary, you dog."

"You think you can use us to lure our boss?"

"Even if I die, I will not let you succeed." Li Yuanba angrily opened his eyes, he was extremely crazed.

But at this time, the Star Demon G.o.d of Boundary began to laugh loudly.

"Hahaha, die?" Do you think you can still control your life and death right now? "

"You overconfident dog."

"Star Flame, burn it!" The Star Demon, G.o.d of Boundary, roared.

As his voice faded, an incomparably gigantic Star Demon roared hysterically.

Blood began to flow out of his eyes.

Extremely unwilling!

However, he had no way of controlling it. It was as if the power of the Star Demon G.o.d of Boundary had already been instilled into his soul. As long as it was a command from the Star Demon G.o.d of Boundary, he could not reject it.

Thus, amidst constant roars, the Star Demon spouted out mouthfuls of Star Flame, burning Li Yuanba and the rest's bodies.


The void surged as the power of the astral fire illuminated the world, turning the entire s.p.a.ce a fiery red.

However … At this time, Li Yuanba and the others did not make a sound.

Even if it was the flames of the stars, their souls would still feel searing pain.

They all felt that it was better to die than to live; thus, they gritted their teeth and persevered.

This was because they knew who this Star Demon in front of them was.

There was even a smile on their faces.

"Little Wudi, don't struggle. It's fine."

"Use your strongest power to burn us all."

"Then you will live well. When the boss arrives, he will definitely save you." The skin all over Li Yuanba's body had been burnt, flesh rolling and black and red.

However, he still endured the pain and spoke with a smile.

"Right, Little Unrivaled, don't struggle. We can endure this little bit of pain. "

"Yes, as long as you are safe and sound, it will be fine."

"And don't cry. Your father is an unrivalled existence who roamed the world. Your name is Little Unrivaled, how can you cry? "

"Hahaha, Little Unrivaled, we're fine."

Suddenly, Zhang Yue, Li Wuxin, Tian Ling, Lin Yousheng and the rest all spoke up.

They kept comforting Unrivaled Super Hottie because they didn't want to burden him with the power of the Star Demon G.o.d of Boundary.

At this moment, they were still thinking for Little Unrivaled.

One, they could die, but Little Unrivaled could not be harmed.

It was simply because he was Long Fei's son.

And Long Fei, was their boss.

That was enough.

And at this moment, the entire s.p.a.ce was bursting with laughter.

"Hahaha, this is the son of that traitor?"

"Hahaha, your own people killed your own people. Awesome."

"Master G.o.d of Boundary, such a good move."

"This is going to be a good show."

The people of the Myriad Realms all laughed wildly, their eyes filled with scorn and complacency.

It was impossible to suppress.

Because the more miserable Long Fei's brothers were, the further away they would be from success.

As for whether Long Fei would come or not?

They never think about it.

Because as long as these people were here, they weren't afraid that Long Fei wouldn't come.

Furthermore, they had already learnt about Long Fei's temperament from the State Magistrate and refused to believe that Long Fei would give up on his brothers and sons.

The Star Demon, G.o.d of Boundary, had a hint of malice on his face as he coldly said:

"Hehe, is this uncle and nephew's relations.h.i.+p deep?"

"Alright, then I shall add fuel to the fire and see how deeply you guys love each other."

"Star Demon Sound!" "Rumble!" The Star Demon, G.o.d of Boundary, roared.

Rumble …

Rumble …

Instantly, in the endless void, the light of the mother planet of the Star Demon World abruptly shone down.

"You want to die? Then let me see how much you can bear."

"Star Demon Ten Thousand Worlds, listen up. Now, under the starlight, you all can control this beast. "

"I'd like to see how many times they can withstand the attacks of the Astral Flames." The Star Demon G.o.d of Boundary said coldly.

All of a sudden, ten thousand worlds began to surge.

This kind of power was something that they dreamed of.

Immediately, one of them stood out and lashed out with the starlight in his hand that turned into a whip.


A whip strike landed on the body of the Star Demon floating in the air.


A hysterical roar.

It was as if someone had torn it apart, causing everyone's soul to tremble.

"Star Demon G.o.d of Boundary, you son of a b.i.t.c.h."

"If you dare to target us, what's wrong with dealing with a child?"

"F * ck your ancestors!" Li Yuanba went crazy as he struggled madly.

The Stellar Chains had left gashes of blood all over his body.

But it did not stop.

"Hahaha, what, are you angry? This is exactly what I want. "

"Come on, aren't we in love? It doesn't matter if I die, right? "

"Didn't I say that I didn't want to injure him?"

"Then I'm afraid that I must let the people from the ten thousand worlds come and hurt him and humiliate him."

"How is it? "Satisfying?"

"Hahaha!" The Star Demon, G.o.d of Boundary, laughed loudly as a trace of malevolence flashed in his eyes.

Then, he looked at the people from the Ten Thousand Worlds.

"Come on, don't stop, let me control them one by one."

"Whoever can kill this beast, let it break through the control of the stars and unleash its source energy, I will directly replace the Ten Thousand Beasts World and become the tenth super strong world."

The Star Demon G.o.d of Boundary said.

His face was filled with greed.

Many G.o.d of Boundary s were puzzled, but facing such an opportunity, who would want to give it up?

It was a super strong world, this part-time job was a fatal temptation.

"Haha, let me do it!"


Another G.o.d of Boundary struck.

Pah pah pah!

Clap clap!

One by one.

Whip after whip.

In the blink of an eye, the body of the Star Demon that Little Unrivaled had transformed into was riddled with wounds.

Li Yuanba and the rest also roared, all of them frantically struggling to break free from the control of the star chains.

However, there was nothing he could do at all.

He could only watch as the Allworld began to humiliate him.

Right, it was an insult.

Their hearts were bleeding, and they wished they could break free and take responsibility for Little Unrivaled.

However, the Stellar Chains were firmly locking them in place.

At this time, in the void.

Hong Autumn Leaf's face was also covered in tears.

She saw all of this and heard it in her heart.

He couldn't bear it even if he was here.

Roar! With a flip of her hand, she pulled out her sword and slashed out into the darkness, "Who dares to hurt him? "Die!"

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 4361

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